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Beningbrough b c 1791 (King Fergus - Mare, by Herod) Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 7.

Bred by John Hutchinson, who stood his sire King Fergus (ch c 1775 Eclipse) in Yorkshire, he was sold to Sir Charles Turner in 1795. Mr Hutchinson bought him back in 1797 and later the same year refused 3500 guineas for him. In 1807 he was sold to Mr Dimsdale. He was said to be a horse of great character and to bear a resemblance to his maternal grandsire, King Herod (b c 1758 Tartar).

He ran from 1794 through 1797, mostly over four miles, with his major victories coming in the St Leger Stakes and Doncaster Cup as well as a couple of 500 guineas matches.

His entire stud career was spent in Yorkshire, first at Shipton, then at Middleham. Among many distinguished offspring he got the two Oaks winners, Briseis (b f 1804) and Oriana (b f 1807), and the St Leger winner and Champion Sire, Orville (b c 1799).

Beningbrough died on February 7, 1815, and was buried under a mulberry tree in front of the Dimsdale house at Middleham.

Beningbrough King Fergus Eclipse Marske
Tuting's Creeping Polly Portmore's Othello
Herod Mare King Herod Tartar
Pyrrha Matchem
Race Record

At 3: won 350 guineas at York in August, beating a grey colt by Phoenomenon and Sir James Leicester's Fergulus (b c 1791 King Fergus), over three miles, won a 100 guineas each sweep at York, beating Mr Wilson's Eliza (b f 1791 Highflyer), Mr Garforth's grey colt by Phoenomenon, Mr Wharton's Kilton (b c 1792 Delpini), Mr Wentworth's Prince de Cobourg (gr c 1791 Delpini), Lord Fitzwilliam's Cade (ch.c. Phoenomenon) and one other, won the Great St Leger at Doncaster, worth 450 guineas, beating Mr Crompton's Prior (gr c 1791 Delpini), Phoenomenon Colt, Mr Crompton's Ambush (ch c 1791 Phoenomenon), Mr Fenton's Allegro (gr c Delpini), Mr Ex-Turnor's Tim Tartlett (b c 1791 Saltram), the Duke of Bedford's Cockade (b c 1791 Volunteer) and one other, won the Doncaster Cup, beating Sir J Webb's Constant (b f 1789 Highflyer), Mr Sitwell's Rally (ch f 1790 Trumpator), Mr Garforth's Bradamante (ch f 1792 Young Morwick) and three others, over four miles, 2nd in a 160 guineas sweep at York, won by  Prior, who was later sent to Russia, of a field of six.

At 4: won a 500 guineas match at Doncaster, beating Mr Wilson's Bennington (b c 1791 Rockingham) over four miles, won the Doncaster Stakes, beating Phoenomenon Colt and Eliza over four miles, won 100 plate at Doncaster, beating Phoenomenon Colt, Mr Sitwell's Moorcock [ex-Galileo] (b c 1791 Highflyer) and two others in two-mile heats, 3rd in the Great Subscription at York, won by Phoenomenon Colt.

At 5: won a 500 guineas match at York, beating Mr Wentworth's Ormond (ch c 1789 King Fergus), with Ormond conceding four pounds and losing by six lengths, lost a four mile race to Eliza.

At 6: collected a 50 guineas forfeit from Mr Tatton's Yorkshire Bite (b c 1792 Pot8os) at York, 2nd in the Great Subscription at York, losing to Sir H V Tempest's Hambletonian (b c 1792 King Fergus) who was also bred by John Hutchinson, but beating five others.

Notable Beningbrough Mares

1. Anticipation (ch f 1802) was the dam of Maniac (ch f 1806 Shuttle), taproot mare of Family 4-c; and the 3rd dam of the great mare Alice Hawthorn (b f 1838 Muley Moloch), taproot of Family 4-f, who was the dam of Derby winner Thormanby (ch c 1857 Windhound). Anticipation was also 3rd dam of the St Leger winner Chorister (b c 1828 Lottery).
2. Azalia (b f 1804), dam of the stallion The Flyer (br c 1814 Vandyke Jr.) who sired the Oaks winner Wings (ch f 1822).
3. Beningbrough Mare (b f), dam of Dr Syntax (br c 1811 Paynator), sire of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Ralph (ch c 1838), the One Thousand Guineas winner Chapeau d'Espagne (b f 1834), and the good mare Beeswing (b f 1833), who produced the St Leger winner Newminster (b c 1848 Touchstone) and the Two Thousand Guineas winner Nunnykirk (bl c 1846 Touchstone).
4. Briseis (b f 1804), winner of the Oaks Stakes, dam of the One Thousand Guineas and Oaks winner Corinne (br f 1815 Waxy), the Ascot Gold Cup winner Marcellus (b c 1819 Selim) and the useful stallion Abjer (br c 1817 Truffle).
5. Johanna Southcote (ch f 1811), dam of the Oaks winner Variation (b f 1827 Bustard), the latter the 2nd dam of the St Leger winner Warlock (b c 1853 Birdcatcher).
6. Lady Mary (b f 1800), 2nd dam of Royal Oak (br c 1823 Catton) who was a huge success in the stud in France. Among his offspring were the Champion Sire Slane (b c 1833) in England, three Prix du Jockey Club winners, Plover (b c 1839), Poetess (b f 1838) and Porthos (b f 1849), and four Prix de Diane winners.
7. Miss Nancy (b f 1803), dam of the St Leger winner The Duchess (b f 1813 Cardinal York). The Duchess was the 2nd dam of the good stallion The Premier (b c 1843 Tory Boy), who did well in Australia, and his half-brother King Cole (b c 1833 Memnon), who won the Chester Cup.
8. Oriana (b f 1807), winner of the Oaks Stakes.
9. Orvillina (b f 1804), sister to Orville, dam of the good stallion Sandbeck (b c 1818 Catton), who sired Barbelle (b f 1836), dam of the St Leger winner Van Tromp (br c 1844 Lanercost) and the Derby and St Leger winner The Flying Dutchman (br c 1846 Bay Middleton). Sandbeck also sired Redshank (b c 1833), sire of Ellen Horne (br f 1844), taproot mare of Family 1-j.
10. Rosette (br f 1803), dam of the St Leger winner, Reveller (b c 1815 Comus), who sired the One Thousand Guineas winner Galantine (b f 1828).
11. Spitfire (b f 1800), 2nd dam of the good sire and Champagne Stakes winner Muley Moloch (br c 1830 Muley).
Other Notable Offspring
Scud (b c 1804), Doncaster Cup winner and sire of two Derby winners, Sailor (ch c 1817) and Sam (ch c 1815), and the Oaks winner, Shoveler (b f 1816). Scud also sired Steeltrap (ch c 1815), a useful stallion in Australia, and sire of the taproot mare of Colonial Family 16.

Windle (b c 1804), sired the dam of Leviathan* (ch c 1823 Muley), who was a great success in the stud in America.
Orville (GB) b c 1799 (Beningbrough - Evelina, by Highflyer). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 8-a.