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Muley b c 1810 (Orville - Eleanor, by Whiskey). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 6-a.

Bred in Suffolk by Sir Charles Bunbury (1740-1821), 6th Baronet, Barton Hall, Muley was the third foal from his own splendid mare Eleanor (b f 1798 Whiskey) with whom he had won both the Oaks and the Derby. At the end of his turf career Muley was sold to Edward Harbord (1781-1835), 3rd Baron Suffield, whose country seat was in Norfolk.

A son of the substantial stayer Orville, he was said to have "larger bone and greater muscular power than any thoroughbred stallion in England." He raced for only one year, exclusively at Newmarket, winning three of his four starts and then retired to the stud of Alexander Nowell of Underley where he covered as a private stallion. Mr Nowell was the breeder of the St Leger winner Margrave (ch c 1829 Muley) and the Oaks winner Variation (b f 1827 Bustard) among others.

In the stud he got three classics winners: the Derby winner Little Wonder, the St Leger winner Margrave and the Oaks winner Vespa although he is probably better known as the sire of Muley Moloch who got the celebrated Alice Hawthorn (b f 1838).

Muley Orville Beningbrough King Fergus
Herod Mare
Evelina Highflyer
Eleanor Whiskey Saltram
Young Giantess Diomed
Race Record

In 1815 won a 50 Handicap Plate at Newmarket Second Spring, beating Mr Blackford's Castrella (b f 1812 Castrel), Lord Foley's Offa's Dyke (b c 1807 Paynator), Mr Crockford's Democles (b c 1810 Young Whiskey), Mr Payne's Yaffil (ch c 1810 Popinjay), Mr Kirby's St Leger winner Otterington (b c 1809 Golumpus), Mr Terrett's Brother to Bluster (b c 1811 Orlando), the Duke of Rutland's Kutusoff (br c 1811 Waxy), Mr Brummell's Corporal Violet (ch c 1812 Brother to Vivaldi), Mr Perren's bay Sir David filly, Mr Lawrell's Snyders (b c 1812 Rubens) and Mr Lake's bay Granicus filly. Finished 3rd for 25gs each Subscription at Newmarket Second October, won by Mr Batson's Idle Boy (ch c 1810 Hedley), with Mr Villiers's Two Thousand Guineas winner Cwrw (br c 1809 Dick Andrews) placing 2nd. Finished 2nd for a 50gs Subscription Plate at the same meeting, won by Mr Thornhill's Ascot Gold winner Anticipation (ch c 1812 Hambletonian), beating General L Gower's Streamlet (ch f 1812 Rubens); among the field were Mr Stonehewer's Doncaster Cup winner Slender Billy (ch c 1808 Young Woodpecker), the Duke of Rutland's Osman (ch c 1811 Selim), Lord Cavendish's Blackamoor (bl c 1811 Stamford), Mr Charlton's Don Rodrigo (b g 1809 Windle), Lord Stawell's Goldenleg (b c 1811 Waxy), Mr Goddard's Bijou (br c 1811 Orville), Lord F Bentinck's Monkey (br c 1811 Shuttle) and Mr Blake's Sir Christopher (b c 1812 Sir David). Won a 50 Subscription Handicap Plate at Newmarket Houghton, beating Mr Udny's Emily (ch f 1810 Stamford), later the dam of Emilius (b c 1820 Orville) and Lord Lowther's Caper (b c 1812 Canopus); the field included Lord Jersey's Fugitive (b c 1810 Camillus), Mr Davies's Bijou, Lord G H Cavendish's bay Windle filly and Mr Kelly's Reserve (b f 1812 Waxy).
Notable Offspring

Little Wonder (b c 1837), bred by David Robertson, won the Derby Stakes. Family 11-c.

Margrave* (ch c 1829), bred by Mr Nowell, won the Criterion Stakes and St Leger Stakes. A successful stallion in America he was sent first to Virginia and thence to Major Gee in Alabama where he died in 1852. Family 2-l.

Marpessa (b f 1830), dam of Cambridgeshire winner Evenus (b c 1840 Alpheus) and Two Thousand Guineas and St James's Palace Stakes winner Idas (b c 1842 Liverpool). Marpessa was also the dam of the great Pocahontas (b f 1837 Glencoe), herself the taproot mare of Family 3-n. Family 3-m.

Monimia (b f 1821), 2nd dam of July Stakes winner and stallion Chatham (ch c 1839 The Colonel) and ancestress of much of Family 12-c including Springfield (b c 1873 St Albans).

Morgiana (bl f 1820), dam of the stallion Sheet Anchor (br c 1832 Lottery). Family 12-c.

Muley Mare (br f 1823), 2nd dam of Cesarewitch winner Lioness (b f 1859 Fandango) and 3rd dam of Prince of Wales's Stakes winner and stallion King of the Forest (b c 1868 Scottish Chief). Family 31.

Muley Mare (ch f 1838), ancestress of the Cambridgeshire winner The Sailor Prince (b c 1880 Albert Victor) who appears in the pedigree of Nearco (br c 1935 Pharos). Family 19.

Muliana (br f 1831), full sister to Muley Moloch, ancestress of the "flying filly" Mumtaz Mahal (gr f 1921 The Tetrarch). Family 9-c.

Sister to Gil Blas (b f 1829), dam of Manchester Cup winner Trueboy (br c 1840 Tomboy) and 2nd dam of Ebor Handicap winner Mark Tapley (b c 1847 The Hydra). Family 3-a.

The Little Known (b c 1836), broodmare sire of the Ascot Gold Cup winner and excellent stallion Scottish Chief (b c 1861 Lord of the Isles). Family 11-c.

Vespa (br f 1830), bred by Sir Mark Wood, winner of the Oaks Stakes. Family 10.

Leviathan (GB)* [ex-Mezeron] ch c 1823 (Muley - Mare, by Windle). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 7.
Muley Moloch (GB) br c 1830 (Muley - Nancy, by Dick Andrews). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 9-c.