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Venison br c 1833 (Partisan - Fawn, by Smolensko) Sire Line Highflyer. Family 11-c.

Owned by the trainer John Barham Day (1793-1860) Venison was apparently named for his looks. He was described as "one of the most level and finely-moulded horses ever seen." His "exquisite tapered head, small ears, and prominent eyes, full of fire, gave to Venison a splendid appearance, while his light graceful and sweeping action, gallant courage, and perfect symmetry, carried the deer-like resemblance to its utmost extent." He was said to stand 15 hands 3 inches.

"The Druid" thought highly of Venison as well. He wrote: "A gamer or more gentlemanly little horse than Venison never cantered down the cords; and cross him as you might, nearly all his stock came small, with grey hairs in their coat, a tapering white reach head, and a beautiful deer-like eye. The lack of size came through his grand-dam, Jerboa, of the Gohanna blood. He was rather a lurching, long-actioned goer, and wanted a great deal of assistance. His Turf finish was right worthy of him. He carried 9st 6lbs at Stockbridge, and broke down three-quarters of a mile from home ; but thanks to the careful nursing of young John Day, he finished fourth, with his head at the winner's girths."

He raced for three years with his three year old season being noted as exceptional, and Venison praised for his stoutness and gameness. He was sold at the end of his four year old season to Lord George Bentinck (1802-1848) and the following year broke down in his first start and was retired to stud.

Venison was Champion Sire in 1846 and 1847. He died in 1852.

Venison Partisan Walton Sir Peter Teazle
Parasol Pot8os
Fawn Smolensko Sorcerer
Jerboa Gohanna
Race Record
In 1835 he finished 2nd in the 50 sovs each Lavant Stakes at Goodwood, won by W Chifney's The Athenian (b c 1833 Partisan), beating the Duke of Richmond's Genista (br f 1833 Camel) and 5 others.
In 1836 he finished among the field for Bay Middleton's Derby at Epsom; only the first 2 were placed. Won the Gloucestershire Stakes at Cheltenham, beating Capt Berkeley's Paris and 6 others. Won the Gold Cup at the same place, beating Mr Bristow's Languid, Mr Hobson's Challenger and 2 others. Walked over for the Gold Cup Stakes at Southampton. Won the King's Plate at Goodwood, beating Lord Exeter's Luck's-All. Won the Brighton Stakes at Brighton, beating Sir M Wood's Amesbury (ch c 1829 Phantom) and 5 others. Walked over for the King's Plate at Lewes. Won a sweepstakes at Warwick, beating Gen Yates's Sylvan. Won the King's Plate at the same place, beating Mr Greville's Taishteer and 2 others. Won the Members' Purse at Lichfield, beating Lord Chesterfield's Eva (b f 1832 Sultan) and 2 others. The next day won the King's Plate at the same place, beating Mr Wheeldon's Giovanni (br c 1828 Filho da Puta) and 2 others. Won the King's Plate at Doncaster, beating Mr Bowes's Derby winner Mundig (ch c 1832 Catton) and 2 others. Finished 3rd for the Gold Cup at Doncaster, won by Lord Westminster's Touchstone (br c 1831 Camel), with Lord Chesterfield's Carew (b c 1833 Comus) placing 2nd, beating Mr Orde's Beeswing (b f 1833 Doctor Syntax) and 2 others. The next day won the Town Plate at Doncaster, beating Mr Bird's Redshank (b c 1833 Sandbeck) and 2 others.
In 1837 walked over for 200 sovs each sweepstakes at Newmarket Craven. Won a 100 sovs each, with 300 sovs added, sweepstakes at Newmarket First Spring, beating Lord Tavistock's Jack-in-the-Green (ch c 1833 Lamplighter) and 6 others. The next day won the King's Plate at the same meeting, beating Jack-in-the-Green by a length. Finished 2nd for the Dinner Stakes at Reigate, won by Col Peel's Slane (b c 1833 Royal Oak), beating 2 others. Won the King's Plate at Ascot Heath, beating Mr Sowerby's Rioter. Shared the forfeits from the Mottisfont Stakes at Stockbridge with Mr Wreford's Wisdom.
In 1838 broke down and finished 4th and last for the Mottisfont Stakes at Stockbridge, won by Mr I Day's Zethus.
Notable Offspring
Clementina (b f 1844), One Thousand Guineas winner, 9th dam of La Troienne (b f 1926 Teddy).
Ferina (b f 1844), dam of the Derby and Two Thousand Guineas winner Pretender (b c 1866 Adventurer).
Fraudulent (b f 1843), dam of the Prix de Diane winner, Finlande (b f 1858 Ion), the latter the dam of two Poule d'Essai des Poulains winners, Fontainebleau (br c 1874 Dollar), and Saint Cyr (br c 1872 Dollar).
Kingston (b c 1849), "beautiful Knight of the silver hair", excellent sire, especially of fillies, got the Derby winner Caractacus (b c 1859), the Oaks winner and taproot mare of Family 1-w, Queen Bertha (b f 1860), and Maid of the Glen (b f 1858), taproot mare of Family 1-u.
Miami (b f 1844), won the Oaks over Clementina (above), and was taproot mare of Family 5-j. Bred by Isaac Sadler of Stockbridge and owned by Sir Joseph Hawley she was described as a very handsome, wiry, game filly with muscular thighs, and capital legs and feet, although light of bone. She stood 15.1 hands with a white star and a few white hairs at the base of her tail.
The Ugly Buck (b c 1841), Two Thousand Guineas winner.
Venison Mare (b f 1849), 2nd dam of the Derby winner, Kingcraft (b c 1867 King Tom).
Cruiser* (b c 1852), bred by Lord Dorchester and imported by Mr J S Rarey, useful sire in Ohio.

Alarm (GB) b c 1842 (Venison - Southdown, by Defence). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 19-a.