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Family a90 

American Families

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BELLAIR MARE (f Bellair 2nd [Tayloe's])
     Whip Mare (f Cook's [Blackburn's] Whip)
      |   Cherokee Mare (f Cherokee)
      |        Mary Johnson (ch f 1840 American Eclipse)
      |             Lucretia (ch f 1860 Star Davis)
      |                  Mollie Co. (b f 1868 Colossus Jr. [Moore's])
      |                       Natchitoches (b f 1876 War Dance)
      |                            Swanhilda (b f 1895 Riley)
      |                                 Hildary (br f 1905 Artillery*) exported to Germany 1908
     Celer Mare (f Clough's Celer [by Meade's Celer])
          Bernadotte Mare (f Bernadotte 1820 c Gallatin - Maria by Shark*)
               Timoleon Mare (f Timoleon)
                    Talleyrand Mare (f Talleyrand by Kosciusko - Cantey's Kitty Fisher by Financier [Buzzard])
                    |    Geo. Elliott Mare (f Geo. Elliott 1834 bl c by Leviathan* - Mulatto Mary by Sir Archy)
                    |         Martha McNairy (br f 1862 Tancred bc 1850 by Sovereign* - Sally Jones by Leviathan*)
                    |              Patty Allman (blk f 1867 Grey Albion 1854 gr c by Albion* - Grey Norma by Leviathan*)
                    Stockholder Mare (f Stockholder)
                         Mary Hood (f 1840 Robin Hood 1829)
                              Sally Priam (ch f 1846 Priam*)
                                   Harriet Davis (ch f 1863 Commodore)
                                   |   Alice McFall (ch f 1870 Jack Malone)
                                   |        Artful Alice (ch f 1890 Artful br c 1875 by Brown Dick - Dora by Australian*)
                                   Ocoee (ch c 1851 Othello)
                                   Fanny Davis (br f 1858-1880 Othello)
                                   |    Commodore Mare (ch f 1863 Commodore) captured by the U.S. Army
                                   |    Free Jack (br c 1866 Ocoee)
                                   |    Ella J. (b f 1871 Muggins)
                                   |         Elena (ch f 1883 Eland)
                                   |              Della S. (b f 1893 Top Stone)
                                   Adeline Lewis (ch f 1850 Othello)
                                   |    Commodore Mare (ch f 1862 Commodore) captured by the federal Army and taken to Ohio
                                   Sister to Adeline Lewis (f 1852c Othello)
                                        Commodore Mare (f 1862c Commodore)
                                             Mystery (ch f 1865 Australian*)
                                                  Lady Kate (gr f 1870 Engineer)
                                                  |    Kate Didn't (gr f 1876 Pimlico)
                                                  |         Willy-Nilly (b f 1888 Lord Gordon)
                                                  |              Breda (ch f 1892 The Jacobite*)
                                                  Secret (b f 1879 Pimlico)
                                                       Lady Blackburn (b f 1887 Luke Blackburn)
                                                            Mary Hill (b f 1901 Bowling Green)
                                                                 Uncle Jimmie Gray (br c 1906 Bonnie Joe)
                                                            Lady Dotte (b f 1898 Mordotte)
                                                                 La Dotta (br f 1906 Bowling Green)
                                                                      Miss Folly (br f 1911 Bonnie Joe)
                                                                       |   Terrible Tess (ch f 1921 John R. Clay)
                                                                       |   Amberola (b f 1927 Laurentian*)
                                                                       |        Solid Amber (ch f 1932 Guest of Honor)
                                                                       |             Amberine (ch f 1941 Big Horn)
                                                                       |             |    Amber Miss (b f 1947 Moosehead) Inland Empire Marathon H (twice)
                                                                       |             |         Amberite (b f 1959 Early Edition)
                                                                       |             |              Cover Photo (b f 1970 Inherent Self)
                                                                       |             |                   C. P. Smarty (bbr f 1982 Enchanted Hemp) Thirty One Jewels H
                                                                       |             |                   C. P.'s Smart Lady (b f 1986 Enchanted Hemp)
                                                                       |             |                        Dazzling J. R. (b c 1999 Dazzling Falls) Nebraska Breeders' Juvenile S
                                                                       |             Solid Red (ch g 1946 Red Bug) Etr Hawthorne Park 14f 3:04:3
                                                                      Lotta Sand (br f 1918 Mint)
                                                                           Loose Sand (br f 1922 Swing Loose)
                                                                                Fine Sand (f 1932 Fine Sand)
                                                                                    Gallasand (bbr f 1952 Gallahadion)
                                                                                         Galla Khalad (ch f 1961 Sunny Khal)
                                                                                              Trim Khala (ch f 1968 Trim Destiny)
                                                                                                   Never Gaddis (ch g 1978 Never Cede) Osiris Plate S, St. James Assiniboia S, Fort Garry H, Sophomore H, Autumn H, River Park H

The years foaled for Ocoee and Adeline Lewis have been adjusted from those given in their dam's produce record to reflect dates more likely for progeny of Othello, foaled 1832.

Mystery was bred at RA Alexander's Woodburn Stud. Her dam was either bred in Kentucky, or brought there from Tennessee along with Commodore, several of his consorts, and their foals, in 1861 after the Civil War began, and invasion of Tennessee by the federal army was imminent. Mystery's name itself may allude to difficulties encountered establishing her provenance during the turbulent postwar period from records that may have been incomplete, and without the assistance of Alexander who died in 1867. Her pedigree given above is identical to that given by Bruce as to cross, but adjusted by dam and second dam to reflect a more plausible scenario by circumstance.
Uncle Jimmie Gray

Uncle Jimmie Gray, bred by CB Campbell of Minco, Oklahoma, raced 11 years, picking up a check in at least 70% of his 138 starts. When finally retired to stud, he was used privately and as a civilian stallion for the US Remount Service. He was a useful sire whose name is still occasionally found in the Thoroughbred pedigree. Other breed registries record his dam as an unregistered mare. This is unlikely, as neither the horse's breeder nor any of his owners was the source of that information. Uncle Jimmie Gray was never sold, raced, nor advertised at stud under any pedigree other than as shown here and first published AmSB 10: 735.

Swanhilda's pedigree was reported incorrectly in AmSB vols. 8 & 9, and corrected in vol. 10.

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