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Smolensko, by Sorcerer, courtesy of
Richard Green

Morel, by Sorcerer





Sorcerer bl c 1796 (Trumpator - Young Giantess, by Diomed*). Sire Line Matchem. Family 6-a.

Bred by Sir Charles Bunbury, who also bred Diomed (ch c 1777), at Great Barton in Suffolk, he was described as a horse of superior breed, good temper, good feeder, and able to stand work, which qualities he was said to impart to his stock. It was speculated that he derived his 16.1 hand size and considerable substance from Babraham (b c 1738 Godolphin Arabian), a horse of such size in his day that the General Stud Book made note of it. His speed was said to have come via Trumpator's dam, Brunette (br f 1771), from Squirrel (b c 1754 Traveller). Sorcerer's stud career was very successful and he was Champion Sire three times from 1811 to 1813.

Sorcerer Trumpator Conductor Matchem
Snap Mare
Brunette Squirrel
Young Giantess Diomed Florizel
Sister to Juno
Giantess Matchem
Molly Long Legs
Race Results
At 3: 2 starts at Newmarket, won 100 guineas match from Royala (b f 1797 Trumpator), 2nd 200 guineas sweepstake losing to Eagle (b c 1796 Volunteer).
At 4: mostly at Newmarket, won 100 guineas match from Chippenham (b c 1796 Trumpator), 150 guineas match from Speculator (b c 1795 Dragon), at Ipswich the 100 guineas King's Plate, beating Canterbury (ch c 1796 Pot8os) and July Stakes winner Skyrocket (b c 1797 Skyscraper), back at Newmarket, 50 beating Cadet (b c 1795 Soldier) and Skyrocket, 200 guineas match from Surprise (b c 1797 Buzzard), 306 guineas October Oatlands beating Scrub (ch c 1797 Pot8os), 2nd 200 guineas match to Schedoni (b c 1795 Pot8os), 500 guineas match to St. Leger winner, Symmetry (gr c 1795 Delpini), King's Plate to Worthy (b c 1795 Pot8os), 3rd 50 guineas purse.
At 5: mostly at Newmarket, won 50, won 50 beating Derby winner Sir Harry (br c 1795 Sir Peter Teazle), 100 guineas match beating Richmond (b c 1797 Walnut), 200 guineas match over Richmond, at Oxford won 50, 10 guineas sweepstakes, collected 50 guineas forfeit from Richmond, walked-over for 50, walked-over at Burford for the King's Plate, 2nd King's Plate to Worthy (b c 1795 Pot8os) after a dead heat.
Notable Offspring
Sister to Bourbon (gr f 1810), dam of St Leger winner Jack Spigot (br c 1818).
Canary Bird (b f 1806), ancestress of most of Family 22 through her three daughters, Pioneer Mare (ch f 1820), Quadrille (b f 1815) and Varennes (b f 1818).
Chaldea [ex-Vale Royal] (b f 1810), 3rd dam of the excellent race mare Canezou (br f 1845), who won the One Thousand Guineas, Doncaster Cup, Goodwood Cup twice, Nassau Stakes and Park Hill Stakes. Canezou in turn was the dam of the Two Thousand guineas winner Fazzoletto (b c 1853) and 2nd dam of the Ascot Gold Cup and Prix du Jockey Club winner Boiardo (b c 1870).
Gramarie (bl f 1807), dam of the Derby winner, Prince Leopold (b c 1813) and 3rd dam of the Derby winner, Amato (br c 1835).
Maid of Orleans (b f 1806), Oaks winner.
Marianne (bl f 1816), 2nd dam of Master Wags (b c 1833) who sired the Prix de Diane and Prix du Cadran winner, Hervine (b f 1848), and two Poule d'Essai des Poulains winners, Nancy (b f 1851) and Nat (b c 1853), the latter also won the Prix du Cadran.
Miss Stephenson (ch f 1814), 2nd dam of Sheet Anchor (br c 1832) who sired Henckel-Rennen winner, Crown Prince (b c 1855), Preis der Diana winner, Fullsail (br f 1859), and Weatherbit (b c 1842), the latter sire of the Derby winner Beadsman (br c 1855).
Morel (ch f 1805), Oaks winner and taproot of Family 1-b, dam of Mustard (ch f 1824), taproot of Family 1-c and dam of St Leger winner Mango (br c 1834) and One Thousand Guineas winner Preserve (ch f 1832).
Prophetess (ch f 1806), dam of Steeltrap (ch c 1815), he the sire of the taproot mare of Colonial Family 16, The Steeltrap Mare (ch f c1834).
Smolensko (bl c 1810), bred and owned by Sir Charles Bunbury, he was the winner of the Derby, the Two Thousand Guineas and the Newmarket Stakes. Prior to the Derby it is said that Sir Charles was offered 5,000 guineas for him, and then 4,000 guineas, both of which he declined. In the stud Smolensko got (1) the Oaks winner, Gulnare (b f 1824) she the dam of the Two Thousand Guineas winner, The Corsair (bl c 1836), and (2) the St Leger winner, Jerry (bl c 1821), who in turn sired the Two Thousand Guineas winner Clearwell (gr c 1830).
Sorcerer Mare (br f 1810), 2nd dam of Velocipede (ch c 1825), sire of the Derby winner Amato (br c 1835), the Two Thousand Guineas winner, Meteor (ch c 1839) and the Oaks and St Leger winner, Queen of Trumps (br f 1832).
Sorcery (b f 1808) winner of the Oaks Stakes, and dam of the Derby winner, Cadland (br c 1825).
Trophonius (bl c 1808) winner of the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes.
Vourneen (ch f 1810), dam of July stakes winner, Reformer (ch c 1821), and 3rd dam of The Wryneck (ch f 1842), taproot mare of Family 15-b.
Witch (b f 1811), 4th dam of the St Leger winner and useful sire Knight of St. George* (b c 1851).
Wizard (ch c 1806), winner of the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes.

Comus (GB) ch c 1809 (Sorcerer - Houghton Lass, by Sir Peter Teazle). Sire Line Matchem. Family 25.
Soothsayer (GB) ch c 1808 (Sorcerer - Golden Locks, by Delpini). Sire Line Matchem. Family 15.
Truffle b c (GB) 1808 (Sorcerer - Hornby Lass, by Buzzard). Sire Line Matchem. Family 1-a.