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Family ap1

American Families

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OLD GREY (1835c f Grey Ariel)
     Ixanna (f Chieftain 1845c Glencoe*)
          Nelly Gray (gr f 1860c Dan Secres)
               Mittie Stephens (ch f 1869 Shiloh Jr)
                    General Ross (b c 1888 Havre)
                    Heeley (ch f 1889 Blue Dick)
                         Aunt Joe (ch f 1895 Saul Cleveland)
                              Kari Koff (ch c 1904 Rancocas)
                         Red Nellie (ch f 1896 Boston Boy)
                              Tex Anna (ch f 1900 Rancocas)
                                   Hidden Hand (b c 1905 Prince Plenty)
                                   Amohalko (ch f 1909 Abe Frank)
                                   Irish Ann (ch f 1911 The Irishman)
                                        Ima Frank (ch f 1913 Abe Frank) Autumn Highweight H(twice), Imp H, Espanola H
                                             Ima Queen (ch f 1927 Queen's Guild*)
                              Smithy Kane (ch c 1902 Rancocas)
                              Red Ray (b c 1903 Lord Dalmeny)
                              Alonza (ch g 1904 Lord Dalmeny)
                              Simple Sam (b c 1905 Prince Plenty)
                         Minyon (ch f 1897 Rancocas)
                              Burning Bush (b g 1904 Lord Dalmeny)
                              Execute (b g 1905 Prince Plenty)
                              Veno Von (ch f 1908 The Irishman)
                                   Melchoir (ch f 1920 Joe Carey)
                                        Mary Dick (ch f 1931 Dick Turpin)
                                   Veno Shot (b f 1922 War Shot*)
                              Dick Dodie (ch g 1911 Abe Frank)
                              Josefina Zarate (ch f 1912 Abe Frank)
                              New Model (ch f 1915 Abe Frank)
                                   My Model (ch f 1929 Tangara)
                         Sad Sam (ch g 1898 Rancocas) Premier S, King County H, Ingleside H
                         Black Sam (ch g 1903 Rancocas)
                         Booger Red (ch c 1905 Rancocas) Sperry H, Galloway H, Andrew Selling S, Homestead Cup H
                    Sallie Johnson (b f 1890 Blue Dick)
                         Boston Girl (br f 1896 Boston Boy)
                              Review (c 1900 Rancocas)
                              Caddie Griffith (ch f 1901 Rancocas)
                                   Pastoria or Pastoriza (b c 1905 Prince Plenty)
                                   Calisse (ch f 1909 Abe Frank) Santa Clara S, Debutante S (FG), Clipsetta S NAR 3.5f
                                        Marguerite Wood (ch f 1918 Waldo)
                                             My Jess (b f 1928 Harpenden*)
                                   Pan Zareta (ch f 1910 Abe Frank) Senoritas S, Rio Grande S, Chihuahua S, Chapultepec H, Juarez H, Hillsdale H, Katonah H, Champion Older Female 1914, HoF
                         Add Ran (b f 1897 Rancocas)
                              Josono (b c 1902 Lord Dalmeny)
                              Doc Allen (b c 1903 Lord Dalmeny)
                              Idolize (br c 1904 Lord Dalmeny)
                              Buckner (br c 1905 Prince Plenty)
                              Lady Lovely (b f 1909 Abe Frank)
                              Rebecca (b f 1912 Abe Frank)
                              Nonesuch (bl c 1914 Abe Frank) Aberdeen S
                              Notate (ch f 1915 Abe Frank)
                              Noggin (b f 1917 Withers)
                    Dead Cinch (ch f 1890 Silent Friend Jr)
                         Burnie Bunton (ch f 1898 Rancocas)
                              Allied (b c 1905 Prince Plenty)
                              Rio Pecos (ch g 1907 Jack De Mund)
                              Closer (ch g 1909 Abe Frank)
                              Pat Gannon (ch g 1910 Abe Frank)
                              Far Away (ch g 1913 Abe Frank)
                              Marie Miller (ch f 1914 Abe Frank) Solid South H, Regret H, Vogue H, Cinderella H
                              Phyllis F. (ch f 1915c Withers)
                                   Simon Kenton (ch g 1924 Kenward)
                                   Pepita (ch f 1925 Kenward)
                                        Question Mark (pal c 1937 x Plaudit [QH])
                               Lucille Russell (ch f 1916 Atkins)
                         Ran After (ch g 1899 Rancocas)
                         Clara Berry (ch f 1902 Rancocas)
                         Miss Anxious (ch f 1903 Rancocas)
                         Braney Bowers (b c 1905 Prince Plenty)
                         The Whig (b c 1906 Prince Plenty)
                         Albertia (b f 1908 The Irishman)
                         Isom (ch g 1909 Abe Frank)
Mittie Stephens
The earliest member of this family to have produce recorded in the American Stud Book (Appendix, Volume 7), Mittie Stephens was owned by Chas. Haley, who bred or acquired her while living near Dallas, Texas and brought her to Sweetwater, Texas around 1880. The sires Grey Ariel, Chieftain, and Dan Secres (Joe Chalmers - Mary Cook, by Old Printer), are recorded by Sanders Bruce only in Mittie Stephens's tail female pedigree. By date and place Shiloh Jr.'s dam, Old Puss, was probably sired by Freedom (ch c 1838 Emancipation* - Mare, by Wilkes's Madison). The only grey (named or sired by) Ariel recorded by Bruce between 1800 and 1850 was the noted racing mare Ariel (gr f 1822 American Eclipse - Mare, by Financier - Empress, by Baronet*), thus the stallion Grey Ariel remains a mystery.

The appendices to the American Stud Book were begun by Sanders D Bruce as a means of recording the produce of mares with flaws in their pedigrees. The Jockey Club ceased publication of the appendix registry after the appearance of Volume 7 of the American Stud Book, but continued to issue foal registration certificates remarked “for racing purposes only” to horses lacking the “five uncontaminated Thoroughbred crosses” required by Rule 38 for publication in the main body of the American Stud Book. The foals of appendix mares were eligible for the main body of the ASB if they met the five cross requirement. Only fifteen of Mittie’s descendants foaled after 1898 were deemed to have met that requirement. The fact that full siblings Tex Anna and Smithy Kane were regarded differently, the latter being entered in the main body of the ASB whereas the former was not, suggests confusion in regard to interpretation of the five cross rule.
Booger Red
Known as the west coast Pony Express at two and three, Booger Red was bred by J F Newman. He was first raced and trained by Turner Breedlove and then acquired early in 1910 by Allen Pinkerton, who raced him as a "Galloway" due to his diminutive size (14.2 h). Retired to stud 1911, he proved a popular sire of polo ponies and successful competitor in east coast horse shows. He returned to the track in 1914 where again he proved a durable and reliable winner in the claiming and allowance ranks. Sold to David Bryant Turner of Colorado around 1918, he covered there until 1927. He has numerous progeny recorded in the Half-Bred Stud Book. Racing and American Quarter Horse Association records credit him as the sire of Lady Luck, dam of the great quarter race mare Shue Fly.
Pan Zareta
Bred by James F Newman she was foaled in 1910 on the Newman Ranch near Sweetwater, Texas, where she was broken to saddle and prepped on the 6 furlong ranch racetrack. Trained by Harter S Newman (son of J F), Pan Zareta spent the first four of her six racing seasons on the Newman's preferred circuit, the western United States and Canada, and the border town of Juarez, Mexico. She made her first start on January 7, 1912 in a 3 furlong race at Terrazas Park, Juarez, and broke her maiden there on January 14, 1912, at 3.5f, winning $550. She would win several stakes races and regularly set records at Terrazas, including a NWR of :57.2 for 5f in her come-from-behind win in the 1915 match race with Joe Blair, who was carrying 10 fewer pounds. At and after maturity, she carried imposts of up to 146 pounds, sometimes spotting her competition in excess of 30 pounds. Her preferred distance was 5 to 6f, but she won easily at 8f in allowance company.

In 1916, during final settlement of the estate of J F Newman (1849-1914) Pan Zareta was sold to E F Colton for $10,000. Colton took her east in the spring of 1917, probably somewhat to the dissatisfaction of leading sprinter Top O' Th' Morning's connections. Track records there too proved susceptible to her matchless speed. She set a new track record 1:05.6 for 5.5f at Jamaica. Prior to December of 1917 Pan Zareta was sold to T J Marrone. She is rumoured to have made an unsuccessful visit to the breeding shed, but that has not been confirmed. She died of pneumonia on January 19, 1918, shortly after being shipped to Fair Grounds from Kentucky. She was buried in the Fair Grounds infield. Her lifetime record 151-76-31-21 is a testament to extraordinary talent and a durability unequalled by any other mare of record. Pan Zareta was inducted into the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame 1972, the Fair Grounds Racing Hall of Fame 1971, and the Texas Race Horse Hall of Fame in 1999.
Calisse, a nearly forgotten full sister to Pan Zareta, had the same blinding early speed and come-n'-git-me running style. Bred by J F Newman, owned by B A Trammel and trained by J P Polk, Calisse proved an extremely precocious filly, breaking her maiden in her debut, the 3 furlong Santa Clara Stakes for fillies at Juarez, Mexico, on January 5. Five days later, in a Juarez allowance race, she "won cantering", beating eight other colts & fillies by five lengths. She followed that with another front-running win over colts at Juarez on January 17th, setting a North American record of :39 2/5 for 3.5 furlongs despite having "won easing up".

Over the next few months she made thirteen more starts, often in stakes races and against colts, only missing the board once in a race where she had a rough trip. After her sixteenth start, a win in Latonia's Clipsetta Stakes on June 17th, she temporarily vanished from the scene, then reappeared in November under changed ownership (that of her breeder, J F Newman), running first at the Texas State Fair and then back at Juarez. She raced ten more times that year, but was a shadow of her former self, barely able to pick up checks in cheap allowance and claiming races. Her last race that year was a selling race on December 27th, where she finished third of five, having "led, then quit badly".

Calisse's decline continued in 1912, in which she managed only one win from thirteen starts, a 6 furlong selling race at Laurel. By then she had changed hands again, to W H Dupee. The following year, Calisse only started four times, and her only placing was a win in a 5 furlong allowance race at Minoru Park in Vancouver, BC. Her early talent apparently left enough of an impression on future Hall of Fame trainer Ben Jones to breed Calisse to Waldo, by whom she produced a 1918 ch filly, Marguerite Wood, whom Jones sold privately to Frank Fornay 14 Mar 1920. He in turn sold her at auction in Lexington 03 Mar 1923. Neither Marguerite Wood nor her filly by Harpenden* distinguished themselves on the track.
Ima Frank
She ran away with her rider prior to the start of the Arizona Handicap (JAM, 16 May 1919), fully circling the track before finally being pulled up in an unused chute. Having cleared her pipes, Ima proceeded to set the pace for the actual race, yielding only in the final half-furlong to Startling who won by a neck, but had to set a ntr to do so. She was sold to G L Goodacre for $3,900 at Saratoga on August 21, 1920 and auctioned at Havre de Grace in April of 1922 to J R Skinker for a small fraction of that amount.
Christine Matthes, Judy Baugh & KL Jones


Pan Zareta
Hall of Fame
Burnie Bunton
Courtesy Chicago History Museum

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