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Galopin b c 1872 (recorded as by Vedette - Flying Duchess, by The Flying Dutchman). Sire Line Galopin. Family 3-i.

Bred in Lincolnshire by Mr William Taylor Sharpe, Galopin was purchased from the Middle Park Yearling Sale for 520 guineas by Prince Batthyany of Hungary on the advice of John Dawson. Described as a rich dark brown colour with a small white star, he stood 15 hands 3 1/2 inches, and was said to have depth through the chest, beautiful shoulders and be round barrelled and muscular with powerful quarters. He was considered to have excellent conformation with much quality and superb action.

Rumours that Galopin was not really sired by Vedette had made their way into print before he turned three years old (The Illustrated sporting & dramatic news, 28 November, 1874) and were regularly remarked in Thoroughbred literature from then through the mid 20th century (Famous Running Horses, Wall, 1949; Names In Pedigrees, Palmer 1939; et al.), usually naming Delight (1863 b c by Ellington - Placid by Thistle Whipper) as the alternative. Galopin's breeder, Sharpe, denied the rumours in print (St. Stephens Review, 28 June, 1890), apparently convinced that Flying Duchess was already in foal to Vedette in 1871 when he brought her from the Diss stud near Roydon to his Baumber Park stud where Delight was, by then, in residence, he also brought from Diss though precisely when is unclear. 

Sharpe may have assumed too much.  Recent analysis of male-specific Y-chromosome DNA (MSY), carried out by Dr.Barbara Wallner (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna) et al., has revealed that modern tail-male descendants of Persimmon and St. Frusquin, both sired by Galopin's  son St. Simon, have the MSY type of the Byerley Turk, as would be expected for Delight, rather than that of the Darley Arabian, as would be expected for Vedette. This indicates a mis-recording in the patrilineal record at or after King Fergus and at or before St. Simon. No link therein appears more suspect than that of Vedette to Galopin.

Vedette br c 1854
(Darley Arabian sire line)
Voltigeur Voltaire
Martha Lynn
Mrs. Ridgeway Birdcatcher
Nan Darrell

Delight b c 1863
(Byerley Turk sire line)
Ellington The Flying Dutchman
Placid Thistle Whipper


Galopin went on to a successful turf career at two and three including a victory in the Derby Stakes. He wasn't trained at four, due to the Prince's ill health, and although perfectly sound was sent to the stud. On the death of the Prince, Galopin was sold to Mr Henry Chaplin for 8,000 guineas, and later stood at Blankney Hall, Sleaford, in Lincolnshire. In addition to his famous son St Simon (br c 1881), he sired numerous classics winners. He was a Champion Sire in 1888, 1889 and 1898.

Galopin died in 1899.

Race Record
In 1874 he was awarded the 500 sovs Hyde Park Plate at Epsom Spring following the disqualification of the first horse Mr W Alington's Cachmere (br f 1872 Thormanby), beating Mr Chaplin's Cathedral filly, Lord Stamford's Lady Rosebery (b f 1872 Lord Clifden), Mr R Peck's Bonny Blue Eye (b f 1872 Lord Clifden) and 13 others. Won the 15 sovs each Fern Hill Stakes at Ascot in June by 5 lengths, beating Mr Lefevre's Slumber (b f 1871 Orest), Mr Jos Dawson's Lady Glenorchy (br f 1872 Breadalbane), Mr F Gretton's Little Boy Blue (b c 1872 Macaroni) and Mr H S Pigott's Quantock (ch c 1871 King of Trumps). Won the 10 sovs each New Stakes at the same meeting by a length and a half, beating Lord St Vincent's Vae Victis (br f 1872 King Victor) whilst conceding 12 pounds, Mr H Savile's Prince of Wales's Stakes winner Earl of Dartrey (b c 1872 The Earl), Lord Falmouth's Dreadnought (bbr c 1872 Young Melbourne), Lord Ailesbury's Popinjay (b f 1872 Toxophilite), Mr Jno Barnard's Huntingdon (b c 1872 General Peel) and 5 others. Finished 3rd for the 500 sovs Middle Park Plate at Newmarket Second October, won by Mr R R Christopher's Plebeian (b c 1872 Joskin), with Lord Dupplin's Per Se (br f 1872 Hermit) placing 2nd, beating Mr H Delamarre's French bred Palmyre (br f 1872 Vermouth), Mr W S Cartwright's Coronation Stakes winner Maud Victoria (ch f 1872 Marsyas), Mr Chaplin's Stray Shot (b f 1872 Toxophilite), Mr W S Crawfurd's Semper Durus (b c 1872 Gladiateur), Lord Falmouth's Dreadnought and 16 others. Won a 50 sovs each Sweepstakes the next day by 2 lengths, beating Count F de Lagrange's French bred Tresorier (b c 1872 Le Petit Caporal). Walked over for a 50 sovs each Sweepstakes at Newmarket Houghton.
In 1875 he won a 500 match from Mr Chaplin's Stray Shot at Newmarket Second Spring by 8 lengths, giving her 10 pounds. Won the 50 sovs each Derby Stakes at Epsom in May by a length, beating Lord Aylesford's Claremont (b c 1872 Blair Athol), Lord Falmouth's Macaroni colt, Lord Falmouth's Garterly Bell (b c 1872 Blair Athol), Mr Vyner's Two Thousand Guinesa winner Camballo (b c 1872 Cambuscan), Lord Aylesford's Telescope (b c 1872 Speculum), Prince Soltykoff's Balfe (br c 1872 Plaudit) and 11 others. Won the 15 sovs each Fern Hill Stakes at Ascot in June by 4 lengths, beating Mr M Dawson's Bella (ch f 1873 Breadalbane), the Duke of Ujest's Rosalitta (ch f 1873 King of Diamonds), Mr J Trentham's Coronella (b f 1873 Camerino) and Count F de Lagrange's French bred Eclair (b c 1873 Consul). Won a 1000 match from Mr H Bird's Royal Hunt Cup winner Lowlander (ch c 1870 Dalesman) by a length at Newmarket Second October. Won the 25 sovs each Newmarket Derby by 4 lengths, beating Mr W S Crawfurd's St Leger winner Craig Millar (ch c 1872 Blair Athol), Prince Soltykoff's Balfe, Count F de Lagrange's Picnic (b c 1872 Brown Bread) and Mr W S Mitchell-Innes's Saint Leger (ch c 1872 Trumpeter).


Notable Galopin Mares

1. Aida (b f 1898), bred by the Blankney Stud, won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes and the Imperial Produce Stakes, and became the 5th dam of the Kentucky Oaks and Coaching Club American Oaks winner How (br f 1948 Princequillo), from whom Tom Rolfe (b c 1962 Ribot) and Ack Ack (b c 1966 Battle Joined) descend. Family 9-h.
2. Angelica (b f 1879), a full sister to St Simon, when mated with the great Ormonde (b c 1883 Bend Or), produced Orme (b c 1889) the sire of Flying Fox (b c 1896) and Orby (ch c 1904). Family 11-c.
3. Atalanta (bbr f 1878), the head of Family 8-h, became the dam of the Derby and Two Thousand Guineas winner Ayrshire (b c 1885 Hampton), and ancestress to such horses as the stallion Havresac (br c 1915 Rabelais) and Triple Crown winner Whirlaway (ch c 1938 Blenheim).
4. Bonnie Gal (br f 1889), sent America, dam of Jockey Club Stakes winner Disguise (b c 1897 Domino) and ancestress of Black Toney (br c 1911 Peter Pan). Family 10-c.
5. Corrie Roy (b f 1878), won the Cesarewitch Stakes, Queen Alexandra Stakes, Jockey Club Cup and the Ebor Handicap, ancestress of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Colorado (br c 1923 Phalaris) and Triple Crown winner Citation (b c 1945 Bull Lea). Family 3-l.
6. Galeottia (b f 1892), bred by Mr Cox, won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, and placed 2nd in the Oaks Stakes. She later became the 2nd dam of the Triple Crown winner Gay Crusader (b c 1914 Bayardo). Family 1-g.
7. Galicia (br f 1898), became the dam of the St Leger winner Bayardo (b c 1906 Bay Ronald) and the Derby winner Lemberg (b c 1907 Cyllene), and the grandam of the Oaks winner My Dear (b f 1915 Beppo). Family 10-a.
8. Galopin Mare (br f 1887) became the ancestress of two Derby winners, Minoru (br c 1906 Cyllene) and Grand Parade (bl c 1916 Orby). Family 5-c.
9. Satchel (br f 1882) won the Lavant Stakes and Molyneux Cup. The head of Family 3-g, she is ancestress to many good winners including the One Thousand Guineas winner Belle of All (b f 1948 Nasrullah), and the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes winner Ela-Mana-Mou (b c 1976 Pitcairn).
10. Vampire (br f 1889) became the dam of the Triple Crown winner Flying Fox (b c 1896 Orme), and a great success at stud in France. Family 7-d.
Other Notable Offspring
Disraeli (GB)
b c 1895 (Galopin - Lady Yardley, by Sterling). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 2-w. Bred by Sir Tatton Sykes he won the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes.
Galliard (GB)
 br c 1880 (Galopin - Mavis, by Macaroni). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 13. Bred by the 6th Viscount Falmouth, he won the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes, Prince of Wales's Stakes and the St James's Palace Stakes. Although a favourite for the Derby he was defeated by St Blaise (ch c 1880 Hermit) and Highland Chief (b c 1880 Hampton). In the stud he sired the Henckel-Rennen winner Griffin (b c 1897), the Grand Prix de Bruxelles winner War Dance (b c 1887), as well as the dams of Bay Ronald (b c 1893 Hampton) and Fairy Gold (ch f 1896 Bend Or). The War Dance line persisted in France to the Derby winner Lavandin (b c 1953 Verso) who got a good grandson in the Polish-bred Preis von Europa winner Pawiment (br c 1974 Mehari).
Galeazzo (GB)
b c 1893 (Galopin - Eira, by Kisber). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 3-c. Won the Rous Memorial Stakes and the Newmarket Stakes. In the stud in France, Italy and England, he sired the One Thousand Guineas winner Atmah (b f 1908), two Derby Italiano winners, Kosheni (b c 1913) and Saturno (b c 1907), as well as five other Italian classics winners.

St Simon (GB) br c 1881 (Galopin - St Angela, by King Tom). Sire Line St. Simon. Family 11-c.
Donovan (GB) b c 1886 (Galopin - Mowerina, by Scottish Chief). Family 7-a.
Galicia (GB) br f 1898 (Galopin - Isoletta, by Isonomy). Family 10-a.