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Buccaneer (GB)


Sire Line


Brigantine, by Buccaneer

Fenek, by Buccaneer

Kisber, by Buccaneer

Kisber-Ocscse, by Buccaneer

     .     Trachenberg
     .         Hannibal
     .              Fels
     .                   Laland
     .                        Nereide

Trachenberg, by Flibustier

Hannibal, by Trachenberg

Fels, by Hannibal

Nereide, by Laland

Tokio, by Talpra Magyar

Mokan, by Tokio

Derby Winners

Buccaneer Mare
Good Hope
Lady Patroness
Nil Desperandum

Amalie von Edelreich

Great Britain

Miss Godolphin

Buccaneer b c 1857 (Wild Dayrell - Mare, by Little Red Rover). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 14-d.

Bred by Guy Carleton (1811-1875), 3rd Baron Dorchester (Dorchester-on-Thames), and later owned by Isaac Newton Wallop (1825-1891), 5th Earl of Portsmouth, his turf career could probably have been better but for a bothersome splint. He was said to be "an eyecatching individual with faultless conformation" and thought to be the best of Wild Dayrell's sons.

From his nineteen starts over four years he won eleven races, including the July Stakes and the Royal Hunt Cup.

He entered the Portsmouth stud at Hurstbourne Park, Whitchurch, Hampshire, in 1863 and was advertised to stand the following two years at James Cookson's Neasham Hall Stud in Durham, near Darlington in Yorkshire. He was sold to the Hungarian State Stud Kisber in 1865.

Beginning with his daughter Formosa's string of victories in England, his offspring were amazingly successful on the turf, and a bid was made to buy him back. However, his stock was proving equally valuable in eastern Europe and he was not for sale.

He sired fourteen Derby winners: one in England, three in Germany, nine in Austria, and one in Poland. Between them his progeny won thirty-seven classic races, and he became a Champion Sire and Broodmare Sire.

Buccaneer Wild Dayrell Ion Cain
Ellen Middleton Bay Middleton
Little Red Rover Mare Little Red Rover Tramp
Miss Syntax
Eclat Edmund
Race Record
In 1859 Buccaneer finished 4th for the Biennial Stakes at Bath-Somerset, won the Mottisfont Stakes at Stockbridge, won the July Stakes at Newmarket, won a match from Bedford at Newmarket, and won the Molecomb Stakes at Goodwood.
In 1860 he finished 6th for the Derby Stakes at Epsom, won by Thormanby (ch c 1857 Windhound), finished 2nd for the Midsummer Stakes at Newmarket, won the Drawing Room Stakes at Goodwood, was unplaced for the St Leger Stakes at Doncaster, won by St Albans (ch c 1857 Stockwell), won the Don Stakes at Doncaster,  and finished 2nd to Thunderbolt (ch c 1857 Stockwell) for the Select Stakes at Newmarket.
In 1861 he was unplaced for the London Bridge Stakes at Epsom, won the Lansdowne Trial Stakes at Bath-Somerset, won the Trial Stakes at Ascot, won the Royal Hunt Cup at Ascot, won the Craven Stakes at Goodwood, went unplaced for the Chichester Stakes at Goodwood, and finished 2nd for the Saltram Stakes at Plymouth.
In 1862 he won the Trial Stakes at Salisbury.
Notable Offspring
Amalie von Edelreich (GER)
ch f 1870 (Buccaneeer - Sweet Kate, by Stockwell). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 5-b. Bred by Johannes Renard from a Preis der Diana winner, Amalie von Edelreich was a full sister to the Union-Rennen winner Flibustier (ch c 1867) and the Henckel-Rennen winner Waisenknabe (ch c 1872) and a half sister to the Preis der Diana winner Hamadryade (ch f 1871 Bois Roussel). She was the first filly to win the Deutsches Derby. She also won the Furstenbuerg-Rennen.

Andorka (HUN)
b f 1868 (Buccaneer - Brown Agnes, by West Australian). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 16-a. Winner of the Egyesitett Nemzeti es Hazafi dij, she produced the German foaled Henckel-Rennen winner Andernach (ch c 1882 Chamant) and was the 3rd dam of the Egyesitett Nemzeti es Hazafi dij winner Apollo (ch c 1899 Galaor).

Balvany (AUT)
ch c 1878 (Buccaneer - Lady Florence, by Newminster). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 14-a. Winner of the Zukunfts-Rennen in Germany. He sired Kozma (ch c 1891), a winner of the Trial Stakes, the Egyesitett Nemzeti es Hazafi dij and the Magyar St Leger.

Bibor (HUN)
ch c 1873 (Buccaneer - Fancy, by Orlando). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 4-l. Won the Egyesitett Nemzeti es Hazafi dij.

Brigantine (GB)
b f 1866 (Buccaneer - Lady Macdonald, by Touchstone). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 4-e. Bred by James Cookson she won seven races including the Oaks Stakes and the Ascot Gold Cup, in which she defeated the formidable filly Formosa (ch f 1865 Buccaneer), and placed third in the One Thousand Guineas Stakes. All of her successful descendants were bred in South America and include the Vanity Handicap winner Infindad (bbr f 1982 Mr Long), Grande Premio Major Suckow winner It's the Day (b c 1987 Ghadeer), Gran Premio Jockey Club winner Full of Wine (b c 1972 Full Gallop) and Gran Premio Maipu winner Quitur Ju (b c 1990 Juez).

Budagyongye (HUN)
b f 1882 (Buccaneer - Kincsem, by Cambuscan). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 4-o. A daughter of the fabled Kincsem, she won the Deutsches Derby and was ancestress to a family of outstanding racehorses in eastern Europe. Her daughters Viglany (ch f 1900 Bona Vista) and Disco (ch f 1906 Floriform) both won major filly races. As recently as 1974 her descendant Polygamy (b f 1971 Reform) won the Oaks Stakes at Epsom.

Fels (GER)
b c 1903 (Hannibal - Festa, by St Simon). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 16-c. His dam, Festa, a sister to Desmond (bbl c 1896 St Simon), was exported to Germany and there produced five excellent runners, of whom Fels was arguably the best. Bred in the Gestut Waldfried he was the top German racehorse for three years with wins in the Deutsches Derby, Grosser Hansa-Preis, Preis von Nordhein-Westfalen, Henckel-Rennen, Preis des Winterfavoriten and Ratibor-Rennen. His three year old earnings of over 40,000 marks was a record for the time. Owned by Messrs von Weinberg he covered at Gestuts-Verwaltung near Frankfurt am Main. In the stud he sired many top class horses, including the stallion Laland (b c 1917), who in turn sired Nereide (b f 1933), one of the Germany's greatest racehorses. Fels died at the age of twenty-two.

Fenek (AUT)
b c 1883 (Buccaneer - Helene Triomphante, by Young Melbourne). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 10-a. A winner of four major races, the Egyesitett Nemzeti es Hazafi dij, the Oesterreichisches Derby, the Union-Rennen and the Zukunfts-Rennen, he was later a stallion of some repute.

Flibustier (GER)
ch c 1867 (Buccaneeer - Sweet Kate, by Stockwell). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 5-b. A full brother to the Deutsches Derby winner, Amalie von Edelreich (ch f 1870), he won the Union-Rennen. In the stud he sired the Deutsches Derby winners Kunsterlin (ch f 1876) and Trachenberg (ch c 1879).

Hanniball (GER)
ch c 1891 (Trachenberg - Zama, by Hermit). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 1-t. Bred and owned by U von Oertzen he ran twelve times, winning eight of his races, including the Deutsches St Leger, the Grosser Hansa-Preis and the Grosser Preis von Nordrhein-Westfalen. He was a Champion Sire twice, placing second on the list four times and several times third, fourth and fifth. In the stud he got four winners of Deutsches Derby: Fels (b c 1903), Sieger (ch c 1905), Arnfried (ch c 1906) and Gulliver (ch c 1909).

Kisber (HUN)
b c 1873 (Buccaneer - Mineral, by Rataplan). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 4-d. Bred in the state stud and owned by Aristides and Alexander Baltazzie, he ran in Derby under the name of the "Mineral Colt" and received his name upon winning the race to honour of the town of his birth. Sent to England to be trained, he started four times as a two year old, winning the Dewhurst Plate from Springfield (b c 1873 St Albans). During the following winter in his preparation for the Derby his legs were slightly suspect however he stood the training well and appeared to be the favourite until Petrarch won the Two Thousand Guineas at which point the public switched its allegiance. Nevertheless he won the race easily, beating fifteen runners by five lengths, defeating Forerunner (b c 1873 The Palmer), later the winner of the King Edward VII Stakes and Julius Caesar (b c 1873 St Albans) winner of the Royal Hunt Cup. Later that year he won the Grand Prix de Paris, at the time the richest race in the world. He collapsed after the St Leger in which he finished fourth to Petrarch (b c 1873 Lord Clifden) said to be due to insufficient training caused by a leg injury. He retired to the Park Paddocks at Newmarket but failed to appeal and was moved to the state stud at Napajedl in Hungary. He was subsequently sold for 80,000 marks to the Harzburg stud in Germany where he achieved some success. He was a Leading Sire in Germany three times, getting three winners of the Deutsches Derby, Hardenberg (b c 1890), Sperber (b c 1891) and Trollhetta (b c 1893). However, he is probably as well known for his daughter Sandal (b f 1885), for through her he appears in the pedigree of the Derby winner Blenheim (br c 1927 Blandford) a Leading Sire in America in 1941.

Kisber-Ocscse (HUN)
b c 1877 (Buccaneer - Mineral, by Rataplan). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 4-d. Bred in Hungary he was a full brother to the Derby winning Kisber, and a half brother to the St Leger winner Wenlock (b c 1869 Lord Clifden) and the Deutsches Derby winner Schwindler (ch c 1872 Adventurer).

Mokan (AUT)
b c 1909 (Tokio - Moneta, by Kisber-Ocscse). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 2-t. Winner of the Trial Stakes and the Millenniumi dij.

Nereide (GER)
b f 1933 (Laland - Nella da Gubbio, by Grand Parade). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 4-r. Bred in the Gestut Erlenhof she was undefeated on the turf, winning all ten of her starts, and still remains one of the great runners ever produced in Germany. She won the Deutsches Derby in a track record time and the rest of her races with consummate ease. She once defeated the brilliantly fast Corrida (ch f 1932 Coronach), at that time considered the best in Europe and twice the winner of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe. In the stud she got the stallions Nuvolari (b c 1938 Oleander) and Nordlicht (ch c 1941 Oleander), the latter the winner of the Deutsches Derby and the Oesterreichisches Derby.

Ollyan-Nincs (HUN)
b f 1883 (Buccaneer - Kincsem, by Cambuscan). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 4-o. Another daughter of the remarkable Kincsem, she won the Magyar St Leger and Szent Laszlo dij. She has winning descendants throughout eastern Europe such as the Magyar Derby winner Kamaras (ch c 1938 Cagliostro), the Derby Roman winner Satrap (br c 1926 Predicateur) and the Austria Preis winner (thrice) Siker (b f 1928 Light Hand). More recent descendants include the Preis von Europa winner Well Made (br c 1997 Mondrian), the Derby del DDR winner Wolke (ch f 1969 Grande) and the Musidora Stakes winner Zahrat Dubai (b f 1996 Unfuwain).

Talpra Magyar (AH)
b c 1885 (Buccaneer - Kincsem, by Cambuscan). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 4-o. One of only five foals produced by Kincsem, he was the only living colt from his celebrated dam and Buccaneer, his half brother Kincs-Or (ch c 1886 Doncaster) died immediately prior to starting for the Deutsches Derby. Although Talpra Magyar never ran he entered the stud and there got Tokio (b c 1892) who won the Grosser Preis von Baden, the Grosser Preis von Nordrhein-Westfalen, the Jubilaums Preis (thrice), the Oesterreichisches Derby, the Trial Stakes, the Alagi dij and the Magyar St Leger.

Tokio (AUT)
b c 1892 (Talpra Magyar - Totleany, by Gunnersbury). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 5-e. A good winner he counted among his victories the Grosser Preis von Baden, Grosser Preis von Nordrhein-Westfalen, the Jubilaums Preis (thrice), the Oesterreichisches Derby, the Trial Stakes, the Alagi dij and the Magyar St Leger. In the stud he got the Millenniumi dij winner Mokan (b c 1909).

Trachenberg (GER)
ch c 1879 (Flibustier - Dirt Cheap, by Orlando). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 14-f. Bred by Furst Hatzfeld, he was owned by Graf Tschirschky-Renard. He won the Deutsches Derby, the Henckel-Rennen and the Ratibor-Rennen. He was a Champion Sire once, second on the list four times and many times slightly farther down the list. In the stud he got the Champion Sire Hannibal (ch c 1891).
Formosa (GB) ch f 1865 (Buccaneer - Eller, by Chanticleer). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 18-a.
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