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Jerry bl c 1821 (Smolensko - Louisa, by Orville). Sire Line Matchem. Family 15.

Jerry was bred by Richard Oliver Gascoigne, who also bred his dam, Louisa (br f 1813), winner of the Macaroni Stakes. Jerry was half-brother to Jessy (ch f 1824) who won the Champion Stakes at Lincoln. Gascoigne also bred the Champion Sire and St Leger winner Soothsayer (ch c 1808 Sorcerer). His father-in-law, Sir Thomas Gascoigne, bred and raced the St Leger winners Hollandaise (gr f 1775 Matchem) and Symmetry (gr c 1795 Delpini) and the Oaks winner Theophania (b f 1800 Delpini). He also raced the St Leger winner Tommy (ch c 1776 Wildair). An earlier Gascoigne had owned Gascoigne's Foreign Horse.

Jerry was described as a horse of "remarkable size and substance" and apparently inherited a fair amount of "Orville's coarseness" from his dam Louisa. He was thought to be a superior stayer.

Trained by James Croft, of East Wilton, near Middleham, Yorkshire, Jerry enjoyed a moderately successful turf career. In 1824 he won the York St Leger, and the Doncaster St Leger, in the latter beating Brutandorf (b c 1821 Blacklock) and twenty-one others. In 1827 at York he beat Lord Scarborough's Tarrare (b c 1823 Catton), who had won the St Leger the previous year. When Jerry retired to stud, which time was spent in the Scottish stud of Lord Kelburne who had purchased him in 1824 for 2,000 guineas, he could there be considered moderately successful as well.

Jerry Smolensko Sorcerer Trumpator
Young Giantess
Wowski Mentor
Louisa Orville Beningbrough
Thomasina Timothy
Race Record
In 1824 he won the 25gs each St Leger Stakes at York, beating Major Cunningham's Outcry colt, Lord Kelburne's Filho da Puta colt and 4 others. Won the 25 gs each X Y Z Stakes at Newcastle in July, beating Lord Londonderry's Ebor colt. Won the 25gs each Great St Leger Stakes at Doncaster, beating Lord Sligo's Canteen (b c 1821 Waxy Pope), Mr Houldsworth's Miller of Mansfield (b c 1821 Filho da Puta), Mr Tanton's Streatham (bl c 1821 Blacklock), Mr Watt's Brutandorf (b c 1821 Blacklock), Mr Fulwar Craven's Helenus (ch c 1821 Soothsayer) and 17 others.
Jerry does not appear to have run in 1825.
In 1826, running for Lord Kelburne, he was unplaced for the Gold Cup at York Spring, won by Sir M W Ridley's Fleur-de-Lis (b f 1822 Bourbon), with Lord Kelburne's Actaeon (ch c 1822 Scud) placing 2nd, 5 started. Was unplaced for the Gold Cup at Northampton in September, won by Fleur-de-Lis, with Lord Milton's Mulatto (b c 1823 Catton) placing 2nd and Lord Fitzwilliam's Humphrey Clinker (b c 1822 Comus) 3rd; 5 started. Finished 2nd for the Gold Cup at Richmond in October, won by Lord Kennedy's Bedlamite (ch c 1823 Welbeck), beating the Duke of Leeds's Whisker colt, Mr Russell's Mustachio (br c 1821 Whisker) and 2 others.
In 1827 he won the 10 sovs each Craven Stakes at Catterick Bridge in April. Finished 2nd for the 20 sovs each Constitution Stakes at York in May, won by Fleur-de-Lis, beating Humphrey Clinker and the Duke of Leeds's Sirius (b c 1823 Whisker). Won a 25 sovs each sweepstakes at York in August, beating Lord Scarborough's St Leger winner Tarrare (b c 1823 Catton), Mr Petre's Nonplus (b c 1824 Catton) and Mr Ridsdale's Barelegs (ch c 1823 Tramp).
Notable Offspring
Amulet (br f 1831), 3rd dam of the stallion Bel Demonio (ch c 1861).
Archeress (br f 1841), dam of the stallion Shanbally (b c 1852).
Clearwell (gr c 1830), bred by the 3rd Earl of Orford, won the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes.
Fanny (b f 1830), dam of Park Hill Stakes winner, Peggy (bl f 1840), the latter the dam of the Derby winner Musjid (br c 1856). Fanny was also 2nd dam of the sire Hospodar (ch c 1851).
Jeremy Diddler (br c 1839), half-brother to Pocahontas (b f 1837), the head of Family 3-n and dam of Stockwell (ch c 1849), and to Two Thousand Guineas winner Idas (b c 1842). He sired the stallion Sundeelah (bl c 1861) and Jeremy Diddler Mare (bl f 1847), dam of the stallion Victorious (b c 1862). Victorious sired Kapanga* (b f 1876), dam of the American leading sire Kingston (br c 1884 Spendthrift).
Jericho (br c 1842), winner of the Criterion Stakes, sired the Two Thousand Guineas and Goodwood Cup winner The Promised Land (b c 1856).
Jessy (br f 1845), 3rd dam of the good French racehorse Jongleur (b c 1874 Mars), winner of the Prix du Jockey Club, Cambridgeshire Stakes, Criterion Stakes, Grand Criterium, Prix Lupin and Prix Royal Oak, and 3rd dam of Jongleur's half-sister, the Grand Criterium winner Jonquille (ch f 1873 Vermouth).
Ma Mie (b f 1839), dam of the useful stallion Pelion (br c 1850), sire of Pietas (b f 1861), the latter the dam of the Oaks winner Placida (br f 1874). Ma Mie was 2nd dam of Chislehurst (b c 1880) who won the Rous Memorial Stakes and sired MacDonald (b c 1899) winner of the Deutsches Derby, Grosser Hansa Preis and Alagi dij. Ma Mie was also the 3rd dam of the useful sire Kaiser (b c 1870), winner of the Champagne Stakes, Great Yorkshire Stakes and Prince of Wales's Stakes, and 3rd dam of the Derby Italiano winner Rosenberg (b c 1882). A modern descendant of Ma Mie is the Deutsches Derby winner and leading German stallion Acatenango (ch c 1982).
Mystery (b f 1842), 3rd dam of both One and Two Thousand Guineas winner Pilgrimage (ch f 1875), the latter the dam of Derby winner Jeddah (ch c 1895) and Oaks winner Canterbury Pilgrim (ch f 1893).
Oblivion (b f 1831), dam of Springy Jack (b c 1845), sire of Preis der Diana winner Isabella (ch f 1856) and Henckel-Rennen winner Oberon (ch c 1862). Oblivion was also 2nd dam of Derby winner Daniel O'Rourke (ch c 1849) and ancestress of Dark Ronald (bbr c 1905) who won the Princess of Wales's Stakes and the Royal Hunt Cup and became a top sire in Germany.
Rigolette (br f 1842), dam of The Mersey (br f 1859), she the dam of Trent (br c 1871), winner of the Great Yorkshire Stakes and Grand Prix de Paris. The Mersey was also the dam of Shannon (b f 1868 Lambton), winner of the Doncaster and Goodwood Cups, and ancestress of Isard (gr c 1910), winner of the Grand Prix de Deauville, Prix Boiard and Prix Lagrange, and of leading sire Blenheim (br c 1927), winner of the Derby Stakes.
Tomboy (b c 1829), a good stallion and sire of St Leger winner Nutwith (b c 1840). Tomboy's good daughter Moonbeam (ch f 1838) was the dam of Manganese (ch f 1853), winner of the One Thousand Guineas Stakes and head of Family 4-d. Moonbeam was also dam of the useful stallion Loup-Garou (b c 1846).