Daniel O'Rourke (GB)

Courtesy of Richard Green



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Daniel O'Rourke ch c 1849 (Birdcatcher - Forget-Me-Not, by Hetman Platoff). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 9-b.

He was bred by John Bowes of Streatlam Castle, who also bred the Derby winners Mundig (ch c 1832), Cotherstone (b c 1840), and West Australian (b c 1850). His dam, Forget-Me-Not (b f 1843), bred as well by John Bowes, produced fourteen foals, of whom six were good winners.

Daniel O'Rourke was described by "The Druid" as the "lengthiest and most compact of the Birdcatcher family" as he was only 14.3 hands as a three year old and later grew to nearly 15.2 hands. He probably inherited his trademark tail from his grandsire, Sir Hercules (bl c 1826), who was noted for passing on tails with silver hairs at the root.

Later purchased by Sir Tatton Sykes, he retired to the Sledmere stud, where he was a great favourite. His offspring were said to be of a darker chestnut than most of the Birdcatchers and all of them had backs and legs of iron. The Druid noted that Daniel's fillies had always a great deal more grey at the root of their tails than did the colts, and that this trait used to be called "Match'em Arms". Daniel was eventually sold to the Austrian government for 800 guineas.

Daniel O'Rourke Birdcatcher Sir Hercules Whalebone
Guiccioli Bob Booty
Forget-Me-Not Hetman Platoff Brutandorf
Comus Mare
Oblivion Jerry
Race Record
At 2: 2nd Champagne Stakes, won by Lord Zetland's Augur (ch c 1849 Birdcatcher), 5th Criterion Stakes, won by the Duke of Richmond's Red Hind (b f 1849 Venison).
At 3: won the Derby Stakes, worth 5050, beating Mr Bradshaw's Barbarian (b c 1849 Simoom), with Stockwell (ch c 1849 The Baron) among the field, won the 400 St. James's Palace Stakes, 2nd Ebor St Leger, won by Mr Greville's Frantic (b c 1849 Alarm), 3rd St Leger Stakes, won by Stockwell , Triennial at Newmarket, won by Hobbie Noble (bbr c 1849 Pantaloon), unplaced in the Two Thousand Guineas, won by Stockwell.
At 4: 3rd Bentinck Memorial Stakes, won by Lord Clifden's Poodle (br c 1849 Ion), unplaced in the Chesterfield Cup, won by Mr Drinkald's Nabob (bl c 1849 The Nob).
Notable Offspring
Daniel O'Rourke Mare (ch f 1856), 2nd dam of Melbourne Cup winner Haricot (b g 1870 Ladykirk).
Elizabeth (ch f 1856), dam of Allbrook (br c 1866 Wild Dayrell), who sired Oroszvar (ch c 1875), winner of the Deutsches Derby, Union-Rennen and Trial Stakes.
Eugenie (ch f 1856), ancestress of an excellent family of European runners and stallions, including Traum (ch c 1915 Polymelus), Traumer (br c 1918 Dark Ronald) and Bellini (b c 1937 Cavaliere d'Arpino). Traum, winner of the Grosser Preis von Nordrhein-Westfalen and the Preis des Winterfavoriten, sired the Preis der Diana winner, Melanie (b f 1922), and the Deutsches Derby winner, Roland (b c 1922). Traumer, winner of the Grosser Preis von Baden, was sent to America where he became a useful sire. Derby Italiano winner Bellini sired Tenerani (b c 1944), sire of Ribot (b c 1952).
Keepsake (ch f 1856), ancestress of a good family of Australian and New Zealand runners and stallions, including Thunderbolt (br c 1882 Musket).
Ladykirk (ch c 1862), sire of Melbourne Cup winner Haricot (b g 1870).
Pampas (ch f 1857), dam of Magyar Kancadij winner, Mlle Giraud (ch f 1869), she the dam of Lehetetlen (ch c 1879), winner of the Grosser Preis von Baden, and Stronzian (ch c 1881), winner of the Deutsches Derby. Pampas was also the 2nd dam of Nixnutz (ch c 1892), winner of the Henckel-Rennen and Ratibor-Rennen.
Pestilence (ch f 1860), ancestress of a number of good winners in central and eastern Europe, including Oesterreichisches Derby and Nagroda Derby winner Korab (ch c 1982).
Pet (b f 1859), ancestress of such horses as Belmont Stakes winner Joe Madden (ch c 1906) and the good French stallion Delaunay (ch c 1901).
Sledmere (ch c 1857), sire of New Zealand Derby winner, Daniel O'Rourke (ch c 1872).