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Darley Arabian




Blaze, by Childers

Scrub, by Blaze




Childers [Devonshire or Flying] b c 1714 (Darley Arabian - Betty Leedes, by Old Careless). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 6-a.

His name was Childers, although he was later called both Devonshire and Flying Childers, the latter not until at least five years after his death. Bred by Leonard Childers (1673-1748) of Carr House, near Doncaster, he was purchased as a youngster by William Cavendish (1673-1729), the 2nd Duke of Devonshire. A bay with a blaze and four socks, he was thought to be the fastest horse ever trained until that time. He ran in private trials and at Newmarket against the best class of horses, defeating all he met.

That Childers gave his spectators an impression of speed is beyond doubt. He is said to have covered nearly a mile in a minute during his match with Almanzor and Brown Betty, and to have covered the Beacon Course, then measured at 4 miles 1 furlong 128 yards, in 7 minutes and 30 seconds, with each stride covering 25 feet.

In the stud he is said to have covered few mares other than those belonging to the Duke, and is often thought to have been less successful than his younger brother Bartlet's Childers. Nevertheless, he sired the Champion Sires Devonshire Blacklegs (br c 1728) and Blaze (b c 1733). His sons Snip (br c 1736), Second (br c 1732) and Hampton Court Childers (c 1725) were very good stallions, and Ball (b c 1736), Grey Childers (gr c 1729), Roundhead (s c 1733) and Steady (gr c 1735) also made contributions.

Childers was Champion Sire in 1730 and 1736. He died in the Duke's stud at Chatsworth in 1741.

Childers Darley Arabian    
Betty Leedes Old Careless Spanker
Barb Mare
Sister to Leedes Leedes Arabian
Charming Jenny
Race Record

In 1721 he won a trial against Almanzor (ch c 1713 Darley Arabian) and the Duke of Rutland's Brown Betty (br f 1713 Basto) over the Round Course. Childers carried 9st 2lbs and covered the course, measured at 3 miles 6 furlongs and 93 yards, in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. In April he defeated the Duke of Bolton's Speedwell (ch c Honeywood's Arabian) in a 500 guineas match over 4 miles on the Beacon Course. In 1720 Speedwell had beaten the Duke of Rutland's famous Coneyskins (gr c 1712 Lister Turk) in a 4 mile match. In October Childers collected a 500 guinea forfeit from Speedwell.

In 1722 he beat Fox (b c 1714 Clumsey) a distance and a half while conceding a stone [Early Records:161]. Later in October he defeated Lord Drogheda's Chaunter (b c 1710 Akaster Turk) in a 1000 guineas match over 6 miles. Each carried 10 stone. Although twelve years old at the time Chaunter had beaten the best horses of his day.

Childers was engaged for two matches in 1723 although he didn't have to run. He received 50 guineas forfeit from both the Duke of Bridgewater's Lonsdale Mare and Lord Milsintown's Stripling (ch f Bald Galloway) when they withdrew from a 300 guineas match. In November he collected a 100 guineas forfeit from Lord Godolphin's Bobsey (br c Bay Bolton) when Bobsey declined the challenge of a 200 guineas match.
Childers Mares
1. Ebony (b f 1728) was a foundation mare of Family 5.
2. Keeton (f) was likewise a foundation mare of Family 39.
3. Sister 1 to Steady (gr f c1732) produced Allworthy (gr c 1744 Crab) and Feather (b c 1751 Godolphin Arabian), both good stallions, along with Horatia (b f 1758 Blank), the taproot mare of Family 6-b.
4. Sister to Blaze (ch f 1730) was the dam of Lord Portmore's Whitenose (b c 1742 Godolphin Arabian) and his brother (b c 1736), both useful sires.
5. Childers Mare (f) was the dam of Little Driver (ch c 1743 Beaver's Driver).
6. Childers Mare (f) was the dam of the good sire Sloe (bl c 1740 Crab).
7. Childers Mare (f) was the 4th dam of King Fergus (ch c 1775 Eclipse).
Other Notable Offspring

Blacklegs (GB)
[Devonshire] br c 1728 (Childers - Sister to Soreheels, by Basto). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 9-a. Bred by the 2nd Duke of Devonshire and raced by the 3rd Duke, Blacklegs ran for two years. He won 200 guineas defeating the Duke of Bridgewater's Beauty at Newmarket in October of 1732 over four miles. The next year he won the 700 guineas stakes at Newmarket in April, beating the Duke of Bolton's Sly (ch c 1728 Croft's Partner), Sir Michael Newton's Favourite and the Duke of Somerset's Quibble, over four miles. Later in October he won 300 guineas, again beating Sly over four miles. He then won a 275 guineas sweepstakes defeating Mr Honeywood's grey mare, who won the King's Plate at Newmarket in 1734, the Duke of Bolton's Looby (br c 1728 Bay Bolton), Lord Gower's chesnut mare, Mr Hutton's Spot, Lord Halifax's Bumper, Sir Michael Newton's Favourite and Mr Seymour's Robin. He joined the Duke's stud at Chatsworth and was Champion Stallion in 1746. He got a number of good runners and useful mares.
Blacklegs Mares
1. Blacklegs Mare (f 1741), dam of Lord Orford's good runner and stallion Captain (br c 1752 Young Cartouch) and Lord Portmore's Cassandra* (b f 1754 Whitenose), the latter the grandam of Harris's Eclipse (b c 1771 Fearnought*).
2. Sir Edward O'Brien's Duchess (b f 1745), also called Duchess Dowager, who was sent to Ireland and there became the dam of Dorimond (b c 1757 Bustard).
3. Blacklegs Mare, dam of Richard Grosvenor's good runner Trajan (b c 1748 Regulus).
4. Richard Langley's Miss Langley [ex-Gipsey] (bl f 1740), dam of the racehorse Marcus (ch c 1753 Oroonoko).
5. Mr. Duncombe's Red Rose (f 1745), dam of Mr. Buckle's runner Jalap (b c 1758 Regulus).
Blaze (GB)
b c 1733 (Childers - Confederate Filly, by Grey Grantham). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 61. Bred by Thomas Panton, Newmarket, he raced for three years with considerable success. He won 300 guineas at Newmarket in 1738, beating the Duke of Bolton's Hopeful (gr c 1733 Sweepstakes) over over four miles. In April of 1739 he won a 700 guineas sweepstakes at Newmarket, beating Lord Godolphin's Roundhead (ch c 1733 Childers) over four miles, and later the same year he walked-over for the King's Plate at Winchester, and won the King's Plate at Lewes, beating Mr Stanton's Cinderwench. Back at Newmarket in April of 1740 he won the King's Plate there, defeating the Duke of Hamilton's Spectre and the Duke of Somerset's Blacklegs. Purchased by Sir Harry Harpur, Blaze went on to win 40 guineas at Epsom, beating Lord Portmore's Squirt (ch c 1732 Bartlet's Childers) and Mr Grisewood's Lady Thigh (ch f 1731 Partner), 50 guineas at Guildford, beating Sir A Henley's Merry Cupid and Lord Weymouth's Scrutineer (b c 1732 Aleppo), another 50 guineas at at Reading, beating Mr Friend's Pebblestone, Mr Beaver's Driver (ch c 1732 Snake) and Mr Turner's Lath (b c 1732 Godolphin Arabian), 50 at Chipping-Norton, and a final 50 guineas at Oxford. He was then purchased by John Luck and Joseph Smith and stood at Beverley, Yorkshire, still commanding a fee of 3 guineas as late as 1754, and 5 guineas in 1755 when he stood at Scorton, near Richmond, in Yorkshire. He sired many superior racehorses, including Mr Robinson's Sampson (b c 1745), who was also a very good stallion, and Mr Witty's Grenadier (b c 1746), although he is probably best known as the sire of Sir William St Quinton's Cypron (b f 1750), the dam of Champion Sire King Herod (b c 1758 Tartar) and Protector (br c 1770 Matchem). He was also the great great grandsire of Messenger* (gr c 1780 Mambrino) who was ancestor to the American trotting horse. Blaze was Champion Sire in 1751 and died in 1756.

Scrub (GB)
b c 1751 (Blaze - Lucretia, by Partner - Lucy, by Gallant's Smiling Tom - Mare, by Rooksby's Turk). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Owned by Charles Watson Wentworth (1730-1782), 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, he was a highly regarded runner who was rarely defeated during a distinguished career in which he earned around 2000 guineas. In 1755 he won a 200gs match at Newmarket from Lord March's Wanton. In 1756 he won a 200gs match at Newmarket from Lord March's Janus. In 1757 he won a 200gs match at Newmarket from Lord Northumberland's Brutus and a 200gs match from Lord March's Janus, as well as a 200gs sweepstakes at Doncaster. In 1758 he won a 1000gs match at Newmarket from the Duke of Bridgewater's Miss Patty and collected a forfeit from the Duke of Cumberland's Rib. In 1760 he won a Fifty at Doncaster and in 1761 he won the Great Subscription at York. He covered in the Rockingham stud and when an older horse was given to his former rider John Singleton. Said to stand fourteen hands three inches and be sound and well, he was advertised to cover at Grimston, near York, in 1766 for a fee of three guineas. Although not particularly successful as a stallion, one of his daughters had descendants into the early 1800s. According to the Turf Register he got Lord Rockingham's Humble and Sandbeck along with Mr Ogilvy's Pall Mall, Sir Charles Bunbury's Vagabond and Mr O'Kelly's Bamboo [Pick 1:177].
Roundhead (GB)
s c 1733 (Childers - Roxana, by Bald Galloway). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 6-a. One of the few horses recorded in the General Stud Book as a sorrel, Roundhead, bred by Edward Coke, was foaled April 24, 1733. His entry in Lord Godolphin's stud book, which had previously belonged to Edward Coke and its ownership apparently transferred along with the Godolphin Arabian in 1733, notes that Roundhead was a chesnut colt with a bald face and four white legs [Royal Studs:138]. He was sold to Mr Potts in 1739 and stood in the north of Yorkshire. He is recorded in several sources as sire of the 4th dam of King Fergus (ch c 1775 Eclipse), which mare is traditionally assigned to Childers. He got several useful mares along with noteworthy sons Joseph Andrews, Roger of the Vale and Stadtholder. Roger of the Vale (ch c 1741) was erroneously identified in the American Stud Book as the Jolly Roger who was sent to America.
Roundhead Mares
1. Roundhead Mare, dam of the good racemare Belinda (gr f 1753 Tartar).
2. Roundhead Mare (f c1740), bred by Mr. Hassell, dam of Mr. Grisewood's Teazer (gr c 1749 Old Teazer) who won a Royal Plate at Ipswich in 1753.
3. Roundhead Mare, bred by Mr. Langley, a foundation mare of Family 65, and 4th dam of the Ascot Gold Cup winner Jannette (ch f 1807 King Bladud).
4. Miss Roundhead (ch f 1742), bred by John Holme, of Carlisle, Cumberland, the 2nd dam of Old England* (b c 1757 Holme's Young Starling) who was sent to Virginia in 1762. Purchased by John Leary he ran from 1763 to 1767 in New York and Pennsylvania. In October of 1764 he lost a Fifty at Newmarket (Long Island) to Mr. Thorne's Starling* and Mr. Smith's Hero*. He stood in New York from 1766 to 1772.

Stadtholder (GB)
ch c 1742 (Roundhead - Mare, by Childers). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 41. Bred in Yorkshire by Cuthbert Routh of Snape Hall he was sold in 1748 to Lord Tankerville and Thomas Panton for 300 guineas. In his only start in 1747 he won 50 at York, beating Lord Portmore's Highlander. In April of 1748 he won the 130 guineas Plate at Newmarket, again beating Highlander and the Duke of Ancaster's Badger. Following this race Stadtholder ran for his new owners, winning the King's Plate at Winchester beating Mr Keck's Lady Caroline and the King's Plate at Salisbury beating Highlander and Lady Caroline again. He then won King's Plates at Canterbury and Lewes. He was later sent to Ireland but left no significant offspring.
Snip (GB)
br c 1736 (Childers - Sister to Soreheels, by Basto). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 9-a. Bred and raced by the 3rd Duke of Devonshire, Snip won his first race, in 1741, at Beccles, Suffolk, earning 50 while defeating Mr Trevor's Thirkelby (Easby Snake), Mr Shuldam's Fancy and three others. He ran later at Newmarket without success, in spite of which his "high blood, justness of shape, and fine appearance recommended him to breeders as a promising stallion" [Pick 1:66]. Sold to William Parker, he stood first at Dunstan-Bank, near Newcastle, and later at Mr Rogers's at Kenton, Northumberland. He got a number of good sons, including the Champion Sire Snap (bl c 1750), Prince T'Quassaw (b c 1751), Judgment (b c 1751), Fribble (b c 1756) and Swiss (br c 1757). Of his many useful daughters the "Grey-legg'd mare" produced the good runners Cardinal Puff (gr c 1760 Babraham) and Crimp (b c 1757 Cade), and another produced Banker (b c 1761 Matchem) who ran with great success in Ireland. Snip died at Kenton in May of 1757.

Prince T'Quassaw (GB)
b c 1751 (Snip - Dairymaid, by Bloody Buttocks). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 23. First owned by William Fenwick of Bywell, Northumberland, he was later purchased by the Duke of Kingston. In 1755 he won the Maiden Plate at Lincoln, beating Mr Richardson's Fox-Cub and Lord Scarborough's Chance. He also won £50 at Morpeth, beating Mr Scurfield's Dunkirk. In 1756 he won the 60 guineas Subscription Purse at Hambleton, beating Mr Swinburn'e Judgment over four miles. He then won a 500 guineas sweepstakes at York, beating the Duke of Ancaster's Myrtle, Mr Hutton's Speedwell, Sir William Middleton's Spot, the Marquis of Granby's bay colt (Buffcoat) and Mr Shafto's Hawk. The same year he won £50 at Lincoln, beating Mr Meek's Rake (Blaze) who retired after the first heat; and walked-over for £50 at Morpeth. Starting for the Duke of Kingston in April of 1757 he won over 60 guineas at Newmarket, beating Sir John Ramsden's Brisk (Cade). He then won the King's Plate at Nottingham, beating Mr Peirse's Commoner (Rib). He also won the King's Plate at York, again beating Commoner, along with Mr Scurfield's Dunkirk. He walked-over for £50 at Lincoln and started twice more without success. He got very few mares whilst in the stud and is mainly remembered as the sire of the 3rd dam of Dr. Syntax (br c 1811), who was in turn the damsire of Newminster (b c 1848 Touchstone).

Grenadier (GB) b c 1746 (Blaze - Mare, by Sultan). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 40.
Sampson (GB) b c 1745 (Blaze - Mare, by Hip). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 12.
Second (GB) br c 1732 (Childers - Sister to Soreheels, by Basto). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 9-a.
Spanking Roger (GB) ch c 1732 (Childers - Sparkler, by Cyprus Arabian - Mare, by Spanker). Sire Line Darley Arabian.
Snap (GB) bl c 1750 (Snip - Sister to Slipby, by Fox). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 1.