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- H -
Hambletonian (GB)
b c 1792 (King Fergus - Grey Highflyer, by Highflyer). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 1.
  Hampton (GB)
ch c 1833 (Sultan - Rachel, by Whalebone). Sire Line Selim. Family 5-b. Bred at Hampton Court, he was later owned and raced by Robert Grosvenor (1767-1845), 1st Marquess of Westminster. He started six times as a three year old, the only year he ran, winning the Bryn-y-pys Stakes at Wrexham and the Chieftain Stakes at Holywell Hunt, both walkovers. He got many useful mares, mostly from the Sledmere stud of Sir Tatton Sykes (1772-1863), 4th bt. His best runner was Sir Tatton's Royal Hunt Cup winner Leaconfield (ch c 1843).
Hampton (GB)
b c 1872 (Lord Clifden - Lady Langden, by Kettledrum). Sire Line Camel. Family 10-a.
  Hampton Court Arabians
  Hanover (USA)
ch c 1884 (Hindoo - Bourbon Belle, by Bonnie Scotland). Sire Line Selim. Family 21. Bred by Clay & Woodford and owned by Phil & Mike Dwyer he won the Belmont Stakes and was a Leading Sire four times. He sired the Kentucky Derby winner Halma (bl c 1892), the Preakness winner Half Time (ch c 1896) and the Leading Sire Hamburg (b c 1895). He was inducted into the American Racing Hall of Fame in 1955.
  Hanniball (GB)
c 1713 (Terror - Mare, by Flatface - Mare, by Curwen's Spot). Sire Line Acaster Turk. Family 12-a. Seemingly the same horse as Singlepeeper and owned by Cuthbert Routh he finished third for a Royal Plate at Newmarket in 1719. According to Routh he died at Middleham in 1722 from "poyson & mismanagement".
Haphazard (GB)
br c 1797 (Sir Peter Teazle - Miss Hervey, by Eclipse). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 35.
  Harkaway (IRE)
ch c 1834 (Economist - Fanny Dawson, by Nabocklish). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 2. Bred at Sheepbridge, County Down, by T Ferguson he won the Goodwood Cup in 1838 and 1839 along with 15 other races. Said to be powerfully built, almost coarse, "more like a cart-horse than a racer" his action was "astounding". He stood at the Curragh then moved to Newmarket for 1841 and then returned to the Curragh. He sired King Tom (b c 1851).
  Harpham Arabian
c 1690c. Sire Line Harpham Arabian.
  Harpur's Barb
c 1690c. Sire Line Harpur's Barb.
  Hartley's Blind Horse (GB)
h c 1712c-1742 (Holderness Turk - Milbanke's Makeless Mare, by Makeless). Family 13. Sire Line Holderness Turk. Bred in Yorkshire by Leonard Hartley of Middleton Tyas, near Richmond, he was influential in the stud. Mr Prior estimates his year of birth at about 1712 [ER:36]. He has offspring recorded in the stud book from 1718 to 1740. Among others, he sired Hutton's Spot (gr c 1728) a well patronised and successful stallion, Crofts's Forester (ch c 1736) also a prominent stallion, Mother Neasham (b f 1720) the venerable winner of no less than five Kipling Coates plates, Sachrissa (ch f 1729) the dam of Babraham (b c 1738 Godolphin Arabian), and the unnamed taproot mare of Family 67. Hartley's Blind Horse died in 1742.
Hastings (USA)
br c 1893 (Spendthrift - Cinderella*, by Blue Ruin or Tomahawk). Sire Line Matchem. Family 21-a.
  Hautboy (GB)
c 1685c (Darcy's White Turk - Royal Mare). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk.
  Hazard (GB)
b c 1726 (Leedes - Mare, by Curwen's Bay Barb - Mare, by Byerley Turk). Sire Line Leedes Arabian.
  Helmsley Turk
c 1665c. Sire Line Helmsley Turk.
Henry Of Navarre (USA)
chc 1891 (Knight of Ellerslie - Moss Rose, by The Ill-Used). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 20.
Hermit (GB)
ch c 1864 (Newminster - Seclusion, by Tadmor). Sire Line Camel. Family 5-d.
  Hero (GB)
gr c 1753 (Cade - Mare, by Spinner - Mare, by Crofts' Egyptian). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Bred by Sir Richard Hilton and owned by William Preston he ran under the name of Slape winning the Royal Plate at York in 1759. Sent to Ireland he got the useful stallion Friar (gr c 1768), the good winner Adonis (gr c 1772) and Lalage (gr f 1776) a foundation mare of Family 73.
Herod (GB)
[King Herod] b c 1758 (Tartar- Cypron, by Blaze). Sire Line Herod. Family 26.
Highflyer (GB)
b c 1774 (King Herod - Rachel, by Blank). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 13.
  Highflyer Mare (Sister to Scarisbrick) (GB)
b f 1785 (Highflyer - Lord Rockingham's Mare, by Engineer). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 2. Bred by Richard Tattersall (1724-1812) she was owned by Sir Frank Standish who bred two Derby winners from her. Spread Eagle (b c 1792 Volunteer) won the Derby in 1795 and Didelot (b c 1793 Trumpator) the next year. The former was sent to Virginia, the latter to Russia. Eagle (b c 1796 Volunteer) won the Craven Stakes twice and was also sent to America. Sister to Scarisbrick died in 1812.
  Highland Laddie (GB)
b c 1710c (Leedes Arabian - Charming Jenny, by Spanker). Sire Line Leedes Arabian. Family 6. Bred by Lord Darcy he sired Northern Nanny (ch f 1717).
  Hip (GB)
gr c 1716c (Curwen's Bay Barb - Hobby Mare, by Lister's Turk). Sire Line Curwen's Bay Barb. Family 23.
  Hobbie Noble (GB)
bbr c 1849 (Pantaloon - Phryne, by Touchstone). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 3-h. Bred by John Scott and owned by James Merry he was a full brother to Windhound who sired the Derby winner Thormanby (ch c 1857). Hobbie Noble was said by The Druid to have been the best three year old of his generation and was beyond all doubt drugged on the eve of the Derby. In 1851 he won the New Stakes at Ascot and the July Stakes at Newmarket. Starting for James Merry in 1852 he finished 4th for the Derby, 3rd for the Emperor`s Plate, 4th for the Goodwood Cup, won the Don Stakes, and finished 2nd in the Cambridgeshire. He covered at Brownstown Lodge, the Curragh, Ireland from 1857 to 1861. He sired the Anglesey Stakes winner Troublesome (b f 1859) and L'Anglaise (b f 1859).
Hobgoblin (GB)
br c 1724 (Aleppo - Wharton's Mare, by Old Careless - Mare, by Old Smithson - Mare, by Argyle Wanton Willy). Sire Line Darley Arabian.
  Hob-Or-Nob (GB)*
b c 1751 (Babraham). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian.
  Hoemus (GB)
br c 1828 (Sultan - Bess, by Waxy). Sire Line Selim. Family 3-b. Sent to France in 1834 and there got Georgette (ch f 1839) the dam of the Prix de Diane and Grosser Preis von Baden winner Geologie (b f 1856 The Prime Warden). Georgette was also grandam of Poule d'Essai winner Gouvernail (b c 1865 Young Gladiator) and Prix Royal Oak and Grosser Preis von Baden winner Etoile Filante (b f 1863 Young Gladiator). Hoemus also got Berthe (b f 1839) the grandam of the Grand Prix de Paris winner Glaneur (b c 1866 Buckthorn), the former also the third dam of the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud winner Alpha (b c 1900 Fripon).
  Hog (GB)
[Bristol's] c 1690c. Owned by John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol, of Ickworth, Sussex. The General Stud Book notes that Lord Bristol's Hog was "of the Hautboy sort" [GSB 1:10], while the Turf Register says Hog was "from the kind of Hautboy" [Pick 1:35], suggesting that his dam was by Hautboy. His sire has not been identified. Mentioned in Lord Bristol's diary is the note that in November of 1698 his Hog beat a horse named Headpiece whereby his lordship won 450 guineas. His account book records that in March of 1697 he purchased Hog from Mr Bourchier, of Beningbrough Hall, near York, for 120 guineas [Royal Studs:192]. His only offspring appears to have been Hog Mare, a foundation mare of Family 30, and the dam of Golden Locks and Sister to Golden Locks, who between them produced Bolton Looby (br c 1728 Bay Bolton), Syphax (bl c 1727 Bay Bolton), Gentleman (gr c 1723 Alcock's Arabian), Ancaster Creeper (ch c 1733 Cinnamon) and others.
  Honeycomb Punch
c 1692c (Taffolet Barb - Honeycomb Punch's Dam). Sire Line Taffolet Barb. Family 33. When owned by Sir George Warburton, he is said to have won a four mile match worth 300 at Newmarket in April of 1699 [History of the Racing Calendar and Stud-Book:14]. An alternate version of this match is described in The Post Man, April 15/18, which states that the King watched a "Match between Honeycumpunch and a Horse of Sir George Warbleton's; they run 4 mile for 300 and although the odds ran 2 to 1 of Sir George's side, Honeycumpunch won the Match, but a great deal might be said in favour of Sir George's Horse, upon account of the new distemper" [History of Newmarket 2:225]. Honeycomb Punch was probably acquired by Lord Godolphin at some point before or during 1699, as in a letter from Lord Godolphin to Lord Lonsdale, written that year, Godolphin offers Honeycomb Punch to Lonsdale. He describes him as "a perfect good horse, and of a competent speed, gott by a Barb, and extreamly well shaped and very well limbed" [History of the Racing Calendar and Stud Book:14]. There is no record of whether Lord Lonsdale accepted the horse. In the stud, his best known offspring was Spark, although he also got Mr Frampton's Hobler Mare, the dam of Miss Tredegar (f 1710 Little Mountain Barb). John Hervey (1665-1750), 1st Earl of Bristol, recorded in his Letter-book that on March 3, 1702-3, Vane beat Hobler in a match [Royal Studs:208].
  Horatia (GB)
ch f 1778 (Eclipse - Countess, by Blank). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 30. Bred by Admiral Harry Powlett (1720-1794), 6th Duke of Bolton, she foaled two Derby winners. Archduke (br c 1796 Sir Peter Teazle), bred by Sir Frank Standish, won the Derby Stakes in 1799 and was sent to Virginia in 1803. His brother Paris (br c 1803 Sir Peter Teazle), also bred by Sir Frank, won the 1806 running of the Derby Stakes. A third brother Stamford (br c 1794 Sir Peter Teazle) twice won the Doncaster Cup and attained much greater success in the stud. Horatia died in 1805.
  Humphrey Clinker (GB)
b c 1822 (Comus - Clinkerina, by Clinker). Sire Line Matchem. Family 8-a.
  Hutton Arabians, Barbs and Turks
Hyperion (GB)
ch c 1930 (Gainsborough - Selene, by Chaucer). Sire Line Camel. Family 6-e.
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