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Family a82

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Two separate matrilineages were conflated in the stud book record of descendants of the Fearnought Mare via Madam Tonson.
FEARNOUGHT MARE (USA) f 1775c Fearnought (GB)
     Oscar Mare (USA) f 1785c Oscar (GB)
          Grey Medley Mare (USA f 1805c Barry's Grey Medley (USA)
               MADAM TONSON (USA) b f 1814 Elliott's Top Gallant (USA)
                    Caroline (USA) b f 1820 Volunteer (USA)
                    |     Julia Franklin (USA) b f 1820 Conqueror (USA)
                    |     |     Hugh L. French [ex-Hugh Lawson White] (USA) ch c 1833 Leviathan (GB)
                    |     Sir Richard Mare (USA) f 1832c Sir Richard Tonson (USA)
                    |          Burgundy (USA) b c 1838 Bertrand (USA)
                    |          John Dawson Mare (USA) f 1840c John Dawson (USA)
                    |               Priam Mare (USA) f 1847c Priam (GB)
                    |                    Cousin Maria (USA) gr f 1860 Childe Harold (USA)
                    Monsieur Tonson (USA) b c 1822 Jackson's Pacolet (USA)
                    Sir Richard Tonson (USA) gr c 1823 Jackson's Pacolet (USA)
                    SIR HENRY TONSON (USA) gr c 1824 Jackson's Pacolet (USA)
                    Ulyssus (USA) ch c 1825 Volunteer (USA)
                    Champion (USA) b c 1826 Jackson's Pacolet (USA)
                    Bernice (USA) b f 1827 Balsora (USA)
                    |     Sir Richard Tonson Mare (USA) f 1831c Sir Richard Tonson (USA)
                    |     |     MARY TURNER (USA) ch f 1836 Leviathan (USA)
                    |     Tennessee (USA) b f 1837 Felt (IRE)
                    Ellen Wade (USA) b f 1830 Stockholder (USA)
                    |     Loena (USA) br f 1839 Luzborough (GB)
                    Herr Cline (USA) b c 1831 Arab (USA)

MEDLEY MARE (USA) f 1790c Medley (GB)
     Powhatan Mare (USA) f 1810c Powhatan (USA)
          Pacolet Mare (USA) f 1820 c Jackson's Pacolet (USA)
               Stockholder Mare (USA) f 1830c Stockholder (USA)
                    Glenroy Mare (USA) f 1840c Glenroy (USA)
                         Mildred (USA) f 1850c Arkulala (USA)
                              MARY [alias Mary Turner] (USA) gr f 1860c Westley (USA)
                                   Watson (USA) gr c 1870 Watson (USA)
                                   Lizzie Rivers (USA) ch f 1872c Gen. Rosseau (USA)
                                   |     Lizzie Batcheler (USA) ch f 1880 Endower (USA)
                                   |          Lida L. 2d (USA) ch f 1883 Jack Hardy (USA)
                                   |          Lizzie Morgan (USA) ch f 1887 Rebel Morgan (USA)
                                   |          |     Gray Bess (USA) gr f 1892 Hospodar 1877 (USA)
                                   |          |          Pywaxsee (USA) gr f 1900 Le Premier (USA)
                                   |          |               Grey Dawn (USA) gr f 1907 Cayuga 1887 (USA)
                                   |          |                    Sadie C. (USA) ch f 1919 Gimcrack (USA)
                                   |          |                         Beauty Lee (USA) ch f 1930 May Prince (USA)
                                   |          |                              Annie Pearl (USA) bbr f 1939 Coventry (USA)
                                   |          Mary Barnes 2d (USA) b f 1894 Bobby Beach (USA)
                                   Pattie Turner (USA) f 1873 W.H. Johnson (USA)
                                        Arilla (USA) b f 1870 Claib Herbert (USA)
                                        |     Argenta (USA) b g 1886 Enquirer (USA)
                                        Flora Benge (USA) ch f 1881 Endower (USA)
Family a82
Madame Tonson
In his entry for Madam Tonson, Sanders Bruce wrote "This mare has not the requisite number of crosses to constitute a thoroughbred but she was one of the most celebrated brood mares in America" [AmSB 2:3]. According to J S Skinner the "dam of [Monsieur] Tonson was a mare of great beauty and showed good blood in all her points, and as a good brood mare may surely rank with the best in the United States" [ATR Sept 1832].

Madam Tonson was owned by James Cryer, then by his son, Rev Hardy Cryer of Sumner County, Tennessee. She was most distinguished by the accomplishments on the turf and in the stud of her sons by Jackson's Pacolet. The racing careers of Monsier Tonson and Sir Henry Tonson were brilliant but cut short by injuries. Sir Richard Tonson and Champion were said to have been undefeated. Madam Tonson died in 1831.

Monsieur Tonson started twelve times during his turf career, winning eleven of those starts. In 1824 he lost his first race to Shelby's Maria (Pacolet) but beat her in their next outing. In 1825 he won both the Jockey Club Purse and the Colt Stakes in Gallatin, Tennessee, and the third of three starts in Alabama. Henry M Clay purchased a half interest in him and in 1826 he won six of six in Virginia and North Carolina, beating the legendary Ariel (gr f 1822 American Eclipse) three times. In 1827 he started once and finished on three legs. Monsieur Tonson went on to become a Leading Sire in America in 1834.

Sir Henry Tonson was, like his sire Pacolet, "a grey with a red belt mark on his near side" [Making the American Throughbred: 101]. He was purchased as a two year old by O Shelby for $2,200. He started three times as a three year old without success. His windpipe was damaged during a bleeding procedure thus ending his racing career. He died in 1837.

Neither Sir Richard Tonson nor Champion was defeated on the turf. Champion succumbed to disease and Sir Richard Tonson died young.

Unfortunately, none of Madam Tonson's descendants in tail female enjoyed her success in the stud and her lineage is extinct.

Mary Turner
As an undated mare by Gen. Rosseau, bred and owned by Tom Turner, Alabama, Lizzie Rivers is entered AmSB 7:586 as the produce of Mary Turner 1836 by Leviathan (AmSB 2:60). The latter's foaling year is confirmed by the 1840 Racing Calendar. Lizzie Rivers raced in Texas in 1876 for Turner Bros. Record thereof suggests that she was a foal of 1872, making it extremely unlikely that her dam was foaled in 1836. By date, location, and ownership Lizzie was more plausibly out of Mary by Westley who was known in the AmSB (4:408) only as the dam of Pattie Turner, she bred by Dr J B Turner in Texas and raced there in 1875 by Thomas Turner. That Pattie's dam was also known as Mary Turner is suggested by Bruce's remark (4:408) that he has "no [previous] record of Mary, Mildred, or Mary Turner" and confirmed from 1875 racing records (Dallas Daily Herald 25 Sep 1875) naming her dam as Mary Turner.
Christine Matthes and Judy Baugh

Sir Henry Tonson
Engraved by M M Bannerman,
American Turf Register, March 1835

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