Rataplan (GB)

Courtesy of Richard Green



Sire Line

The Baron



Sire Line

Rataplan ch 1850
     Ben Battle bbr 1871
     .    Bendigo br 1880
     .     Spahi ch 1881
     Blinkhoolie b 1864
     Wisdom b 1873
     .         Chesterfield ch 1888
     .          La Sagesse b f 1892 ... O
     .          Love Wisely ch 1893
     .               Amadis b 1906
     .                    Amalfi b 1921
     .                    Chivalrous b 1918
     .               Bridge of Allan b 1908
     .               Bridge of Canny b 1903
     .                    Cantilever b 1910
     .                    Picacero b 1912
     .                         Rico b 1919
     .               Earlston ch 1904
     .          Quickly Wise b 1890
     .               Time Table br 1900
     .          Right-Away b 1887
     .              Andover br 1901
     .               Laurium* bbr 1893
     .                    G B Ellis b 1906
     .               Littleton b 1900
     .               Mark For'ard b 1896
     .          Sempronius* b 1891
     .               Ralph b 1911
     .               Rhodes b 1912
     .               Rochester b 1913
     .               Semprolus b 1908
     .                    Proctor Hug b 1925
     .                    Wiki Jack b 1921
     .          Sir Hugo ch 1889 ... D
     .               Sir Foote b 1898
     .                    Duke Foote b 1907
     .                    Prince Foote b 1906
     .               Sir Laddo b 1900
     .               White Knight ch 1895
     .                    McGee* b 1900
     .                         Donerail b 1910 ... KD
     .                         Horron b 1910
     .                         Exterminator ch 1915 ... KD
     .                         Haldeman b 1908
     .                         Horron b 1910
     .                         In Memoriam b 1920
     .                         Judicial ch 1923
     .                         Marvin May ch 1917
     .                              Mucho Gusto b 1932
     .                         Peace Pennant b 1917
     .          Surefoot b 1887 ... 2G
     Dalnacardoch* b 1868
     Drummond ch 1869
     Elland b 1862
     Kettledrum ch 1858 ... D
     .    Cymbal ch 1867
     .          Inverness ch 1888
     .               Scottish Chieftain br 1894 ... B
     .               Trappean bbr 1893
     .          Phoenix ch 1875
     .               Noe ch 1883
     .     Trombone b 1870
     Rapparee br 1858
     The Drummer b 1866
     The Miner ch 1861
          Controversy b 1871




Rataplan ch c 1850 (The Baron - Pocahontas, by Glencoe). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 3-n.

Bred at Stockwell by Mr Theobald, he was a full brother to the mighty Stockwell (ch c 1850 The Baron). Rataplan was foaled the day of Mr Theobald's death. He was purchased by Captain Thellusson and subsequently by Mr T Parr. The Druid noted that, excepting Lanercost and Springy Jack, "there never was a more lazy colt foaled than Rataplan. He would lie down at full length whilst they plaited his mane; and after feeding, would go to sleep with unerring regularity. He generally managed to stumble about twelve times between his box and the downs, and it was never safe to take him out without knee-caps." His back was so strong that it was said no boy could sit him when he threw up his heels. He was thought to go "rather proppy on his long pasterns, and was also a very bad beginner, but the further he went the better he liked it, his custom being to creep up to his horses at the half-distance, and make one effort." Mr Parr apparently issued standard orders to all of Rataplan's jockeys: "Let him alone till he gets into his stride." One jockey who rode him at Edinburgh, Sim Templeman, whilst observing this order thought he could never catch the leaders and was surprised to find himself winning the race.

On the racecourse he won over forty races, including the Ascot Gold Vase and twenty-one Royal Plates. His finest performance was thought to be in the Manchester Cup where he deafeated, among others, Balrownie and Jouvence. In the stud he had less success than his brother, which could be said of most other stallions as well. Among his better known winners and stallion sons are: James Cookson's Derby winner Kettledrum (ch c 1858), the Irish Derby winner and Irish Champion Sire Ben Battle (bbr c 1871), the Queen Alexandra Stakes and Queen's Vase winner Blinkhoolie (b c 1864) who went to France in 1875, the Queen's Vase winner Elland (b c 1862) who also went to France in 1875, W S Crawfurd's St James's Palace Stakes winner Dalnacardoch (b c 1868) and the Great Yorkshire Stakes winner The Miner (ch c 1861).

Rataplan was shot on October 10, 1874, at the age of twenty-three.

Rataplan The Baron Birdcatcher Sir Hercules
Echidna Economist
Miss Pratt
Pocahontas Glencoe Sultan
Marpessa Muley
Race Record
In 1852 he went unplaced for the Woodcote Stakes at Epsom, won by Orestes (b c 1850 Orlando). Unplaced for the Nursery Cup at Goodwood, won by Catherine Hayes (br f 1850 Lanercost). Won 150 sovs at Brighton.
In 1853 he finished 4th for the Derby at Epsom, won by this year's triple crown winner West Australian (b c 1850 Melbourne). Won the Queen's Vase and 280 at Ascot, beating Pelion (br c 1850 Ion), Orestes and 6 others. Won the Stewards' Plate and 570 at Stockbridge, beating Captain Lane's Ascot Derby winner Ninnyhammer (ch c 1850 Orlando) "by a head," and 3 others. Finished 3rd for the St Leger at Doncaster, won by West Australian. Won a 100 handicap Plate at Newmarket Second October, beating Poodle (br c 1849 Ion), the Ascot Gold Cup winner Joe Miller (b c 1849 Venison) and 10 others. Was unplaced for the Cambridgeshire at Newmarket Houghton, won by the Cambridgeshire winner Little David (b c 1850 Slane). Sold to Thomas Parr.
In 1854 he won 55 at Nottingham. Won 60 sovs at Epsom Spring. Won the 213 Lothian Handicap at Edinburgh, beating 6 others. Won the 860 Somerset Stakes at Bath, beating Mr Shephard's Cumberland Plate winner Aribbas (ch c 1851 Pyrrhus the First), Lord Clifden's Poodle and 11 others. Won the 330 Cup at the same meeting, beating Jephson (b c 1851 The Cure) by 8 lengths and 3 others. Finished 2nd by a head for the Cup at Epsom, won by Mr Morris's Goodwood Cup winner Kingston (b c 1849 Venison), beating the Doncaster Cup winner Hungerford (ch c 1848 John O'Gaunt), the July Stakes winner The Reiver (b c 1850 Pantaloon) and 2 others. Won the 1000 sovs Cup at Manchester, beating Sir Jas Boswell's La Belle (b f 1850 Malcolm) "in a canter," Mr H Padwick's Balrownie (b c 1850 Annandale), Joe Miller, Monsieur Lupin's Prix du Jockey Club winner Jouvence (b f 1850 Sting), Mr J Osborne's Liverpool July Cup winner Seducer (br c 1851 Melbourne) and 3 others. This latter race was thought to be Rataplan's finest turf performance. Finished 3rd for the Cup at Ascot, won by Lord Londesborough's West Australian. Won 155 at Doncaster. Won the Trial Stakes at Pontrefact. Won Queen's Plates at Newmarket First Spring, Northampton, Chester, Edinburgh, Ascot, Plymouth, Winchester, Bedford and Weymouth. He started 9 other times with no success.
In 1855 he won the 250 Cup at Bath, beating 3 others. Won the 185 Cup at Epsom, beating The Nabob (bl c 1849 The Nob) and 2 others. Won the 275 Cumberland Plate at Carlisle, beating 8 others. Won 170 at Liverpool. Won the 170 Cup at Brighton. Won 98 at Plymouth. Finished 2nd for the Queen's Plate at Egham, won by the Ascot Gold Cup winner Winkfield (b c 1851 Alarm). Won the 160 Cup at Warwick, beating Lord Clifden's Homily (ch f 1852 Surplice) and 1 other. Finished 2nd for the 1060 Great Yorkshire Handicap at Doncaster, won by Mr J Merry's Wild Huntsman (b c 1851 Harkaway); 16 started. Won the Cup at the same meeting, beating Admiral Harcourt's Ellermire (br f 1852 Chanticleer) by 6 lengths, Lord Derby's Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Acrobat (b c 1851 Ithuriel), the Derby winner Wild Dayrell (br c 1852 Ion) and 2 others. Won Queen's Plates at Shrewsbury, Carlisle, Newcastle, Liverpool, Nottingham, Chelmsford, Canterbury, Goodwood, Plymouth, Warwick, Doncaster and Lichfield.
Notable Rataplan Mares
1. Mandragora (ch f 1860), dam of the Ebor Handicap and Doncaster Cup winner Mandrake (ch c 1864 Weatherbit), the Nassau Stakes winner Agility (b f 1867 Adventurer), the splendid One Thousand Guineas, Oaks, St Leger and Ascot Gold Cup winner Apology (ch f 1871 Adventurer) and the Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Napsbury (ch c 1877 Scottish Chief). Family 4-d.
2. Rigolboche (ch f 1861), dam of the Derby, Ascot Gold Cup and Grand Prix de Paris winner Cremorne (b c 1869 Parmesan) and the Prince of Wales's Stakes winner Earl of Dartrey (b c 1872 The Earl). Family 2-n.
3. The Ratcatcher's Daughter (br f 1862), 2nd dam of the Champion Stakes winner and stallion Amphion (ch c 1886 Rosebery) and 3rd dam of the Cambridgeshire winner Marcovil (ch c 1903 Marco). Family 12-c.
4. Mineral (ch f 1863), bred by Mr Launde, dam of the St Leger winner Wenlock (b c 1869 Lord Clifden), the Deutsches Derby winner Schwindler (ch c 1872 Adventurer), the Derby and Grand Prix de Paris winner Kisber (b c 1873 Buccaneer) and the stallion Kisber Ocscse (b c 1877 Buccaneer). Mineral was sent to Austria-Hungary in 1871 where she joined the Kisber Stud. Family 4-d.
5. Quick March (b f 1863), dam of the Doncaster Cup winner Retreat (b c 1877 Hermit) and the St James's Palace Stakes winner Battlefield (b c 1879 Springfield), and 2nd dam of the Derby winner Sir Hugo (ch c 1889 Wisdom). Family 19-b.
6. Minaret (ch f 1866), dam of the Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Mintdrop (b f 1872 Lozenge), 2nd dam of the Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Peppermint (b c 1879 Camballo) and 3rd dam of the Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Koran (b c 1891 Esterling). Family 4-d.
7. Sweet Sound (br f 1867), 2nd dam of the Goodwood Cup and Queen's Vase winner Border Minstrel (ch c 1880 Tynedale) and the Prince of Wales's Stakes winner Melody (b f 1888 Tynedale), 3rd dam of the One Thousand Guineas, Coronation and Richmond Stakes winner Winifreda (b f 1897 St. Simon) and the Nassau Stakes winner Red Lily (b f 1900 Persimmon), and 4th dam of the Prince of Wales's Stakes and Goodwood Cup winner Catmint (b c 1909 Spearmint). Family 3-j.
8. Utopia (b f 1868), 2nd dam of the Champion Stakes and Queen's Vase winner Solitaire (b c 1896 Ayrshire) and ancestress of the very good winner La Camargo (b f 1898 Childwick) who foaled the Ascot Gold Cup and Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe winner Massine (b c 1920 Consols). Family 12.
9. Blue Light (ch f 1870), dam of Gimcrack Stakes winner Lady Muncaster (ch f 1884 Muncaster), the latter the ancestress of the St Leger and Ascot Gold Cup winner Bayardo (b c 1906 Bay Ronald) and the Derby winner Lemberg (b c 1907 Cyllene). Family 10-a.
10. Light Drum (ch f 1870), dam of the Prix du Jockey Club and Grand Prix de Paris winner Little Duck (bbr c 1881 See Saw). Family 13-a.

Love Wisely ch c 1893 (Wisdom - Lovelorn, by Philammon). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 11-e.

Bred by A Hoole, he was first campaigned by Hamar Bass (whose father, Sir William Blass, owned the great Sceptre (b f. 1899 Persimmon)) and, following the death of Mr Bass, by Sir Ernest Cassel. Love Wisely's victory in the Ascot Gold Cup as a three year old was a feat previously managed in the preceding thirty years only by St. Simon (br c 1881 Galopin) and and Marcion (ch c 1890 Royal Hampton).

Described as strong and compact with perfect hocks, he had the misfortune to belong to the same generation as Persimmon (b c 1893 St. Simon) and St Frusquin (br c 1893 St. Simon). He won one of four starts as a two year old. At three he won the Ascot Gold Cup beating Florizel (br c 1891 St. Simon), Laodamia (b f 1890 Kendal) and Sir Visto (b c 1892 Barcaldine), and finished 2nd in the Two Thousand Guineas to St Frusquin by three lengths. From his two starts as a four year old he won the Jockey Club Stakes, beating Velasquez (b c 1894 Donovan) and Chelandry (b f 1894 Goldfinch), and finished 3rd in the Ascot Gold Cup, defeated by Persimmon and Winkfield's Pride (ch c 1893 Winkfield).

In the stud he got the Doncaster Cup winner Amadis (b c 1906), whilst Bridge Of Canny (b c 1903) proved a useful sire in South America getting the good winner and stallion Picacero (b c 1912). He is best known through his daughter, Anchora (ch f 1905), grandam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Fair Isle (bbr f 1927 Phalaris), the St Leger winner and Champion Sire Fairway (b c 1925 Phalaris) and the Champion Sire Pharos (br c 1920 Phalaris). Another daughter, Mandola (ch f 1908), produced the Stewards' Cup winner Tetrameter (ch c 1917 The Tetrarch). Love Wisely stood among the top twenty sires in 1903, 1906 and 1907. He died in June of 1907 from a ruptured bowel.


Amadis b c 1906 (Love Wisely - Galeta, by Ladas). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 1-w.

Bred by Evelyn Edward Thomas Boscawen (1847-1918), 7th Viscount Falmouth and 18th Baron le Despencer, Amadis won all his races as a three year old, including the Ascot Gold Cup, the Jockey Club Cup and the Doncaster Cup. He was considered a good stayer. In the stud he got Chivalrous (b c 1918) a winner of the Chester Cup in in 1922 and 1923, who was later sent Australia. Probably he was a better filly sire as his daughter Maid of the Mountains (b f 1917) produced the Goodwood Cup winner Kinchinjunga (br c 1924 Juggernaut) and the Chester Cup winner Mountain Lad (br c 1925 Alan Breck). Another daughter was the 2nd dam of the Richmond Stakes winner Solar Boy (b c 1930 Solario) as well as the 3rd dam of the Derby winner My Love (b c 1945 Vatellor). A third daughter was the dam of the Jubilaums Preis winner Loufoque (b c 1922 Louvois), and a fourth was the 2nd dam of the Irish Two Thousand Guineas winner Canteener (gr c 1930 Son and Heir).