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Babraham (GB)
[Old] b c 1738 (Godolphin Arabian - Sachrissa, by Hartley's Blind Horse). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 15.
Babraham Blank (GB)
b c 1758 (Babraham - Sister to Blank, by Godolphin Arabian). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 15.
  Badger (GB)
[Pengree's] gr c 1737 (Crofts' Partner - Grey Woodcock, by Woodcock). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 4. Bred by Mr Crofts he was later owned by Mr Grisewood, Anthony Smith and William Pengree. He ran for three years winning the King's Plates at Guildford, Salisbury and Canterbury. He covered at Euston, near Easinwoulde, Yorkshire and later at Purly, near Croyden, Surrey although his mare book was said to be quite limited. He sired Creeping Kate* (gr f 1745c).
  Bagot (GB)
b c 1780 (King Herod - Marotte, by Matchem). Sire Line King Herod. Family 41. Sent to Ireland he sired Master Bagot (ch c 1787).
Bajazet (GB)
b c 1740 (Godolphin Arabian - Sister to Bandy, by Godolphin's Whitefoot). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 21.
Bald Charlotte (GB)
ch f 1721 (Old Royal - Mare, by Castaway). Sire Line Holderness Turk. Family 40.
  Bald Galloway (GB)
c 1705c (St. Victor's Barb - Grey Whynot, by Whynot). Sire Line St. Victor's Barb. Family 15. Bred by Captain Rider of Whittlebury Forest, Northamptonshire, he stood at the Oak-tree, Leeming-lane, Yorkshire. A Champion Sire in 1725, he sired Cartouch (c 1717c), Grey Robinson (gr f 1723), Old Lady (ch f 1715), Roxana (ch f 1718), and Silverlocks (ch f 1725).
  Balrownie (GB)*
b c 1850 (Annandale - Queen Mary, by Gladiator). Sire Line Camel. Family 10-a. Bred by Mr W I'Anson, in England he won the Doncaster Stakes, Pontrefact Gold Cup, the Caledonian St Leger and the Kelso. Half-brother to Derby winner Blink Bonny (b f 1854) and to Bonnie Scotland* he was imported by Captain Cornish. Balrownie later became the property of James Watson of New York. He died in 1866.
Bandy (GB)
b c 1747 (Cade - Vane's Little Partner, by Croft's Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4.
  Barbarian (GB)
b c 1849 (Simoom - Mare, by Buzzard*). Sire Line Camel. Family 32. A winner of the National Produce Stakes he sired the dam of Anfield* (b c 1860).
Barefoot (GB)*
ch c 1820 (Tramp - Rosamond, by Buzzard). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 5.
Baronet (GB)*
b c 1785 (Vertumnus - Penultima, by Snap). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 61.
Bartlet's Childers (GB)
[Bartlett's] b c 1716c (Darley Arabian - Betty Leedes, by Old Careless). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 6-a.
Basto (GB)
bl c 1703 (Byerley Turk - Bay Peg, by Leedes Arabian). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 6.
  Batt (GB)
br c 1723 (Strickland Turk - Sister to Chaunter, by Acaster Turk). Sire Line Strickland Turk. Family 6-a.
Bayardo (GB)
b c 1906 (Bay Ronald - Galicia, by Galopin). Sire Line Camel. Family 10-a.
Bay Bolton (GB)
b c 1705 (Grey Hautboy - Mare, by Makeless). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 37.
  Bay Dodsworth (GB)
b c 1675 (Dodsworth). Sire Line Dodsworth.
Bay Malton (GB)
b c 1760 (Sampson - Sister to Leonidas, by Cade). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 2-m.
Bay Middleton (GB)
b c 1833 (Sultan - Cobweb, by Phantom). Sire Line Bay Middleton. Family 1-s.
  Bay Ranger (GB)
b c 1749 (Hutton's Spot - Ranger's Dam, by Mixbury Galloway). Sire Line Holderness Turk. Family 8. Bred in Yorkshire by John Hutton II of Marske, near Richmond, he was full brother to Sir Harry Harpur's Mixbury (ch c 1743) who won a number of 50 Plates. In 1753 he won 50 at Bishop-Auckland, defeating Mr Jenison's Regulus (Regulus), Mr Robinson's Scar, Mr Carr's Nimrod, and distancing two others; 50 at Malton, beating Mr Robinson's Chaunter (Squirt), Mr Shafto's Ripon (ch c 1749 Croft's Forester) and others in three heats; and 50 at Stockton, beating Mr Read's Grandison (b c 1750 Sloe). In 1756 he won 50 at Carlisle, beating Mr Hudson's Blacklegs [ex-Pickering Molly] (br f c1745 Smiling Ball Colt), Lord Barnard's Shotter, Mr Shafto's Snip, Mr Swinburn's Mary Scot, and others. In the stud his main contribution was Mr Hutton's stallion Arbitrator (b c 1766).
  Bay Richmond (GB)
b c 1764c (Perseus - Mare, by Hutton's Spot - Mare, by Croft's Partner - Mare by Greyhound). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk.
Bay Ronald (GB)
b c 1893 (Hampton - Black Duchess, by Galliard). Sire Line Camel. Family 3-o.
Battleship (USA)
ch c 1927 (Man o' War - Quarantaine, by Sea Sick). Sire Line Matchem. Family 10-e.
Bay Wilkinson (GB)
b c 1717 (Snake - Mare, by Whynot). Sire Line Lister Turk. Family 62.
  Beau (GB)*
ch c 1731 (Bolton Sloven - Old Coquette, by Basto). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 44.
  Beaudesert (GB)
b c 1877 (Sterling - Sea Gull, by Lifeboat). Sire Line Sterling. Family 8-a. Winner of the Middle Park Stakes in 1879 he sired De Beauvoir* (ch c 1884), Rusina* (ch f 1890), and Stiletto (ch c 1884) who won the Gran Premio Nacional in Argentina.
  Bedford (GB)*
b c 1792 (Dungannon - Fairy, by Highflyer). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 17. Bred by Lord Grosvenor he won a match for 300 guineas and a plate in England. He was imported into Virginia by Colonel Hoomes in 1796. He stood in Virginia until 1803, then he was sold to Wade Hampton in South Carolina. He later returned to Virginia when owned by John Avery. He was noted as sire of Gallatin (ch c 1800) and broodmare sire of Bertrand (b c 1821). Bedford is described as a fine bay, most beautifully formed and standing 15.3 hands. He is said to have had great size and strength with excellent legs, and to sire stock of neatness and elegant shape.
  Beeswing (GB)
b f 1833 (Doctor Syntax - Mare, by Ardrossan). Sire Line Matchem. Family 8. Bred at Nunnykirk, Morpeth, by William Orde she was a half sister to the Northumberland Plate and Doncaster Cup winner Tomboy (b c 1829 Jerry). She won 51 of 64 starts, including the Gold Cup at Ascot, the Doncaster Cup four times and the Newcastle Cup six times. Called the "pride of Northumberland" for her remarkable success on the turf she was equally successful in the stud. Nunnykirk (bl c 1846 Touchstone) won the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes and went to the stud in France where he got the Prix du Jockey Club winner Potocki (br c 1854). However, her son Newminster (b c 1848 Touchstone), a winner of the St Leger, was a great success in the English stud being twice a champion stallion. Beeswing died in 1854.
  Beiram (GB)
chc 1829 (Sultan - Miss Cantley, by Stamford). Sire Line Selim. Family 5-a. Winner of the July Stakes in 1831 he sired Besika (ch f 1852).
  Belgrade Turk
bbr c 1712c. Sire Line Belgrade Turk.
  Belshazzar (GB)*
ch c 1830 (Blacklock - Manuella, by Dick Andrews). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 11-g. Bred by Richard Watt who also bred his dam Manuella (b f 1809), the winner of the Oaks Stakes in 1812. Belshazzar's half-brother Memnon (b c 1822) won the St. Leger Stakes, and his full brother Belzoni (br c 1823) won the Oatlands Stakes at both Newmarket and Ascot. At two Belshazzar won a sweepstakes for 600 sovereigns at Doncaster. He won several races at three including the Spring St. Leger Stakes at York and the Gascoigne Stakes at Doncaster, prompting Watt to turn down an offer of 5,000 guineas for him. He broke down after a victory at Newmarket in 1834 and was sent to stud. He sired Cara (b f 1836) who won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes. In 1840 five offspring won nine races in England. He was imported in 1838 by Thomas Flintoff of Tennessee and stood near Nashville.
Bend Or (GB)
ch c 1877 (Doncaster - Rouge Rose, by Thormanby). Sire Line Bend Or. Family 1-k.
Beningbrough (GB)
b c 1791 (King Fergus - Mare, by King Herod). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 7.
  Bertrand (USA)
b c 1820 (Sir Archy - Eliza, by Bedford*). Sire Line King Herod. Family 14. Bred by Colonel Spann of South Carolina he won thirteen of sixteen races from 1824 to 1826. Then sold to Hutchcraft & Company of Kentucky he stood there until his death in the spring of 1838. Considered by many to be Sir Archy's best son he was a Leading Sire in 1835 and sired, among others, Arbaces (b c 1833), Gauglion Gangle (b c 1837), and Woodpecker (b c 1828).
  Billet (GB)*
br c 1865 (Voltigeur - Calcutta, by Flatcatcher). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 2. Bred by James Smith in England he started seventeen times as a two-year old and won five, including the Zetland Stakes at York, and the Egham and Marcham Park Stakes. Imported and owned by Powers and Jones of Decatur, Illinois, he later stood at the Runnymede Stud in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Billet sired Sir Dixon (b c 1885) who won the Belmont Stakes and Miss Woodford (br f 1880) who won 37 of 48 races and became the first American Thoroughbred to earn more than $100,000. He was a leading sire in America in 1833.
Birdcatcher (Ire)
ch c 1833 (Sir Hercules - Guiccioli, by Bob Booty). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 11-d.
Birmingham (GB)
br c 1827 (Filho da Puta - Miss Craigie, by Orville). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 34.
  Bizarre (GB)
br c 1820 (Orville - Bizarre, by Peruvian). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 3-h. Winner of the Ascot Gold Cup in 1824 and1825 he was sent to France in 1840 where he sired Myszka (br f 1842) the dam of the Prix du Jockey Club winner Potocki (br c 1854 Nunnykirk).
  Black Chance (GB)
bl c 1732 (Hutton's Arabian - Mare, by Hutton's Surley - Mare, by Hutton's Coneyskins - Fen Mare, by Hutton's Royal Colt - Mare, by Blunderbuss - Old Thornton Mare, by Place's White Turk - Barb Mare).
  Black Hearty (GB)
bl c 1695c (Byerley Turk). Sire Line Byerley Turk.
  Blacklegs (GB)
[Rutland's] c1680c. Running in 1687, he was "evidently highly thought of as a racehorse" [Early Records:104]. He sired the Blacklegs Royal Mare, taproot mare of Family 7.
  Blacklegs (GB)
[Hutton's] c 1725 (Hutton's Bay Turk - Mare, by Coneyskins). Sire Line Hutton's Bay Turk. Family 34. He sired Ruby Mare, the dam of Marske (br c 1750).
  Blacklegs (GB)
[Devonshire] br c 1728 (Childers - Sister to Soreheels, by Basto).  Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 9-a.
Blacklock (GB)
b c 1814 (Whitelock - Mare, by Coriander). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 2-t.
  Blair Athol (GB)
ch c 1861 (Stockwell - Blink Bonny, by Melbourne). Sire Line Stockwell. Family 10-a. He won the Derby and St. Leger Stakes and ran second in the Grand Prix de Paris. He was injured by another horse when pulling up from his St Leger win. Retiring to stud he sired two One Thousand Guineas winners, Cecilia (b f 1870) and Scottish Queen (ch f 1866), and the Two Thousand Guineas winner Prince Charlie* (ch c 1869). He also sired two St. Leger winners, Craig Millar (ch c 1872), and Silvio (b c 1874) who also won the Derby. Another daughter, Palmyra (ch f 1872) won the German Derby. He was a champion sire four times and died at the Pound Stud near Cobham in 1882.
  Blanchefleur (GB)
b f 1871 (Saunterer - Queen Bertha, by Kingston). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 1-w.
Blank (GB)
b c 1740 (Godolphin Arabian - Amorett, by Bartlet's Childers). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 15.
Blaze (GB)
b c 1733 (Childers - Confederate Filly, by Grey Grantham). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 61.
Bloody Shouldered Arabian
[Oxford's, Somerset's] gr c 1713. Sire Line Bloody Shouldered Arabian.
Bloomsbury (GB)
b c 1836 (Mulatto - Arcot Lass, by Ardrossan). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 9-c.
Blucher (GB)
b c 1811 (Waxy - Pantina, by Buzzard). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 4-b.
Blue Peter (GB)
ch c 1936 (Fairway - Fancy Free, by Stefan The Great). Sire Line Phalaris. Family 20-c.
  Blunderbuss (GB)
c 1690c (Bustler). Sire Line Helmsley Turk.
  Bob Booty (IRE)
ch c 1804 (Chanticleer - Ierne, by Bagot - Gamahoe - Patty, by Tim - Miss Patch, by Halifax's Justice - Ringtail Galloway, by Hip - Sister to Witty Mare, by Curwen's Bay Barb. Sire Line King Herod. Bred by Bowes Daly he sired Napoleon (b c 1824) and Guiccioli (ch f 1823) the latter the dam of the brothers Birdcatcher (ch c 1833) and Faugh-a-Ballagh (br c 1841).
  Bobtail (GB)
ch c 1795 (Precipitate - Bobtail, by Eclipse). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 3-a. Racing until ten years of age he won many matches and a sweepstakes. He sired Sprite (ch f 1807) ancestress of Cambridgeshire winner Truth (b f 1848 The Libel) and of Australian* (ch c 1858 West Australian).
Bona Vista (GB)
ch c 1889 (Bend Or - Vista, by Macaroni). Sire Line Bend Or. Family 4-f.
Bonnie Scotland (GB)*
b c 1853 (Iago - Queen Mary, by Gladiator). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 10-a.
  Bonny Black (GB)
bl f 1705 (Black Hearty - Mare, by Persian. Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 39.
  Bosphorus (GB)
br c 1754 (Babraham - Mare, by Hampton Court Childers). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 21.
Boston (USA)
ch c 1833 (Timoleon - Sister to Tuckahoe, by Ball's Florizel). Sire Line King Herod. Family 40.
  Boudrow (GB)
b c 1777 (Eclipse - Mare, by Sweeper). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 9-b. Bred by Mr O'Kelly he sired the dam (b f 1789) of both Peruvian (b c 1806) and Popinjay (ch c 1797).
  Bourbon (GB)
b c 1811 (Sorcerer - Mare, by Precipitate). Sire Line Matchem. Family 5-a. Bred by Lord G H Cavendish he won the Craven Stakes in 1816. In the stud he sired Toss (b c 1822) and Fleur de Lis (b f 1822) who became the dam of Sovereign* (b c 1836). He was sent to Russia after the 1821 season.
Bourdeaux (GB)
[Bordeaux] gr c 1774 (King Herod - Sister to Gog, by Cygnet). Sire Line King Herod. Family 5.
  Bran (GB)
ch c 1831 (Humphrey Clinker - Velvet, by Oiseau). Sire Line Matchem. Family 1-o. Winner of the Swinley Stakes and a runner up in the Ascot Gold Cup he sired Our Nell (ch f 1839) who won the Oaks Stakes.
  Breadalbane (GB)
ch c 1862 (Stockwell - Blink Bonny, by Melbourne). Sire Line Stockwell. Family 10-a. Winner of the Prince of Wales's Stakes in 1865 he was said to be big and of lesser quality than his brother Blair Athol. He sired Blairgowrie* (b c 1872) and The Ill-Used* (b c 1870).
Brilliant (GB)
bu c 1750 (Crab - Sister to Buffcoat, by Godolphin Arabian). Sire Line Alcock's Arabian. Family 6-a.
Brimmer (GB)
c 1685c (Darcy's Yellow Turk - Royal Mare). Sire Line Darcy's Yellow Turk.
  Brimmer Colt (GB)
c 1690c (Brimmer). Sire Line Darcy's Yellow Turk. Bred by the Darcy family and said to have been "well-bred" he apparently died young. He got Bethell's Ruffler, sire of Portmore's Victorious and Sister to Ruffler, a foundation mare of Family 31, and dam of the brothers Castaway and Woodcock.
  Brisk (GB)
[Kingston's] c 1703c (Lister Turk - Coneyskin's Dam). Sire Line Lister Turk.
  Brisk (GB)
[Lonsdale's] b c 1711c (Darley Arabian - Coneyskin's Dam). Sire Line Darley Arabian.
  Brisk (GB)
gr c 1725 (Bloody Shouldered Arabian). Sire Line Bloody Shouldered Arabian.
Brocklesby Betty (GB)
ch f 1711 (Curwen's Bay Barb - Hobby Mare, by Lister Turk). Sire Line Curwen's Bay Barb. Family 23.
  Brush (GB)
b c 1785 (Eclipse - Mare, by Bosphorus). Sire Line Eclispe. Family 13. Bred by Mr Popham and owned by Mr Croke he sired Housemaid, who was first called Iris, (b f 1795). She became the dam of Oaks winner Landscape (b f 1813), Rainbow (b c 1808), and Raphael (b c 1812).
  Brutandorf (GB)
b c 1821 (Blacklock - Mandane, by Pot8os). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 11-g. A winner of the Chester Cup in 1826 he sired Hetman Platoff (b c 1836), Physician (b c 1829) and Somonocodron* (b c 1830).
  Brutus (GB)*
[Martindale's] ro c 1748 (Regulus - Miss Layton, by Croft's Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 43. Bred by Mr. Martindale he was imported into South Carolina. Fairfax Harrison notes, "The Carolina Racing Calendar, 1759-1770, is a moving film of roan colts and fillies got by Brutus." He sired Noble (b c 1763) who won Colt's Plates at Charleston, Georgetown and Jacksonborough at three, won the Charles Town Plate at 4, then lost a match against Centinel*. Next matched against Adolphus, another son of Brutus*, he prevailed by a nose. Running in the Charles Town Plate the following year he was distanced by both Tryal and Valiant, which loss was the subject of great controversy; Havannah (ro c 1763) who won six major races in three seasons, including the Charles Town Plate; and two other colts who won the Charles Town Plate: Babraham (ro c 1759) and Partner (b c 1763).
Buccaneer (GB)
b c 1857 (Wild Dayrell - Mare, by Little Red Rover). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 14-d.
  Buckden (GB)*
b c 1869 (Lord Clifden - Consequence, by Bay Middleton). Sire Line Camel. Family 15. Bred by Frederick Thompson of Poppleton Hall in York, England he was imported by Hunter & Travers of Annieswood Stud in New York. A very successful sire in America he got a Kentucky Derby winner in Buchanan (ch c 1881).
Buckhunter (GB)
ch g 1713 (Bald Galloway - Wharton Mare, by Acaster Turk). Sire Line St. Victor's Barb. Family 17.
  Buffcoat (GB)
bu c 1742 (Godolphin Arabian - Silverlocks, by Bald Galloway). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 6-a. Bred by Lord Godolphin he was called a dun in the General Stud Book. He ran without much success at Newmarket. In the stud he sired Buffcoat* (ch c 1755). He died of colic in 1754.
  Bulle Rock (GB)*
b c 1709 (Darley Arabian - Byerley Turk - Lister Turk). Sire Line Darley Arabian.
  Burford Bull (GB)
c 1691c (Brimmer - Layton Violet Barb Mare). Sire Line Darcy's Yellow Turk. Family 4. Bred by Lord Darcy, he sired two significant daughters, one a foundation mare in the family of Wilkinson's Favourite, the other the ancestress of Figure*.
  Bustard (GB)
gr c 1741 (Crab - Miss Slammerkin, by Young True Blue). Sire Line Alcock's Arabian. Family 7.
  Bustler (GB)
c 1675c (Helmsley Turk). Sire Line Helmsley Turk.
Buzzard (GB)
ch c 1787 (Woodpecker - Misfortune, by Dux). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 3-a.
Byerley Turk
bl c 1680c. Sire Line Byerley Turk.
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