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Hobgoblin (GB)




Sire Line


Darley Arabian



Hobgoblin br c 1724 (Aleppo - Mare, by Careless - Mare, by Old Smithson - Mare, by Argyle's Wanton Willy). Sire Line Darley Arabian.

Bred by the Reverend Mr S Goodall, then owned by Edward Coke of Longford Hall, in Derbyshire, who also owned the Godolphin Arabian, Hobgoblin raced at Newmarket from 1729 to 1732.

After the death of Mr Coke in 1733 he entered Lord Godolphin's Gogmagog stud in Cambridgeshire. He remained there until the middle of the 1744 season then moved to Sir John Dutton's Gloucestershire stud. Joining Lord Massareene in Ireland in 1747 the last record of him is of his inclusion in that worthy's dispersal sale in 1751. His best son was Shakespeare (ch c 1745), although he got several other good race horses including Phantom and Trimmer. While his daughters made their marks in England they were also popular with American breeders.

Hobgoblin Aleppo Darley Arabian  
Hautboy Mare Hautboy
Careless Mare Old Careless Spanker
Barb Mare
Smithson Mare Old Smithson
Wanton Willy Mare
Race Record
In April of 1729 at Newmarket he won a 100 guineas match against Lord Halifax's grey colt Pig, with each carrying 9 stone over 4 miles. Later that month he defeated Lord Halifax's Conqueror (b c 1723c Jigg) over 4 miles, again shouldering 9 stone each, to collect 100gs. In October he beat Mr Vane's Miss Pert (b f 1723 Thoulouse Barb), giving her two pounds, in a 300gs match over 4 miles. The next day he won a 180gs stakes for five year olds, over 4 miles, beating Lord Halifax's Miss Halifax (ch f 1724 Hampton Court Litton Arabian), the Duke of Bolton's Foxhunter (br c 1724 Bay Bolton), the Duke of Rutland's Skyrocket, the Duke of Hamilton's Salisbury Steeple, the Duke of Somerset's Welbeck and Lord W Manners's Jenny.
In October of 1730 at Newmarket he finished 3rd and last in His Majesty's Plate of 100gs, won by Mr Sheppard's Tarran (ch c 1724 Tarran's Black Barb) followed by Mr Humberston's Stump (b c 1724 Manica). Hobgoblin placed 3rd in the first heat and was withdrawn from the 2nd.
Hobgoblin did not race in 1731; he was apparently in the stud.
Back in training and running for Mr Coke in April of 1732 he lost a 500gs match at Newmarket to the Duke of Bolton's Fearnought (br c 1724 Bay Bolton). Also in April of that year he beat Mr Fleetwood's Eaton over 4 miles for 500gs, and later in October he beat the Duke of Somerset's Greylegs (c 1725 Wyndham), over 4 miles, to collect 300gs.
Hobgoblin Mares

Brown Betty (b f 1737), probably his most important daughter, from whom most of Family 21 descends, and dam of the undefeated Mirza (b c 1749 Godolphin Arabian), who numbered Matchem (b c 1748 Cade) among his victims.

2. Shireborn (b f 1739) produced the American matriarch Selima* (b f 1745 Godolphin Arabian), along with the Leeds Chub (b c 1746 Godolphin Arabian), the sire of Bolton* (b c 1760).
3. Mab (b f 1742), bred and raced by John Hutton of Marske, in Yorkshire, won the Hambleton Guineas for mares at Malton in 1747, beating Mr Keck's Lady Betty (Lath), Mr Fenwick's Miss Bolton, Mr Hodgson's At Him Jenny, Mr Willoughby's Miss Ackworth and Mr Lambton's Country Lass. In April of 1748 she won the King's Plate for mares at Newmarket, beating Mr Keck's Lady Charlotte (Crab), Mr Croft's Miss Slamerkin (Crab) and others over the Round Course. She was the dam of the two stallions, Silvio (b c 1754 Cade) and Brother to Silvio (b c c1755 Cade). Silvio was a very good race horse, winner of many Plates, including the Gold Cup At Richmond.
4. Hobgoblin Mare, the dam of the early colonial sire Dabster* (ch.c. 1736 Fox).
5. Hobgoblin Mare (gr f 1744), the 2nd dam of the worthy Aristotle* (br c 1755 Cullen Arabian).
6. Hobgoblin Mare, the 2nd dam of the influential Othello* (bl c 1746 Crab), also called Black-and-all-Black.
7. Margery Daw (ch f 1745), bred by James Lennox Dutton, raced with no success herself, dam of Sir Matthew Featherstonehaugh's King's Plate winner Henricus (br c 1757 Portmore's Othello).
8. Sister to Sherborne (b f 1736), dam of Mr Martindale's Shepherdess (b f 1743 Godolphin Arabian), who won the King's Plate for mares at Newmarket in 1749.
9. Hobgoblin Mare (gr f 1748), owned by Mr Dutton, 3rd dam of the Prince of Wales' good runner Traveller (b c 1785 Highflyer).
Other Notable Offspring

Phantom (GB)
gr c 1737 (Hobgoblin - Mare, by Hutton's Surley - Mare, by Coneyskins - Fen Mare, by Hutton's Royal Colt - Mare, by Blunderbuss - Old Thornton Mare, by Place's White Turk). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Phantom was bred by Mr Wanley of Eyford, Gloucestershire, and later purchased by Mr Hutton. In 1741 he won 50 guineas at Carlisle, beating Mr Thornborough's Daphne, Sir William Maxwell's Bachelor, Mr Hornby's Favourite, Miss Holme's Miss Makeless and four others. In 1742 he won 50 at Malton, followed by 50 at York, where he beat Mr Read's Jack Come Tickle Me, the Duke of Ancaster's Creeper, Lord Gower's Duchess and Mr Moore's Loyalty. In 1743 he won the King's Plate at York, beating Mr Shaw's Ploughman and Mr Mewburn's Smiling Ball. He walked-over for the King's Plate at Lincoln. In October he won the first heat of the King's Plate at Newmarket, beating the Duke of Ancaster's Dismal, the Duke of Devonshire's bay horse by Childers and the Duke of Somerset's Brother to Fearnought. He was subsequently withdrawn from the latter race due to severe lameness. In 1744 he won 50 at Durham, beating Captain Hartley's Countess, Mr Pulleine's Scarborough Colt and two others, which was his last race. The Turf Register records a Byerley Turk cross between the Surley Mare and the Coneyskins Mare [Pick 1:71]. Phantom left no relevant offspring.

Trimmer (GB)
b g 1744 (Hobgoblin - Amorett, by Bartlet's Childers). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 15. Trimmer, a full brother to Shakespeare, was bred by Lord Godolphin and sold, first to James Lenox Dutton, then to George Prentice, and finally to Maurice Keating. In 1749 Trimmer won the King's Plate at Lichfield, defeating Mr Routh's Crab, Mr Vernon's Lady Caroline (who won the King's Plate at Hambleton) and two others. Starting for Mr Prentice in April of 1750 he won the 135 Guineas Plate at Newmarket, beating "easy" Mr Meredith's Squirrel, Mr Greville's Noble and Mr Pembroke's Dash. He then won the King's Plate at Canterbury, beating Mr Meredith's Chub, and the King's Plate at Newmarket in October, beating in three heats Lord Portmore's Beau, Mr Meredith's Stump and Mr Routh's Looby. In April of 1751 Trimmer started favourite for the King's Plate at Newmarket, with Looby, Crab, Stump and Creeper among his rivals, but was distanced in the first heat, causing much consternation among his backers. He was then sold to Mr Keating who took him to Ireland. In 1752 Trimmer won the 60 Subscription Plate at the Curragh, beating Lord Antrim's Bajazet. Later in May he won a 30 purse at Trim, beating Mr O'Neale's Fearnought, followed by a walk-over in a 50 Plate at Castle Bar in June.

Shakespeare (GB) ch c 1745 (Hobgoblin - Amorett, by Bartlet's Childers). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 15.

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