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Emilius b c 1820 (Orville - Emily, by Stamford). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 28.

Emilius was bred by Colonel John R Udney, a notable turfite from Aberdeen who won the Oaks and the One Thousand Guineas Stakes with Corinne (br f 1815 Waxy) and was the breeder of Truffle (b c 1808 Sorcerer). He was purchased by Thomas Thornhill for 1800 guineas following his retirement from the turf in 1824. Mr Thornhill was a popular breeder and owner from Riddlesworth, Norfolk, who had success with the Derby winners Sam (ch c 1815 Scud) and Sailor (ch c 1817 Scud), the Oaks winner Shoveler (b f 1816 Scud) and the One Thousand Guineas winner Extempore (b f 1840 Emilius).

"The Druid" said of Emilius that he was "Orville's best son, inherited his plain head, but was not so coarse in appearance. He was a muscular, compact horse, with a great chest and powerful arms, but rather short legs, the hinder ones being unusually straight. He had a somewhat large middle piece, good back ribs, and a very muscular muscular neck, slightly arched, but not too long."

Although he didn't start as a two year old his three year old season was brilliant. Undefeated, he won the 1823 Derby Stakes, the Riddlesworth and the Grand Duke Michael Stakes. His four year old season was less successful and he retired to the stud. There he got the Derby winners Priam* (b c 1827), who was also a Champion Sire, and Plenipotentiary (ch c 1831). He also sired the Prix du Jockey Club (French Derby) winner Gambetti (b c 1845). His other classics winners included the Oaks winner Oxygen (b f 1828), the St Leger winner Mango* (br c 1834), the Two Thousand Guineas winner Riddlesworth* (ch c 1828) and the One Thousand Guineas winners Barcarolle (b f 1835), Extempore (b f 1840) and Preserve (ch f 1832). Emilius was Champion Sire in 1830 and 1831.

Following the death of Mr Thornhill in 1844 his stud was broken up and Emilius, still in good health, was leased to Mr Jacques at Easby Abbey in Yorkshire where he died on August 25, 1847, apparently from a dinner of unbruised oats which he was quite unable to chew. He is said to have been buried in a paddock close to the White Cannons of Easby and a stone which was used as the threshold to his box was built into the wall as a memorial.

Emilius Orville Beningbrough King Fergus
Herod Mare
Evelina Highflyer
Emily Stamford Sir Peter Teazle
Sister to Froth Whiskey
Grey Dorimant
Race Record

In 1823 he won the first class of the 200gs each Riddlesworth Stakes at Newmarket Craven, beating the Duke of Grafton's Talisman (br c 1820 Soothsayer), Lord Jersey's Phantom colt and Lord Exeter's Troy (br c 1820 Filho da Puta). At the same meeting he walked over for the 300gs each Dinner Stakes. At Newmarket First Spring he was only one of two horses to appear at the post for a 100gs each sweepstakes which had 6 subscribers; Colonel Udney and Lord Exeter, with Fanatic (ch c 1820 Soothsayer), agreed to divide the forfeits. Won the Derby Stakes at Epsom, beating Mr J Rogers's Tancred (b c 1820 Selim), the Duke of Grafton's Talisman (br c 1820 Soothsayer), Mr Biggs's Bertram (br c 1820 Smolensko), J Rogers's Two Thousand Guineas winner Nicolo (ch c 1820 Selim), the Duke of Grafton's Cinder (br c 1820 Woful) and 5 others. Won a 200gs each sweepstakes at Ascot Heath, beating Lord Darlington's Shaver (b c 1820 Whisker). Won the 1200gs Grand Duke Michael Stakes at Newmarket First October, beating the Duke of Grafton's One Thopusand Guineas and Oaks Zinc (br f 1820 Woful), the Duke of Portland's Joseph (b c 1820 Soothsayer), Lord G H Cavendish's Ascot Gold Cup winner (twice) Bizarre (br c 1820 Orville) and 2 others. Won a 400gs each sweepstakes at Newmarket Second October, beating the Duke of Grafton's Cinder (br c 1820 Woful) "in a canter by three lengths".

In 1824 he lost a 300 sovs match at Newmarket First Spring to Lord Exeter's Augusta (b f 1818 Woful). Won a 500gs match at Newmarket First October from Mr Wm Edwards's Jock the Laird's Brother (gr c 1819 Viscount). Lost a 300 sovs match at Newmarket Second October to Lord G H Cavendish's Bizarre (b c 1820 Orville). Finished among the field for the 30 sovs each Audley End Stakes at Newmarket Houghton, won by Lord Exeter's Zealot (ch c 1820 Partisan); 5 others started.
Notable Emilius Mares
1. Bassinoire (br f 1828), dam of the stallion Moss Trooper (br c 1839 Liverpool), sired Braxey (b f 1849) the taproot mare of Family 10-d.
2. Echo (b f 1828), bred by Mr Forth, taproot mare of Family 22-b, and dam of the Ascot Stakes winner Vibration (b f 1839 Sir Hercules) and the Criterion and Molecomb Stakes winner Sting (b c 1843 Slane).
3. Oxygen (b f 1828), bred by the 4th Duke of Grafton, won the Oaks, Anson and Clearwell Stakes, and finished 3rd in the One Thousand Guineas Stakes. Family 1-o.
4. Preserve (ch f 1832), bred by Thomas Thornhill, won the One Thousand Guineas and Criterion Stakes, dam of Queen Anne Stakes winner Ariosto (ch g 1848 Orlando). Family 1-c.
5. Barcarolle (b f 1835), bred by Thomas Thornhill, won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes. Family 45.
6. Exotic (b f 1836), bred by Mr Thornhill, dam of the One Thousand Guineas Stakes winner Lady Orford (ch f 1847 Slane) and the Coronation Stakes winner Iona (b f 1849 Ion). Family 9-b.
7. Elphine (b f 1837), bred by Mr Thornhill, dam of Warlock (b c 1853 Birdcatcher) winner of the St Leger Stakes and Ebor Handicap. Family 9.
8. Equation (b f 1839), bred by Mr Thornhill, dam of Two Thousand Guineas and Molecomb Stakes winner Diophantus (ch c 1858 Orlando) and the Gimcrack Stakes winner Exact (ch f 1850 Birdcatcher). Family 7-a.
9. Extempore (b f 1840), bred by Thomas Thornhill, won the One Thousand Guineas and July Stakes, dam of Jeu d'Esprit (b f 1852 Flatcatcher) the taproot mare of Family 7-d.
10. Palma (br f 1840), bred by Mr Allen, dam of the Queen's Vase winner Adventurer (bbr c 1859 Newminster). Family 12-g.
11. Stamp (b f 1842), bred by Mr C Liley, dam of Two Thousand Guineas and St James's Palace Stakes winner Fitz-Roland (ch c 1855 Orlando) and Ascot Stakes winner Redemption (ch f 1852 Orlando). Family 1-b.
12. Contraction (b f 1845), dam of the Manchester Cup and Ebor Handicap winner Underhand (b c 1854 The Cure). Family 43. Underhand sired the 4th dam of Man o' War (ch c 1917 Fair Play).
Other Notable Offspring

Riddlesworth (ch c 1828), bred by the 5th Earl of Jersey, won the Two Thousand Guineas, Riddlesworth, Dinner and Newmarket Stakes, finished 2nd in the Derby Stakes. Sold to J L Bradley of Kentucky and sent to America.

Sarpedon (br c 1828), bred by General Grosvenor, sent to Kentucky and there the sire of Alice Carneal (b f 1836), she the dam of Lexington (b c 1850 Boston).

Mango (br c 1834), bred by Mr Thornhill, owned by Mr Greville, won the St Leger and King Edward VII Stakes, later sent to New York.

Euclid (ch c 1836), bred by Mr Thornhill, won the St James's Palace Stakes and dead heated with Charles the Twelfth (br c 1836 Voltaire) for the 1839 St Leger but lost the run off.

Mathematician (b c 1844), won the Ebor Handicap.

Gambetti (b c 1845), won the Prix du Jockey Club and Poule d'Essai.



Plenipotentiary (GB) ch c 1831 (Emilius - Harriet, by Pericles). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 6-b.

Priam (GB) b c 1827 (Emilius - Cressida, by Whiskey). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 6-a.