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Family a86 

American Families

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This family is still extant in the 21st century (indicated by "----->") and is also flourishing in the Quarter Horse (shown in italics).
GOLUMPUS MARE* (f Golumpus)
     Citizen Mare (f Citizen Jr. 1807 [by Citizen])
          Marion Mare (f Marion)
               Fanny Elssler (br f 1841 Picton)
                    Maria Grey (gr f 1857 Stafford [1845 gr c Leviathan* - Reel, by Glencoe*])
                         Lady Grey (gr f 1866 Red Jacket)
                              Keene Richards Jr.(b c 1876 Keene Richards [Ulverston]) Cottrill S (DH), Merchants S, Inter-Ocean S, Merchants & Manufacturers S
                              Tom Gay Mare (gr f 1881 Foster or Tom Gay) Murphy Memorial S, Gaston S
                                   Faithless (gr f 1887 Foster)
                                        Don Domo (gr g 1901 Rancocas) Sapling S, Junior H
                                        Josie Newman (gr f 1899 Lord Dalmeny)
                                        |    Josie's Jewel (ch f 1903 Rancocas)
                                        |         Zetetic (ch f 1912 Abe Frank)
                                        |              Neat (b f 1919 Norford)
                                        |                   Neatstick (f 1931 The Dictator)
                                        |                        Gara Dean (f 1941 Brown Gara)
                                        |                             Posey's Gal (ch f 1956 Eagle Plume) -------->
                                        |                                  Posey's Tammy (ro f 1976 New Windsor) 2d Vicki Merrill S
                                        May Beach (ch f 1896 Bobby Beach)
                                        |    Sansamon (br f 1905 Serpent)
                                        |         Susan D. (ch f 1912 Atkins)
                                        |              Belle D. (ch f 1922 Fletcher M.)
                                        |                   Nevercatcher (f 1931 Otiro)
                                        |                        Nell Joyce (f 1936 Utopian)
                                        |                        |    Gallanell (b f 1953 Gallahadion)
                                        |                        |         Golden Memories (ch f 1962 Psychic Lad)
                                        |                        |              Step Chance (b f 1970 Step)
                                        |                        |                   Jim's First (b g 1979 Cosmic Tip) Billings Claiming S
                                        |                        Verna B. (f 1945 B'ar Hunter)
                                        |                            Mexhoma (b f 1951 Buen Vecino) -------->
                                        |                                 Oh My Britches (b f 1964 Red Britches) 2d SD Derby Trial, 3d SD-bred Futurity, SD-bred Derby
                                        Reel (gr f 1894 Raquet)
                                             Hands Around (gr f 1904 Serpent)
                                                  Ring (blk f 1916 x Leonid)
                                                       Verna C. (ch f 1925 Joe Blair)
                                                            Blaze Home (ch f 1933 Bon Homme) 2d Juvenile Championship S
                                                                 Tip Home (br f 1942 Broker's Tip)
                                                                       Georgette (br f 1951 Cross S.)
                                                                             Hybud (dkb 1958 Amigo Mio) ETR Stockton 8.50f 1 44 1
                                                            Bon Fume (br c 1935 Bon Homme) 2nd San Gabriel S, Santa Clara H
                                                            Bonnie Breeze (br f 1937 Bon Homme) California Lassie S, 3d Ladies S
                                                            Verna H (dkb f 1947 Howden)
                                                                 Otro Mambo (ch f 1951 Three Bars) ------->
                                                                      Leo's Mambo (QH f 1955 Leo)
                                                                      |    Bachelor's Dream (br f 1966 Rebel Cause)
                                                                      |         Denim N Diamonds (br f 1977 Timeto Thinkrich) Ch. Aged Horse '81, Mare'82
                                                                      |              The Hope Diamond (f 1984 Dash For Cash)
                                                                      |                   Hope's Signature (f 1997 The Signature)
                                                                      |              The Kimberley Diamond (b f 1985 Super Sound Charge)
                                                                      |                   Kim's First Dash (ch f 1993 First Down Dash) Rainbow Derby (G1), Firecracker Maturity (G2)
                                                                      |              Star of Sierra Leone (br f 1987 The Signature)
                                                                      |                   Stardust Dash (ch f 1995 Dash For Cash)
                                                                      |                        Tricky Dust (b g 2000 Favorite Trick TB) Master Salls H, Brigand H
                                                                      |                        Prankster CF (b g 2001 Favorite Trick) '05 Ch. Distance Horse
                                                                      Moore's Mambo (QH ch f 1962 Mr Bruce)
                                                                      |    Mambo Moon (blk f 1970 Top Moon)
                                                                      |    Moon Lover (f 1972 Top Moon) Blue Ribbon Derby
                                                                      |         Zee Vee Love (f 1985 Zevi TB) Boise Futurity
                                                                      |              The Rainbow Royale (g 1993 First Down Dash) Higheasterjet H
                                                                      |         Zevi's Lady Love (br f 1990 Zevi)
                                                                      |              Sultan De Houston (g Mr. Houston) Cottonwood H, Hard Twist S
                                                                      |              Mr. Roberto (gr g 1999 Mr. Houston) Zia 870 Championship S
                                                                      |              Duke of Houston (g 2002 Mr. Houston) Mesila Valley Speed H
                                                                      Rebel's Way (QH blk f 1963 Rebel Cause)
                                                                           Ima Lotta Trouble (f 1972 Top Charge TB)
                                                                                Classy Native (b f 1979 Heisanative TB) Dash For Cash Maturity
Golumpus Mare

Bruce's earliest entry for this family is Fanny Elssler [AmSB 1:420]. Her tail female is given as dam by Marion, by Citizen* - Mare*, by Golumpus - Smolensko - Canopus - Sorcerer. This lineage cannot be substantiated in English records and may represent a misconstruction of tail female from an annotated full pedigree. No other American source records an imported daughter of Golumpus. An 1814 filly by Golumpus - Thomasina, by Timothy (of Family 15) is recorded as exported in English records. If the Golumpus mare* in this pedigree was she, the pedigree was reported or interpreted incorrectly. A foal by Citizen* with a second dam by Smolensko is impossible by date. The lineage above has been adjusted to reflect the greater likelihood by dates that a cross of Citizen* after Golumpus would have been through his son Citizen Jr.
Josie Newman

Josie Newman was recorded as "r.r. or r.g.", r.r. presumably being an abbreviation for red roan [AmSB 8:265]. The roaning gene does not exist in the Thoroughbred. Her half-brother Don Domo was recorded as "red gr.". From black and white photographs it is obvious that he was a grey, although the tail and especially the mane were greying out more slowly than the body. Variable expression of the greying gene may explain the confusion as to whether Josie Newman was a roan or a grey.
Christine Matthes & Judy Baugh

Courtesy Chicago History Museum
Don Domo
Sapling Stakes, Junior Handicap

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