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Lady Josephine (IRE)
ch f 1912 (Sundridge - Americus Girl, by Americus). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 9-c.
  Lambton (GB)
b c 1850 (The Cure - Elphine, by Emilius). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 9. Described as a neat lively horse he won nine races as a two year old and one as three year old. His stock were said to be mostly sprinters and that nearly all could run and that they came to hand early. He sired the Manchester Cup winner Trust (b c 1860), the Norfolk Stakes winner Chibisa (b c 1863), the Doncaster and Goodwood cups winner Shannon (b f 1868), the Chester Cup winner Inveresk (br c 1869), Queen Mab (b f 1859) the dam of the Stewards' Cup winner Elf King (br c 1876 Joskin), Louise Bonne (br f 1860) the dam of the Oesterreichisches Derby winner Lady Patroness (b f 1871 Buccaneer), Vishnu (b f 1860) the dam of the Royal Hunt Cup winner The Mandarin (b c 1872 Lozenge) and the second dam of the Goodwood Cup winner Rada (br f 1886 Speculum), Laura (br f 1864) the dam of the Ascot Stakes winner Whitebait (br c 1871 Brown Bread), Tyro (b f 1870) the dam of the Ebor Handicap winner Novice (b f 1877 Macaroni), and Retty (b f 1865) the second dam of the Cambridgeshire winner and stallion Marco (ch c 1892 Barcaldine).
  Lamplighter (GB)
b c 1823 (Merlin - Spotless, by Walton). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 4-p. In the colours of Colonel Wilson he won the Craven Stakes in 1828. He sired two One Thousand Guineas winners, Firebrand (ch f 1839) and May-Day (ch f 1831) and the Derby winner Phosphorus (b c 1834).
Lamprie (GB)
gr c 1716 (Grey Hautboy - Pearson's Mare, by Makeless). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 37.
  Lanercost (GB)
br c 1835 (Liverpool - Otis, by Bustard). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 3-j. Described as a fine looking horse with good speed and very honest he ran for five years winning twenty-two races including the Cambridgeshire Stakes in 1839 and the Ascot Gold Cup in 1841. At the age of seven he finished second to the great Alice Hawthorn for the Chester Cup. Among others he sired the Oaks winner Catherine Hayes (br f 1850), the St Leger winner Van Tromp (br c 1844) and Lanercost Mare* (b f 1844). He was sent to France in 1853.
  Langar (GB)
ch c 1817 (Selim - Mare, by Walton). Sire Line Selim. Family 6-a. He was described as a "flash, Arab style of horse who only won one race, the Gascoigne Sake, Doncaster, and stock were not of the gamest." A popular stallion nonetheless he coverd in Ireland at Westport House in 1824 and at the stables of the Maquess of Sligo at the Curragh in 1825. He sired the St. Leger winner Elis (ch c 1833), Felt* (b c 1826) and Jordan* (ch c 1833).
  Lap Dog (GB)*
b c 1823 (Whalebone - Mare, by Canopus). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 3. Bred by the 3rd Earl of Egremont he was imported by James Jackson of Alabama in 1835. He won the Derby Stakes in England. He sired Esperance (b f 1836) the ancestress of the Ascot Gold Cup and Prix de 'Arc de Triomphe winner Massine (b c 1920 Consols).
Lath (GB)
b c 1732 (Godolphin Arabian - Roxana, by Bald Galloway). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 6-a.
  Lath (GB)*
[Protector] b c 1763 (Shepherd's Crab - Devonshire Crazy, by Lath). Sire Line Alcock's Arabian. Family 9-a. In the General Stud Book [GSB 1:69] Lath is credited to the Ancaster Crazy however as she and Shepherd's Crab were both chestnut they could not have produced the bay Lath. The General Stud Book does credit the Devonshire Crazy with an unnamed bay colt by Shepherd`s Crab in 1763. Bred by Mr Vernon he was imported by James Delancey of New York in 1768. The American Stud Book thought that he could not have been imported that year as he ran in England in 1770, at Warwick, however the race cited by Bruce occurred in Warwick Maryland, not Warwick England. In 1767 he won the 800 guineas Subscription at Newmarket under the name of Protector, beating Lord Bolingbroke's Tartuffe and seven others. After arrival in New York in 1768 he won a fifty at New Market, Long Island. In 1769 he won the Jockey Club Purse at Philadelphia beating the best running horses from Maryland. In 1770 he won the Hundred Guineas at Philadelphia and in 1771 he won the Hundred Pound Plate at New Market. He covered in New York until 1778 after which he removed to Virginia. He sired Tippoo Saib (b c 1780) and Marian (f 1775c) the tap root mare of American Family a71. He died around 1786.
La Troienne (FR)*
b f 1926 (Teddy - Helene de Troie, by Helicon). Sire Line Bend Or. Family 1-x.
  Launcelot (GB)
br c 1837 (Camel - Banter, by Master Henry). Sire Line Camel. Family 14-a. A full-brother to Touchstone he was bred by the 1st Marquess of Westminster and won the Champagne Stakes in 1839 and the St Leger Stakes in 1840. He sired Julia (br f 1852) the ancestress of the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud winner and stallion Vatellor (b c 1933 Vatout).
  Laurel (GB)
br c 1824 (Blacklock - Wagtail, by Prime Minister). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 21-a. Described as a "good Blacklock" and "the coarse and larky coach-horse" he won the Doncaster Cup in 1828. He also won eight gold cups along with three other races. He sired Laurel Mare (b f 1840) the dam of the Oaks winner Rhedycina (b f 1847 Wintonian), the One Thousand Guineas and Oaks winner Governess (ch f 1855 Chatham) and ancestress of the Blue Grass Stakes winner Black Servant (br c 1918 Black Toney) and the stallion Raise a Native (ch c 1961 Native Dancer). He also sired Daphne (br f 1837) the second dam of the Chester Cup winner (twice) Leamington* (br c 1853 Faugh-a-Ballagh).
Laveno (GB)
b c 1892 (Bend Or - Napoli, by Macaroni). Sire Line Bend Or. Family 1-h.
  Leamington (GB)*
br c 1853 (Faugh-a-Ballagh - Mare, by Pantaloon). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 14. Bred by Mr Halford and owned by F Higgins he won the Chester Cup in 1857 and 1859. He was imported into New York by R W Cameron of Clifton, Staten Island. He sired the Phoenix Handicap winner Enquirer (b c 1867), the Preakness and Belmont Stakes winner Saunterer (ch c 1878), the Preakness Stakes winner Harold (ch c 1876), the first Kentucky Derby winner Aristides (ch c 1872), Iroquois (br c 1878) who went to England and won their Derby Stakes, Parole (b g 1873) who went to England and defeated the great Isonomy as well as winning the City and Suburban Stakes and Great Metropolitan Stakes, and the leading sire Longfellow (br c 1867). Leamington was a leading himself sire four times.
Lecomte (USA)
ch c 1850 (Boston - Reel, by Glencoe*). Sire Line King Herod. Family 23-b.
Leedes (GB)
br c 1700c (Leedes Arabian - Charming Jenny, by Spanker). Sire Line Leedes Arabian. Family 6.
Leedes Arabian
bbl c 1685c. Sire Line Leedes Arabian.
Le Sancy (FR)
gr c 1884 (Atlantic - Gem of Gems, by Strathconan). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 4-h.
Leviathan (GB)*
[ex-Mezeron] ch c 1823 (Muley - Mare, by Windle). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 7.
Lexington (USA)
b c 1850 (Boston - Alice Carneal, by Sarpedon*). Sire Line King Herod. Family 12-b.
  Liberty (GB)
b c 1749 (Hazard - Sister to Blank, by Godolphin Arabian). Sire Line Leedes Arabian. Family 15.
  Lifeboat (GB)
br c 1855 (Sir Hercules - Yard Arm, by Sheet Anchor). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 1-d. Said to be a better horse than his full-brother Gunboat (br c 1854) he won fourteen races including the Great Metropolitan with second place finishes in the Northumberland Plate and the Goodwood Stakes. He sired Sea Gull (bl f 1866) the dam of the Middle Park Stakes winner Beaudesert (b c 1877 Sterling), Affection (br f 1865) the second dam of the Cambridgeshire winner The Sailor Prince (b c 1880 Prince Albert), and Surf (b f 1878) the second dam of the Australian-bred Ascot Gold Cup and Cesarewitch winner Merman (ch c 1892 Grand Flaneur).
  Light (FR)
b c 1856 (The Prime Warden - Balaclava, by Medoro). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 5-a. Foaled in the stud of the Marquis de Talhouet, he was sold as a yearling to Baron Niviere. Said to have a perfect temperment and boundless energy he was of medium height and normal conformation. He won nineteen races in a row at the age of four including the Prix Biennal, Prix de Suresnes, Prix de l'Empereur, Prix de Satory, Prix Imperial and the Prix de Bologne and he finished second for the Liverpool Autumn Cup. Retired to the Villebon haras of Major Fridolin he sired the Prix de Diane winner Sornette (ch f 1867)and the Prix du Jockey Club winner Bigarreau (b c 1867).
Lily Agnes (GB)
b f 1871 (Macaroni - Polly Agnes, by The Cure). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 16-h.
Lister Turk
[Stradling Turk, Leicester Turk] gr c 1682c. Sire Line Lister Turk.
  Little Jack (GB)
b c 1847 (Slane - Coral, by Sir Hercules). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 26. Sent to Hungary he sired the Magyar Kanca dij winner Remeny (ch f 1857) and the Nemzeti dij winner Alfold (ch c 1859).
Little Driver (GB)
ch c 1743 (Beaver's Driver - Mare, by Childers). Sire Line Lister Turk. Family 6.
  Little Red Rover (GB)
ch c 1827 (Tramp - Miss Syntax, by Paynator). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 37. He won a handicap at Newmarket as a three year old and finished second in Priam's Derby. He went on to win two races as a four year old, six races as a five year old, five races as a six year old including the Goodwood Stakes and two races as a seven year old. He sired the unnamed dam (ch f 1841) of the great stallion Buccaneer (b c 1857 Wild Dayrell) and his half- brother Cruiser* (b c 1852 Venison).
  Little Scar (GB)
br c 1724 (Basto - Sister to Mixbury, by Curwen's Bay Barb). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 9-a.
Liverpool (GB)
b c 1828 (Tramp - Mare, by Whisker). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 11-g.
  Lofty (GB)
[Vane's] b c 1753 (Godolphin Arabian - Crofts Spinster, by Crofts Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4-b. Bred by Mr Panton he was first called Deputy. He sired the Doncaster Cup and Hambleton Royal Plate winner Laura (b f 1763) and Flora (ch f 1765) the dam of the St Leger winner Ruler (b c 1777 Young Marske).
Longbow (GB)
b c 1849 (Ithuriel - Miss Bowe, by Catton). Sire Line Camel. Family 21.
  Longfellow (USA)
br c 1867 (Leamington* - Nantura, by Brawner's Eclipse). Sire Line Pot8os. Family A14. Bred by John Harper at Nantura Stud in Kentucky he was described as standing 17 hands, with a white strip, white near hind sock, and white on his off hind coronet. A long horse with good legs and feet his stride was said to be enormous. He won the Saratoga Cup, Wooley Stakes and the Monmouth Cup twice. In his final race, a match against Harry Bassett, he pulled up lame having lost part of a front plate. He retired to the Nantura Stud in Woodford County, Kentucky. A leading sire in 1891 he sired two Kentucky Derby winners, Leonatus (b c 1880) and Riley (b c 1887). He also sired the Preakness winner The Bard (b c 1883); Thora (b f 1878) who won the Alabama Stakes, Monmouth Oaks and Saratoga Cup; and Peg Woffington (b f 1885). Longfellow died in November of 1893.
  Longwaist (GB)
b c 1821 (Whalebone - Nancy, by Dick Andrews). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 9-c. Owned by Fulwar Craven he ran from 1824 to 1828 winning 27 races including the Craven Stakes and fifteen gold cups. He covered at the Underley stud. In 1835 Mr Lowell refused 5,000 pounds for him, with the observation that he was priceless, shortly before he died by accidently hitting his head on the stable door. He sired the Manchester Cup winner Vestment (b c 1831), Solace (b f 1830) the dam of the Manchester Cup winner Aristotle (b c 1839 Physician) and Doncaster* (bl c 1834). He died in 1835.
Looby (GB)
[Bolton] br c 1728 (Bay Bolton - Golden Locks, by Bristol's Grasshopper). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 30.
  Looby (GB)
[Routh's] b c 1744 (Bolton Looby - Young Nanny, by Hartley's Blind Horse). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 41.
Lord Clifden (GB)
b c 1860 (Newminster - The Slave, by Melbourne). Sire Line Camel. Family 2-h.
  Lord Of The Hills (GB)
br c 1854 (Touchstone - Fair Helen, by Pantaloon). Sire Line Camel. Family 4-e. He was a full-brother to Lord of the Isles. Sent to Australia he sired the Melbourne Cup winner Glencoe (ch c 1864).
  Lord Of The Isles (GB)
b c 1852 (Touchstone - Fair Helen, by Pantaloon). Sire Line Camel. Family 4-e. Bred by A Johnstone he was described as a thin "deep flat-sided horse that did not require much work". He won the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes, the Lavant Stakes, the Biennial Stakes and finished third for the Derby. Among others he got the Ascot Gold Cup winner Scottish Chief (b c 1861).
Lottery (GB)
[Tinker] bbr c 1820 (Tramp - Mandane, by Pot8os). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 11-g.
  Loup-Garou (GB)
b c 1846 (Lanercost - Moonbeam, by Tomboy). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 4-c. He never won although he finished second for the Great Northamptonshire and Somersetshire Stakes and ran third for the Chester Cup. He sired the Queen Anne Stakes winner The Coroner (br c 1853), Fairwater (b f 1858) the dam of the St James's Palace Stakes winner The Bay of Naples (b c 1872 Macaroni) and the Nassau Stakes winner Eau de Vie (b c 1861 Kingston) and the third dam of the Ebor Handicap winner Caerau (b c 1875 Marsyas), Hecate (b f 1857) the second dam of the Cambridgeshire winner La Merveille (b f 1875 Blair Athol), and Visionary (bbr f 1864) the ancestress of the Ascot Gold Cup and Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe winner Massene (b c 1920 Consols).
Love Wisely (GB)
ch c 1893 (Wisdom - Lovelorn, by Philammon). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 11-e.
  Lowther Orientals
Luggs (GB)
c 1685c. Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Bred by Lord Darcy his dam was a Neapolitan mare. His single contribution to the stud book is an unnamed mare among the foundation mares of Family 19.
  Lurcher (GB)
b c 1789 (Dungannon - Mare, by Vertumnus or Eclipse). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 12-a. Owned by Mr Rider he appears on a list of 'North Country" stallions in 1796. He sired the Doncaster Cup winner Chance* (b c 1797), and Marchioness (b f 1797) the second dam of the St Leger winner Birmingham (br c 1827 Filho da Puta).
  Luzborough (GB )*
br c 1820 (Williamson's Ditto - Mare, by Dick Andrews). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 6-a. Bred by Mr Meynell and imported into Virginia in 1832 by Avery, Merritt and Townes. He died in Georgia in 1840. Among others he sired Minerva Anderson (ch f 1837) one of the foundation mares of American Family A11.

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