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American Families

Although new evidence enables some traditional American families to be connected to English families, family numbers have been maintained in accordance with Family Tables of Racehorses as far as possible. For example, Family A4 probably connects to Family 21, so Family A4 is shown as connecting to Family 21 for those who wish to pursue the dam line.

Most sources, like Family Tables of Racehorses, rely on the American Stud Book in which pedigrees were reconstructed from available data. While stud book compilers like Bruce and Edgar did an amazing amount of work and deserve endless credit, they didn't have access to all the information. In the early part of the twentieth century Fairfax Harrison hired an army of researchers to sift through old magazines and newspapers and from these he discovered new information, often presented in stallion advertisements, that recorded the pedigrees of early horses. Based on this information he suggested a number of corrections. These corrections are included in the family tables.

American families a40 to a80 have been recently classified for research purposes according to the number of descendants reaching into the twentieth century. You are welcome to use these numbers if you wish. The tables are presently under construction.

Please address questions and comments to Christine Matthes.
A1. Janus mare No. 1

A2. Janus mare No. 2

A3. Medley mare No. 1

A4. Medley mare No. 2

A5. Fearnought Mare

A6. Fearnought Mare

A7. Fearnought Mare

A8. Sawyer's Midge

A9. Fearnought Mare

A10. Harrison of Brandon Mare

A11. Brimmer Quarter Mare

A12. Tristram Shandy Mare

A13. Randolph of Chatsworth Mare

A14. Webb's Shepherdess

A15. Miss Bell

A16. Bellair Mare

A17. Pegasus Mare

A18. Tryal Mare

A19. Jenny Dismal

A20. Silvertail Mare

A21. Quicksilver Mare

A22. Bowie Mare

A23. McKinney's Roan Mare

A24. Vampire Mare

A25. Jefferson's Barb Mare

A26. Jolly Roger Mare

A27. Tippoo Saib Mare

A28. Grey Diomed Mare

A29. Diomed Mare

A30. Citizen Mare

A31. Monkey Mare

A32. Citizen  Mare

A33. Brilliant Mare

A34. Bolton Mare

A35. Jackson's Pacolet Mare

A36. Medley mare No. 3

A37. Anderson's Grey Mare

A38. Top Gallant mare

A39. Fearnought Mare

a40. Viley's Thoroughbred Mare

a41. Lewis Harris Mare

a42. Muckle John Mare

a43. Saxe Weimer Mare

a44. Spanker Mare

a45. Medoc Mare

a46. Shark Mare

a47. Maryland Thoroughbred Mare

a48. Col. Byrd's Mares

a49. Gillespie's Arabian Mare

a50. Sir Charles Mare

a51. Jolly Roger Mare

a52. Dare Devil Mare

a53. Virginian Mare

a54. Apollo Mare

a55. Aristotle Mare

a56. Brutus Mare

a57. Buchanan's Thoroughbred Mare

a58. Chilson Maid

a59. Coeur de Lion Mare

a60. Silky

a61. Emperor Mare

a62. Fearnought Mares

a63. Flag of Truce Mare

a64. Flimnap Mare

a65. Harrison's Thoroughbred Mare

a66. Highflyer Mare

a67. Highlander Mare

a68. Janus Colt Mare

a69. Janus Mare

a70. Keith's Quarter Mare

a71. Marian

a72. Melli Melli Mare

a73. Partner Mare

a74. Brinkley's Peacock Mare

a75. Polly Potter

a76. Buzzard Mare

a77. Sea Gull Mare

a78. Touchstone Mare

a79. Muslin Face

a80. Director Mare

a81. Croucher

a82. Madam Tonson

a83. Prince Mare

a84. The Mule*

a85. Speculator Mare

a86. Golumpus Mare*




a90. Bellair Mare

ap1. Old Grey

For more detailed pedigree information and American mare lines a40 - a90 see
Foundation Matriarchs of the Thoroughbred

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Family Numbers    Sire Lines    Breeders    As It Were    Genealogy
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