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Thormanby ch c 1857 (Melbourne or Windhound - Alice Hawthorn, by Muley Moloch). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 4-f.

Bred by Mr Plummer from the redoubtable North Yorkshire mare Alice Hawthorn (b f 1838) he was a half brother to Queen's Vase winner Oulston (b c 1852 Melbourne) and to Sweet Hawthorn (br f 1858 Sweetmeat) the taproot mare of Family 4-k. There is little doubt that Thormanby was sired by Windhound as Melbourne was a pure bay and could not have sired a chestnut. He was purchased by trainer Mathew Dawson (1829-1898) for James Merry (1805-1877) as a yearling for 350. Merry apparently thought so little of him that he made Dawson feed him for several weeks at his own expense. Merry bred the Oaks and St Leger winner Marie Stuart (ch f 1870 Scottish Chief) and the St Leger winner Sunbeam (b f 1855 Chanticleer) and owned such horses as Chanticleer (gr c 1843 Birdcatcher), the Derby winner Doncaster (ch c 1870 Stockwell) and Saunterer (bl c 1854 Birdcatcher).

Thormanby was described as a pale chestnut who darkened with age, his near hind leg was white to above his ankle and his face displayed a "peculiar" blaze. He was thought to be generally plain looking and lacking substance. The Sporting and Dramatic News said of him "His shoulders were not very grand, and an uphill course suited him best. For this reason Goodwood did not suit him, but his level, strongly-knit back, and powerfully-arched loins, sent him up the Ascot incline like a steam engine. His quarters were drooping, a peculiarity inherited by most of his stock, his arms and thighs were fairly muscular, and his cannon-bones short. He had not much bone, and was slightly inclined to be leggy. In fact he was a type of one of those wiry, light-fleshed, greyhound style of horses, whose abilities so often belie their looks".

Despite Mr Merry's opinions he turned into a very fine racehorse and won the Derby by two lengths from the Two Thousand Guineas winner The Wizard (br c 1857 West Australian) and the Ascot Gold Cup the following year by the same margin. He retired to stud in Yorkshire at the Croft Stud Farm, near Darlington, where he covered alongside Saunterer (bl c 1854 Birdcatcher). His initial crops were thought heavy and slow although he eventually produced many fine runners. He later moved to the Park Paddocks at Newmarket and then back north to the Moorlands Stud Farm near York where Scottish Chief (b c 1861 Lord of the Isles) was in residence. His best son was probably Atlantic (ch c 1871) who attained some success in France. Thormanby also got the Two Thousand Guineas winner Charibert (ch c 1876) and the One Thousand Guineas winner Hester (b f 1867). He was Champion Sire in 1869.

Thormanby was said to have "dropped dead" in March of 1875.

Thormanby Windhound Pantaloon Castrel
Phryne Touchstone
Alice Hawthorn Muley Moloch Muley
Rebecca Lottery
Cervantes Mare
Race Record
In 1859 he won 190 at Northampton, beating Lord Palmerston's Mainstone (b c 1857 King Tom) by "a head," and Lord Stamford's Alchymist (b c Touchstone), the latter having thrown his rider. Won the 170 Biennial at York Spring, beating Mr T Parr's Rattlebone (gr c Cruiser) by "2 lengths," Mr Eastwood's Oaks winner Butterfly (ch f 1857 Turnus) and 2 others. Finished 3rd for the Two Year Old Stakes at Epsom Spring, won by Mr T Parr's Lupellus (ch c 1857 Loup-Garou), with Sir J Hawley's Madame Eglantine (b f 1857 Cowl) placing 2nd, beating 9 others. Won the 265 Mostyn Stakes  at Chester, beating Mr Drummond's Oxford (ch c 1857 Birdcatcher) by "a neck," Rattlebone, Mr Merry's Madrid (ch c Birdcatcher) and 5 others. Won the 475 Biennial at Ascot, beating the Ascot Gold Cup winner Rupee (br f 1857 The Nabob) by "3 lengths," Lupellus and 8 others. Finished 2nd for the 490 New Stakes at the same meeting, won by Rupee, beating 19 others. Won the 270 Lavant Stakes at Goodwood, beating Apollo (ch c Pyrrhus the First) by "4 lengths" and Mr H Savile's Roesia (b f Voltigeur). Finished 3rd for the 520 Findon Stakes at the same meeting, won by Melbourne. Finished 3rd for the Convivial Stakes at York August, won by Mr I'Anson's Cramond (b c 1857 Andover), beating 11 others. Won the 305 Eglinton Stakes at the same meeting, beating Mr J Shelley's Sir Hercules (ch c 1856 Sir Hercules) by "two lengths," Mr Scott's Prologue (b f 1857 Stockwell) and 3 others. Won the 395 Gimcrack Stakes at the same meeting, beating Lord Zetland's Vanquisher (b c Voltigeur) by "a length," Lord Annesley's Goodwood Cup winner Sweetsauce (ch c 1857 Sweetmeat) and 4 others. Finished 3rd for the Clearwell Stakes at Newmarket Second October, won by Sir Robert Peel's Aurora (br f Newminster), with Mr Greville's Contadina (b f 1857 Newminster) placing 2nd, beating 7 others. Won the 675 Prendergast Stakes at the same meeting, beating Contadina by "a length," Baron Rothschild's Champagne Stakes winner King of Diamonds (ch c 1857 King Tom) and 4 others. Won the 920 Criterion Stakes at Newmarket Houghton, beating Thunderbolt (ch c 1857 Stockwell) by "a length," Aurora, Vanquisher and 4 others.
In 1860 he won the 6050 Derby Stakes at Epsom, beating Mr A Nichol's Two Thousand Guineas winner The Wizard (br c 1857 West Australian) by "two lengths," Captain Christie's Queen's Vase winner Horror (br c 1857 Wild Dayrell), Count Lagrange's Dangu (ch c 1857 Fitz-Gladiator), as well as Lord Portmouth's July Stakes winner Buccaneer (b c 1857 Wild Dayrell), Baron Schickler's Chesterfield Cup winner Nutbourne (ch c 1857 The Nabob), Mr Ten Broeck's Umpire (ch c 1857 Lecomte), and 22 others. Was unplaced for the 4075 St Leger Stakes at Doncaster, won by Lord Ailesbury's Metropolitan and Chester Cup winner St Albans (ch c 1857 Stockwell), with Queen's Vase winner High Treason (ch c 1857 Mildew) placing 2nd and The Wizard 3rd. Finished 2nd for the Cup at Chester, won by Lord Zetland's Great Yorkshire Stakes and Doncaster Cup winner Sabreur (br c 1857 Voltigeur), beating Vanquisher, High Treason and 3 others. Finished 2nd for the 800 Grand Duke Michael Stakes at Newmarket First October, won by The Wizard, with Thunderbolt placing 3rd and 3 others. Finished 2nd for a 500 sovs sweep at Newmarket Second October, won by St James's Palace Stakes winner Tom Bowline (br c 1857 The Flying Dutchman), beating the Duke of Bedford's Montenegro (br c Melbourne).
In 1861 he won the 1100 Claret Stakes at Newmarket Craven, beating Umpire by "30 lengths," and Thunderbolt, the latter having been pulled up. Walked over for a 50 sovs each sweep at Newmarket First Spring. Walked over for 100 at the same meeting. Won the Gold Cup at Ascot "very easily by 2 lengths," beating Mr Cartwright's Fairwater (b f 1858 Loup-Garou), Mr H Savile's Geat Metropolitan and Queen's Vase winner Parmesan (br c 1857 Sweetmeat), St Albans who broke down, Count Lagrange's Royallieu (ch c Fitz-Gladiator), Lord Stamford's Cesarewitch winner Dulcibella (br f 1857 Voltigeur) and Lord Ailesbury's Plumper (ch f Rataplan). Went unplaced for the Cup at Goodwood, won by Mr Ten Broeck's Starke (ch c 1855 Wagner), with The Wizard placing 2nd, Mr Ten Broeck's Optimist (ch c 1857 Lexington) 3rd, and 5 others.
Notable Offspring
Atlantis (ch f 1867), full sister of Atlantic,  winner of the Clearwell Stakes and Prendergast Stakes. Family 3-b.
Charibert (ch c 1876), bred by 6th Viscount Falmouth, winner of the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes, Champagne Stakes, King's Stand Stakes, Golden Jubilee Stakes, and twice winner of the July Cup, sent to France. Family 1-w.
Feronia (b f 1868), taproot mare of Family 8-d.
Hester (b f 1867), bred by Henry Jones, winner of the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, Gimcrack Stakes, Criterion Stakes. Family 12.
Rouge Rose (ch f 1865), dam of Bend Or (ch c 1877 Doncaster) and taproot mare of Family 1-k.
Sunshine (b f 1867), owned by J Merry, winner of the July Stakes, Woodcote Stakes, Champagne Stakes, Coronation Stakes, 2nd Oaks Stakes, taproot mare of Family 1-h.
Thuringian Prince (ch c 1871) winner of the Royal Hunt Cup. Family 12.

Atlantic (GB) ch c 1871 (Thormanby - Hurricane, by Wild Dayrell). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 3-b.