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Don John



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Don John b c 1835 (Tramp or Waverley - Mare, by Comus). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 2-c.

Bred in Yorkshire by Mr William Garforth of Wigginthorpe, near Malton, Don John was a half brother to Hetman Platoff (b c 1836 Brutandorf) and to Peter Lely Mare (gr f 1826 Peter Lely) the taproot mare of Family 2-w. He was described as a bright bay standing about 15 hands 3 inches. He was purchased for 100gs as a foal by Mr Ridsdale. At the sale of Mr Ridsdale's stud he was sold for 140gs to George Stanhope (1805-1866), 6th Earl of Chesterfield, for whom he raced. Lord Stanhope bred three Oaks winners: Industry (br f 1835 Priam), Lady Evelyn (b f 1846 Don John) and the One Thousand and Two Thousand Guineas and Oaks Stakes winner Crucifix (b f 1837 Priam).

He ran for three years, beaten only once, by the very good Grey Momus (gr c 1835 Comus), and included the St Leger, which he won "in a trot", among his victories and Beeswing (b f 1833 Doctor Syntax), "the best racehorse in the North," among his victims. He was said to be "indisputably, the best three year old of his year".

In the stud he was much better represented by his fillies than his colts although he did get Iago (b c 1843) who in turn got the leading American sire Bonnie Scotland (b c 1853) who successfully founded a sire line in America that would flourish for another fifty years. Don John was said to have been sent to America in 1854 but he produced no offspring there [AmSB 3:2].

Don John Waverley Whalebone Waxy
Margaretta Sir Peter Teazle
Sister to Cracker
Comus Mare Comus Sorcerer
Houghton Lass
Marciana Stamford
Race Record
In 1837 running for Lord Chesterfield he won the 30 sovs each Two Year Old Stakes at the York Spring Meeting, beating the Duke of Cleveland's Alzira (br c 1835 Voltaire), Lord Kelburne's Impertinence (ch f 1835 Actaeon), Mr Wilkin's Wee Willie (br c 1835 Liverpool), Mr R Peck's Ares and the Duke of Leeds's Vertumnus (gr c 1835 Actaeon or Velocipede). Won the 50 sovs each Champagne Stakes at Doncaster, beating the Duke of Leeds's Barbarina (b f 1835 Brutandorf), Mr Osbaldeston's The Fairy Queen (b f 1835 Brutandorf), Mr Powlett's Saltator (bl c 1835 Velocipede), Mr Orde's Charley Boy (ch c 1835 Actaeon) and Lord Mexborough's Velocipede filly. Won the 30 sovs each Claret Stakes at Heaton Park, beating Mr Osbaldeston's The Fairy Queen "in a canter, by two lengths".
In 1838 he walked over for a 200 sovs each Sweepstakes at Newmarket Craven, 4 subscribers. Won the 50 sovs each Great St Leger Stakes at Doncaster "in the commonest of canters by over a dozen lengths," beating Col Peel's Ion (br c 1835 Cain), Mr Parkinson's Lanercost (br c 1835 Liverpool), Mr Thornhill's Saintfoin (ch c 1835 St Patrick), Mr Combe's Cobham (ch c 1835 The Colonel) who broke down, the Duke of Cleveland's Alzira and Mr Fairlie's The Hydra (ch c 1835 Sir Hercules). At the same meeting won the 500gs Gold Cup "easily by two lengths," beating Mr Orde's Beeswing (b f 1833 Doctor Syntax), Mr S L Fox's The Doctor (bl c 1834 Doctor Syntax) and Mr Robinson's Melbourne (br c 1834 Humphrey Clinker). Still at Doncaster he walked over for the 100 sovs each Gascoigne Stakes, 5 subscribers. Walked over for the 25 sovs each St Leger Stakes at Heaton Park, 13 subscribers.
In 1839 he finished 2nd for the 100 sovs each Port Stakes at Newmarket Craven, won by Lord G Bentinck's Grey Momus (gr c 1835 Comus), beating Lord Exeter's Alemdar (ch c 1835 Sultan). Won a 300 sovs each Sweepstakes at Newmarket First Spring, beating Lord Exeter's Alemdar, Mr Greville's Morella (br f 1835 Emilius) and Lord Chesterfield's Caroline Elvina (br f 1835 Tramp).
Notable Don John Mares
1. Rosaura (br f 1842), dam of the Royal Hunt Cup winner Hesperithusa (br f 1855 Hesperus) and ancestress of the Irish Derby winner Gulsalberk (b c 1893 Gallinule). Family B5.
2. Catherine (b f 1844), bred by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield, dam of the Oaks Stakes winner Butterfly (ch f 1857 Turnus), the latter the dam of the Manchester Cup winner Buttercup (ch f 1865 Kettledrum). Family 2-f.
3. Distaffina (b f 1845), bred by Lord Chesterfield, winner of the King Edward VII Stakes and Coronation Stakes, and dam of July Stakes and Queen Anne Stakes winner Spindle (b f 1853 Orlando). Family 2-f.
4. Maid of Masham (gr f 1845), winner of the Great Yorkshire Stakes and taproot mare of Family 9-e, dam of Ascot Stakes winner Emigration (b f 1863 Young Melbourne).
5. Mrs. Taft (br f 1845), winner of the Cesarewitch Stakes. Family B7.
6. Castanette (b f 1846), dam of Ascot Gold Cup and Doncaster Cup winner and stallion Fandango (b c 1852 Barnton). Family 5-f.
7. Lady Evelyn (b f 1846), bred by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield, taproot mare of Family 2-g, winner of the Oaks Stakes, Park Hill Stakes and Coronation Stakes, ancestress of the stallions Sundridge (ch c 1898 Amphion) and Sainfoin (ch c 1887 Springfield).
8. Barcelona (br f 1848), owned by C Greville, winner of the Coronation Stakes, dam of Yorkshire Oaks winner Ines (b f 1864 Newminster). Family 2-f.
9. Don John Mare (br f 1848), ancestress of notable American stallions, the Belmont Stakes winner Hastings (br c 1893 Spendthrift) and  the Kentucky Derby, Champagne Stakes and Clark Handicap winner Plaudit (br c 1895 Himyar). Family 21-a.
10. Claudine (b f 1850), dam of the Prix de Diane winner Destinee (b f 1871 Ruy Blas), the latter the dam of the Prix du Jockey Club winner Monarque (b c 1884 Saxifrage). Family 8-i.
Other Notable Offspring
Iago (b c 1843), notable stallion and sire of leading American sire Bonnie Scotland (b c 1853) and Prix de la Foret winner Bravoure (ch f 1859).
The Ban (ch c 1848), winner of the Doncaster Cup and St James's Palace Stakes.