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Bajazet (GB)






Sire Line

Godolphin Arabian



Bajazet [Old, Dutton's, March's] b c 1740 (Godolphin Arabian - Sister to Bandy, by Godolphin Whitefoot). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 21.

Bred by Sir John Dutton (1683-1743), 2nd Bt of Sherborne, Gloucestershire, he was later owned by William Douglas (1724-1810), Lord March and afterwards the 4th Duke of Queensberry, often called "Old Q".

During his turf career he was thought to be the best horse in England. It was perhaps his loss at the Curragh that provided a story. In 1750 he was matched for 1,000 guineas against Sir Ralph Gore's Black-and-all-Black (also called Othello) at the Curragh in Ireland. Bajazet's jockey slipped off his weights during the race, and had these returned to him before weighing out. This deception was detected and Sir Ralph challenged Lord March to a duel. When they met the next morning, Lord March prudently apologised after seeing the coffin provided for him by Sir Ralph.

Although he sired several good racehorses, his sons were for the most part unexceptional and left no mark. Bajazet* (b c 1754) was a useful sire in America. Although the American Stud Book has an entry for Selim (b c 1760), bred by His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, this colt was not exported.

Bajazet owed his success in the stud to his good daughters. An unnamed Bajazet Mare was the taproot mare of Family 5-f. Another unnamed Bajazet Mare was the taproot mare of Family 73. The Duke of Cumberland's Bajazet Mare (b f 1762) was the dam of Pretender (ch c 1771). Bajazet was well thought of in America, his daughter Nettle (gr f 1763) being the 2nd dam of both Cormorant* (b c 1787) and Fortunio (b c 1779), the latter the sire of Prince Frederick* (b c 1792).

Bajazet Godolphin Arabian    
Sister to Bandy Godolphin's Whitefoot Bay Bolton
Darley Arabian Mare
Leedes Mare Leedes
Moonah Barb Mare
Race Record
In 1745 running for Mr Greville he was withdrawn from an 80gs purse at Burford due to lameness. He finished 4th in the previous 2 heats to Mr Metcalf's Lady Betty (b f 1740 Devonshire Blacklegs) with 7 starting.
In 1746 at Burford he defeated Mr Cornwall's gelding Russett (d g 1740 Halifax's Justice) for 50 going 4 miles and conceding 6 pounds. Running for Mr Haydon he won a 50gs match at Newmarket, beating Mr Stamford's Moorcock (gr c 1740 Hutton's Blacklegs), the latter "fell lame". Runing for Mr Greville he won 50 at Epsom, beating Mr Grisewood's Crop, Lord Ferrer's Partner, Mr Graham's Poppet and Mr Ascough's Frosty-Face.
In 1747 he won 50 at Burford, beating Mr Bradley's Arthur-o'-Bradley (ch g 1738 Robinson Crusoe) in both heats.
In 1748 running for Mr Haydon at Newmarket he won 50gs, beating Mr Rogers's Babraham (b c 1738 Godolphin Arabian) over 6 miles carrying 12 stone. Won 50 at Winchester running for Mr Greville, beating Mr Rogers's Moorcock (gr c 1740 Hutton's Blacklegs).
In 1749 he finished 2nd for a 50 plate at York to Mr Vavasour's Champion (b c 1739 Bolton Goliah), beating Mr Hunt's Ditto (b c 1742 Bolton Goliah), the latter's jockey having dismounted before the "ending post". Finished 2nd at Odsey for a 50 purse to Mr Larkin's Tom Jones (b c 1743 Croft's Partner), beating Mr Bradley's Arthur-o'-Bradley and 2 others.
In 1750 he won a 50 plate at Winchester over Sir Edward Hale's Drudge (b c 1745 Crab) and Sir Charles Goring's Tom Thumb.
In 1751 running for Lord March he lost a 1000gs match at the Curragh to Sir Ralph Gore's Othello (bl c 1743 Crab).
Bajazet (GB)*

[Maguire's, Wilkinson's, Moore's] b c 1754 (Bajazet - Clio, by Gower Stallion). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4. He was on the turf in Ireland, first as Maguire's Bajazet, then as Wilkinson's Conqueror. Imported by Maurice Moore of North Carolina in 1768, he was again called Bajazet. He stood at Moore's stud from 1768 to 1774, and in 1775 at R Ellis's in New Bern, North Carolina, which is the last record of him. Probably the best son of Old Bajazet, he was described as a very sure horse and as handsome and high blooded as any in America. Although his legacy to American bloodstock was small, it was important. His son Ashe's Roebuck sired the 3rd dam of Marion (b c 1820 Sir Archy), who in turn sired the matriarch Maria West (b f 1827) of American Family 1.  Bajazet Mare was the 3rd dam of Boxer (c 1812) and the 4th dam of American Boy (b c 1822), the latter a tail-male ancestor of the good California runner, Thad Stevens (ch c 1865). Another Bajazet Mare was the 2nd dam of Lockhart's Cassius (b c), sire of the 3rd dam of Robin Grey (gr c 1805). Yet another unnamed Bajazet Mare (f 1769c), was the 3rd dam of McPherson's Commerce (b c 1790).

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