Whiskey (GB)






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Whiskey b c 1789 (Saltram* - Calash, by Herod). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 2-a.

Whiskey was bred at Hampton Court by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, later King George IV, who won the Derby in 1788 with Sir Thomas (ch c 1785 Pontac), a half-brother to Pot8os. His dam, Calash (b f 1775 King Herod), winner of five races, had been acquired from Mr Cross, after her son Paragon (b c 1783 Paymaster) had won the St Leger in 1786. She was sold in 1792 at the Prince of Wales's sale to Mr Wilson for 300 guineas.

Whiskey won a number of races and matches in 1792, after which he was sold for 650 guineas to J H Durand, whose racing stable was said to be one of the largest and most successful in England. He broke down in a race at Lewes and was subsequently purchased by Sir Charles Bunbury, and entered stud at Great Barton, near Bury St Edmunds, where his daughters proved exceptional. Whiskey was described as a very stout runner, which trait he passed on to his progeny. He sired 148 winners of of more than 42,416.

Whiskey Saltram Eclipse Marske
Virago Snap
Regulus Mare
Calash King Herod Tartar
Teresa Matchem
Brown Regulus
Race Record

At 3: won a 200 guineas each sweep at Newmarket, beating Lord Grosvenor's Brobdignag (b c 1789 Highflyer) and Cayenne (b c 1789 Pot8os) and one other, won 50 at Bedford, beating Mr R Vernon's Tickler (b c 1789 Florizel), won a 1000 guineas each sweep at Newmarket October, beating Cayenne, won the 1400 guineas Subscription, beating Lord Grosvenor's Chigwell (ch c 1789 Pot8os), won 20 guineas each sweep at Newmarket October, beating Brobdignag and two others, won a match against Sir Frank Standish's Sir John (ch c Crop), 3rd (and last) 50 guineas each Prince's Stakes at Brighton, won by Mr Davis's Treecreeper (b f 1789 Woodpecker), 4th (and last) in the 200 guineas Great Produce Stakes at Newmarket, won by Lord Grosvenor's John Bull (ch c 1789 Fortitude), 6th Derby Stakes, won by John Bull.

At 4: won the 100 guineas each Jockey Stakes at Newmarket First Spring, beating Cayenne over the Beacon Course, won a 200 guineas match at Newmarket Second Spring against Mr Bullock's Halbert (b c 1788 Javelin) over the Beacon Course, won a 10 guineas each sweep at Winchester, beating Mr Dundas's Pencil (b c 1787 Ruler) and four others, 2nd in a 100 guineas sweep at Lewes, won by Lord Egremont's Cinnabar (ch c 1789 Mercury), who was later sent to Russia, walked-over at Winchester for a 50 purse.
Notable Offspring

Cressida (GB)
b f 1807, dam of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Antar (b c 1816 Haphazard), the Derby winner Priam (b c 1827 Emilius), who also won the Goodwood Stakes twice and was later sent to America where he became a Leading Sire, and 3rd dam of the Champagne Stakes winner The Cure (b c 1841 Physician), whose daughters, Little Agnes (b f 1856) and Polly Agnes (bbr f 1865) were taproot mares of Family 16-c and Family 16-g respectively.

Eleanor (GB)
b f 1798, won the both the Derby and the Oaks Stakes, and later foaled Muley (b c 1810 Orville).

Helen (GB)
b f 1809, was the dam of Young Truffle* (br c 1823 Truffle) who was sent to Virginia and there sired Allegrante (b f 1831) who founded a good family of American winners.

Julia (GB)
br f 1799, was the dam of the Derby winner and Champion Sire Phantom (b c 1808).

Juniper (GB)
ch c 1805, a useful stallion, and broodmare sire of Velocipede (ch c 1825 Blacklock).

L'Huile de Venus (GB)
b f 1804, was the dam of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Nectar (b c 1813 Walton).

Marmion (GB)
b c 1806, sired the St Leger winner Jack Spigot (br c 1818) and Clare (b f 1806), the 2nd dam of Pocahontas (b f 1837 Glencoe), the latter mare the taproot of Family 3-n.

Orangeade (GB)
b f 1803, was the 4th dam of Canezou (br f 1845 Melbourne), winner of the One Thousand Guineas, Doncaster Cup, Goodwood Cup (twice) and the Park Hill Stakes as well as contributing to Family 31.

Pamela (GB)
b f 1800, 2nd dam of Steeltrap (ch c 1815 Scud) who was sent to Australia and there sired the taproot mare of Colonial Family 16.

Pelisse (GB)
br f 1801, winner of 15 races, including the Oaks Stakes.

Pioneer (GB)
br c 1804, full-brother to Pelisse, he sired Rous' Emigrant (b c 1822), a good sire in Australia.

Rosabella (GB)
b f 1803, dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Rhoda (b f 1813 Asparagus).

Trafalgar (GB)
b c 1803, winner of a King's Plate, the Prince's Stakes and 2nd in the Derby Stakes.

Whiskey Mare (GB)
ch f 1799, 2nd dam of Emilius (b c 1820 Orville), a Derby winner and twice Champion sire. Whiskey Mare was also the 2nd dam of the Oaks winner Wings (ch f 1822 The Flyer), who produced the Ascot Gold Cup winner Caravan (br c 1834 Camel) and the Poule d'Essai winner Fiametta (b  1838 Actaeon or Camel).

Young Whiskey (GB)
b c 1801, sired Young Whiskey Mare (b f 1808), 2nd dam of the stallion Hercule (ch c 1830). Hercule sired the very good French filly Lanterne (b f 1841), winner of the Prix du Jockey Club and Prix de Diane, and the dam of Constance (ch f 1848 Gladiator), the taproot mare of Family 6-d.