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Crucifix b f 1837 (Priam - Octaviana, by Octavian). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 2-i.

Bred by George Stanhope (1805-1866), 6th Earl of Chesterfield, who also bred the Oaks winners Industry (br f 1835 Priam) and Lady Evelyn (b f 1846 Don John), Crucifix was purchased and raced by Lord George Bentinck (1802-1848), third son of the 4th Duke of Portland, who bred the One Thousand Guineas winners Firebrand (ch f 1839 Lamplighter) and The Flea (b f 1846 Coronation). Her dam Octaviana (b f 1815), daughter of the St Leger winner Octavian (ch c 1807 Stripling), also produced the July Stakes winner Crusader (br c 1823 Cervantes).

Her conformation was thought to deviate considerably from the ideal. Standing nearly 16 hands she was described as having a very straight, lean head with good eyes, long ears and open nostrils. Her neck was long and light, her shoulders thin and oblique and her brisket deep, however, her chest was narrow and her arms and legs small and her toes alleged to turn out like those of a ballerina. With flat sides and thighs, short back ribs and drooping quarters, her overall appearance was called "wiry". Nevertheless she was as "nimble as a cat, and had the useful faculty of reaching the top of her speed in a few strides, and without any apparent effort". Undefeated, she ran only as a two and three year old, winning all her races so easily that she was said to be "altogether one of the most extraordinary animals on record". Among her victories were the One and Two Thousand Guineas Stakes and the Oaks Stakes, after which "her legs quite gave way".

She was later owned by the Hon Edward Lloyd Mostyn, who bred the Oaks And St Leger winner Queen of Trumps (br f 1832 Velocipede) and Henry Agar-Ellis Clifden (1825-1866), 3rd Viscount Clifden. In the stud she got the Derby and St Leger winner Surplice (b c 1845 Touchstone), the Royal Hunt Cup winner Chalice (b f 1852 Orlando) and the stallion Cowl (b c 1842 Bay Middleton). The taproot mare of Family 2-i, her descendants include the One Thousand Guineas, Oaks and St Leger winner Meld (b f 1952 Alycidon), the One Thousand Guineas winner Musical Bliss (b f 1986 The Minstrel), the Oaks winner Placida (br f 1874 Lord Lyon), the Oaks winner Shahtoush (b f 1995 Alzao), the Oaks winner Ramruma (ch f 1996 Diesis), the Prix du Jockey Club winner Ajax (b c 1901 Flying Fox), the Ascot Gold Cup winner Precipitation (ch c 1933 Hurry On), the Coronation Cup winner Persian Gulf (b c 1940 Bahram) and the Derby winner Charlottown (b c 1963 Charlottesville).

Crucifix died in 1858 and was buried beside Bay Middleton (b c 1833 Sultan) at Danebury, near Stockbridge, Hampshire. John and Alfred Day were said to have "each planted a cedar tree" near their graves.

Crucifix Priam Emilius Orville
Cressida Whiskey
Young Giantess
Octaviana Octavian Stripling
Oberon Mare
Shuttle Mare Shuttle
Race Record
In 1839 she won the 830 July Stakes at Newmarket in a canter by 2 lengths, beating the Duke of Grafton's Currency (ch f 1837 St Patrick), Mr Knight's Buzzard colt, Lord Exeter's Sultan filly, Lord Exeter's Stamboul (br c 1837 Reveller), Lord Albemarle's Cambyses (b c 1837 Camel) and Lord Orford's Petito (b c 1837 Clearwell). Won the 30 sovs each Chesterfield Stakes at the same meeting, carrying 9 pounds extra for winning the July Stakes, beating Lord Albemarle's Iris (ch f 1837 Cain), Mr Knight's Buzzard colt, Lord Exeter's Hellespont (b c 1837 Reveller), Stamboul and 4 others, following a false start in which the entire field ran the course with Iris first past the post and Crucifix second, although Mr Prince's Merle (gr c 1837 Clearwell) was withdrawn from the second running. Won the 50 sovs each Lavant Stakes at Goodwood, beating Lord Lichfield's Firefly (b f 1837 Lamplighter) in a canter and Lord Albemarle's Exit (ch c 1837 Vanish). Won the 50 sovs each Molecomb Stakes at the same meeting, beating Lord Lichfield's Defendant (ch c 1837 Defence) and Lord Albemarle's Iris. Won the 40 sovs each Hopeful Stakes at Newmarket First October, beating Lord Lynedock's Jeffy (br c 1837 Jerry) by a length, Lord G Bentinck's Capote (ch c 1837 Velocipede), Lord Exeter's Raymond (b c 1837 Mulatto), Lord Exeter's Hellespont, Lord Lichfield's Firefly, Mr Greville's Perseus (ch c 1837 Emilius) and 3 others. Walked over for a 100 sovs each sweepstakes at the same meeting. Won the 30 sovs each Clearwell Stakes at Newmarket Second October carrying 7 pounds extra for winning the July Stakes, beating Gen Yates's Gibraltar (b c 1837 Muley) by a length, Lord G Bentinck's Capote and 3 others. Won the 50 sovs each Prendergast Stakes by a length at the same meeting, beating Col Anson's Nicholas (b c 1837 Jerry) and Capote. Won the 30 sovs each Criterion Stakes at Newmarket Houghton, beating Gen Yates's Gibraltar and 7 others including Mr Greatrex's Pocahontas (b f 1837 Glencoe).
In 1840 she won the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes at Newmarket First Spring, beating Mr Houldsworth's Confederate (b c 1837 Velocipede) by a length, Lord Orford's Angelo (gr c 1837 Clearwell), Lord Exeter's Scutari (b c 1837 Sultan), Ld G Bentinck's Capote, and Mr Bowes's Black Beck (br c 1837 Mulatto). Won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes at the same meeting, beating Ld G Bentinck's Rosa Bianca (ch f 1837 Augustus) by a length, Lord Albemarle's Spangle (b f 1837 Croesus) and Lord Exeter's Silistria (br f 1837 Reveller). Won the 50 sovs each Oaks Stakes at Epsom, beating Mr Payne's Welfare (br f 1837 Priam), Mr Wigram's Teleta (ch f 1837 Plenipotentiary), Mr Fowler's Lalla Rookh (b f 1837 Defence), Mr Greatrex's Pocahontas and 10 others.
Produce Record
Year of Birth     Name, Sire Owner or Breeder
1842 b c   Cowl, by Bay Middleton Ld G Bentinck
1843     barren Ld G Bentinck
1844 b c   Crozier, by Lanercost Ld G Bentinck
1845 b c   Surplice, by Touchstone Ld G Bentinck
1846 b c   Cucullus, by Bay Middleton (dead) Ld G Bentinck
1847 b c   Pontifex, by Touchstone Mr Mostyn
1848     slipped twins by Touchstone Mr Mostyn
1849 b f   Rosary, by Touchstone Ld Clifden
1850 b c   Constantine, by Cotherstone Ld Clifden
1851 b c   Cardinal, by Touchstone Ld Clifden
1852 b f   Chalice, by Orlando Ld Clifden
1853     barren Ld Clifden
1854     barren Ld Clifden
1855     barren Ld Clifden
1856     barren Ld Clifden
1857     barren Ld Clifden
1858     not bred in 1857, and died that year  

Surplice (GB) b c 1845 (Touchstone - Crucifix, by Priam). Sire Line Camel. Family 2-i.