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Tramp b c 1810 (Dick Andrews - Mare, by Gohanna). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 3.

Tramp was bred in Yorkshire by Richard Watt of Bishop Burton near Beverley who bred the St Leger winners Altisidora (ch f 1810 Dick Andrews) and Memnon (b c 1822 Whisker), the Oaks winner Manuella (b f 1809 Dick Andrews) and the One Thousand Guineas winner Cara (b f 1836 Belshazzar). Bishop Burton was also home to Champion Sire Blacklock (b c 1814 Whitelock). Prior to Blacklock Mr Watt declined to keep a stallion so Tramp was sold on for 300 to a new owner who kept him for only two years and parted with him for 1400. He was half brother to a Whisker Mare (ch f 1820 Whisker) who became the dam of the Royal Hunt Cup winner Knight of the Whistle (ch c 1838 Velocipede).

When young he was said to be very narrow like "all of the tribe" of Joe Andrews and Dick Andrews, but later grew into himself and became "one of the grandest-boned and grandest-looking horses in England." He was then described as a "nice level horse, standing just fifteen hands and two inches high, being long and low, and rather straight in his back."

On the turf he was thought to be an excellent four-mile horse. The 1814 Subscription Purse at York, where he was only just beaten by Prime Minister (br c 1810 Sancho), was said to have created the most excitement on the Knavesmire before the 1850 rivalry between Voltigeur (br c 1847 Voltaire) and The Flying Dutchman (br c 1846 Bay Middleton).

He was also successful in the stud and at the time of his death his stock had won nearly 68,000 and included two Derby winners, St Giles (ch c 1829) and Dangerous (ch c 1830), one St Leger winner, Barefoot (ch c 1820), and two of The Whip, Zinganee (b c 1825) and Little Red Rover (ch c 1827). He also got the stallions Lottery (br c 1820) and Liverpool (b c 1828). In December of 1835 "poor old Tramp, worn out with age, was shot at How Bridge farm, near Malton".

Tramp Dick Andrews Joe Andrews Eclipse
Highflyer Mare Highflyer
Cardinal Puff Mare
Gohanna Mare Gohanna Mercury
Sister to Challenger
Fraxinella Trentham
Sister to Goldfinch
Race Record

In 1813, running for Mr Watt, he won a 50gs each Sweepstakes at Malton, beating Mr J Grimston's Dulcinea (b f 1810 Sancho) and Sir M M Sykes's Diabolis (br c 1810 Williamson's Ditto). The same day won a 20gs each Sweepstakes, beating Mr Marris's Sister to Sampson and Mr Dalrymple's Tomboy (br c Williamson's Ditto). Won a 20gs each Sweepstakes at Beverley, beating Mr Vickers's Latona (b f 1810 Trumpator), Sir B R Graham's Speedwell (b f 1810 Orville) and Sir Mark M Sykes's Prime Minister (br c 1810 Sancho). Lost a 300gs match at York to Mr Grimston's Dulcinea. Finished 4th for a 30gs each Sweepstakes at Pontrefact, won by Mr Riddell's Don Carlos (b c 1810 Sir Charles), with Lord Fitzwilliam's Fugitive (b c 1810 Camillus) placing 2nd, Lord Scarborough's Kexby (b c 1810 Golumpus) 3rd, beating Mr Yates's Nectar (b c 1810 St George).

In 1814 he won a 20gs each Gold Cup at York in May, beating Sir W Maxwell's Viscount (gr c 1809 Stamford), Mr G Ctompton's Shepherd's Boy (b c 1811 Woldsman) and the Marquess of Queensberry's Mexico (br c 1811 Sancho). Won a 10gs each Gold Cup at Beverley, beating Mr N B Hodgson's Woodman (b g 1807 Young Woodpecker) and Sir B R Graham's Tempest (b c 1811 Cardinal York or Pandolpho). At the same meeting won 50, beating Sir W Milner's Silston (br c 1811 Dick Andrews). Finished 2nd for a 50 added Subscription Purse at York in August, won by Sir M M Sykes's Prime Minister (b c 1810 Sancho), beating the Duke of Leeds's Hocuspocus (ch c 1810 Quiz) and Lord Milton's Camelopard (b c 1810 Camillus). Won 100gs Gold Cup at Pontrefact, beating Mr Riddell's X Y Z (b c 1808 Haphazard) and Sir M M Sykes's Marciana (gr f 1809 Stamford). Finished 2nd for the 10gs each Fitzwilliam Stakes at Doncaster, won by Lord Scarborough's Catton (b c 1809 Golumpus), beating Lord Fitzwilliam's Cossack (b c 1811 Sir Paul), Mr Lonsdale's Ranger and Mr Kirby's Fairville (b c 1811 Orville). The same day won the 25gs each Prince's Stakes, beating the Duke of Leeds's Hocuspocus, the Duke of Hamilton's Molineux (bl c 1810 Hambletonian), Mr Riddell's Don Carlos and Lord Fitzwilliam's Rodrigo (ch c 1810 Sancho) who broke down. The next day won the Gold Cup, beating Lord Fitzwilliam's Camelopard, Mr Blake's Sprightly (b f 1808 Whiskey) and Sir W Milner's Malmoune (b f 1811 Beningbrough).
Notable Tramp Mares
1. Trampina (ch f 1825), bred by Mr Uppleby, dam of the Craven Stakes winner The Dean (br c 1836 Voltaire). Family 2-a.
2. Trampoline (ch f 1825), bred by Lord Jersey, won the Windsor Forest Stakes and finished 2nd in the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, taproot mare of Family 1-t, dam of the Two Thousand Guineas, Goodwood and Ascot Gold Cup winner Glencoe (ch c 1831 Sultan). She died in 1842.
3. Lady Sarah (b f 1826), bred by Mr Gibbeson, dam of the Coronation Stakes winner La Stimata (ch f 1840 Velocipede). Family 2-m.
4. Miss Rose (b f 1826), bred by Mr Moss, sent to Virginia, dam of Yorkshire (b c 1834 St Nicholas) who was also sent to America and notably successfully in the stud there. Family 2-t.
5. Victoria (b f 1826), bred by Sir R K Dick, dam of Cesarewitch winner Wit's End (b f 1843 Venison). Family 44.
6. Charlotte West (ch f 1827), bred by the 5th Earl of Jersey, won the One Thousand Guineas and Royal Stakes. Family 1-s.
7. Design (ch f 1827), bred by Mr Saddler, 2nd dam of The Emperor (ch c 1841 Defence) who twice won the Ascot Gold Cup and was successful as a stallion in France. Family 5.
8. Lady Stumps (b f 1827), dam of the Oaks winner Deception (b f 1836 Defence). Family 5-a.
9. Lady Moore Carew (b f 1830), bred by Mr Allanson, dam of the One Thousand Guineas and Oaks Stakes winner Mendicant (br f 1843 Touchstone) and the taproot mare of Family 13-b Lady Sarah (ch f 1841 Velocipede). Mendicant was the dam of the Derby winner Beadsman (br c 1855 Weatherbit). Family 13-a.
10. Tarantella (ch f 1830), bred by T H Cookes and owned by M Lupin, won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, and produced the King Edward VII Stakes winner The Miser Scarve (b c 1841 Economist), the Prix du Jockey Club and Poule d'Essai des Poulains winner Gambetti (b c 1845 Emilius) and the Prix du Jockey Club winner Amalfi (ch c 1848 Young Emilius). Family 22.
11. Fury (ch f 1832), bred by Mr Ridsdale, dam of the Oaks Stakes winner Our Nell (ch f 1839 Bran) and 2nd dam of the Yorkshire Oaks winner The Argosy (b f 1855 Pyrrus the First). Family 4-c.
Other Notable Offspring

Little Red Rover (ch c 1827), bred by Mr Ridsdale, a "small but finely-shaped" colt standing barely 15 hands, was the sire of the Little Red Rover Mare (ch f 1841) and thus damsire of Buccaneer (b c 1857 Wild Dayrell).

St Giles (ch c 1829), bred and raced by the notorious Robert Ridsdale, he won the Derby in 1832, defeating Mr Henry Vansittart's Perion. He won several more races including the Craven Stakes at Catterick and the Stand Purse at York. He was sent to Alabama in 1835, there the property of James Jackson, however he got no notable progeny.

Dangerous (ch c 1830), bred by Isaac Saddler, won the Derby Stakes.

Scroggins (b c 1833), won the Craven Stakes, damsire of the Royal Hunt Cup winner Victor (b c 1859 Vindex).

Barefoot (GB) ch c 1820 (Tramp - Rosamond, by Buzzard). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 5.
Liverpool (GB) b c 1828 (Tramp - Mare, by Whisker). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 11-g.
Lottery [ex-Tinker] (GB) bbr c 1820 (Tramp - Mandane, by Pot8os). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 11-g.
Zinganee (GB) b c 1825 (Tramp - Folly, by Young Drone). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 6-b.