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- G -
  Gaberlunzie (GB)
br c 1824 (Wanderer - Mare, by Selim). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 24. Bred by George O'Brien Wyndham (1751-1837), 3rd Earl of Egremont, he ran for three years. His greatest victory was probably a 100gs match he won from Lord Verulam's Brocard (b f 1824 Whalebone) at Newmarket in 1827. He also defeated the Duke of Grafton's Oaks winner Turquoise (br f 1825 Selim) for a fifty at Newmarket in 1828. In the stud he got very few mares, the most important being an unnamed mare (b f 1835), possibly the last horse ever bred by Lord Egremont, who was the fourth dam of the Middle Park Stakes winner Signorina (br f 1887 St. Simon), she the dam of the stallion Signorino (b c 1902 Best Man) and the Derby and Oaks winner Signorinetta (bbr f 1905 Chaleureux). Gaberlunzie was sent to Prussia in February of 1836.
  Gabriel (GB)*
b c 1790 (Dorimant - Sister to Lethe, by Highflyer). Sire Line St. Victor's Barb. Family 15. Bred by Mr Hull he won 15 of 22 starts from 1794 to 1797 in England. He covered in 1798 at Bishop's Burton, Yorskhire, and was sold in the spring of 1799 to Thomas Reeves and exported to America. Arriving in March of 1799 he was purchased by Benjamin Ogle and stood the 1799 season at Bellair in Prince George's County, Maryland. The following season he stood at the Greencroft stud of John Baird in Prince George County, Virginia, where he died on August 12.
Gainsborough (GB)
b c 1915 (Bayardo - Rosedrop, by St. Frusquin). Sire Line Camel. Family 2-n.
  Galeazzo (GB)
b c 1893 (Galopin - Eira, by Kisber). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 3-c.
Galicia (GB)
br f 1898 (Galopin - Isoletta, by Isonomy). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 10-a.
  Galliard (GB)
br c 1880 (Galopin - Mavis, by Macaroni). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 13.
Galopin (GB)
b c 1872 (Vedette - Flying Duchess, by The Flying Dutchman). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 3-i.
Gamos (GB)
ch f 1867 (Saunterer - Bess Lyon, by Longbow). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 4-p.
  Gander (GB)
ch c 1720 (Darley Arabian - Sister to Quiet, by Leedes). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 9. Owned by the Duke of Bolton he was described as standing 15 hands, a "fine and proportionable" well marked chestnut. He later stood in Yorkshire at Henry Cowling's in Richmond.
  Garrick (GB)
ch c 1772 (Marske - Spilletta, by Regulus). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 12.
Gay Crusader (GB)
b c 1914 (Bayardo - Gay Laura, by Beppo). Sire Line Camel. Family 1-g.
  General (GB)
b c 1758 (Young Cartouch - Mare, by Devonshire Blacklegs). Sire Line St. Victor's Barb. Family 104.
  Gertrude (GB)
b f 1867 (Saunterer - Queen Bertha, by Kingston). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 1-w.
Gimcrack (GB)
gr c 1760 (Cripple - Miss Elliot, by Grisewood's Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 23.
Gladiateur (Fr)
b c 1862 (Monarque - Miss Gladiator, by Gladiator). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 5-h. Bred by Comte Frederic de Lagrange he was a great winner numbering the Two Thousand Guineas, Derby and St Leger Stakes and Ascot Gold Cup among his victories in England and the Grand Prix de Paris and Prix Royal Oak in France. He died at Brick Lane Stud, Dunmow, Essex, in January of 1876.
Gladiator (GB)
ch c 1833 (Partisan - Pauline, by Moses). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 22.
Glaucus (GB)
b c 1830 (Partisan - Nanine, by Selim). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 3-h.
Glencoe (GB)
ch c 1831 (Sultan - Trampoline, by Tramp). Sire Line Selim. Family 1-t.
  Godolphin (GB)
b c 1818 (Partisan - Ridicule, by Shuttle). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 46. Bred by Mr Neville and owned by Lord G H Cavendish he won the Craven Stakes in 1822. Sent to Germany in 1827 he was repurchased to England by Mr Tattersall in 1830 and died on the passage to Virginia in September of 1831. He sired Young Mouse (b f 1826) who won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes.
Godolphin Arabian
[Coke's Arabian] b c 1724. Sire Line Godolphin Arabian.
Gohanna (GB)
b c 1790 (Mercury - Sister to Challenger, by King Herod). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 24.
Goldfinder (GB)
b c 1764 (Snap - Mare, by Blank). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 1-a.
  Goliah (GB)
[Halifax's] gr c 1722 (Greyhound - Woodcock Thornton, by Darcy's Woodcock). Sire Line Chillaby. Family 2. Said to have been bred in Yorkshire by William Crofts of Barforth he was later sold to George Montagu (1684c-1739), Earl of Halifax. The General Stud Book [GSB 1:73] says his dam was a sister to Little George however his dam was not recorded in any publication until 1803. An advertisement in the York Courant [Tuesday, April 16, 1745] under the authority of John Crofts gives his dam as Woodcock Thornton, or a full sister. His turf career spanned two years with victories in a Gold Cup at Winchester and plates at Lewes and Newport-Pagnel. He also defeated Lord Godolphin's Leaden Heels in a match for 200 guineas at Newmarket. He covered at the George and Three Cranes Inn at Doncaster for a fee of one guinea. Although he is said to be the sire of Thomas Heneage's Jigg (br c 1720c) there is little evidence for this [GSB 1:107]. Goliah sired another Goliah (bbr c 1740) who was sent to Benjamin Haynes at Conny-Court in County Kildare, Ireland.
  Goliah (GB)
[Bolton] b c 1730 (Fox - Mare, by Graham's Champion). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 65. Bred by Mr Hutchinson he was later owned by the Duke of Bolton, Mr Trout and Mr Bilton. He won King's Plates at Winchester, Salisbury, Guildford, Nottingham, Lincoln and Newmarket. He covered in Lincolnshire and got Hunt's Jigg (ch c 1741) among many others.
  Golumpus (GB)
b c 1802 (Gohanna - Catherine, by Woodpecker). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 11. Described as hardy and big boned, he sired the St Leger winner Otterington (b c 1809) and the Doncaster Cup winner Catton (b c 1809).
  Governor (GB)
c 1709c (St. Martin - Mare, by Crofts Commoner). Sire Line Darcy's Yellow Turk. Family 28.
  Gower Stallion (GB)
b c 1740 (Godolphin Arabian - Sister to Tortoise, by Godolphin's Whitefoot). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 15. The property of John Leveson-Gower (1694-1754), 1st Earl Gower, he is said to have "bone enough to carry eighteen stone a hunting." A well patronised stallion he sired David* (b c 1756) and Gower's Sweepstakes (b c 1749).
  Granby (GB)
b c 1762 (Belsize Arabian - Mare, by Shock). Sire Line Belsize Arabian. Family 15. Sometimes called Young Belsize he was sent to Pennsylvania in 1766 along with the Belsize Arabian. In his collection of pedigrees Edgar confused the two horses and subsequently the pedigree cited in the American Stud Book is for Wildman's Granby who was never exported.
  Grasshopper (GB)
[Bristol's, Mostyn's] c 1695c (Byerley Turk). Sire Line Byerley Turk.
  Grasshopper (GB)
[Ancaster's] gr c 1731 (Crab - Virgin, by Ancaster Merlin). Sire Line Alcock's Arabian. Family 28. The pedigrees of Ancaster Grasshopper, Grey Ward and Ancaster Tryal have been confused in Cheny, Pick and GSB and aren't much clearer in the Ancaster stud book, which was reproduced by Mr Prior in Early Records of the Thoroughbred Horse. All three colts mentioned were grey colts of 1731. Mr Prior selected the 1731 colt from Virgin to be Grey Ward, however, he gave no reason for this, and a pedigree in the Antrim stud book [Royal Studs:182] indicates that Grey Ward was more likely to have been from the Dainty Mare. In 1737 Grasshopper won King's Plates at Lewes and Lincoln. He sired Young Look At Me Lads (ch f 1741) and the worthy stallion Valiant* (b c 1747). See Family 28 for more information.
Grenadier (GB)
b c 1746 (Blaze - Mare, by Sultan). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 40.
  Grey Grantham (GB)
gr c 1711c (Brownlow Turk). Sire Line Brownlow Turk. His dam has not been identified. Owned by John Manners (1676-1721), the 2nd Duke of Rutland, he was said to be an extraordinary horse for his size and that 1,000 had been refused for him. He was matched against Tregonwell Frampton's mare Serjeant for 100gs at Newmarket in 1717. Among others, he sired Lord William Manners's Confederate Filly, a "good mare at light weights," and the Duke of Rutland's Miss Belvoir, a "very capital mare". The Confederate Filly (f 1718c) was the dam of the stallion Blaze (b c 1733 Childers) as well as a small branch of Family 6 that included such descendants as Whitenose (b c 1742 Godolphin Arabian), Nabob (b c 1753 Cade) and the 1794 Hambleton Royal Plate winner Constant (b f 1789 Highflyer). Miss Belvoir (gr f 1720c) was the dam of Steady (gr c 1735 Childers) and Grey Childers (gr c 1729c Childers) as well as a good portion of Family 6. An unnamed Grantham Mare (f 1720c) was the ancestress of most of Family 6-x. Another unnamed Grantham Mare (f 1720c) was the grandam of of Mr Martindale's Archer (gr c 1746 Bolton Starling) who won King's Plates at Winchester and Salisbury in 1752 and was later sent to Ireland. Grey Grantham later covered in Northamptonshire for Robert Smyth at Peterborough for a fee of half a guinea.
  Grey Grantham [Brother] (GB)
gr c 1710c. Sire Line Brownlow Turk. Owned by Mr Pulleine, he was a full brother to Grey Grantham and said to be blind. He was sometimes referred to as "Son of the Brownlow Turk" [GSB 1:4]. In the stud he got the Duke of Bolton's Grantham Mare (gr f 1715c) who produced the Bolton Starling (gr c 1727 Bay Bolton) along with the rest of Family 24.
  Grey Hautboy (GB)
gr c 1693c (Hautboy). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk.
  Greyhound (GB)
[Marshall's] gr c 1700c (King William's White Barb Chillaby - Slugey). Sire Line Chillaby. Family 101.
  Grey Medley (USA)
[Barry's] gr c 1791 (Medley* - Mare, by Fitzhugh's True Whig). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4. Bred by Governor Ben Williams of North Carolina and purchased by Dr R D Barry who brought him Tennessee, he was said to stand around 15 hands with faultless form and great beauty. Many consider him to be the first Thoroughbred stallion to come to Tennessee. He sired the dam of Madam Tonson (b f 1814 Elliot's Top Gallant).
Grey Momus (GB)
gr c 1835 (Comus - Mare, by Cervantes). Sire Line Matchem. Family 2-d.
  Grey Ramsden (GB)
gr c 1704 (Grey Hautboy - Mare, by Byerley Turk). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 1.
  Grey Spot (GB)
gr c 1753 (Moore's Partner - Spinner). Sire Line Byerley Turk. In Scotland he won the King's Plate at Edinburgh in 1761 (Heber). In England he ran under the name of Stewart's Hartley. All sources agree that he was a grey colt foaled in 1753 sired by Moore's Partner. There are several versions of his dam line. The first says his dam was by Spinner, later changed to Son of Spinner. The second version says his dam was by Crab - Dyer's Dimple - Whynot - Royal Mare. (The usual Castaway cross is missing). A third version says that his dam is Bumper's dam, but notes that while Bumper was by a son of Partner (ie., Moore's Partner), Bumper's dam was probably not sister to Bay Bolton, but the Crab mare noted above. The General Stud Book has an entry for Crab Mare - Dyer's Dimple - Castaway - Whynot - Royal Mare, who foaled a grey colt in 1754 named Hartley, sired by Son of Spinner, and owned by Mr Stewart. It could be supposed that Grey Spot was by Moore's Partner and from the Crab Mare. He sired Spot Mare* (gr f 1762).
  Grey Ward (GB)
gr c 1731 (Crab - Dainty, by Old Pert). Sire Line Alcock's Arabian. Family 28. His pedigree has been confused in Cheny, Pick and GSB with those of Ancaster Grasshopper and Ancaster Trial. All three were grey foals of 1731 in the Ancaster stud. Mr Prior chose the mare Virgin as the dam of Grey Ward without giving a reason [ER:87], however, the Antrim stud records indicate that Grey Ward was more likely associated with Dainty [Royal Studs:182]. In 1736 Grey Ward won 200gs at Newmarket, defeating the Earl of Halifax's colt. An unnamed daughter produced Naylor's Sally and her sister, from whom descend the American stallions Gallatin (ch c 1799 Bedford), Bertrand (b c 1820 Sir Archy) and Pacific (b c 1822 Sir Archy). See Family 28 for more information.
Grosvenor Arabian
ch c 1760c. Sire Line Grosvenor Arabian.
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