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Bald Charlotte (GB)

Bald Charlotte


Said to be a portrait of Bald Charlotte,
however, the markings differ from those
in her other portraits. This engraving
appears in the Sportsman's Pocket Companion,
drawn by James Roberts and engraved by
Henry Roberts.







Bald Charlotte ch f 1721 (Old Royal, mare by Bethell's Castaway). Sire Line Holderness Turk. Family 40.1

First named Ladylegs, Bald Charlotte was bred by Captain Appleyard of Newbold, near Market Weighton in Yorkshire. She was a half sister to the King's Plate winner Quiet Cuddy (ch c 1727 Fox). In An Introduction to a General Stud-book her description reads: "Bald Charlotte was an extraordinary good runner, and was brood mare in the D. of Somerset's stud at 20 years of age; she bred several good horses, and was great grand dam of Coxcomb and Dorimant."

Bald Charlotte was admired for her fine shape and beauty, which may not be fully expressed in her portraits. However, her portraits do disclose that the word "bald" was perhaps used differently in that day. The word "bald" seems then to have been used in the sense of streaked or marked with white rather than the modern horseman's sense that the face, extending to the eyes, was largely covered with white hair."

Considered the best mare of her time in the kingdom, her turf record may be incomplete and sources vary somewhat in recording her career. She won King's Plates at Newmarket, Hambleton and Winchester and carried as much as 18st in one of her matches with Swinger. She was at one time owned or raced by Mr Taylor, Lord Milsington (eldest son of the Earl of Portmore), Mr Henly, Capt Collyer (Colyear was the family name of the Earls of Portmore), Mr Cook [or Coke, possibly Edward Coke, owner of the Godolphin Arabian] and Mr Vane.

She is known to have been in the 2nd Duke of Somerset's Petworth stud around the year 1741, although three of her five known foals, whose dates of birth are recorded, arrived before then. Her daughter Chiddy2 (b f 1733 Hampton Court Childers) became the second dam of Dorimant (ch c 1772 Otho). Her son Cupid (b c 1736 Somerset Arabian) did not breed on, although his unnamed sister (gr f 1738c)  produced the influential mare Kitty Fisher* (gr f 1756 Cade) who had a profound and lasting impact on American bloodstock. Boston (ch c 1833 Timoleon), thought by many to have been the greatest American racehorse of the nineteenth century, and sire of Lexington (b c 1850), traces to Kitty Fisher* in six generations. Syme's Wildair (b c 1770 Fearnought*), Hoskin's Melzar (b c 1791 Medley*), Virginia Cade (b c 1775 Lightfoot's Partner) and Wormeley's King Herod (b c 1766 Fearnought*), all sires of the highest class, trace to Kitty Fisher* as well.

1 It is possible that Bald Charlotte's mare line was confused with that of Brimmer.
2 The General Stud Book gives Chiddy's sire as the Hampton Court Chesnut Arabian [GSB 1:30], although other sources, including the Turf Register, give her sire as the Hampton Court Childers [Pick 1:462].

Bald Charlotte Old Royal Holderness Turk  
Kitt Darcy's Royal Mare Blunderbuss
Grey Royal
Castaway Mare Bethell's Castaway Old Merlin
Sister to Ruffler
Brimmer Mare Brimmer
Royal Mare
Race Record
In 1725, running as Ladylegs for Mr Taylor, she was unplaced for the Ladies' Gold Cup at York in August, won by Mr Routh's Surly (gr c 1720 Hutton's Surley), with Mr S Jefferson's Quintin (ch c 1721 Skipjack) placing 2nd and Mr Hotham's Bald Jack 3rd; 13 others started.
In 1726 she won the King's Plate at Hambleton in August, defeating Molly Moss (ch f 1721 Hutton's Grey Barb), Sir Ralph Milbanke's famous mare Doll (b f 1721 Darcy's Woodcock) and 21 other mares. Running for Lord Milsintown, she won the Contribution purse at Newmarket in October, beating Sir R Grosvenor's Grey Wynn (gr c 1721 Wynn's Grey Arabian), Lord Halifax's Chords, Sir R Fagg's Guy (br c 1721 Greyhound), Lord Onslow's Ploughman and 3 others. At the same meeting she won a 300gs match from the Duke of Bolton's Camilla (gr f 1722 Bay Bolton) whilst conceding her 5lbs.
In 1727, running for Mr Vane, she won the King's Plate at Newmarket in April, beating Sir R Fagg's grey filly Spot and Sir M Newton's Proserpine (b f 1721 Tifter). At the same meeting she won a 200gs match from Mr Ashby's Swinger (gr c 1721 Counsellor) conceding him 7lbs In August, running for Mr Henly, she won the King's Plate at Winchester, beating Mr Waters's grey colt Hobler. In September, running for Capt Collyer, she was withdrawn from the King's Plate at Lincoln after a fall, having finishing 2nd in the first heat while lame. The plate was won by Lord Halifax's Sampson (gr c 1721 Greyhound).
In 1728 she paid a forfeit for a 300gs match at Newmarket in April to the Duke of Bolton's Sloven (br c 1719 Bay Bolton).
In 1729, running for Mr Cook, she won a 300gs match at Newmarket in April from Sir Robert Fagg's Fanny, giving her 7lbs. Running for Mr Vane she then lost a match (either 300 or 400gs) at Newmarket in October to Mr Bathurst's Bonny Batchelor (b g 1720 Newcastle Turk).
Produce Record
Year of Birth   Name, Sire Owner or Breeder
1732c gr f by the Somerset Arabian Duke of Somerset
1733 b f Chiddy, by the Hampton Court Childers Duke of Somerset
1736 b c Cupid, by the Somerset Arabian Duke of Somerset
1740 ch c Young Pretender, by Brother to Fearnought Duke of Somerset
1745c* f Juliet, by Brother to Fearnought Hon Josiah Childs
* Juliet is recorded in Pond's Sporting Kalendar of 1752 as "Aged (foaled 1745, or earlier)," although in this pedigree Bald Charlotte is said to be a daughter of Cast-away rather than Old Royal. However, in item 48 of Lord Rockingham's collection of pedigrees he notes that Julietta's dam was the "famous Bald Charlotte".

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