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Brocklesby Betty (GB)

Brocklesby Betty






Sire Line

Curwen's Bay Barb



Brocklesby Betty ch f 1711 (Curwen's Bay Barb - Hobby, by Lister Turk). Sire Line Curwen's Bay Barb. Family 23.

Bred at Brocklesby Park in Lincolnshire by Charles Pelham [Pick 1:5], whose father had owned Spanker (b c 1675c Darcy's Yellow Turk), she was a celebrated race mare and "considered superior to any of her day, notwithstanding that she was a brood mare before she was trained."

Betty subsequently joined the Yorkshire stud of John Crofts, and through her daughter, Brocklesby (gr f 1721 Greyhound), became a foundation mare of Family 23. She also had a son named Brocklesby.

Brocklesby Betty Curwen's Bay Barb  
Hobby Mare Lister Turk
Piping Peg's Dam
Race Record
Coming five years old in April of 1716, she won 100 guineas at Newmarket defeating a mare owned by the Duke of Devonshire. Later in August she won the Royal Cup at Hambleton, beating eleven other mares, all carrying 10 stone over four miles.
In April of 1717 at the Newmarket Spring Meeting she won the Royal Cup (also called a Gold Cup), beating eight other mares. In August she won the Silver Tea Board at Lincoln. She then went on to capture the Gold Cup for six year olds at York, valued at 60, beating Mr Leedes's Sophonisba (ro f 1711 Young Spanker) and Colonel Frankland's Squirrel, all carrying 10 stone in four-mile heats. Brocklesby Betty was ridden by John South, Sophonisba by Stephen Jefferson and Squirrel by Thomas Errett. Later in October Betty won another Royal Cup at Newmarket, beating four other horses.
In April of 1718, she won yet another Royal Cup at Newmarket, defeating six others. In May she collected 200 guineas winning a match from the Duke of Wharton's Snail (c 1712 Whynot). She later beat the Duke of Bridgewater's Ashridge Ball (c Leedes) in a match for 900 guineas each side. Ashridge Ball was at the time thought to be the best horse in the kingdom.
Produce Record
Year of Birth   Name, Sire Owner or Breeder
1721 gr f Brocklesby, by Greyhound Mr Crofts
1722   missed to Woodcock  
1723 ch c Brocklesby, by Woodcock or Greyhound Lord Godolphin
Brocklesby (GB)
 ch c 1723 (Woodcock or Greyhound - Brocklesby Betty, by Curwen's Bay Barb). Sire Line Chillaby. Family 23. The General Stud Book indicates that Brocklesby was sired by Woodcock [GSB 1:43], however, the Turf Register says he was sired by Old Greyhound [Pick 1:6]. The latter is confirmed by an advertisement in the Norwich Mercury, April 25, 1752, which gives the pedigree of the chestnut horse Spot as sired by "Brocklebury [Brocklesby], son of Greyhound". Bred by John Crofts, his turf career was successful, if moderate. In October of 1728 he won the Contribution Stakes at Newmarket, defeating Lord Halifax's Stroxton Grey, Lord W Manners's Archer, the Duke of Devonshire's Blue Cap, the Duke of Somerset's Patch Buttocks, Mr Coke's Bald Ovington, Lord Milsington's Surly, the Duke of Bolton's Shapeless and the Duke of Rutland's Squirrel. In 1730 at Peterborough he won 40 beating Miss Pert. He also won 40 guineas at Epsom, 20 guineas at Newmarket, 20 at Spalding, 30 at Bolton and another 20 at Spaulding. He sired Mr Leathes's Shepherdess who won 50 at Beccles in 1745.
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