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Macaroni (GB) b c 1860 (Sweetmeat - Jocose, by Pantaloon). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 14-a.
  Madcap (GB)
c 1700c (Dimple - Curwen's Arabian Mare from France). Sire Line Dimple. Family 105. The General Stud Book notes that he was a brother to Old Postboy and both were sired by Dyer's Dimple (ch c 1695c) [GSB1:382]. It is possible that the Dimple in question was the Devonshire Dimple, about whom nothing much is currently known. He sired the dam of Ashridge Ball (c 1711c Leedes).
  Magog (GB)
gr c 1773 (Matchem - Sister to Young Rub, by Rib). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 12. Owned by Sir T Gascoigne he was described as standing 16 hands with good bone and sinew, substantial and free from blemish. He had a respectable turf career defeating Pot8os on several occasions. He sired Forester* (gr c 1799).
  Makeless (GB)
c 1685c (Oglethorpe Arabian - Mare, by Darcy's Yellow Turk - Natural Barb Mare). Sire Line Darcy's Yellow Turk.
Mambrino (GB)
gr c 1768 (Engineer - Mare, by Cade). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 20.
  Mambrunello (GB)
[Vauxhall Snap] br c 1761 (Snap - Mare, by Cade). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 20. Bred by John Atkinson of Scholes he never ran due to a dislocated fetlock which happened when he was three days old. He was described as a fine brown horse standing 15 hands 1 inch with great bone and proportion and well shaped. He was owned by Lord Grosvenor and covered in Surrey at South Lambeth near Vauxhall. He sired the dam of Shuttle (b c 1793 Young Marske).
  Mameluke (GB)
b c 1824 (Partisan - Miss Sophia, by Stamford). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 3-b. Bred by the 5th Earl of Jersey he was a half-brother to Master Henry (b c 1815 Orville). He won the Derby Stakes, the Oatlands Stakes and the Portland Stakes. He sired the Woodcote Stakes winner Bracelet (b f 1832) and was sent to France in 1837. Mameluke died in France in 1849.
  Manfred (GB)
b c 1814 (Election - Miss Wasp, by Waxy). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 10. Bred by Scott Stonehewer he won three races as a three year old including the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes. He went on to win another three races as a five year old with a second place finish in the Oatlands Stakes. He sired the unnamed mare who was the ancestress of the Chester Cup winner Goldfinder (ch c 1848 Faugh-a-Ballagh), the Poule d'Eassai winner Brocoli (b c 1855 Gladiator), the Cambridgeshire winner Red Eagle (b c 1856 Birdcatcher) and the Prix Royal Oak winner Nelusco (b c 1865 Monarque). Another daughter Minikin (b f 1827) was ancestress of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Vauban (br c 1864 Muscovite), the Cesarewitch winner Duke of Parma (br c 1872 The Duke), the One Thousand Guineas winner Siberia (br f 18162 Muscovite), the One Thousand Guineas winner Cecilia (b f 1870 Blair Athol) and the Cambridgeshire winner Vestminster (br c 1866 Glenmasson).
  Mango (GB)*
br c 1834 (Emilius - Mustard, by Merlin). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 1-c. Bred by Mr Thornhill and owned by C Greville he won the St Leger Stakes and the King Edward VII Stakes. Standing 15 hands three and one half inches he was said to be very strong and very round in the ribs with good legs. He was "either very lazy or a rogue, his performances being very unequal". His daughter Mathilde (b f 1841) produced the Molecomb Stakes winner Merryman (b c 1856 Hobbie Noble). He was sent to America and owned in 1860 by J A Bathgate of New York.
  Manica (GB)
b c 1707 (Darley Arabian - Jester, by Old Merlin). Sire Line Darley Arabian.
Manna (IRE)
b c 1922 (Phalaris - Waffles, by Buckwheat). Sire Line Phalaris. Family 22-d.
Man O' War (USA)
ch c 1917 (Fair Play - Mahubah, by Rock Sand). Sire Line Matchem. Family 4-c. Includes American Flag, Crusader, Clyde Van Dusen, Battleship, War Admiral and War Relic.
Manuella (GB)
b f 1809 (Dick Andrews - Mandane, by Pot8os). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 11-g.
  Margrave* (GB)
ch c 1829 (Muley - Mare, by Election). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 2-l. Bred by Mr Nowell he won the St Leger and Criterion Stakes. Described as an ugly dark chestnut with lop ears and a large head but with redeeming length and a good way of going he stood three seasons in England. He got the dam of the Two Thousand Guineas and St Leger winner Sir Tatton Sykes (b c 1843 Melbourne). He was imported into Virginia by Merritt and Company and sold to Major Gee of Alabama. He died in Alabama in 1852.
  Marksman (GB)
b c 1741 (Godolphin Arabian - Lady Cow, by Hampton Court Chesnut Arabian). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 21. Bred by the Earl of Godolphin he was sent to James Lennox Dutton in 1747. He covered in Mr Dutton's stud and although he was said to have gotten very few mares he sired the good runner Smirking Nan (b f 1748) and Mother Pratt (b f 1748) the second dam of Meteor (ch c 1783 Eclipse).
  Marlborough (GB)
b c 1737 (Godolphin Arabian - Sachrissa, by Hartley's Blind Horse). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 15. Bred by the Earl of Godolphin, he was said to been a black colt of 1745, owned by the Duke of Marlborough, and to have won a sweepstakes at Newmarket in his only start [Pick 2:104]. This was later copied by the General Stud Book [GSB 1:98]. However this is contradicted by the Godolphin stud book in which he is recorded as a bay colt of 1737 [Royal Studs:171]. The black colt of 1745 was Lord Portmore's Oroonoko (bl c 1745 Crab). Marlborough was later owned by William Hearsy, then the Duke of Marlborough and in Ireland by Edward Sims & John Heney at Mullingar. He sired the second dam of Shark* (br c 1771 Marske) and Harpur's Herod (ch c 1781 King Herod).
  Marmion (GB)
b c 1806 (Whiskey - Young Noisette, by Diomed). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 28. Said to stand 16 hands he won seven races including a gold cup at Epsom. He was defeated only once during his career on the turf. He sired Thomas Orde-Powlett's St Leger winner Jack Spigot (br c 1818), the ill-fated Herald (b c 1819) who got the taproot mare of Colonial Family C12 and a foundation mare of Colonial Family C26 before his untimely death, and Clare (b f 1824) the second dam of the great mare Pocahontas (b f 1837 Glencoe).
Marske (GB)
br c 1750 (Squirt - Ruby Mare, by Hutton's Blacklegs). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 8.
  Marsyas (GB)
ch c 1851 (Orlando - Malibran, by Whisker). Sire Line Camel. Family 12.
Martin (GB)
gr c 1748 (Cade - Mare, by Crab). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 17.
  Master Bagot (IRE)
ch c 1787 (Bagot - Harmony, by Eclipse). Sire Line King Herod. Family 9. Owned by Mr Hamilton he stood at his stables at the Curragh for a fee of five guineas. He sired Mrs. Dawdle (ch f 1794) a foundation mare of the very small Family 74 and Butterfly (b f 1804) the dam of the stallion Nabocklish (ch c 1810 Rugantino).
  Master Henry (GB)
b c 1815 (Orville - Miss Sophia, by Stamford). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 3-b.  A winner of eighteen races including the Whip at Newmarket he was said to get very big stock. He sired Banter (br f 1826) the dam of the stallion Touchstone (br c 1831 Camel).
  Master Robert (GB)
gr c 1811 (Buffer - Spinster, by Shuttle). Sire Line King Herod. Family 7. Owned by Mr Whaley, at the age of two he won the Leinster Stakes at the Curragh and at the age of three he won the Curragh Stakes, a Post Sweepstakes and a Royal Plate. He sired the stallions Drone (gr c 1823), Rust (gr c 1830) and Skeleton (gr c 1820) who was sent to Australia.
Matchem (GB)
[Match'em] b c 1748 (Cade - Sister to Miss Partner, by Crofts Partner). Sire Line Matchem. Family 4.
  Medley (GB)*
gr c 1776 (Gimcrack - Arminda, by Snap). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 3.
Melbourne (GB)
br c 1834 (Humphrey Clinker - Mare, by Cervantes). Sire Line Matchem. Family 1-a.
Menow (USA)
br c 1935 (Pharamond - Alcibiades, by Supremus). Sire Line Phalaris. Family 8-g.
  Mercury (GB)
ch c 1778 (Eclipse - Mare, by Tartar). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 9-b.
  Merlin (GB)
[Old] c 1695c (Bustler - Merlin's Dam). Sire Line Helmsley Turk. Family 37.
  Merlin (GB)
[Ancaster] ch c 1700 (Pulleine's Arabian). Sire Line Pulleine's Chesnut Arabian. His name was also spelled Marling. A stallion in the stud of Robert Bertie (1660-1723), 1st Duke of Ancaster, and Peregrine Bertie (1686-1742), 2nd Duke of Ancaster, from about 1710 to 1725, and used exclusively by them, getting 14 foals, including Virgin (ch f 1712), ancestress to most of Family 28 and dam of the stallion Gentleman (gr c 1723 Alcock's Arabian). He also got Oysterfoot (c 1710c), who was probably the sire of Miss Hip (b f 1722), the second dam of the Hambleton Royal Plate winner Ancaster Dizzy (gr f 1741 Ancaster Driver).
  Merlin (GB)
[Richardson's] c 1705c (Old Merlin). Sire Line Helmsley Turk.
  Merlin (GB)
ch c 1815 (Castrel - Miss Newton, by Delpini). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 8-k. The best runner from his sire he was said to have a "frightful temper". Racing for three years he won five races including the Port Stakes and the Fitzwilliam Stakes. He sired the Two Thousand Guineas winner Dervise (b c 1823), the One Thousand Guineas winner Problem (ch f 1823) and Theorem (ch c 1824) who was sent to Australia.
  Merman (GB)
br c 1826 (Whalebone - Mermaid, by Orville). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 9-d. Bred by Mr Payne he won three races as a three year old and the Epsom Gold Cup, the Oatlands Stakes and the Ascot Queen's Plate as a four year old. He sired the third dam of the Two Thousand Guineas, Derby and St Leger stakes winner Gladiateur (b c 1862 Monarque). He was imported by Merritt & Company into Virginia in 1835.
  Meteor (GB)
ch c 1783 (Eclipse - Mare, by Merlin). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 7. Bred by Lord Grosvenor he won the Prince of Wales' Stakes, the Oxford Gold Cup, the Jockey Club Plate, a King's Plate and a Ladies' Plate, as well as placing second to Noble in the Derby. He sired the Oaks winner Meteora (b f 1802). He died in 1811.
Miami (GB)
b f 1844 (Venison - Diversion, by Defence). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 5-j.
  Mickey Free (IRE)
br c 1841 (Birdcatcher - Annie, by Wanderer). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 23-a. Bred by Mr G Knox in Ireland he covered at Rathbride House at the Curragh from 1847 to 1850. Standing nearly 15 hands 2 inches he won 10 races during his two years on the turf. He was brought to America by the Ohio Importing Company and later owned by A Keene Richards of Scott County, Kentucky. He sired the Belmont Stakes winner Fenian (ch c 1866).
  Milo (GB)
br c 1802 (Sir Peter Teazle - Wren, by Woodpecker). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 3. Owned by Lord Derby he won the Earl of Chester's Plate and a King's Plate. He sired Rosalba (ch f 1811) the grandam of the stallion Ithuriel (br c 1841 Touchstone), the St James's Palace stakes winner Uriel (br c 1846 Touchstone) and the Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Umbriel (br c 1850 Touchstone). Milo died in 1826.
Minuet (GB)
b f 1812 (Waxy - Woodbine, by Woodpecker). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 1-a.
  Mixbury (GB)
[Mixbury Galloway] c 1704c (Curwen's Bay Barb - Mare, by Curwen's Spot). Sire Line Curwen's Bay Barb. Family 9.
  Mogul (GB)
b c 1735 (Godolphin Arabian - Sachrissa, by Hartley's Blind Horse). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 15. Bred by Lord Godolphin he was a bay colt with a white near hind heel. Sold to the Duke of Bolton in 1739 he was described as a strong horse standing more than "fifteen Hands and a half high". He covered at Bolton Hall near Middleham for a fee of three guineas. He was sold on to Peter Storey in Ireland in 1750 and covered at the Widow Place's Livery Stables in Dublin for a fee of two guineas. He sired Jolly Roger* (ch c 1743) and Whistlejacket (ch c 1749).
Molly Long Legs (GB)
b f 1753 (Babraham - Mare, by Cole's Foxhunter). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 6-a.
  Monarch (GB)
b c 1834 (Priam - Delphine, by Whisker). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 8-k. Bred by His Majesty King William IV at Hampton Court he was imported by Colonel Wade Hampton of South Carolina in 1835. He was sent later to Reber & Kutz in Ohio. He sired the dam of Embry's Lexington (b c 1858 Lexington) and Malcolm (b c 1862 Bonnie Scotland). Malcolm sired Marian (b f 1871) the dam of Emperor of Norfolk (b c 1885) and Yo Tambien (ch f 1889). Monarch died in 1857.
  Monkey (GB)
[Chedworth's] c 1707c (Curwen's Bay Barb - Mare, by Curwen's Spot). Sire Line Curwen's Bay Barb. Family 9.
Monkey (GB)*
b c 1725 (Lonsdale Bay Arabian - Mare, by Curwen's Bay Barb - Mare, by Byerley Turk - Arabian Mare). Sire Line Lonsdale Bay Arabian.
  Morganette (IRE)
br f 1884 (Springfield - Lady Morgan, by Thormanby). Sire Line Stockwell. Family 5-j. Bred by J H Houldsworth she got the Irish Derby winner Blairfinde (b c 1891 Kendal), the "triple crown" winner Galtee More (b c 1894 Kendal) and the Derby winner Ard Patrick (br c 1899 St. Florian). The latter two had immense success in the stud in Europe.
  Morisco (GB)
b c 1819 (Muley - Aquilina, by Eagle). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 12-c. Bred by Lord Suffield he had several owners, including Mr Bouverie and Sir John Byng. As a four year old he won 5 minor races. He retired to the stud at Newmarket where he covered for a fee of 46. He got the champion stallion Taurus (ch c 1826 Phantom or Morisco), the July Stakes winner Zany (b c 1828), the dam of the Cambridgeshire winner Scherz (b c 1851 The Provost), the dam of the Cesarewitch winner The Cur (ch c 1842 Bran) and the stallion The Prime Warden (b c 1834 Cadland), the second dam of the Oaks winner Poison (ch f 1840 Plenipotentiary) and the second dam of the Poule d'Essai winner Fitz Emilius (b c 1842 Young Emilius). He was sent to Mecklenburgh in 1827.
  Moro (GB)
bl c 1752 (Bolton Starling - Brown Slipby, by Slipby). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 2.
Mortemer (FR)
ch c 1865 (Compiegne - Comtesse, by Nuncio). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 1-b. Bred at Dangu in France he stood nearly 16.1 hands and was described as having the elegance and distinction of his grandsire Fitz Gladiator. Racing for 5 years he won 23 of 50 starts including the Prix du Printemps, Prix de Satory and the Prix de la Porte-Maillot for Comte de Lagrange, and in England, the Ascot Gold Cup for his new owner, M Lefevre, who raced under the name of Mr Lombard. He retired from the turf perfectly sound and stood first at Neauphle, near Dangu, then at Chamant, where he was purchased in 1880 by Pierre Lorillard of the Rancocas Stud in New Jersey. He sired the Two Thousand Guineas winner Chamant (b c 1874), the Poule d'Essai des Pouliches winner Clementine (ch f 1875), the Grand Prix de Paris winner St. Christophe (ch c 1874), the Ascot Gold Cup winner Verneuil (ch c 1874), and the Poule d'Essai des Poulains winner Regain (b c 1880). In America his noteworthy offspring include the Preakness winner Montague (ch c 1885) and the matriarch Wanda (ch f 1882).
  Morwick Ball (GB)
ch c 1762 (Regulus - Mare, by Traveller - Mare, by Hartley's Blind Horse). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 67. Bred by Mr Vevers he got the stallion Young Morwick (ch c 1775). He died in 1787.
Moses (GB)
[Chedworth's] ch c 1746 (Howe's Foxhunter - Mare, by Portland Arabian - Star's Dam, by Richards' Arabian). Sire Line St. Victor's Barb. According to the General Stud Book Moses was sired by Lord Chedworth's Foxhunter, the latter born in 1750 [GSB 1:382, 380], which is clearly impossible. Highflyer notes that Howe's Foxhunter was bred by John Howe (1688-1742), who was created Baron Chedworth in 1741, the father of John Thynne Howe (1714-1762), 2nd Baron Chedworth, the latter the breeder of Moses. Moses was a stallion in Lord Gower's stud and got a number of horses, including Otho (b c 1760) and Pharaoh* (b c 1753).
  Moses (GB)
b c 1819 (Whalebone - Sister to Castanea, by Gohanna). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 5-b. Bred by HRH the Duke of York he won the Derby in 1822. Although generally assumed to have been sired by Seymour, the second covering stallion, Moses was advertised in the racing calendar as: "got by Whalebone" [Weatherby's 1824:502]. He sired Pauline (b f 1826) the dam of the great stallion Gladiator (ch c 1833 Partisan) and Jewess (b f 1827) the second dam of the Derby winner Pyrrhus the First (ch c 1843 Epirus).
  Moss Trooper (GB)
br c 1839 (Liverpool - Bassinoire, by Emilius). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 18. A winner of the Northumberland Plate and four additional races he sired Braxey (b f 1849).
Mother Neasham [ex-Cripple, Miss Neasham] b f 1720 (Hartley's Blind Horse - Firetail's Dam, by Crofts' Commoner). Sire Line Holderness Turk. Family 100.
  Mountain Deer (GB)
b c 1848 (Touchstone - Mountain Sylph, by Belshazzar). Sire Line Camel. Family 24. A "fine, lengthy" horse he won the Criterion Stakes in 1850, the Grand Duke Michael Stakes and a second place finish in the Two Thousand Guineas in 1851 and the Claret Stakes, Cheshire Stakes and a Queen's Plate in 1852. He covered in Ireland at Crotanstown, the Curragh in 1854. He sired the Railway Stakes winner Drogheda (b c 1856), the National Produce Stakes winner Mount Zion (b c 1856), the Stewards' Cup winner Croagh Patrick (br c 1858), the Preis der Diana winner La Stella (b f 1864), Christmas Pie (b f 1856) the dam of the Cambridgeshire winner Sutton (b c 1871 Saccharometer), Antelope (b f 1856) the second dam of the Irish Derby winner Master Ned (b c 1878 Roman Bee) and the fourth dam of the Irish Derby winner Civility (b c 1909 Grebe).
  Mowbray (GB)
ch c 1805 (Pandolpho - Mother Red Cap, by Rockingham). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 66. Owned by Sir W Aston he sired the Doncaster Cup winner Mercutio (b c 1819), Lady of the Vale (ch f 1817) the third dam of the Manchester Cup winner Chief Justice (ch c 1847 The Hydra), and Young Mary (b f 1816) the fourth dam of the Chester Cup winner Beeswing (b f 1863 Newminster).
  Mr. Jinks (IRE)
gr c 1926 (Tetratema - False Piety, by Lemberg). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 22-d.
Mufti (GB)
b c 1783 (Fitzherod - Mare, by Infant). Sire Line King Herod. Family 7.
  Mulatto (GB)
b c 1823 (Catton - Desdemona, by Orville). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 5-a.
Muley (GB)
b c 1810 (Orville - Eleanor, by Whiskey). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 6-a.
Muley Moloch (GB)
br c 1830 (Muley - Nancy, by Dick Andrews). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 9-c.
Mumtaz Mahal (GB)
gr f 1921 (The Tetrarch - Lady Josephine, by Sundridge). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 9-c.
  Mundig (GB)
ch c 1832 (Catton - Emma, by Whisker). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 7-a.
  Muscovite (GB)
b c 1849 (Hetman Platoff - Mare, by Camel). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 2-m. Described as a "grandly shaped horse, long, with fine shoulders and tremendous length from pin to hocks" he was said to be a fine stayer. He won the Cesarewitch, a match and finished second for the Great Metropolitan. He sired the One Thousand Guineas winner Siberia (br f 1862), the Two Thousand Guineas winner Vauban (br c 1864) and the Manchester Cup winner Ivanhoff (b c 1858).
  Musket (GB)
b c 1867 (Toxophilite - Mare, by West Australian). Sire Line Camel. Family 3-d. Standing 16 hands 2 inches he was described as being "gaunt of frame and high on the leg". He won the Ascot Stakes along with nine of his final eleven races defeating such horses as the Derby and Ascot Gold Cup winner Blue Gown (b c 1865 Beadsman) and Ascot Gold Vase and Ebor Handicap winner Albert Victor (ch c 1868 Marsyas). A great stayer he went to stud in England but was later sold to New Zealand. He sired the Two Thousand Guineas winner Petronel (br c 1877) and two Melbourne Cup winners, Carbine (b c 1885) and Martini-Henry (b c 1880).
  Mustard (GB)
gr c 1707 (Taffolet Barb). Sire Line Taffolet Barb. Owned by Queen Anne he raced at York in 1713, where he gained a 5th place in Her Majesty's Gold Cup, won by Mr Graeme's Champion (b c 1707 Harpham Arabian).
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