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Pantaloon (GB)

Courtesy of Richard Green Gallery

Pantaloon & Languish

Ghuznee (Pantaloon - Languish) and her filly



Sire Line







Pantaloon ch c 1824 (Castrel - Idalia, by Peruvian). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 17-a.

Bred by Robert Grosvenor (1767-1845), 2nd Earl Grosvenor and 1st Marquess of Westminster, Eaton Hall, Cheshire, and Oxcroft Farm, near West Wratting in Cambridgeshire, he was a half brother to Biddy (ch f 1839 Bran) the taproot mare of Family 17-b.

The Grosvenor stud produced many fine horses, including the St Leger winner and Champion Stallion Touchstone (br c 1831 Camel), the St Leger winner Launcelot (br c 1837 Camel) and the Two Thousand Guineas winner Flatcatcher (b c 1845 Touchstone). Pantaloon was purchased by Mr Giffard prior to his turf career. Mr Giffard also owned and raced Leviathan (ch c 1823 Muley).

He was said to have been "profusely marked with black spots," and "built on a very large scale with heavy neck and first class legs". Although his sire Castrel was said to be a roarer this affliction did not appear to affect Pantaloon as he was undefeated on the turf. Only running as a three year old he won six races but was disqualified for the seventh.

In the stud he got the St Leger winner Satirist (br c 1838), the Oaks winner Ghuznee (b f 1838) and the Two Thousand Guineas winner Hernandez (br c 1848); the first two ran for the Marquess. Despite the fact that his stock were thought to be "nearly all bad foal-getters," his son Windhound (br c 1847) got the great Thormanby (ch c 1857), thus making his contribution to the Thormanby branch of the Byerley Turk Sire Line which descends to The Tetrarch and beyond. Pantaloon died at Cawston Lodge in October of 1850.

Byerley Turk Sire Line
     Jigg 1701
          Crofts' Partner ch 1718
               Tartar ch 1743
                    Herod Sire Line
                         Woodpecker ch 1773
                              Buzzard Sire Line ch 1787
                                   Castrel ch 1801
                                        Pantaloon ch 1824
                                             Windhound br 1847
                                                   Thormanby ch 1857
                                                         Atlantic ch 1871
                                                              Le Sancy gr 1884
                                                                    Le Samaritain gr 1893
                                                                         Roi Herode gr 1904
                                                                              The Tetrarch gr 1911

Pantaloon Castrel Buzzard Woodpecker
Alexander Mare Alexander
Highflyer Mare
Idalia Peruvian Sir Peter Teazle
Boudrow Mare
Musidora Meteor
Maid of all Work
Race Record
1827 Won a 50 sovs each Produce Sweepstakes at Cheltenham in June, beating Mr Pickernell's Clematis (b f 1824 Waxy Pope) (9 subscribers). Won the 25gs each Devonshire Stakes at Derby in July, beating Mr Beardsworth's Loraine (b c 1824 Mountebank) (5 subscribers). Won a 5gs each Sweepstakes for 3yos at the same meeting (15 subscribers). Won the 25 sovs each St Leger Stakes at Warwick in September, beating Mr Yates's Sharpshooter (br c 1824 Paulowitz) (6 subscribers). Won the 50 Town Plate the next day at the same meeting.
Notable Offspring

Brocade (br f 1834), 2nd dam of the Two Thousand Guineas and St Leger winner The Marquis (b c 1859 Stockwell) and the Oaks winner Marchioness (b f 1852 Melbourne). Family 2-b.

Cardinal Puff (br c 1834), owned by Lord Westminster, won the Chester Cup. Family 17-a.

Isabel (br f 1834), dam of the Cambridgeshire winner The Widow (b f 1839 Abbas Mirza). Family 17-a.

Sleight of Hand (br c 1836), won the Liverpool Cup, achieved some success as a stallion, sire of Lady Elizabeth the taproot mare of Family 8-j. Family 3-h.

Ghuznee (b f 1838), bred by the Marquess of Westminster, won the Oaks and Coronation Stakes, dam of the Champagne and Norfolk Stakes winner Assault (b c 1845 Touchstone) and Escalade (b f 1846 Touchstone) the taproot mare of Family 20-b. She was also the 2nd dam of the One Thousand Guineas and Coronation Stakes winner Lady Augusta (ch f 1860 Stockwell). Family 20-a.

Satirist (br c 1838), bred by the Marquess of Westminster, won the St Leger, Queen's Vase, St James's Palace Stakes and Queen Anne Stakes, later sent Germany. Family 14-a.

Sister to Satirist (ch f 1845), dam of the Queen Anne Stakes winner The Coroner (br c 1853 Loup-Garou). Family 14-a.

Pantaloon Mare (f 1841), dam of the Chester Cup (twice) winner Leamington (br c 1853 Faugh-a-Ballagh) who was sent to America and was Leading Sire there in 1879 and 1881. Family 14.

The Duchess of Lorraine (br f 1842), dam of the Stewards' Cup winner Pumicestone (b c 1851 Cotherstone). Family 2.

The Libel (br c 1842), won the Queen Anne Stakes, got Bribery (ch f 1851) who became the dam of the St Leger winner and stallion St Albans (ch c 1857 Stockwell) and Traducer (br c 1857) a successful stallion in Australia and New Zealand. Family 14-a.

Fair Helen (ch f 1843), dam of the stallions Two Thousand Guineas winner Lord of the Isles (b c 1852 Touchstone) and Lord of the Hills (br c 1854 Touchstone), taproot mare of Family 4-e.

Jocose (b f 1843), bred by the Marquess of Westminster, dam of the Derby, Two Thousand Guineas and Doncaster Cup winner Macaroni (b c 1860 Sweetmeat). Family 14-a.

Slander (b f 1844), won the Norfolk Stakes, ancestress of Goodwood Cup winner and stallion Rabelais (b c 1900 St. Simon). Family 14-a.

Clarissa (b f 1846), owned by C Greville, won the Nassau Stakes, dam of the stallion Young Melbourne (b c 1855 Melbourne). Family 25.

Legerdemain (b f 1846), won the Cesarewitch and the Manchester Cup, dam of King Edward VII Stakes winner Toxophilite (b c 1855 Longbow) and One Thousand Guineas winner Sagitta (b c 1857 Longbow). Family 3-h.

Officious (b f 1847), won the Queen Anne Stakes, dam of two Grosser Preis von Baden winners: Dami (br c 1868 Dollar) and Il Maestro (br c 1869 Dollar) and ancestress of many good winners in France. Family 8-b.

Windhound (br c 1847), useful stallion, sire of Thormanby (ch c 1857). Family 3-h.

Hernandez (br c 1848), bred by Colonel Anson, won Two Thousand Guineas Stakes. Family 6-c.

Hobbie Noble (bbr c 1849), full brother to Windhound, bred by John Scott and owned by James Merry, won the July Stakes and the Norfolk Stakes, said by "The Druid" to have been the best 3yo of his generation and beyond doubt drugged on the eve of the Derby. Covered in Ireland. Family 3-h.

The Reiver (b c 1850), won the July Stakes and the St James's Palace Stakes. Family 3-h.

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