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Cymba, by Melbourne




Melbourne br c 1834 (Humphrey Clinker - Mare, by Cervantes). Sire Line Matchem. Family 1-a.

Bred by H Robinson, he was a full brother to Minx (b f 1835 Humphrey Clinker) who was the dam of the Royal Hunt Cup winner Sir Charles (b c 1847 Hetman Platoff) and the Ebor Handicap winner The Grand Inquisitor (bbr c 1851 Cowl). Standing 16 hands high his general good looks were thought to be somewhat marred by lack of depth and shoulders verging a little on the straight side. He was considered an easy horse to ride, equally comfortable on straightaways or corners. He later belonged to John Kirby of York. He was said to have been offered to Sidney Herbert (later Lord Herbert of Lea) for 250 guineas but rejected on account of his bad knees. Retained by his owner to race he proved a creditable if not high-class winner and despite his length once he reached his stride few could overtake him.

His mare book was limited to lesser mares until the arrival of his classic winning son Sir Tatton Sykes in 1843 after which he gained enormous popularity. In all he got seven classics winners including the first triple crown winner West Australian (b c 1850) through whom the Matchem sire line was borne into the twentieth century. He transmitted strength, vitality and stamina to his progeny and was Champion Sire in 1853 and 1857. Melbourne died at York in 1859.

Melbourne Humphrey Clinker Comus Sorcerer
Houghton Lass
Clinkerina Clinker
Cervantes Mare Cervantes Don Quixote
Golumpus Mare Golumpus
Paynator Mare
Race Record
In 1837 he finished 2nd for the Gold Cup Stakes at Beverley, won by Mr Bell's Righton (ch c 1833 Palmerin), beating 3 others.
In 1838 he won 170 at York Spring, beating Mr Tilburn's Master Cast-Off (br c 1835 Velocipede), Mr Bell's Miss Eliza (b f 1834 Humphrey Clinker), Mr Jacques's Burletta (ch f 1832 Actaeon) and Eaglet (gr f 1834 Falcon). At the same meeting collected a 25 sovs compromise from Mr Stable's Young Mohican (b c Tinker). Went unplaced for the 850 Cup at Liverpool July, won by Lord Eglinton's St Bennett (b c 1834 Catton), with Harkaway (ch c 1834 Economist) finishing 2nd; 9 others ran. Finished 4th and last for the Cup at Doncaster, won by Don John (b c 1835 Waverley), with Beeswing (b f 1833 Doctor Syntax) placing 2nd and The Doctor (b c 1834 Dr Syntax) 3rd. At the same meeting finished 2nd for the Victoria Handicap, won by Mr Denison's Percy (b c 1835 Mangrove), beating 5 others. Won the Cup at Lincoln, beating Miss Eliza and 1 other.
In 1839 he won the 120 Cup Stakes at Beverley, beating Mr Bell's Ferneley (ch c 1836 Gainsborough), Miss Eliza, Humphrey (br c 1835 Sandbeck), Vexation (br f Jerry) and 2 others. At the same meeting won a 50 purse, beating the Hon George Watson's Little Bird (br f 1835 Waverley), Mr Richardson's Accelerator (b c 1836 The Flyer) and Aggravator (b c Palmerin). Finished 2nd for the Queen's Plate at York, won by Beeswing (b f 1833 Doctor Syntax), beating Mr Bowes's Epirus (ch c 1834 Langar) and Humphrey. At the same meeting won the 50 sovs Members' Plate, beating Col Thompson's Mazourka (b f Margrave) and 2 others. Won the 450 Palatine Handicap Sweepstakes at Liverpool, beating Mr Ramsay's Lanercost (br c 1835 Liverpool), Lord Miltown's Medea (b f 1836 Irish Drone), Mr Bell's La Sage Femme (b f 1836 Physician) and Mr Graydon's Clinker (ch c 1836 Turcoman). At the same meeting won 75, beating Lord Stanley's Velocity (br f 1836 Velocipede). Won the 100 sovs Cup with a 100 sovs sweepstakes at Nottingham, beating Mr Collett's The Dean (br c 1836 Voltaire). This race was run twice due to the start occurring in the wrong place the first time. The placings did not change although the other horses withdrew from the 2nd running; the others being King Cole (br c 1833 Memnon), Epirus (ch c 1834 Langar), Oaks winner Industry (br f 1835 Priam), Lollypop (br f Starch) and Saul (gr c Bedlamite). At the same meeting lost the Queen's Plate to Tubal Cain.
In 1840 he finished 2nd for the 795 Cup at Chester, won by Col Peel's Dey of Algiers (br c 1836 Priam), beating 17 unplaced others including Lanercost, St Bennett, Cowboy, King Cole and Cesarewitch winner Cruiskeen (ch f 1834 Sir Hercules).
Notable Offspring
Blooming Heather (b f 1852), 2nd Oaks Stakes. Family 10-e.
Canezou (br f 1845), bred by Mr Allen and owned by Lord Stanley, winner of the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, Goodwood Cup twice, Doncaster Cup, Nassau Stakes, Park Hill Stakes, 2nd St Leger Stakes, dam of Two Thousand Guineas and Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Fazzoletto (b c 1853 Orlando) and St James's Palace Stakes winner Paletot (br c 1852 Touchstone). Family 31.
Cymba br f 1845 Melbourne - Skiff, by Sheet Anchor). Sire Line Matchem. Family 2-m. Bred by H S Thompson and owned by the respected Henry (Harry) Hill, commissioner to Lord George Bentinck. She won the Oaks Stakes and later became the ancestress of the stallion Marden (b c 1879 Hermit) and of the good winner and stallion Stedfast (ch c 1908 Chaucer).
Marchioness (b f 1852), bred by S Hawke, winner of the Oaks Stakes, sent to Australia. Family 2-b.
Mentmore Lass (b f 1850), bred by Baron Meyer de Rothschild, winner of the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, dam of the One Thousand Guineas, Oaks, St Leger and July Stakes winner Hannah (b f 1868 King Tom) and of the Coronation Stakes winner Breeze (ch f 1861 King Tom). Family 3-c.
Sir Tatton Sykes (b c 1843), bred by J B Hudson, previously called Tibthorpe (after a village in Yorkshire), winner of the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes, St Leger Stakes, 2nd Derby Stakes. Family 8-e.
Sortie (b f 1851), bred by Lord Stanley, winner, 3rd Lancashire Oaks, dam of One Thousand Guineas winner Repulse (b f 1863 Stockwell), Yorkshire Oaks winner Stockade (b f 1857 Stockwell) and Stewards' Cup and Queen Anne Stakes winner Out and Outer (b c 1862 Stockwell). Family 20-b.
Tasmania (br f 1854) winner of the Champagne Stakes, Yorkshire Oaks, dam of St James's Palace Stakes and Prince of Wales's Stakes winner Leolinus (ch c 1871 Caterer). Family 2-s.

Blink Bonny  GB) b f 1854 (Melbourne - Queen Mary, by Gladiator). Sire Line  Matchem. Family 10-a.
West Australian (GB) b c 1850 Melbourne - Mowerina, by Touchstone). Sire Line  Matchem. Family 7-a.