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  Dainty Davy (GB)
b c 1752 (Traveller - Slighted By All, by Fox Cub). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 4.
Daniel O'Rourke (GB)
ch c 1849 (Birdcatcher - Forget-Me-Not, by Hetman Platoff). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 9-b.
Dante (GB)
br c 1942 (Nearco - Rosy Legend, by Dark Legend). Sire Line Nearco. Family 3-n.
  Darcy's White Turk
[Place's White Turk or Sedbury Turk] gr c 1670c. Sire Line Darcy's White Turk.
  Darcy's Yellow Turk
c 1670c. Sire Line Darcy's Yellow Turk.
  Dare Devil (GB)*
b c 1787 (Magnet - Hebe, by Chrysolite). Sire Line King Herod. Family 12. Bred by the Duke of Grafton he was said to be a splendid racehorse at Newmarket for the Duke of Bedford. Purchased by Colonel Hoomes of Virginia as an eight-year-old he was imported in 1795 in the ship Rebecca from London. Sold to William Stark in 1796, he stood in Virginia and North Carolina (with Marmaduke Johnson in 1801) until 1807. He sired many winners including Irby's Dare Devil mare, the dam of Contention and Calypso.
Dark Ronald (IRE)
bbr c 1905 (Bay Ronald - Darkie, by Thurio). Sire Line Camel. Family 9-b.
Darley Arabian
b c 1700. Sire Line Darley Arabian.
  Dashwood (GB)
b c 1727 (Chandos' Turk - Tarran's Dam). Sire Line Chandos' Turk.
  Delpini (GB)
gr c 1781 (Highflyer - Countess, by Blank). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 30.
  Diamond (GB)
[Darcy's] c 1680c (Helmsley Turk). Sire Line Helmsley Turk.
  Diamond (GB)
[Somerset] ch c 1713c (Jew Trump - Mare, by Curwen's Grey Turk - Mare, by Curwen's Bay Barb - Mare, by Wastell Turk - a foreign horse). Sire Line Curwen's Chesnut Arabian. Bred by Henry Curwen he was later owned by Charles Seymour (1662-1748), the 6th Duke of Somerset. The General Stud Book suggests that the Somerset Diamond was probably the same horse as the North Country Diamond [GSB 1:380], however, there is confusion in GSB and the Turf Register regarding the Diamonds, probably because several of them ran in 1732. This Diamond ran at Newmarket in 1719, receiving a forfeit from Brocklesby Betty (ch f 1711 Curwen's Bay Barb) on one occasion, and defeating the Duke of Rutland's Coneyskins in a match for 200gs on another [Newmarket Calendar]. In the stud he sired the North Country Diamond, and the dam of the Duke's Achilles (br c 1737 Brother to Fearnought).
  Diamond (GB)
[North Country] ch c 1726 (Somerset Diamond - Mare, by Curwen's Bay Barb). Sire Line Curwen's Chesnut Arabian. Bred by Mr Rawlinson he was later sold to Mr Bathurst and Mr Grisewood. In 1732 he won a King's Plate for Mr Bathurst at York, and two King's Plates at Lincoln and Newmarket for Mr Grisewood, in the latter defeating Mr Kettle's Diamond. He was advertised to cover in Nottingham in 1737 and described as a very strong "well whited" dark chesnut horse who stood 14 hands 3 inches high. In the stud he got Mr Warren's Diamond Mare, the dam of Warren's Camillus (b c 1748 Cullen Arabian).
  Diamond (GB)
[South Country] ch c 1726 (Potatoe - Sedgmoor's Dam). Sire Line Potatoe. Potatoe was bred in Ireland by Mr Broderick, then purchased by John How of Gloucestershire. Diamond was bred by Mr Sanson and later owned by Mr Kettle. In 1732 he won King's Plates for Messrs Sanson and Kettle at Guildford, Lewes, Canterbury and Winchester. He left no known offspring.
Diamond (GB)
br c 1792 (Highflyer - Mare, by Matchem). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 4-b.
Diamond Jubilee (GB)
b c 1897 (St. Simon - Perdita, by Hampton). Sire Line St. Simon. Family 7-f.
Dick Andrews (GB)
b c 1797 (Joe Andrews - Mare, by Highflyer). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 9.
  Dicky Pierson (GB)
c 1675c (Dodsworth). Sire Line Dodsworth.
  Dimple (GB)
[Dyer's, Pulleine's] ch c 1700c (Leedes Arabian - Old Sophonisba, by Spanker - Mare, by Dodsworth). Sire Line Leedes Arabian.
Diomed (GB)*
ch c 1777 (Florizel - Sister to Juno, by Spectator). Sire Line King Herod. Family 6-b.
  Diophantus (GB)
ch c 1858 (Orlando - Equation, by Emilius). Sire Line Camel. Family 7-a.
  Dismal (GB)
gr c 1733 (Godolphin Arabian - Mare, by Alcock Arabian). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 105. Bred by Lord Godolphin and later owned by Mr South he won the 1000 guineas Great Stakes at Newmarket and King's Plates at Ipswich, Guildford, Salisbury, Canterbury and Lincoln. Never defeated, he stood 15 hands and covered in Yorkshire at Denton and later at Doncaster and Pontrefact. He sired Jenny Dismal* (b f 1752c).
Dixie (USA)
b f 1859 (Sovereign* - St. Mary, by Hamlet). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 1-o.
  Dodsworth (GB)
c 1670c. Sire Line Dodsworth. Family 32. Research of James Hardiman suggests that he could be the same horse as Darcy's Yellow Turk.
Doncaster (GB)
ch c 1870 (Stockwell - Marigold, by Teddington). Sire Line Stockwell. Family 5-e.
Don John (GB)
b c 1835 (Waverley - Mare, by Comus). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 2-c.
Donovan (GB)
b c 1886 (Galopin - Mowerina, by Scottish Chief). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 7-a.
  Don Quixote (GB)
ch c 1784 (Eclipse - Grecian Princess, by Williams' Forester). Sire Line Eclispe. Family 13. Bred by Mr Taylor he got the useful stallions Sancho (b c 1801) and Cervantes (b c 1806). The American Stud Book thought he may have been sent to America but according to the General Stud Book Don Quixote was never exported, dying in England when 22 years old.
Dorimant (GB)
ch c 1772 (Otho - Mare, by Babraham). Sire Line St. Victor Barb. Family 40.
Dormouse (GB)
br c 1738 (Godolphin Arabian - Sister to Miss Partner, by Crofts Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4.
  Dove (GB)*
gr c 1756 (Cape's Young Cade - Mare, by Old Teazer. Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 100. Described as a beautiful dark grey horse, standing fully 15 hands, Dove ran at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1760. Bred by Thomas Jackson, senior, in the north of England, he was imported from Scotland in 1761 by Dr Thomas Hamilton, who also imported Figure. In 1763 he ran at Annapolis, losing to Galloway's Selim. He stood first at Dr Hamilton's Mount Calvert Manor in Prince George's County, Maryland, then later in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, finally returning to Maryland in 1774. He sired Primrose, a successful racer, Thistle, who in 1769 won a sweepstakes for 60 guineas at Annapolis, and the grandam of Hall's Union (b c 1777 Slim).
  Dr. Syntax (GB)
br c 1811 (Paynator - Mare, by Beningbrough). Sire Line Matchem. Family 37. Bred by Humphrey Osbaldeston he was described as a horse of great character and stood around 15 hands. Said to be mouse coloured, he had a large, bright eye and flaring nostrils, and was thought to be light in the quarters. He won twenty Gold Cups over a ten year period. Because of his small size and uncertain temper he was not popular in the stud. He sired the One Thousand Guineas Stakes winner Chateau D'Espagne (b f 1834) and the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes winner Ralph (ch c 1838).
  Driver (GB)
[Beaver's] ch c 1732 Lister's Snake - Thwaite's Dun Mare, by Acaster Turk). Sire Line Lister Turk. Family 38.
  Drone (GB)*
b c 1777 (King Herod - Lily, by Blank). Sire Line King Herod. Family 4-b. Bred by the Duke of Ancaster he was first called Neptune. In the colours of Mr Panton he raced successfully in England, including five races against Anvil, of which he won several. He placed 5th in Diomed's Derby, beating Bay Bolton and others. Drone won a King's Plate, with Diomed placing second, and later Drone beat Diomed for a 50 plate won by Alaric. Described as a "capital performer," he stood 15.2 hands. He covered in Yorkshire at Brumpton and later at Highflyer Hall then again at Brumpton and finally at Bedale. Purchased from Benjamin Tallmadge by Charles Butler in the fall of 1797 he was imported into Connecticut and stood in Litchfield, and later in Dutchess County, New York. Before export he got the St Leger winner Lounger (b c 1794) and the dam of the St Leger winner Staveley (b c 1802 Shuttle). He also got Arra Kooker* (br c 1789). He died around 1807.
Dungannon (GB)
b c 1780 (Eclipse - Aspasia, by King Herod). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 33.
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