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The Flying Dutchman (GB)

The Flying Dutchman

The Dutchman in France


Sire Line

Bay Middleton


Bay Middleton


Barbelle and Bay Middleton




Ellington, by The Flying Dutchman

Dollar, by The Flying Dutchman

Brown Duchess, by The Flying Dutchman




The Flying Dutchman br c 1846 (Bay Middleton - Barbelle, by Sandbeck). Sire Line Bay Middleton. Family 3-i.

Bred by Henry Vansittart, he was a half brother to the St Leger and Ascot Gold Cup winner Van Tromp (br c 1844 Lanercost). He was campaigned by Archibald William Montgomerie (1812-1861), 13th Earl of Eglinton and 1st Earl of Winton, who also raced Van Tromp and the St Leger winner Blue Bonnet (b f 1839 Touchstone). His dam Barbelle had a short turf career, entering the stud at the conclusion of her three year old season. Standing 15 hands 3 inches, the Dutchman, as he was often called, was said to be a magnificent specimen of a racehorse and described as having a strong neck, "fine deep shoulders, good girth, powerful back, very strong quarters well let down," with "good thighs, immense arms and very large bone". He was thought to stand over a trifle at the knee.

Trained in Middleham by Mr J Fobert at Spiggot Lodge he was said to travel so freely and pull so much that he invariably "took his gallops quite unaccompanied". He won all five of his two year old races, his enormous stride leading turf observers to declare that he had yet to be extended. Seemingly invincible he won all six of his races as a three year old, including the Derby and St Leger Stakes. Following three days of rain the going was very heavy for the Derby and the Dutchman distinctly uncomfortable as a consequence, however, just when it appeared that he might lose, his jockey gave him a couple of taps, the only time he was ever touched, and he flew the final strides. In his first engagement the next year he won the Emperor of Russia's Plate by eight lengths and his second race by ten lengths. Then he met Voltigeur (br c 1847 Voltaire), who had won that year's St Leger two days previously, for the Doncaster Cup. The Dutchman gave Voltigeur 19 pounds, carried an allegedly drunken jockey, may not have been fully recovered from a severe gallop the day before, of which it was said The Druid never ceased to speak, and lost by half a length. The two met again for a match held the following spring in which the Dutchman gave Voltigeur 8.5 pounds and won by a length. Although the race was said to have been "resolutely contested throughout" the outcome was never in doubt.

In the stud for some while at the Rawcliffe Paddocks he had little success initially although he got the Derby winner Ellington (br c 1853) and the Oaks winner Brown Duchess (br f 1858). He was eventually sold to the Administration des Haras in France for over 4,000 pounds and sent there in 1859. His enduring legacy was his son Dollar (b c 1860) who established the Dollar sire line in France, which is now the only surviving branch of the male line descending from King Herod (b c 1758 Tartar). Over two hundred years later Ahonoora (ch c 1975 Lorenzaccio) had the distinction of getting the Two Thousand Guineas winner Don't Forget Me (b c 1984) and the Derby winner Dr Devious (ch c 1989).

The Flying Dutchman Bay Middleton Sultan Selim
Cobweb Phantom
Barbelle Sandbeck Catton
Darioletta Amadis
Race Record
In 1848 he won the 1110 July Stakes at Newmarket, beating Colonel Peel's Quinine (br f 1846 Ion), Mr Gully's The Jester (b c 1846 Touchstone), Lord Exeter's Turban (b c 1846 Scutari), Sir J Hawley's Touchy (b f 1846 Venison) and 3 others. Won a 400 sovs sweep at the same meeting in a canter, beating Colonel Peel's Cracow (br c 1846 Slane) and Lord Chesterfield's Chicot (br c1846 Pantaloon). Won a 200 sovs each sweep at Liverpool in a canter, beating Lord Stanley's Escalade (br f 1846 Touchstone), Lord Glasgow's Lanercost filly and 1 other. Won the 825 Champagne Stakes at Doncaster "very easily," beating Lord Zetland's Ellen Middleton (b f 1846 Bay Middleton), Mr Green's Cigarette (b f 1846 Melbourne), Colonel Anson's Raillery (b f 1846 Pantaloon) and Mr Bell's Imperatrix (br f 1846 Velocipede). Won the 560 Two Year Old Stakes at the same meeting by 4 lengths, beating Mr B Green's Garrick (br c 1846 Lanercost), Mr Bell's Velox (ch c 1846 Velocipede) and Mr Meiklam's Cambridgeshire winner Raby (b c 1846 The Doctor).
In 1849 he won the 6425 Derby Stakes at Epsom by a "short neck," beating Mr Godwin's Hotspur (br c 1846 Sir Hercules), Colonel Peel's Tadmor (b c 1846 Ion), Lord Clifden's Honeycomb (b c 1846 Bay Middleton) and 22 others, incuding Lord Eglinton's City and Suburban winner Elthiron (b c 1846 Pantaloon) and Mr A Nicholl's Two Thousand Guineas winner Nunnykirk (bl c 1846 Touchstone). Walked over for the 700 Produce Stakes at Liverpool. Walked over for the 150 Bickerstaffe at the same meeting. Won the 3330 Great St Leger at Doncaster by 2 lengths, beating Nunnykirk, Sir J Hawley's Vatican (b c 1846 Venison), Honeycomb and 6 others. Walked over for the 400 Foal Stakes at the same meeting. Collected a 500 forfeit for a 1000 sovs match at Newmarket Second October from Honeycomb. Won the 200 sovs each Belvoir Stakes at Newmarket Houghton by 8 lengths, beating Vatican.
In 1850 he won the 760 Emperor of Russia's Plate at Ascot by 8 lengths, beating Lord Lonsdale's Jericho (bl c 1842 Jerry), Lord Stanley's One Thousand Guineas winner Canezou (br f 1845 Melbourne), Lord Exeter's Little Jack (b c Slane) and Lord Howth's Peep-o'-Day-Boy (ch c 1844 Harkaway). Won a 300 sovs each sweep at Goodwood by 10 lengths, beating Vatican. Finished 2nd for the Cup at Doncaster, won by Lord Zetland's Derby and St Leger winner Voltigeur (br c 1847 Voltaire) by half a length.
In 1851 he won a 1000 sovs match at York by a length from Voltigeur.
Notable The Flying Dutchman Mares
1. Flying Duchess (b f 1853), dam of the Stewards' Cup winner Vex (br f 1865 Vedette) and the Derby winner Galopin (b c 1872 Vedette). Flying Duchess was also the ancestress of Dinna Forget (br c 1892 Loved One) and McGee (b c 1900 White Knight), a popular stallion in America. Family 3-i.
2. Katherine Logie (b f 1853), dam of the Prince of Wales's Stakes winner King o'Scots (b c 1867 King Tom) and the Two Thousand Guineas winner Bothwell (br c 1868 Stockwell). Family 3-h.
3. Mirage (br f 1853), won the Gimcrack Stakes and 2nd dam of the Gosudaryni Imperatricy winner Secrete (bl c 1870 Diophantus). Family 43.
4. Waterwitch (b f 1853), 3rd dam of the Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Damietta (b f 1881 Kisber) and 3rd dam of the Australian stallion Darebin (b c 1878 The Peer) who went to stud in America . Family 14-e.
5. Strawberry (b f 1854), ancestress of the Belmont Stakes winner Blue Larkspur (b c 1926 Black Servant), Blue Grass Stakes winner Black Servant (br c 1918 Black Toney), War Relic (bl c 1945 Relic) and the champion colt Raise a Native (ch c 1961) who sired the immensely successful stallion Mr Prospector (b c 1970). Family 8-f.
6. The Dutchman's Daughter (b f 1854), 3rd dam of the triple crown winner Isinglass (b c 1890 Isonomy). Family 3-m.
7. Rose de Florence (b f 1855), dam of the popular Australian stallion Maribyrnong (br c 1863 Fisherman). Family 3-m.
8. Bonny Blink (br f 1857), dam of the St Leger winner Hawthornden (b c 1867 Lord Clifden). Family 1-r.
9. Penance (b f 1857), ancestress of the French stallion, Prix du Jockey Club and Grand Prix de Paris winner Ajax (b c 1901 Flying Fox). Family 2-c.
10. Brown Duchess (br f 1858), bred in the Rawcliffe Stud, won the Oaks Stakes and was ancestress of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe and Ascot Gold Cup winner Massine (b c 1920 Consols). Family 12.
11. Britannia (br f 1859), bred by John Osborne, sent to Kentucky, dam of the Champagne Stakes winner Madam Dudley (b f 1868 Lexington) and ancestress of the Suburban Handicap winner Olambala (ch c 1906 Ornus). Family 21-a.
12. Canotiere (br f 1862), dam of the Prix de Diane winner Fregate (br f 1881 Saxifrage). Family 31.
13. Deliane (b f 1862), won the Prix de Diane, dam of the Poule d'Essai and Oaks Stakes (DH) winner Enguerrande (b f 1873 Vermouth), the Prix de Diane winner La Jonchere (b f 1874 Vermouth) and the Poule d'Essai des Poulains winner Xaintrailles (ch c 1882 Flageolet). Family 2-j.
14. Algerie (b f 1867), ancestress of St Leger winner Turkhan (b c 1937 Bahram) and Alibhai (ch c 1938 Hyperion) who stood in America. Family 6-d.
15. Posterite (b f 1868), dam of the Poule d'Essai winner Promethee (ch c 1878 Mars). Family 19-b.
Other Notable Offspring
Peter Wilkins (GB)
br c 1853 (The Flying Dutchman - The Boardingschool Miss, by Plenipotentiary). Sire Line Bay Middleton. Family 3-m. He was a half brother to the Royal Hunt Cup winner Rosa Bonheur (b f 1854 Touchstone), the dam of the Chester Cup winner Knight of the Garter (br c 1864 The Prime Minister). Sent to Australia he got, among others, the Melbourne Cup winner The Quack (b c 1866).
Tom Bowline (GB)
br c 1857 (The Flying Dutchman - Miss Bowe, by Catton). Sire Line Bay Middleton. Family 21. He was a half brother to the Oaks winner Iris (ch f 1848 Ithuriel) and to the Stewards' Cup winner Longbow (b c 1849 Ithuriel) and to the stallions De Clare (b c 1852 Touchstone) and Boiardo (b c 1851 Orlando), the latter in Australia. He won the St James's Palace Stakes and got the 4th dam of the Queen's Vase winner Charles O'Malley (bbr c 1907 Desmond).
Dutch Skater (GB)
br c 1866 (The Flying Dutchman - Fulvie, by Gladiator). Sire Line Bay Middleton. Family 5-e. A winner of the Grand Prix de Deauville and the Doncaster Cup, he got the St Leger winner Dutch Oven (br c 1879).
Ellington (GB)
b c 1853 (The Flying Dutchman - Ellerdale, by Lanercost). Sire Line Bay Middleton. Family 18-a. Bred by Admiral Harcourt, he was a full brother to the Champagne Stakes winner Gildermire (br f 1855) and a half brother to the Oaks Stakes winner Summerside (br f 1856 West Australian) and to Ellermire (b f 1852 Chanticleer) who foaled the Queen's Vase winner Elland (b c 1862 Rataplan) and The Ill-Used* (b c 1870 Breadalbane). His dam Ellerdale (br f 1844) won the Gimcrack Stakes, the Great Yorkshire Stakes and the Park Hill Stakes. In 1855 he finished 4th for the 330 Eglinton Stakes at York in August, won the 200 Sapling Stakes at the same meeting, and won the 900 Champagne Stakes at Doncaster by a length, beating Mr Bryan's Bird-in-Hand (br c 1853 Birdcatcher) and Mr E R Clark's Lincoln Handicap winner Vandermulen (br c 1853 Van Tromp). According to The Druid he spent the off season packing the Admiral's coachman about and learned to open gates like a hack. In 1856 he finished 2nd for the Biennial at York Spring won by Mr T Parr's Ascot Gold Cup winner (twice) Fisherman (b c 1853 Heron) and finished 2nd for the 740 Dee Stakes at Chester won by Bird-in-Hand. He won the 5725 Derby at Epsom by a length, beating Mr Padwick's Yellow Jack (ch c 1853 Birdcatcher), Lord J Scott's Cannobie (b c 1853 Melbourne), Lord Derby's Two Thousand Guineas winner Fazzoletto (b c 1853 Orlando) and 16 others, including Mr Halford's Chester Cup winner Leamington (br c 1853 Faugh-a-Ballagh) and Mr H Hill's Goodwood Cup winner Rogerthorpe (b c 1853 The Hero). He next was unplaced for the 3200 St Leger at Doncaster, won by Mr A Nichol's Warlock (b c 1853 Birdcatcher), lost the Don Stakes at the same meeting to the Criterion Stakes winner Artillery (br c 1853 Touchstone), and ran 4th for the Doncaster Stakes won by Bonnie Scotland (b c 1853 Iago). He also started at Kelso with no success. He had little success in the stud with the exception of his daughter Picciola (b f 1870) who in Italy produced two Derby Italiano winners, Carl'Andrea (b c 1884 Andred) and Filiberto (b c 1886 Scobell), as well as the dam of another Derby Italiano winner Hira (b f 1894 Melton).
Dollar (FR)
b c 1860 (The Flying Dutchman - Payment, by Slane). Sire Line Bay Middleton. Family 1-b. Bred at the Viroflay Stud in France by Monsieur Lupin, he was a half brother to the Poule d'Essai winner Florin (ch c 1854 Surplice). Standing 15 hands 3 inches he was said to possess "splendid shoulders, well rounded ribs, excellent feet, and tendons capable of withstanding any strain," and to impart to his progeny the "easy and rather high action which was one of his chief characteristics". He ran twice in 1862 being unplaced in both events. In 1863 he won the Prix de l'Empereur, beating Charles Martel and Prix Hocquart winner Villafranca (b f 1860 Monarque), finished 2nd to the superb Prix du Jockey Club winner La Toucques (ch f 1860 The Baron) for the Prix du Jockey Club, defeated Charles Martel for the Prix de la Societe d'Encouragement and Alert by a neck for the Prix Principal. He went unplaced for the Prix de Saint-Cloud won by Nobility (ch f 1860 The Baron) and finished 3rd to the Furstenberg-Rennen winner Conquete (b f 1860 Faugh-a-Ballagh) for the Poule des Produits at Baden and lost the Grand Prix at the same place to La Toucques. In 1864 he began by winning the Great Northamptonshire Stakes beating the Duke of Beaufort's well regarded Lord Zetland (br c 1861 Voltigeur) in a canter by 5 lengths. Back in France he won the Grand Prix de l'Imperatrice beating Prix de Diane winner Stradella (bl f 1859 Father Thames) and the Prix de l'Empereur. Sent back to England he won the Goodwood Cup beating the Grand Prix de Paris winner The Ranger (br c 1860 Voltigeur) and Lord Zetland again, and the Brighton Cup beating the Stewards' Cup winner Little Stag (ch c 1861 Mountain Deer). Returning to France he lost the Grand Prix de Bade to Grand Prix de Paris winner Vermouth (b c 1861 The Nabob) and was 3rd to Noelie (ch f 1859 The Baron) and Nobility for the Grand Prix de l'Empereur. He retired to the stud at Viroflay and proved an enormous success, getting many winners and establishing the Dollar sire line. Dollar died at Viroflay in 1887.

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