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Partisan b c 1811 (Walton - Parasol, by Pot8os). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 1-e.

Bred by the Duke of Grafton, he was a half brother to the Two Thousand Guineas and Oaks winner Pastille (b f 1819 Rubens) and the Two Thousand Guineas winner Pindarrie (b c 1817 Phantom). A bright bay with one white hind foot, he stood 15.2 hands and was said to be "very muscular in form, without heaviness". He was described as a "beautiful short-legged horse, with a lovely head, straight hocks, and a somewhat clubby off fore-foot". The trainers of his era were said to unanimously refer to him "with much fondness, as being like a piece of machinery in his action".

Although blessed with abundant speed he was considered backwards at three but much improved at four, when he defeated such good horses as Bourbon (b c 1811 Sorcerer). He was entered for the Derby but his trainer, Mr. Robson, could not get him properly prepared due to the length and severity of the previous winter. Following his retirement from the turf he covered at Link's Farm, Newmarket.

His notable stallion sons include (1) Gladiator (ch c 1833) who produced Doncaster Cup and Queen's Vase winner Sweetmeat (br c 1842) and the venerable Queen Mary (b f 1843), taproot mare of Family 10-a, before his export to France, and (2) the Champion Sire Venison (br c 1833). Partisan died in March of 1835.

Partisan Walton Sir Peter Teazle Highflyer
Arethusa Dungannon
Sister to Termagant
Parasol Pot8os Eclipse
Prunella Highflyer
Race Record

In 1814 he finished 4th in a 200gs each sweepstakes at Newmarket, won by Lord Lowther's Bourbon (b c 1811 Sorcerer), with the Duke of Rutland's Osmond (ch c 1811 Selim) 2nd, and Mr Lake's Brother to Sagana 3rd. Won a 100gs match at Newmarket First Spring from Lord Maynard's Pinions (b c 1811 Walton). Won a 200gs match at Newmarket Second Spring from Lord Foley's Magician (b c 1811 Sorcerer). Was unplaced for the Town Plate at Newmarket July, won by the Duke of Rutland's Osmond (ch c 1811 Selim), with Lord Rous's Araxes (ch c 1811 Quiz) 2nd and Lord Stawell's Golden-Leg (b c 1811 Waxy) 3rd; 4 others started. Won a 200gs match at Newmarket First October from Mr Wyndham's bay Orville filly. Won a 200gs each sweepstakes at Newmarket Second October, beating the Duke of Rutland's Curlew (b c 1812 Gamenut) and the Duke of Rutland's Medora (ch f 1812 Selim). Collected a 50gs forfeit from Lord Suffield's Little Turk (b c 1811 Selim).

In 1815 he won a 200gs match at Newmarket Craven from Mr Bouverie's Scheherazade (ch f 1810 Selim). Won a 100gs each sweepstakes at Newmarket Second Spring, beating Lord G H Cavendish's Bourbon (b c 1811 Sorcerer) and the Duke of Rutland's Osman (ch c 1811 Selim). Finished 2nd for the Garden Stakes at Newmarket Second October, won by Mr Andrew's bay Orville colt, beating 4 others.

In 1816 he won 350gs at Newmarket First Spring, beating Lord George Cavendish's Blackamoor (bl c 1811 Stamford) and 1 other. Finished 2nd for a 50 Handicap Plate at Newmarket Second Spring, won by Mr Vansittart's Equator (ch c 1812 Zodiac), beating Mr Villiers's Cwrw (br c 1809 Dick Andrews) and Mr Cussan's Medora.
Notable Partisan Mares
1. Ally (b f 1818), bred by Mr Walker, dam of the good French stallion Nuncio (br c 1839 Plenipotentiary). Family 12.
2. Zeal (b f 1818), bred by the Duke of Grafton, dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Arab (br f 1824 Woful). Family 25.
3. Cyprian (b f 1833), bred by John Scott, won the Oaks Stakes, dam of Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Joe Lovell (b c 1841 Velocipede) and Oaks winner Songstress (b f 1849 Birdcatcher). Family 23-a.
4. Partisan Mare (b f 1834), bred by 1st Baron Lowther, dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Sorella (ch f 1841 The Saddler). Family 6-a.
5. Constance (b f 1835), bred by G Walker, dam of the Oaks winner Catherine Hayes (br f 1850 Lanercost). Family 22.
Other Notable Offspring

Mameluke (GB)
b c 1824 (Partisan - Miss Sophia, by Stamford), bred by Mr Elwes, was purchased by the 5th Earl of Jersey as a foal. He won a controversial Derby Stakes, as the second Horse, Glenartney, also owned by Lord Jersey, was thought to have been pulled. He later ran second to Matilda for the St Leger which also generated controversy as Mameluke was thought to have been purposely jostled at the start. The following year he won the Oatlands Stakes and the Port Stakes, both at Newmarket. In his five year old campaign he won a match and a handicap plate at Newmarket. He was then sold to Mr Theobald and retired to his stud at Stockwell. He was sent to France in 1837.

Patron (GB)
ch c 1826 (Partisan - Mare, by Rubens), bred by the 2nd Marquess of Exeter, won the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes.

Glaucus (GB) b c 1830 (Partisan - Nanine, by Selim). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 3-h.
Gladiator (GB) ch c 1833 (Partisan - Pauline, by Moses). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 22.
Venison (GB) br c 1833 (Partisan - Fawn, by Smolensko) Sire Line Highflyer. Family 11-c.