Protector (GB)

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Sire Line




Protector br c 1770 (Matchem - Cypron, by Blaze). Sire Line Matchem. Family 26.

Protector was bred at Lydiard Park, Swindon, by Frederick St John (1732-1787), 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke, from Cypron (b f 1750 Blaze), the dam of King Herod (b c 1758 Tartar), whom Bolingbroke probably obtained from the stud of William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, following the latter's death in 1765.

Following his first race in 1774, he was sold to Sir Charles Bunbury, who later owned Diomed (ch c 1777 Florizel), Whiskey (b c 1789 Saltram) and numerous other distinguished horses. After winning a couple of races for Sir Charles, he was sold later the same year to Richard, 1st Earl Grosvenor, for whom he won several matches that year and the next.

Protector retired to Lord Grosvenor's Eaton stud in Cheshire, (where Bandy (b c 1747 Cade) had stood until 1770). Lord Grosvenor bred a number of classics winners, including the Derby winners Daedalus (b c 1791 Justice), John Bull (ch c 1789 Fortitude) and Rhadamanthus (b c 1787 Justice). Although Protector sired two mares used in his Lordship's Stud, he left no stock that bred on.

Protector Matchem Cade Godolphin Arabian
Sister to Miss Partner Croft's Partner
Brown Farewell
Cypron Blaze Childers
Confederate Filly
Salome Bethell's Arabian
Champion Mare
Race Record
In 1774 Protector won a 200 guineas each sweep at Newmarket, First Spring, beating the Duke of Bolton's Crab (b c Swiss), over the Beacon Course, with six others paying a forfeit, making the stakes worth 1400 guineas. At Newmarket, Second Spring, he won a 200 guineas match, defeating Lord Abingdon's Transit (ch c 1766 Marske), over the Beacon Course. He then won the Jockey Club Plate, beating Mr Vernon's Hyacinth (bl c 1770 Turf), Lord Grosvenor's Maiden (b f 1770 Matchem), and six others, over the Round Course. In October at Newmarket, he placed 2nd in a 200 guineas each sweep, losing to Lord Ossory's Comus (b c 1770 Otho), who was later sent to France, and three others, over the Beacon Course. He followed this with a 2nd placing to Maiden for a purse of 100 guineas, beating Mr Shirley's Papist (gr c Matchem) and Mr Strode's Longshanks (ro c 1770 Swiss), over the Beacon Course. As the property of Lord Grosvenor, he started again in October, winning a 300 guineas match from Mr Strode's Ranger (ch c 1768 Ranger), over the Beacon Course. In his final race of the year he defeated Mr Panton's Corydon (b c 1770 Dumpling) in a 500 guineas match over the Beacon Course.
At Newmarket, First Spring, in 1775, Protector won the 1200 guineas Subscription Purse, beating the Duke of Grafton's Magnet (br c 1770 Herod), Babel and Lord Farnham's Jonquille (b c 1770 Squirrel), over the Round Course. He then paid a 100 guineas half-forfeit to Mr Blake's Mareschal (br c 1770 Saanah Arabian). At Newmarket, Second Spring, he won a 500 guineas match from Lord Clermont's Priestess (b f 1767 Matchem), over the Beacon Course. In his final race he won the 140 guineas subscription, defeating Lord Ossory's Comus (b c 1770 Otho), over the Beacon Course.