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Queen Bertha (GB)

Queen Bertha




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Wheel of Fortune Branch

Wheel of Fortune





Queen Bertha b f 1860 (Kingston - Flax, by Surplice). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 1-w.

Bred in Kent at the Mereworth stud of Evelyn Boscawen (1819-1889), 6th Viscount Falmouth, Queen Bertha was a half sister to the dam of the Lincolnshire Handicap winner Guy Dayrell (b c 1867 Wild Dayrell) and to the stallion Honiton (b c 1863 Stockwell). Lord Falmouth owned or bred the winners of seventeen classic races.

Trained at Malton by John Scott she won one race as a two year old, and two races as a three year old. Her best race was probably her victory in the Oaks Stakes, in which she defeated a large field of high quality entrants. She also finished second to Lord Clifden (br c 1860 Newminster) for the St Leger Stakes and to Macaroni (b c 1860 Sweetmeat) for the Doncaster Cup.

A foundation mare at Mereworth she produced ten live foals. Among these were two fillies, both winners of the One Thousand Guineas Stakes and Oaks Stakes: Spinaway (b f 1872 by Macaroni) and the brilliantly fast Wheel of Fortune (b f 1876 by Adventurer). She also produced the Prince of Wales's Stakes and St James's Palace Stakes winner Queen's Messenger (b c 1869 Trumpeter) and the Craven Stakes winner Grandmaster (ch c 1880 Kingcraft).

Queen Bertha Kingston Venison Partisan
Queen Anne Slane
Flax Surplice Touchstone
Odessa Sultan
Sister to Cobweb
Race Record
In 1862 she finished 3rd for the Filly Stakes at Doncaster, won by Lord Stamford's Cerintha (ch f 1862 Newminster), with Mr R E Wilson's Bohemia (b f 1862 Weatherbit) placing 2nd, beating Baron de Rothschild's Canace (b f 1862 King Tom), Count Lagrange's French bred Villafranca (br f 1862 Monarque), Mr Saxon's Countess (b f 1862 Stockwell) and 3 others. Finished 3rd for a 470 sweepstakes at the same meeting, won by the St Leger winner Lord Clifden (br c 1860 Newminster). Finished 3rd for the 1025 Prendergast Stakes at Newmarket Second October, won by Mr E Brayley's Tom Fool (b c King Tom), with Lord Stamford's Automaton (b c 1860 Ambrose) placing 2nd, beating Stampedo, Weatherbow (ch c 1860 Weatherbit) and 6 others. Won a 300 sweepstakes at Newmarket Houghton by 8 lengths, beating Captain D Lane's Blue Mantle (b c 1860 Kingston) and Mr G Bryan's Falcon (ch c Birdcatcher).
In 1863 she won the 5050 Oaks Stakes at Epsom by a head, beating Mr Hargreave's Marigold (ch f 1860 Teddington), Mr Ten Broeck's Vivid (bl f 1860 Vedette), Mr Parr's Manchester and Goodwood Cup winner Isoline (ch f 1860 Ethelbert), Mr Bowes's Old Orange Girl (b f 1860 Kingston), Lord Stamford's One Thousand Guineas winner Lady Augusta (ch f 1860 Stockwell), Lord Exeter's Fantail (br f 1860 Woodpigeon), Lord Stradbroke's Cesarewitch winner Thalestris (b f 1860 Kingston), Mr Saxon's Countess, Lord St Vincent's The Orphan (br f 1860 Frogmore), Mr I'Anson's Borealis (b f 1860 Newminster) and 10 others. Finished 2nd for the 700 Ascot Derby, won by Lord Stamford's Onesander (br c 1860 Newminster), beating Blue Mantle, Baron Niviere's Jarnicoton (br c 1860 Faugh-a-Ballagh) and 3 others. Won the 350 Triennial Stakes at the same meeting, beating Mr Bowes's Early Purl (gr c 1862 Chanticleer) "in a canter by 6 lengths," Mr B Smith's Avondale (ch f 1860 Ratan) and Lord Angelsey's Cadeau (ch f 1860 Chevalier d'Industrie). Finished 2nd for the St Leger at Doncaster, won by Lord Clifden. Finished 2nd for the Cup at the same meeting, won by the Derby winner Macaroni (b c 1860 Sweetmeat).
In 1864 she was unplaced for the Cup at Goodwood, won by Monsieur Lupin's French bred Dollar (br c 1860 The Flying Dutchman).
Gertrude (GB)
b f 1867 (Saunterer - Queen Bertha, by Kingston). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 1-w. A winner of the Great Yorkshire Stakes and the Yorkshire Oaks, she was also successful in the stud. Her son Charibert (ch c 1876 Thormanby) won the Two Thousand Guineas and Champagne Stakes and twice won the July Cup. Her daughter Mirabel (b f 1879 Macaroni) produced the Austria Preis winner Mindegy (b c 1896 Dunure) and is ancestress to a number of good winners in eastern Europe including the Priz im M I Kalinin winner and stallion Granit (ch c 1930 Tagor). An American branch produced the Californian Stakes winners Porterhouse (b c 1951 Endeavour) and Social Climber (b c 1953 Your Host) and in Japan the Satsuki Sho winner Tosho Boy (b c 1973 Tesco Boy). Gertrude's daughter Galanthis (b f 1883 Galopin) became the second dam of the Doncaster Cup, Ascot Gold Vase and Jockey Club Cup winner Amadis (b c 1906 Love Wisely).
Blanchefleur (GB)
b f 1871 (Saunterer - Queen Bertha, by Kingston). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 1-w. The majority of Family 1-w traces to Blanchefleur through her great grandaughter Hettie Sorrel (ch f 1891 Peter), dam of the Manchester Cup winner Donnithorne (b c 1909 Chaucer) and grandam of the Ebor Handicap and Manchester Cup winner March Along (ch c 1917 Swynford). Others tracing to Blanchefleur include the Derby winner Larkspur (ch c 1959 Never Say Die), the Derby winner Erhaab (br c 1991 Chief's Crown), the Two Thousand Guineas winner My Babu (b c 1945 Djebel), the One Thousand Guineas winner Festoon (ch f 1951 Fair Trial), the One Thousand Guineas winner Nocturnal Spree (gr f 1972 Supreme Sovereign), the One Thousand Guineas and Oaks Stakes winner Altesse Royale (ch f 1968 Saint Crespin), the St Leger winner Bustino (b c 1971 Busted), the St Leger winner Bob's Return (br c 1990 Bob Back), the St Leger winner Moonax (ch c 1991 Caerleon), the Ascot Gold Cup winner Alycidon (ch c 1845 Donatello), the Poule d'Essai des Poulains winner Klairon (b c 1952 Clarion), the Poule d'Essai des Poulains winner Irish River (ch c 1976 Riverman), the Poule d'Essai des Pouliches winner Riverqueen (b f 1973 Luthier), the Prix de Diane winner Lady in Silver (ch f 1986 Silver Hawk), the Belmont Stakes winner Celtic Ash (ch c 1957 Sicambre), the Prix Greffulhe and Prix Lupin winner Ambiorix (b c 1946 Tourbillon) and the Flamingo Stakes winner Turn-to (b c 1951 Royal Charger).
Spinaway (GB)
b f 1872 (Macaroni - Queen Bertha, by Kingston). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 1-w. Herself a winner of the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, beating Per Se (br f 1872 Hermit) and Chaplet (br f 1872 Beadsman), Oaks Stakes, beating Lady Love (ch f 1872 Blair Athol), Nassau Stakes and Yorkshire Oaks, she produced the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, Oaks Stakes and Middle Park Plate winner Busybody (b f 1881 Petrarch). Busybody foaled the Dewhurst Stakes winner Meddler (b c 1890 St Gatien) and the Park Hill Stakes winner Bass (ch f 1892 Saraband), the latter the grandam of the Poule d'Essai des Poulains winner Le Traquet (b c 1918 Verwood). Meddler was a leading sire in America in 1904 and 1906.
Wheel of Fortune (GB)
Wheel of Fortune b f 1876 (Adventurer - Queen Bertha, by Kingston). Sire Line Camel. Family 1-w. Bred by Lord Falmouth she was later purchased by the Duke of Portland for 5000 guineas. Said to be an immense favourite with racegoers, she won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes and the Oaks Stakes, both "in a canter," the Richmond Stakes at Goodwood, the Prince of Wales' Stakes at York, beating the St Leger winner Rayon d'Or (ch c 1876 Flageolet), the Dewhurst Plate and the Yorkshire Oaks. Her only defeat, when the Yorkshire crowd "fairly groaned," came in the Great Yorkshire Stakes by Mr Houldsworth's Ruperra (ch c 1876 Adventurer). Her daughter Donna Fortuna established a large and successful branch in Germany which includes the Deutsches Derby winners Zauberer (b c 1975 Soderini) and Navarino (b c 1977 Madruzzo), the Deutsches St Leger winners Naras (b c 1950 Arjaman), Nardus (b c 1951 Magnat) and Nobel (b c 1960 Kilometer), and the Henckel-Rennen winner and stallion Nebelwerfer (br c 1944 Magnat). She is pictured here with her colt by Ayrshire.
Produce Record
Year of Birth   Name, Sire Owner or Breeder
1866   barren Lord Falmouth
1867 b f Gertrude, by Saunterer Lord Falmouth
1868   dead foal Lord Falmouth
1869 b c Queen's Messenger, by Trumpeter Lord Falmouth
1870 ch c Paladin, by Fitzroland Lord Falmouth
1871 b f Blanchefleur, by Saunterer Lord Falmouth
1872 b f Spinaway, by Macaroni Lord Falmouth
1873 b f Fame, by Trumpeter Lord Falmouth
1874 ch c Queen's Herald, by Trumpeter Lord Falmouth
1875   [no report] Lord Falmouth
1876 b f Wheel of Fortune, by Adventurer Lord Falmouth
1877   barren Lord Falmouth
1878 b c Great Carle, by Macaroni Lord Falmouth
1879   barren Lord Falmouth
1880 ch c Grandmaster, by Kingcraft Lord Falmouth
1881   barren Lord Falmouth
1882   slipped twins Lord Falmouth
1883   barren Lord Falmouth
1884   barren Lord Falmouth

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