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Priam b c 1827 (Emilius - Cressida, by Whiskey). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 6-a.

Priam was bred by Sir John Shelley (1777-1852) 6th Baronet, Michel Grove, Sussex, who also bred the Derby winners Phantom (b c 1808 Walton) and Cedric (ch c 1821 Phantom) and the Two Thousand Guineas winner Antar (b c 1816 Haphazard), the latter a half brother to Priam. His dam Cressida (b f 1807) was a full sister to the Derby and Oaks winner Eleanor (b f 1798), to the July Stakes winner Julia (br f 1799) and half sister to the stallion Sorcerer (bl c 1796 Trumpator). The trainer Mr Dilly purchased him as a barely turned two year old for 1000 guineas at a public auction in May of 1829 and sold him again in 1829 to Mr William Chifney for 1250 guineas. Mr Chifney campaigned him in 1830 and at the beginning of 1831. He was then purchased for 3000 guineas by George Stanhope (1805-1866), 6th Earl of Chesterfield, in whose colours he finished his turf career.

The Druid observed that he was "a mare-looking horse, especially about the head, and so delicate a feeder that his owner, Wm Chifney, could tell, to a handful, the quantity of oats he would eat in a week. His head and neck were light, and his coat feathered, from his ears to his withers, in a most eccentric fashion. He drooped rather on his hind pasterns, and stood on a straight hind leg. Lord Jersey had the offer of him, when a yearling, but declined it, thinking he would put out ringbones." Lord Chesterfield, however, thought him the "only perfect blood horse he had ever set eyes on."

He ran for three years winning the Derby Stakes and the Goodwood Cup twice and numbering among his victims several of the best horses of his day. His memorable Derby adventure commenced after an hour of thirteen false starts in a "drenching shower," in which he overtook Little Red Rover (ch c 1827 Tramp) at half the distance and won easily by two lengths. It was thought that barring the appearance of Priam the game Little Red Rover would have won regardless of how the race was run.

In the Bretby Park stud of Lord Chesterfield he got several exceptional fillies, including the Oaks winners Miss Letty (b f 1834) and Industry (br f 1835), as well as the brilliant Crucifix (b f 1837) who won both the One Thousand and Two Thousand Guineas as well as the Oaks Stakes. However, before these ladies made their mark on the turf he was sold to Messrs Merritt for a 3500 guineas and sent to Virginia in 1837. His welcome there encompassed one hundred mares in his first season for 50 guineas each. He was twice Champion Sire in England in 1839 and 1840 and four times Champion sire in America in 1842 and from 1844 to 1846.

Blind in his later years he was advertised for sale at 200 sovereigns. Priam died in Tennessee in 1847.

Priam Emilius Orville Beningbrough
Emily Stamford
Sister to Froth
Cressida Whiskey Saltram
Youg Giantess Diomed
Race Record

In 1830 he won the 200 sovs each Riddlesworth Stakes at Newmarket in April, beating Lord Exeter's Mahmoud (b c 1827 Sultan), the Duke of Grafton's Brambilla (b f 1827 Partisan), Lord Anson's Zillah (b f 1827 Whisker), Lord Sefton's Emilius colt and Lord Jersey's Comus filly. Won the 50 sovs each Column Stakes at the same meeting, beating Lord Exeter's Two Thousand Guineas winner Augustus (ch c 1827 Sultan) by a short head, the Duke of Portland's Amphiaraus (b c 1827 Tiresias), Lord Verulam's Whalebone filly, Mr Scott Stonehewer's The Fairy (ch f 1827 Emilius), the Duke of Rutland's Middleton filly and Lord Grosvenor's Thermometer (b c 1827 Whisker). Collected 400 in forfeits at Newmarket First Spring for a 100 sovs each sweepstakes. Collected 450 in forfeits at the same meeting for a 300 sovs each sweepstakes since no horse, it was said, would venture against him. Won the 50 sovs each Derby Stakes at Epsom by 2 lengths, beating Mr Ridsdale's Doncaster Cup winner Little Red Rover (ch c 1827 Tramp), Lord Exeter's Mahmoud, Lord Exeter's Augustus, Mr D Radcliffe's Young Orion (b c 1827 Master Henry), Lord Exeter's Red Rover (ch c 1827 Middleton), Sir Mark Wood's Ascot Gold Cup winner Cetus (b c 1827 Whalebone), Sir Mark Wood's July Stakes winner The Mummer (ch c 1827 Reveller), Mr Petre's Brunswicker (b c 1827 Figaro), Lord Cleveland's Jack Tar (ch c 1827 Emilius) and 13 others. Won a 100 sovs each sweepstakes at Ascot Heath easily by 2 lengths, beating Lord G H Cavendish's Godolphin colt and Lord Exeter's Mahmoud. Finished 2nd for the 25 sovs each St Leger Stakes at Doncaster, won by Mr Beardsworth's Birmingham (br c 1827 Filho da Puta), beating Mr Riddell's Emancipation (b c 1827 Whisker), Mr W Scott's Pedestrian (b c 1827 Tramp), Mr Petre's Brunswicker, Mr R Shepherd's Chester Cup winner The Cardinal (b c 1827 Waxy Pope), Mr Clifton's Moss Rose (ch f 1827 Blacklock) and 21 others. Won a 500 sovs match at the same meeting from Lord Kelburne's Doncaster Cup winner Retriever (br c 1826 Smolensko) "with consummate ease". Walked over for the 100 sovs each Gascoigne Stakes at the same meeting.

In 1831 he won the 10 sovs each Craven Stakes at Newmarket, beating Col Wilson's Comus colt, Mr Nowell's Marvel (ch c 1828 Muley) and 7 others, including Mr Ridsdale's Tranby (b c 1826 Blacklock). Won the 100 sovs each Port Stakes at the same meeting, beating Col Wilson's Comus colt and Lord Exeter's Mahmoud. Running for Lord Chesterfield, won a 200 sovs match at Newmarket First Spring from Sir Mark Wood's Ascot Gold Cup winner Lucetta (b f 1826 Reveller) by 4 lengths. Won the 300 sovs Gold Cup at Goodwood, beating HM's Doncaster and Goodwood Cup (twice) winner Fleur de Lis (b f 1822 Bourbon) and Mr Scott Stonehewer's Oaks winner Variation (b f 1827 Bustard). Collected 130 sovs and the Cup at Newmarket First October from Sir Mark Wood's Lucetta. Won a 300 sovs match by a length at Newmarket Second October from Lord Exeter's Augustus.

In 1832 he finished 3rd for the Craven Stakes at Newmarket, won by Col Wilson's Craven Stakes winner Chapman (b c 1828 Emilius), with Sir M Wood's Captain Arthur (ch c 1827 Bobadil) placing 2nd, beating 2 others. Won the King's Plate at Newmarket First Spring, beating Sir M Wood's Lucetta and Lord Berner's Comus colt. Won the Eclipse Foot with 200 sovs at Ascot Heath, beating Gen Grosvenor's Sarpedon (b c 1828 Emilius). Won the 300 sovs Gold Cup at Goodwood, beating Lord Exeter's July Stakes winner Beiram (ch c 1829 Sultan) and 6 others, including Mr Ridsdale's Derby winner St Giles (ch c 1829 Tramp). Paid 130 sovs compromise at Newmarket First October for the Cup and 200 sovs to Sir Mark Wood's Camarine (ch f 1828 Juniper), having retired to the stud. Paid 200 sovs at Newmarket Houghton to Emancipation.


Notable Priam Mares

1. Miss Letty (b f 1834), bred by Thomas Orde-Powlett, won the Oaks Stakes, dam of the stallion Weatherbit (b c 1842 Sheet Anchor) and 3rd dam of the stallion Oxford (ch c 1857 Birdcatcher). Family 12-g.
2. Annette (b f 1835), dam of the Criterion Stakes winner Nina (br f 1846 Cotherstone) who in turn foaled the St James's Palace Stakes winner Walloon (b c 1858 The Flying Dutchman). Annette was also the dam of the Stewards' Cup winner Glenmasson (b c 1854 Cotherstone) and the ancestress of the Derby winner St Gatien (b c 1881 The Rover) and the Travers winner Broomstick (b c 1901 Ben Brush). Family 16.
3. Industry (br f 1835), bred by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield, won the Oaks Stakes, dam of the Coronation Stakes winners Stitch (b f 1842 Hornsea) and Distaffina (b f 1845 Don John) and Barcelona (br f 1848 Don John) and the stallion Chevalier d'Industrie (ch c 1854 Orlando). Family 2-f.
4. Joannina (b f 1835), dam of the Derby winner The Cossack (ch c 1844 Hetman Platoff). Family 1-s.
5. Crucifix (b f 1837), bred by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield, won the One Thousand and Two Thousand Guineas and Oaks Stakes, dam of the Derby winner Surplice (b c 1845 Touchstone). Crucifix is the taproot mare of Family 2-i.
6. Fair Helen (b f 1837), dam of the Chester Cup winner Malton (b c 1845 Sheet Anchor) and 2nd dam of the French stallions Grand Prix de Paris and Grosser Preis von Baden  winner Vermouth (b c 1861 The Nabob) and Grosser Preis von Baden winner Vertugadin (ch c 1862 Fitz Gladiator). Family 3-m.
7. Iliona (b f 1837), won the Cesarewitch Stakes, 2nd dam of the Stewards' Cup winner Anton (b c 1868 Atherstone). Family 10.
8. Polyxena (b f 1837), bred by J. Osborne, dam of the Cambridgeshire Stakes winner Dacia (ch f 1845 Gladiator) and ancestress of Prix du Jockey Club winner Negofol (b c 1906 Childwick). Family 17-a.
Other Notable Offspring
Chesterfield (br c 1834), got the Ascot Gold Cup (twice), Doncaster Cup, Goodwood Cup, Queen's Vase and Ebor Handicap winner The Hero (ch c 1843). The latter got the Goodwood Cup winner Rogerthorpe (b c 1853) and the Ebor Handicap winner Raglan (br c 1860).

Monarch (b c 1834), bred by King William IV, sent to Reber & Kutz in Ohio, later to South Carolina, died in Ohio in 1857.

Giges (ch c 1837), foaled in France, won the Poule d'Essai and later a stallion.

Crucifix (GB) b f 1837 (Priam - Octaviana, by Octavian). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 2-i.