Soothsayer (GB)




Sire Line




Soothsayer ch c 1808 (Sorcerer - Golden Locks, by Delpini). Sire Line Matchem. Family 15.

Soothsayer was bred by Richard Oliver Gascoigne, who also bred and raced Jerry (bl c 1821 Smolensko). Soothsayer's dam, Golden Locks, and her dam, Violet (ch f 1787 Shark), were bred by Gascoigne's father-in-law, Sir Thomas Gascoigne. Violet also produced the St Leger winner Symmetry (gr c 1795 Delpini) and the Oaks winner Theophania (b f 1800 Delpini). Sir Thomas also bred and raced the St Leger winner, Hollandaise (gr f 1775 Matchem), and raced St Leger winner Tommy (ch c 1776 Wildair). An earlier Sir Thomas owned Gascoigne's Foreign Horse, also called Gascoigne's Arabian, the sire of Daffodil's Dam, taproot mare of Family 20.

Soothsayer was described as a golden chesnut with no white markings, and said to be a large, plain horse whose offspring were often large and good looking, although of uncertain temper. After his victories in the St Leger and Doncaster Stakes he was sold to Lord Foley. Although Soothsayer was Champion Sire in 1819, and eighty-three of his offspring eventually won 29,286 sovereigns, he was sent to Russia in 1823, probably along with his son, Interpreter, who had won the Two Thousand Guineas in 1818. Interpreter died there in 1826, just prior to, or during his return journey from Russia.

Soothsayer Sorcerer Trumpator Conductor
Young Giantess Diomed
Goldenlocks Delpini Highflyer
Violet Shark
Syphon Mare
Race Record
In 1811 he finished 2nd for the 50gs each Peregrine Stakes at York, won by Mr Garforth's Hambletonian colt, beating Mr T Duncombe's Contingent (ch c 1808 Chance). Won the 25gs each St Leger Stakes at Doncaster, beating Sir William Gerard's Amadis-de-Gaul (b c 1808 Hambletonian), Mr Brandling's Scamp (b c 1808 Bobtail), and 25 others unplaced, among them Mr Riddell's X Y Z (br c 1808 Haphazard). At the same meeting won the 10gs each Doncaster Stakes, beating Lord Scarborough's Pigeon (b c 1808 Sir Solomon), Mr Garforth's colt and the Duke of Hamilton's Bacchus (b c 1808 Beningbrough).
In 1812 he won a 100gs each Sweepstakes at Newmarket First Spring, beating the Duke of Rutland's Grimalkin (b c 1808 Chance), Mr Ladbroke's Hamlet (ch c Hambletonian), Lord C Somerset's Camerton (ch c 1808 Hambletonian), Lord Darlington's Hit or Miss (b c 1808 Haphazard), Mr Blake's Sprightly and Mr Lake's Sorcerer colt. At Newmarket Houghton paid 100gs forfeit to the Duke of Rutland's Elizabeth (b f 1809 Orville). Went unplaced for a 200gs each Sweepstakes at Newmarket Second Spring, won by General Gower's Rainbow (b c 1808 Walton), with the Duke of Rutland's Oaks winner Sorcery (b f 1808 Sorcerer) placing 2nd and Colonel Udney's Truffle (b c 1808 Sorcerer) 3rd; 2 others ran. Finished 3rd and last for a 300gs each Sweepstakes at Newmarket Houghton, won by the Duke of Rutland's Sorcery, with Lord G H Cavendish's Bethlem Gaber (b c 1808 Sorcerer) placing 2nd.
In 1813 he won a 500gs match at Newmarket in April from Sir John Shelley's Derby winner Phantom (b c 1808 Walton).
Notable Offspring
Adeline (b f 1821), dam of Goodwood Cup winner, Beggarman (b c 1835 Zinganee). Family 11-b.
Fillagree (ch f 1815), dam of One Thousand Guineas winner, Charlotte West (ch f 1827 Tramp), One Thousand Guineas and Oaks winner, Cobweb (b f 1821 Phantom), and of Two Thousand Guineas winner, Riddlesworth (ch c 1828 Emilius). Family 1-s.
Interpreter (b c 1815), bred by 3rd Baron Foley, Two Thousand Guineas winner, and sire of the Oaks winner Lilias (b f 1823).
Katherine (ch f 1821), owned by the Duke of Rutland, dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Tarantella (ch f 1830 Tramp), who in turn produced Amalfi (ch c 1848 Young Emilius) winner of the Prix du Jockey Club and Poule d'Essai des Poulains, and Gambetti (b c 1845 Emilius), winner of the Prix du Jockey Club. Katherine was also the dam of the Champion Sire Taurus (ch c 1826 Morisco) who sired the Henckel-Rennen winner Salem (b c 1851). Family 22.
Marinella (ch f 1824), dam of the Ascot Gold Cup winner Leopold (ch c 1849 Phlegon) and 2nd dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Hurricane (b f 1859 Wild Dayrell), the dam of Atlantic (ch c 1871 Thormanby), winner of the Two Thousand Guineas and a highly regarded stallion, one of his sons being the influential Le Sancy (gr c 1884). Family 3-b.
Soothsayer Mare (ch f 1815), bred by Mr Goodison, dam of the Goodwood Cup winner Miss Craven (gr f 1824 Mr Lowe) and Baleine (gr f 1830 Whalebone), the latter the dam of the taproot mare of Family 8-i, Physalis (gr f 1841 Bay Middleton).
Squib (ch f 1820), 3rd dam of Buccaneer (b c 1857 Wild Dayrell) winner of the July Stakes and the Royal Hunt Cup.  Buccaneer, a top class stallion, sired the Oaks winner Brigantine (b f 1866) and the One Thousand and Two Thousand Guineas winner Formosa (ch f 1865) before export. He later sired the Derby winner Kisber (b c 1873) and the Deutsches Derby winners Amalie von Edelreich (ch f 1870), Budagyongye (b f 1882) and Pirat (b c 1874). Family 14-d.
Tiresias (br c 1816), bred by the 4th Duke of Portland, winner of the Derby Stakes, Newmarket Stakes and Palace Stakes. Family 1-e.
Welbeck (br c 1815), owned by the 4th Duke of Portland, sire of Mrs Cruickshanks (ch f 1823), ancestress of (1) Musket (b c 1867 Toxophilite) the sire of the great Carbine (b c 1885) and of (2) Quiver (b f 1872 Toxophilite), taproot mare of Family 3-e.