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Historic Sire Lines
  Acaster Turk
  Acaster Turk [Carlisle's White Turk] gr c 1695c
          Chaunter b c 1710
          Terror br c 1705c
                    Hanniball c 1713



Belgrade Turk
Belgrade Turk bbr c 1712c
          Young Belgrade c 1730c
                    Antelope b c 1748
                               Spanker br c 1758
                    Old Standard [or Bashaw]  b c 1736
                              Figure [Hamilton's] gr c 1747
                                        Figure* br c 1757
                                                  Young Figure b c 1769
                                                            Snap [Heard's] b c 1771
                              Jason gr c 1749
                    Volunteer [Wyvill's] b c 1735
Belsize Arabian
  Belsize Arabian* gr c 1756
          Granby* b c 1762
          Stirling* [Evans'] gr c 1763

Bloody Shouldered
Bloody Shouldered Arabian
Bloody Shouldered Arabian [Oxford's] gr c 1713
          Sweepstakes [Bolton's] ch c 1722
                    Sweepstakes [Turner's] ch c 1743 (or Norris' Bolton)
  Brownlow Turk
  Brownlow Turk gr c 1700c
          Grey Grantham [Brother] gr c 1710c
          Grey Grantham gr c 1714
          Brownlow Turk Colt
  Chandos' Turk
  Chandos' Turk c 1715c
          Dashwood b c 1727
  Chillaby gr c 1695c [or King William's White Barb, possibly Honeywood's Arabian]
          Crofts' Bay Barb b c 1705c [or Hampton Court Cripple Barb]
          Greyhound gr c 1700c
                    Brocklesby ch c 1723
                    Goliah [Halifax's] gr c 1722
                    Young Greyhound gr c 1718
                    Young Greyhound br c 1723
  Cole's Barb
  Cole's Barb c 1685c
          Old Smithson c 1695c

Cullen Arabian
Cullen Arabian
Cullen Arabian br c 1740
          Aristotle* br c 1755
                    Young Aristotle b c 1770c
          Camillus [Warren's] b c 1748
                    Macheath b c 1774

Curwen's Bay Barb

Creeping Molly

Brocklesby Betty




Why Not
Curwen's Bay Barb
Curwen's Bay Barb b c 1681c [or, possibly Taffolet Barb, and Lowther Bay Barb]
          Creeping Molly gr f 1700c
          Brocklesby Betty ch f 1711
          Hip gr c 1716
                    Windsor ch c 1735
          Mixbury Galloway c 1704c
          Monkey [Chedworth's] c 1707c
          Alcock's Arabian gr c 1712c [by Curwen's Bay Barb]
                    Crab gr c 1722
                              Allworthy gr c 1744
                              Brilliant bu c 1750
                                        Antelope bu c 1760
                              Bustard gr c 1741
                                        Gamahoe (Ire) c 1760c
                              Crab [Cumberland's] gr c 1744
                              Crab [Shepherd's] ch c 1747
                                        Lath* (or Protector) b c 1763
                                                  Tippoo Saib b c 1780
                              Crab [Routh's] gr c 1736
                                        Valiant* b c 1747
                              Grey Ward gr c 1731
                              Locust b c 1744
                              Oroonoko bl c 1745
                                        Brunswick* [Quick's] bl c 1759
                                                  Black-and-all-Black [Conway's, Skipwith's] bl c 1772
                                                            Cassius ch c 1778
                              Othello [Portmore's] bl c 1743
                              Othello* [Kingston's] bl c 1746
                                        Selim [Galloway's] bbr c 1759
                                        True Briton [Gantt's] b c 1757
                              Rib gr c 1736
                                        Sober John* br c 1748
                              Sloe bl c 1740
                                        Sweeper bl c 1751
                              Spectator b c 1749
                                        Mark Anthony b c 1767
                                                  Aimwell br c 1782 D
                                        Pagan ch c 1761
                                        Sulphur gr c 1762
                                        Vandal [Ancaster's] c 1770c
                    Gentleman gr c 1723
                    Tippler c 1718
                    Why Not bl c 1744
  Cyprus Arabian
  Cyprus Arabian ch c 1710c [possibly Hampton Court Litton Arabian]
          Doctor ch c 1720c
                    Sobersides ch c 1729
                    Fearnought ch c 1731c
                              Pamela ch f 1740
          Last-Time-of-Asking c 1722
          Pantaloon b c 1724
          Ringtail c 1720c
          Roger ch c 1724
          Smart gr c 1723
          Spot [Panton's] ch c 1720
  Curwen's Chesnut Arabian
  Curwen's Chesnut Arabian ch c 1695c
          Jew Trump b c 1709
                    Diamond [Somerset's] ch c 1713c
                              North Country Diamond ch 1726

Old Scar
Darcy's Yellow Turk
Darcy's Yellow Turk c 1670c [probably, Dodsworth]
          Brimmer c 1685c
                    Brimmer Colt c 1690c
                              Ruffler [Bethell's] ch  c 1699c
                                        Victorious [Portmore's] gr c 1722
                                                  Highlander [Portmore's] gr c 1742
                    Burford Bull c 1691c
          Spanker b c 1675c
                    Old Careless [Wharton's] ch c 1693c
                    St. Martin c 1695c
                    Young Spanker c 1695c
          Oglethorpe Arabian c 1680c
                    Makeless c 1685c
                              Old Scar b c 1705
          Oglethorpe's Son of the Yellow Turk c 1680c

Dodsworth c1670 [or, probably, Darcy's Yellow Turk]
          Dicky Pierson c 1675c
          Bay Dodsworth c 1675c

Old Wyndham




Bay Bolton

Bolton Fearnought

Bolton Looby

Bolton Starling



Ancaster Starling
Fairfax's Morocco Barb
Fairfax's Morocco Barb gr c 1665c [or Buckingham Turk, Helmsley Turk, probably Curwen's Grey Morocco Barb, possibly Whiteshirt]
          Old Morocco Mare gr f 1670c
Helmsley Turk c 1665c
          Bustler c 1675c
                    Blunderbuss c 1690c
                    Old Merlin c 1695c
                              Castaway [Bethell's] br c 1704
                              Woodcock b c 1715
                    Woodcock [Darcy's] c 1695c
          Diamond [Darcy's] c 1680c [possibly Bainton's Bay Diamond]
          Helmsley Turk Colt c 1670c [probably Place's White Turk]
                    Morgan's Dun bu c 1690c
          Royal Colt [Hutton's] c 1685c
          Place's White Turk c1670 [or, probably, Darcy's White Turk]
                    Commoner [Crofts'] c 1695c
                              Commoner [Warton's, Onslow's] gr c 1710c
                    Wormwood c 1686c
          Darcy's White Turk gr c 1670c [Sedbury Turk, probably Place's White Turk]
                    Hautboy c 1685c
                     .         Clumsey gr c 1700c
                     .                   Fox b c 1714
                     .                             Conqueror [Appleyard's] ch g 1728
                     .                             Conqueror [Devonshire] gr c 1725
                     .                             Cub ch c 1739
                     .                                       Sloven [Paine's] b c 1761
                     .                             Dabster* ch c 1736
                     .                             Goliah [Bolton] b c 1730
                     .                                       Jigg [Hunt's] ch c 1741
                     .                             Merry Andrew b c 1730
                     .                             Quiet Cuddy ch c 1727
                     .                             Slipby br c 1734
                     .                             Young Hautboy c 1730c
                     .                                       Jack of Diamonds* b c 1754c
                     .                   Fox Cub b c 1714
                     .                             Dunkirk gr c 1726
                     .         Grey Hautboy gr c 1693c
                     .                    Bay Bolton b c 1705
                     .                             Bay Bolton Colt c 1725c
                     .                             Camillus gr c 1723c
                     .                             Fearnought [Bolton] br c 1725
                     .                             Fearnought [Brother] c 1726c [or Herbert's Horse]
                     .                             Looby [Bolton] br c 1728
                     .                                       Tryal* ch c 1742
                     .                             Patriot [Bolton] br c 1729
                     .                             Sloven [Bolton] br c 1719
                     .                                       Beau* ch c 1731
                     .                             Spark c 1725c
                     .                             Starling [Bolton] gr c 1727 [or Old Starling]
                     .                                       Starling [Ancaster] gr c 1738
                     .                                       Torismond gr c 1739
                     .                                       Skim gr c 1746
                     .                                                 Skim* c 1756c
                     .                                       Young Starling [Holmes'] gr c 1751
                     .                                       Moro bl c 1752
                     .                                                 Young Moro* bl c 1764
                     .                                       Starling* b c 1752
                     .                                       Perseus b c 1754
                     .                                                 Bay Richmond b c 1764
                     .                                                           Clockfast* gr c 1780
                     .                                                                     President [Jones'] gr c 1788
                     .                                                                               Bay Yankee b c 1798
                     .                                       Verjuice* bl c 1754
                     .                                       Teazer [Old] gr c 1739
                     .                                                 Teazer [Grisewood's] gr c 1749
                     .                             Syphax bl c 1727
                     .                             Whitefoot [Godolphin's] b c 1719
                     .                                       Tortoise b c 1737
                     .                   Lamprie gr c 1716
                     .         Hautboy Colt
                     .         Wyndham [Old] gr c 1704c
                     .                   Cinnamon ch c 1722
                     .                   Greylegs c 1725
                     .                   Wyndham[Young]  b c 1719
                     Luggs c 1685c
                     Rockwood gr 1685c
                               Layton Grey Barb gr 1690c
  Fenwick Barb
  Fenwick Barb c 1675c
          Old Whynot gr c 1685c
                    Old Snail [Wharton's] [or Old Smales] c 1710c

Grosvenor Arabian
Grosvenor Arabian
Grosvenor Arabian ch c 1760c
          Euryalis ch c 1767
  Hall's Arabian
  Hall's Arabian c 1715c [possibly Tarran's Black Barb]
          Whitenose [Heneage's] b c 1722
  Harpham Arabian
  Harpham Arabian c 1690c [possibly Burdett's Arabian]
          Champion [Graham's] b c 1707
          Rattle c 1700c
  Honywood's Arabian
  Honywood's Arabian gr c 1695c [Williams' Turk, Sir C Turner's Turk, possibly Woodstock Arabian, Chillaby]
          True Blue gr c 1710
          Young True Blue gr c 1718

Mother Neasham

Bald Charlotte
Holderness Turk
Holderness Turk c 1700c
          Hartley's Blind Horse ch c 1712c
                    Cottingham ch c 1735
                    Forester [Crofts'] ch c 1736
                              Forester [Williams'] ch c 1750
                              Little Partner [Pearson's] ch c 1745
                    Mother Neasham b f 1720
                    Spot [Hutton's] gr c 1728
                              Bay Ranger b c 1749
                                        Arbitrator [Hutton's] b c 1766
          Old Royal c 1715c
                    Bald Charlotte ch f 1721
          Holderness Turk Colt 1718c
                    Ticklepitcher ch c 1722

Hutton's Bay Barb
Hutton's Bay Barb
Hutton's Bay Barb b c 1710c [or Mulso Bay Turk]
          Black Chance bl c 1732
          Blacklegs [Hutton's] c 1725
                    Wormwood [Hutton's] b c 1739
                     Moorcock gr c 1740

Hutton's Grey Barb
Hutton's Grey Barb
Hutton's Grey Barb gr c 1695c
          Surley [Hutton's] gr c 1708
                    Surley [Routh's] gr c 1720
          Whitefoot ch c 1709

Leedes Arabian


Leedes Arabian
Leedes Arabian bbl c 1685c
          Dimple [Dyer's] c 1708
                    Sophonisba ch f 1717
          Highland Laddie b c 1710c
          Leedes br c 1700c
                    Ashridge Ball c 1711c
                              Star [Bridgewater's] c 1725
                                        Ashridge Star c 1735c
                    Hazard b c 1726
                              Liberty b c 1749

Lister Turk


Little Driver

Williams's Squirrel
Lister Turk
Lister Turk gr c 1683c [or Stradling Turk]
          Brisk [Kingston's] c 1703c
          Bridgewater's Arabian gr c 1705c
                    Young Brisk c 1720c
                              Jackson's Favourite gr f 1725
          Coneyskins [Rutland's] gr c 1712
          Snake [Lister's] c 1708c
                    Bay Wilkinson b c 1717
                    Driver [Beaver's] ch c 1732
                              Little Driver ch c 1743
                                        Drummer gr c 1767
                    Lowther b c 1725
                    Easby Snake b c 1721 (or Smith's son of Snake)
                    Easby Snake [White's] ch c 1721
                    Snake Colt c 1715c
                    Squirrel [Williams's] b c 1719
                              Fair Helen b f 1728
          Snake [Brother] c 1700c

Lonsdale Bay Arabian
Lonsdale Bay Arabian b c 1720c
          Cyprus br c 1732
                    Tom Jones* [Carr's] gr c 1745
                              Smiling Tom [Tayloe's] ch c 1757
                                        Voltaire [Thornton's] c 1776c
          Kouli Khan [Lonsdale's] b c1730
          Monkey* b c 1725

Lonsdale Grey Arabian
Lonsdale Grey Arabian
Lonsdale Grey Arabian gr c 1725c
          Sultan gr c 1732
  Matthews's Persian
  Matthews' Persian c 1720c
          Rosinante b c 1729
          Sophy b c 1729
  Osberton Arabian
  Osberton Arabian [Littleton's] c 1685c
          Champion c 1695c
                    Old Pert c 1705c

Oxford Dun Arabian
Oxford Dun Arabian
Oxford Dun Arabian bu c 1710c
  Potatoe 1715c
          South Country Diamond ch 1726

Pulleine's Chesnut
Pulleine's Chesnut Arabian
Pulleine's Chesnut Arabian ch c 1690c
          Merlin [Ancaster] ch c 1700c
                    Oysterfoot c 1710c
                    Merryman b c 1718
          Pulleine Arabian Colt c 1710c
  Richmond Turk
  Richmond Turk c 1700c
          Cardigan Colt c 1705c
  Selaby Turk
  Selaby Turk c 1680c [or Marshall Turk]
          Old Spot [Curwen's] c 1690c
                    Spot [Ramsden's] gr c 1708c
                              Spot [White's] gr c 1723
  Shaftesbury Turk
  Shaftesbury Turk gr c 1675c
          Counsellor [Lonsdale's] c 1685c
                    Counsellor [Darcy's] c 1690c
                              Counsellor [Wood's] c 1705c
                                        Thunderbolt gr c 1723



Young Cartouch




St. Victor Barb
St. Victor's Barb [Rider's Barb] ch c 1695c
          Bald Galloway c 1705c
                    Buckhunter [Carlisle Gelding] ch g 1713
                    Cartouch c 1717c
                              Young Cartouch ch c 1731
                                        Captain br c 1752
                                                  Whirligig* b c 1765
                                                            Comet [Kennedy's] ch c 1779c
                    Foxhunter [Howe's] ch c 1722
                              Moses [Chedworth's] ch c 1746
                                        Otho b c 1760
                                                  Dorimant ch c 1772
                                        Pharaoh* b c 1753
                    Silverlocks ch f 1725
          Cupid [Rider's] c 1700c
  Strickland Turk
  Strickland's Turk [Strickland's Arabian, Carlisle's Barb] bl c 1712c
          Batt br c 1723
          Squirrel [Howard's] b c 1723
  Taffolet Barb
  Taffolet Barb 1681c [or, possibly, Curwen's Bay Barb]
          Honeycomb Punch c 1692c
                    Old Spark c 1700c
  Thoulouse Barb
  Thoulouse Barb b c 1695c [Parsons' Barb]
          Tifter c 1710c
                    Scarborough Colt bl c 1724
                              Sportsman [Wyvill's] b c 1736
                              Cumberland b c 1743

Wilson's Arabian
Wilson's Chesnut Arabian
Wilson's Chesnut Arabian ch c 1745c
          Meleager b c 1753
          Jingle Jeff c 1755c
          Phoenix ch c 1755
          Narcissus ch c 1756
  Wynn's Arabian
  Wynn's Arabian gr c 1717
          Grey Wynn gr c 1721
          Crab* [Ancaster's] gr c 1726
          Driver [Ancaster's] gr c 1727
          Dart gr c 1733
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