Newminster (GB)


Sire Line


Beeswing and Newminster, courtesy of
Newmarket Equine Hospital

Newminster b c 1848 (Touchstone - Beeswing, by Dr Syntax). Sire Line Camel. Family 8.

Bred by William Orde at Nunnykirk, Morpeth, in Northumberland, Newminster was a full brother to the Two Thousand Guineas winner Nunnykirk (bl c 1846), who was sold to France for around 1000 guineas. Orde also bred his dam, Beeswing, "the pride of Northumberland," who won fifty one of sixty four races including the Ascot Gold Cup, the Doncaster Cup four times and the Newcastle Cup six times. Newminster was later sold to A Nichols.

Thought to be less handsome than his brother, he was described as a bright bay standing about fifteen hands one inch who, when galloping, "swept along close to the ground with great elegance and power". His action at the walk, however, was said to be so bad that Sir Tatton Sykes declined to pay 1200 for him. Along with a delicate constitution, poor feet troubled him enough to preclude any racing as a two year old and he was thought to have never really been right throughout his turf career.

He covered for two years at Tickhill Castle, south of Doncaster, before moving to the Rawcliffe Stud Company near York. A great success, he got four classics winners, the Derby winners Hermit (ch c 1864) and Musjid (br c 1856), the St Leger winner and Champion Sire Lord Clifden (b c 1860), and the One Thousand Guineas winner Nemesis (b f 1858). Through Lord Clifden the sire line descended to Hyperion (ch c 1930 Gainsborough). Newminster was Champion Sire in 1859 and 1863 and second on the list four times. Beset by laminitis, he died at York in 1868.

Newminster Touchstone Camel Whalebone
Selim Mare
Banter Master Henry
Beeswing Dr Syntax Paynator
Beningbrough Mare
Ardrossan Mare Ardrossan
Lady Eliza
Race Results
In 1851 he went unplaced in the Derby Stakes, won by Teddington (ch c 1848 Orlando), finished 3rd in the Ebor St Leger, won the Great St Leger by two lengths, beating Sir Joseph Hawley's Aphrodite (br f 1848 Bay Middleton), and was unplaced in the Cambridgeshire.
In 1852 he won a 300 sovereigns each sweep at Goodwood, beating Lord Clifden's Harpsichord (b c 1848 Touchstone) by two lengths, and went unplaced for the Goodwood Cup and the Doncaster Cup.
In 1853 he was unplaced in the Chester Cup and the Great Ebor Handicap.
In 1854 he was again unplaced in the Chester Cup and was retired to the stud.

Hermit (GB) ch c 1864 (Newminster - Seclusion, by Tadmor). Sire Line Camel. Family 5-d.