Sultan (GB)




Sire Line



Sultan b c 1816 (Selim - Bacchante, by Williamson's Ditto). Sire Line Selim. Family 8-b.

Bred by Mr Crockford, he was described as a splendid bay with a blaze and four white socks. He was said to be a long horse with a beautiful head, well sprung ribs and muscular quarters and his offspring were good doers. He was purchased at age seven by Brownlow Cecil (1795 - 1867), 2nd Marquis of Exeter, who later owned the remarkable Stockwell (ch c 1849 The Baron).

His turf career was admirable; he won fourteen races. Running for Mr Crockford he placed second in the Derby Stakes to the Duke of Portland's Tiresias (br c 1816). On his Derby form he was among the favorites for the St Leger Stakes, however, during a preparatory morning gallop he broke down and was out for the remainder of the year. He was said to prefer courses at Newmarket, over which he was unequalled despite carrying heavy weight.

He was a tremendous success in the Burleigh (or Burghley) stud, south of Stamford, Lincolnshire, and Champion Sire from 1832 to 1837. He sired five Two Thousand Guineas winners: Achmet (b c 1834), Augustus (ch c 1827), Glencoe* (ch c 1831), Ibrahim (br c 1832), and Bay Middleton (b c 1833) who won the Derby Stakes as well. He also sired Destiny (ch f 1833) who won the One Thousand Guineas, Green Mantle (b f 1826) who won the Oaks, and Galata (br f 1829) who won both the One Thousand Guineas and Oaks Stakes.

Sultan Selim Buzzard Woodpecker
Alexander Mare Alexander
Highflyer Mare
Bacchante Williamson's Ditto Sir Peter Teazle
Sister to Calomel Mercury
King Herod Mare
Race Record

In 1818 he finished 3rd in the July Stakes at Newmarket, won by Lord Foley's Miracle (ch f 1816 Soothsayer) with Lord Egremont's Caroline (b f 1817 Whalebone) placing 2nd, beating 12 others.

In 1819 won a 200gs match at Newmarket Craven from Lord Jersey's Juniper colt. Won a 200gs match at the same meeting from Miracle. Finished 2nd in the Derby at Epsom to the Duke of Portland's Tiresias (br c 1816 Soothsayer), beating Lord Rous' Euphrates (ch c 1816 Quiz), the Duke of York's Banker (b c Smolensko) and 12 others.

In 1820 he won a 1000gs match at Newmarket Craven from Lord George Cavendish's Rubens colt. Finished 3rd in the Oatlands at Newmarket Second Spring, won by Banker, with Colonel Udny's Barmecide (ch c Selim) placing 2nd, beating 2 others. Won a 200gs match at Newmarket Houghton from Mr Hunter's Rasselas (ch c Walton). Started twice more this year without success.

In 1821 he won the Gold Cup at the Newmarket Craven Meeting, beating Godolphin (b c 1818 Partisan) and 3 others. Won a Gold Cup at Newmarket First Spring, beating Lord Egremont's Robin Hood (b c 1817 Octavius) and 8 others. Won a 15gs each sweep at the same meeting, beating 5 others. Won the Trial Stakes at Newmarket October, beating Barmecide, Robin Hood and 5 others. Ran once more without success.

In 1822 won a 200gs match at Newmarket Second Spring, beating Mr Hunter's Derby winner Gustavus (gr c 1818 Election). Collected 100gs forfeit at Newmarket October from Mr Lane Fox's Selma (b f 1817 Selim).

In 1823 collected 250gs forfeit at Newmarket Craven from Mr Lechmere Charlton's Master Henry (b c 1815 Orville). Won a 500gs match at the same meeting from Godolphin. Collected 250gs forfeit at Newmarket First Spring from Master Henry for reneging on a 500gs match. Collected 250gs forfeit at Newmarket Second Spring from Master Henry. Lord Foley successfully challenged for the Whip at the same meeting with Sultan. He was then purchased by the Marquis of Exeter.

In 1824 won the Trial Stakes at Newmarket First October, beating the Duke of York's Premium (ch c 1820 Aladdin) and 2 others. He started three times more this year without success.


Bay Middleton (GB) b c 1833 (Sultan - Cobweb, by Phantom). Sire Line Bay Middleton. Family 1-s.
Glencoe (GB)* ch c 1831 (Sultan - Trampoline by Tramp). Sire Line Selim. Family 1-t.