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  Pacific (USA)
b c 1822 (Sir Archy - Eliza, by Bedford). Sire Line King Herod. Family 14. A great 4-mile horse he won five of six starts. Purchased by W C Davis of Tennessee in 1826 he stood near Nashville until 1842. He also stood a few seasons in Kentucky. He sired Chesterfield (b c 1831) and the celebrated mare Gamma (gr f 1836).
  Pacolet (USA)
[Hopper's] gr c 1750c (Spark* - Queen Mab*, by Mosco's Grey Arabian). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 101. Pacolet was not imported but both his parents were. Owned by Benjamin Tasker Jr and then by Colonel Hopper he ran several times in Virginia. He covered at the Hopper stud on the eastern shores of Maryland. He sired Molly Pacolet (f 1760c) the ancestress of Lance (b c 1821 American Eclipse), American Boy (b c 1822 Sea Gull) and Financier (ch c 1800 Tippoo Saib).
  Pacolet (GB)
gr c 1763 (Blank - Whiteneck, by Crab). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 9.
  Palmerin (GB)
b c 1816 (Amadis - Orvillina, by Beningbrough). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 8-a. Palmerin, bred by William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam (1748-1833), 4th Earl Fitzwilliam, was a third generation homebred, and half brother to Sandbeck (b c 1818 Catton), the damsire of The Flying Dutchman (br c 1846 Bay Middleton). Lord Fitzwilliam was a nephew of Charles Watson-Wentworth, the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham who was also Prime Minister of England, and whose wealth and property he inherited. He bred, among others, the St Leger winner Orville (b c 1799 Beningbrough). Palmerin achieved little on the turf, winning two races in four years, but running only at York and Doncaster. He broke down in his final race. In the stud he got very few mares; his best offspring was his daughter Sister to Righton (ch f 1832), ancestress of the Preakness Stakes winner Knight of Ellerlslie (ch c 1881 Eolus).
  Pangloss (GB)
ch c 1755 (Cade - Mare, by Bartlet's Childers). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 3.
Pantaloon (GB)
ch c 1824 (Castrel - Idalia, by Peruvian). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 17-a.
  Paragone (GB)
b c 1843 (Touchstone - Hoyden, by Tomboy). Sire Line Camel. Family 2-c. Bred by the Duke of Bedford he stood 16 hands. He won 5 races including  the Coffee Room Stakes and several matches. He sired three Preis der Diana winners: Sinope (b f 1854), Margarethe (b f 1857) and Doloritha (b f 1858) as well as the great mare Paradigm (br f 1852).
Parasol (GB)
b f 1800 (Pot8os - Prunella, by Highflyer). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 1-e.
Partisan (GB)
b c 1811 (Walton - Parasol, by Pot8os). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 1-e.
Partner (GB)
[Crofts] ch c 1718 (Jigg - Sister to Mixbury, by Curwen's Bay Barb). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 9-a.
  Partner (GB)
[Grisewood's] gr c 1730 (Crofts Partner - Mare, by Hutton's Grey Barb). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 62. Bred by Lord Portmore he ran in his colours in 1736 winning at Winchester, Salisbury, Lewes and Canterbury. Purchased by Mr Grisewood he ran from 1737 to 1744 winning many prizes and defeating such horses as Lord Portmore's Crab and Mr Cole's Foxhunter. He was beset with intermittent  lameness throughout his turf career otherwise it was said his form was such that he would have won many more prizes. In the stud he got Miss Elliot (gr f 1756) the dam of the famous Gimcrack (gr c 1760 Cripple).
  Patriot (GB)
[Bolton] br c 1729 (Bay Bolton - Mare, by Jigg). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 24. Bred by the Duke of Bolton his turf career was largely unremarkable except for a win worth 300gs at Newmarket in 1734. He sired the unnamed dam of the Hambleton Royal Plate winner Irene (br f 1753 Cade) and the unnamed dam of the stallion Syphon (ch c 1750 Squirt).
  Patron (GB)
ch c 1826 (Partisan - Mare, by Rubens). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 26. Bred by the 2nd Marquess of Exeter he won the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes. He sired Dover (b c 1832) who was a stallion in Australia.
  Paulowitz (GB)
br c 1813 (Sir Paul - Evelina, by Highflyer). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 8-a. Bred by Lord Fitzwilliam he was a half brother to Orville (b c 1799 Beningbrough) and Cervantes (b c 1805 Sir Peter Teazle). As a three year old he won the Peregrine Stakes at York, as a five year old he won one race, as a six year old he won three races and as a seven year old he won one race. He was less esteemed than his half brothers. He sired the Two Thousand Guineas winner Archibald (b c 1829) and the stallion Cain (b c 1822). Paulowitz died in 1829.
  Paymaster (GB)
[Jesmond] b c 1766 (Blank - Snapdragon, by Snap). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 3-a.
  Paynator (GB)
br c 1791 (Trumpator - Sister to Fandango, by Mark Anthony). Sire Line Matchem. Family 18. Bred by Lord Clermont he was said to resemble his sire in looks although a bit more compact and he stood around 15.2 hands. His offspring were notable for their good legs and neat heads. He sired the Craven Stakes winner Offa's Dyke (b c 1807) and the stallion Dr. Syntax (br c 1811).
Penelope (GB)
b f 1798 (Trumpator - Prunella, by Highflyer). Sire Line Matchem. Family 1-o.
Perdita (GB)
b f 1881 (Hampton - Hermione, by Young Melbourne). Sire Line Camel. Family 7-f.
  Perion (GB)
ch c 1829 (Whisker - Darioletta, by Amadis). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 3-i. As a two year old he ran twice finishing second in the Champagne Stakes and another good race at Doncaster and as a three year old he ran three times finishing second for the Derby Stakes. He sired The Lawyer's Lady (ch f 1837c) the dam of the Manchester Cup winner Chief Justice (ch c 1847 The Hydra).
Pero Gomez (GB)
b c 1866 (Beadsman - Salamanca, by Student). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 27-a.
  Perseus (GB)
b c 1754 (Bolton Starling - Coughing Polly, by Bartlet's Childers). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 19.
  Peter Fin (GB)
b c 1819 (Whalebone - Scotina, by Delpini). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 13-a. Bred by Lord Egremont he was sent to Australia and all of his offspring were born there.
Petrarch (GB)
b c 1873 (Lord Clifden - Laura, by Orlando). Sire Line Camel. Family 10.
  Phaeton (GB)
b c 1865 (King Tom - Merry Sunshine, by Storm). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 9. Bred by Mr J Johnstone he was imported by Richard Ten Broeck of Jefferson County, Kentucky. He sired the St Leger Handicap winner King Alfonso (b c 1872), the stallion Ten Broeck (b c 1872), the Kentucky Oaks winner Felicia (b f 1874), the stallion Lisbon (b c 1874), Semper Felix (b f 1871) the dam of the Kentucky Derby winner Leonatus (b c 1880 Longfellow) and Katie (br f 1872) the dam of thye Clark Handicap winner Jim Gore (b c 1884 Hindoo). Phaeton died in 1874.
Phalaris (GB)
br c 1913 (Polymelus - Bromus, by Sanfoin). Sire Line Phalaris. Family 1-i.
  Phantom (GB)
b c 1808 (Walton - Julia, by Whiskey). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 6-a. Bred by Sir John Shelley he won the Derby Stakes along with several other races. In the stud he acquired some fame for his good fillies. A champion sire in 1820 and 1824 he sired two Derby winners, Cedric (ch c 1821) and Middleton (ch c 1822), two Two Thousand Guineas winners, Enamel (ch c 1822) and Pindarrie (b c 1817), Cobweb (b f 1821) winner of the One Thousand Guineas and Oaks Stakes and Taurus (ch c 1826) a champion sire. He also sired Phantomia* (b f 1820) and Serab* (b c 1821).
Pharamond (GB)
b c 1925 (Phalaris - Selene, by Chaucer). Sire Line Phalaris. Family 6-e.
  Pharaoh (GB)
b c 1753 (Chedworth's Moses - Howe's Mare, by Godolphin Arabian). Sire Line St. Victor Barb. Family 103. Bred by Earl Gower at Trentham, Staffordshire he was lightly raced. In 1757 he won a 500 guineas match at Newmarket beating the Duke of Bridgewater's bay filly and later won a 200 guineas match at the same place beating Lord Rockingham's Blakes. In his only start in 1758 he lost to Sir James Lowther's Whitelegs. In 1759 he won 1000 guineas at Newmarket in April beating the Duke of Cumberland's Rib. At the same place in May he won 300 guineas beating Sir James Lowther's Whisk. In 1760 at Newmarket he won 500 guineas beating the Duke of Cumberland's Moro. Lord Gower then sold him to Mr Stroud who raced him in plates, however, not being a very large horse and his age obliging him to carry great weight he was continually defeated and after his final start at Maidenhead in October of 1761 he was sold to America. Sent to South Carolina in 176, he stood at Drayton Hall, near Ashley's Ferry from 1762 until 1771 after which there is no record.
Pharos (GB)
br c 1920 (Phalaris - Scapa Flow, by Chaucer). Sire Line Phalaris. Family 13-e.
  Philip The First (IRE)
ch c 1828 (Langar - Mare, by Queensberry). Sire Line Selim. Family 6-b. From four starts in two years he won the Anglesey Stakes and the Wellington Stakes. He sired Victoria (ch f 1834) the dam of Horn of Chase (ch c 1844 Harkaway) and Mustard (br f 1836) the fourth dam of Uncas (b c 1865 Stockwell).
  Phoenomenon (GB)
ch c 1780 (King Herod - Frenzy, by Eclipse). Sire Line King Herod. Family 2-m. Bred by Sir John Lister Kaye he won 13 races including the St Leger Stakes and the Doncaster Cup. During his turf career Phoenomenon was defeated only twice, by Saltram for the Derby and by Myrtle at York. He covered at Boroughbridge and at Grange Park, near Wakefield until 1798 when he was sold. Sent to New York the same year he died there shortly after landing. In England he sired the St Leger winner Ambidexter (b c 1787) and the Oaks winner Bellisima (b f 1795). He also sired Brilliant* (gr c 1791), Firetail* (b c 1795), Restless* (b c 1788) and Wonder* (ch c 1794).
Physician (GB)
b c 1829 (Brutandorf - Primette, by Prime Minister). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 21. He was described as a short round horse as well as a "regular nag stepper". He ran for three years winning nine races including the Scarborough Stakes in which he defeated Birdcatcher (ch c 1833 Sir Hercules) and he also managed a second place finish for the Chester Cup. His offspring were said to be "mostly small and weedy" with great speed but "did not train on". He was sent to France in 1842. Among others he sired the stallion The Cure (b c 1844) and the Prix du Jockey Club winner Experience (b c 1846).
  Pipator (GB)
b c 1786 (Imperator - Brunette, by Squirrel). Sire Line Matchem. Family 14. Bred by Lord Clermont he was a fairly popular stallion. Among many others he sired the St Leger Stakes, Doncaster Cup and York Gold Cup winner Remembrancer (b c 1800). He died at Streatlam Castle in 1804 immediately after covering a mare.
  Place's White Turk
[Sedbury Turk, Darcy's White Turk] gr c 1670c. Sire Line Place's White Turk.
  Planet (USA)
ch c 1855 (Revenue - Nina, by Boston). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 25. Among many others he sired the Champagne Stakes winners Sarah B. (b f 1865) and Grey Planet (gr c 1869), the Dixie Stakes winner Hubbard (ch c 1869), the Ladies Handicap winner Katie Pease (ch f 1870), the Champagne Stakes and Alabama Stakes winner Minnie Mc (ch f 1870), Amy Farley (b f 1871) the dam of the Queen Alexandra Stakes winner Blue Grass (ch c 1880 Pat Malloy), Ballet (ch f 1871) the dam of the Kentucky Oaks and American Derby winner Modesty (ch f 1881 War Dance) and ancestress of the Kentucky Derby winner Regret (ch f 1912 Broomstick), Easter Planet (ch f 1873) the dam of the Dixie Stakes winner East Lynne (ch f 1882 Springbok). Planet died in Kentucky in 1875.
Plenipotentiary (GB)
ch c 1831 (Emilius - Harriet, by Pericles). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 6-b.
Pocahontas (GB)
b f 1837 (Glencoe - Marpessa, by Muley). Sire Line Selim. Family 3-n.
  Polish (IRE)
gr c 1840 (Rust - Victoria, by Philip the First). Sire Line King Herod. Family 1-d. He was a half brother to Horn of Chase (ch c 1844 Harkaway). He ran for two years and won one race as a two year old and four races including the Madrid Stakes as a three year old. He sired X.L. (b f 1862) the third dam of the Irish Derby winner Noble Howard (ch c 1895 Gallinule).
Polymelus (GB)
b c 1902 (Cyllene - Maid Marian, by Hampton). Sire Line Bend Or. Family 3-f.
Polynesian (USA)
br c 1942 (Unbreakable - Black Polly, by Polymelian). Sire Line Phalaris. Family 14-a.
  Pompey (GB)
b c 1840 (Emilius - Variation, by Bustard). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 9. As a two year old he won five races including the Great Yorkshire Handicap, as a three year old he finished second for the Northumberland Plate and third for the Chester Cup, as a four year old he won the Great Yorkshire Handicap for the second time and finished second for the Chesterfield Cup. He sired the Chester Cup, Goodwood Cup and Ebor Handicap winner Nancy (b f 1848) and Gratis (br f 1849) the dam of the Chester Cup winner Flash in the Pan (b c 1856 Pontifex).
  Pontac (GB)
ch c 1772 (Marske - A-la-Grecque, by Regulus). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 23-a.
  Pope (GB)
[Shuttle Pope] b c 1807 (Shuttle - Sister to The Engraver, by Oberon). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 8. Owned by Mr Barlow he covered in Ireland at Oak Park near Carlow in 1816 and 1817. He sired James Haffenden's Two Thousand Guineas Stakes winner Schahriar (b c 1821).
  Postboy (GB)
[Old] c 1701c (Dimple - Curwen's Arabian Mare). Sire Line Dimple. Family 105. His sire has not been positively identified. The General Stud Book notes that he was a brother to Madcap and both were sired by Dyer's Dimple (ch c 1708c) [GSB1:382]. It is possible that the Dimple in question was the Devonshire Dimple about whom nothing much is currently known.
  Post Tempore (GB)
b c 1846 (Stockport - Mrs. Gill, by Viator). Sire Line Selim. Family 2-l. As a two year old he placed in all four of his starts, as a three year old he won five races including the Malton Handicap, the Chesterfield Stakes, the Free Handicap and the Grand Stakes with a second place in a handicap at Manchester, as a four year old he ran unplaced twice and as a five year old he won three races and finished second thrice. He sired the winner Alice Lee (b f 1861) who was the dam of the Gimcrack Stakes winner Simnel (br c 1878 Brown Bread) and the second dam of the stallion Bread Knife (b c 1883 Craig Miller).
  Potomac (USA)
[Old] b c 1805 (Diomed* - Fairy, by Blick's Pegasus - Mare, by Tayloe's Yorick - Mare, by Silver Eye*). Sire Line King Herod. This is the original pedigree given for this horse by Burwell Wilkes of Brunswick County, Virginia who also owned Wilkes' Wonder. It differs from the implausible pedigree presented by Edgar and then copied in other stud books which ends with a plough horse. Hervey notes that this pedigree occasioned a bitter dispute over the bloodlines of Potomac that "stopped only just short of bloodshed, and provoked enmities, jealousies, feuds and hatreds, which endured for generations." Potomac was a celebrated 4-mile horse, racing from three to six. He sired Jenny Cockracy (ch f 1813) and Little John (ch c 1820c).
Pot8os (GB)
[Potoooooooo] ch c 1773 (Eclipse - Sportsmistress, by Warren's Sportsman). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 38.
  Poulton (GB)
b c 1805 (Sir Peter Teazle - Fanny, by Diomed). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 13. Owned by Mr Clifton he was a full brother to Sir Oliver (b c 1800) and Fyldener (b c 1803). Over the course of six years on the turf he won fifteen races including the Oatlands Stakes. He sired Lydia (b f 1822) the second dam of the Oaks winner Ghuznee (b f 1838 Pantaloon) and the St James's Palace Stakes winner Ameer (b f 1840 Touchstone). Poulton died in 1823.
  Poynton (GB)
b c 1843 (Touchstone - Lady Stafford, by Comus). Sire Line Camel. Family 3-h. Standing 16 hands he was said to be strongly built. He won the Great Yorkshire Stakes in 1846 and the Gold Cup at Catterick. He sired Peto (b c 1854) whose daughter Coloquinte (b f 1864) produced a fine family of winners in Poland.
Precipitate (GB)
ch c 1787 (Mercury - Sister to Challenger, by King Herod). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 24.
  Pretender (GB)
ch c 1771 (Marske - Sister to Mahomet, by Bajazet). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 12.
Pretty Polly (GB)
ch f 1901 (Gallinule - Admiration, by Saraband). Sire Line Sterling. Family 14-c.
Priam (GB)*
b c 1827 (Emilius - Cressida, by Whiskey). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 6-a.
  Prime Minister (GB)
br c 1810 (Sancho - Miss Hornpipe Teazle, by Sir Peter Teazle). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 12-g. As a four year old he won three races although he was thought to be "not very high class". He sired Wagtail (b f 1818) the dam of the Doncaster Cup winner Laurel (br c 1824 Blacklock), the St Leger winner Charles the Twelfth (br c 1836 Voltaire) and third dam of the Ascot Gold Vase winner Sweetmeat (br c 1842 Gladiator).
  Prince T'quassaw (GB)
b c 1751 (Snip - Dairymaid, by Bloody Buttocks). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 23.
Prioress (USA)
b f 1853 (Sovereign* - Reel, by Glencoe*). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 23-b.
  Prizefighter (GB)
b c 1784 (Florizel - Promise, by Snap). Sire Line King Herod. Family 1-d. Bred by the Duke of Grafton he was sent to Ireland where he got the stallions Swordsman (b c 1796) and Buffer (b c 1798).
Protector (GB)
br c 1770 (Matchem - Cypron, by Blaze). Sire Line Matchem. Family 26.
Prudence (GB)
br f 1811 (Waxy - Prunella, by Highflyer). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 1-e.
Pumpkin (GB)
ch c 1769 (Matchem - Pratt's Mare, by Squirt). Sire Line Matchem. Family 24.
  Pyrrhus The First (GB)
ch c 1843 (Epirus - Fortress, by Defence). Sire Line Selim. Family 3-a. Bred by John Barham Day he stood 15.3 hands and was described as a golden chestnut with a blaze face and white on both hind legs. He was said to have a "beautiful head, light neck, very fine shoulders, good arms, legs, quarters and thighs, and his hocks were remarkably let down". He won the Derby Stakes and the Newmarket Stakes. He sired the stallion New Warrior (b c 1851) who was sent to Australia, the One Thousand Guineas winner Virago (ch f 1851), the Yorkshire Oaks winner The Argosy (b f 1855), the Ascot Stakes winner Mouravieff (ch c 1856), Village Lass (br f 1851) the dam of the Prince of Wales's Stakes winner Rustic (ch c 1863 Stockwell), Maid of Palmyra (b f 1855) the dam of the Ebor Handicap winner Verdant (ch c 1862 Marsyas) and second dam of the Champion Stakes and July Cup winner Springfield (b c 1873 St. Albans) and Deidamia (ch f 1852) the second dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Scottish Queen (ch f 1866 Blair Athol) the latter the dam of the Ebor Handicap winner Il Gladiatore (b c 1874 Gladiateur). Pyrrhus was sent to France in 1859.
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