Family 44

English Families

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BUSTLER MARE (GB) f 1685c Bustler (GB)
     Hautboy Mare (GB) f 1695c Hautboy (GB)
          Young Spanker Mare (GB) f 1700c Young Spanker (GB)
               Spot Mare (GB) gr f 1705c Spot [Curwen's] (GB)
                    Sister To Old Coquette (GB) gr f 1715c Basto (GB)
                    |     [Bolton Sweepstakes (GB) ch c 1722 Bloody Shouldered Arabian]
                    |     Bay Bolton Mare (GB) gr f 1725c Bay Bolton (GB)
                    |          Little John [Bolton] (GB) ch c 1731 Partner [Crofts] (GB)
                    |          Hopeful (GB) gr c 1733 Sweepstakes [Bolton] (GB)
                    |          Bolton [Norris's] (GB) ch c 1743 Sweepstakes [Bolton] (GB)
                    |          Young Sweepstakes (GB) ch c 1745c Sweepstakes [Bolton] (GB)
                    |          Young Mogul (GB) br c 1746c Mogul (GB)
                    Old Coquette (GB) f 1722c Basto (GB)
                         Young Coquette (GB) br f 1734 Sloven [Bolton] (GB)
                              Bolton (IRE) gr c 1747 Whitefoot [Dutton's] (GB)
                              Tamerlane (IRE) b c 1748 Ground Ivy (IRE)
                              Flying Piper (IRE) b c 1749 Ground Ivy (IRE)
                              Coquette (IRE) f 1750c Old England (GB)
                                   Emperor (IRE) gr c 1759c Bustard (GB)
                                   NOBLE (IRE) ch c 1767 Gamahoe (IRE) ..... IRE QP
                                   NOBLESSA (IRE) b f 1769 Gamahoe (IRE) ..... IRE QP
                                        Timante (IRE) f 1775c Tim (GB)
                                        |     Mary Grey (IRE) gr f 1784 Friar (IRE)
                                        |          Challenger (IRE) ch c 1795 Tom Tugg (GB)
                                        |          Peewet (IRE) ch f 1796 Tom Turf (IRE)
                                        |          |     CHARLOTTE (IRE) ch f 1807 Buffer (IRE) ..... IRE QP
                                        |          |     LENOX (IRE) ch c 1809 Buffer (IRE) ..... IRE QP
                                        |          |     Jumelle (IRE) ch f 1812 Buffer (IRE)
                                        |          |          Prince (IRE) c 1820 Hollyhock (IRE)
                                        |          Peterea (GB) gr f 1804 Sir Peter Teazle (GB)
                                        |               Bella (GB) b f 1811 Beningbrough (GB)
                                        |               |     Victoria (GB) b f 1826 Tramp (GB)
                                        |               |     |     Welcome (GB) b c 1832 Luzborough (GB)
                                        |               |     |     WISDOM (GB) b c 1834 Sultan (GB)
                                        |               |     |     Witticism (GB) b f 1842 Sultan Junior (GB)
                                        |               |     |     |     Flora McIvor (GB) b f 1848 Venison (GB)
                                        |               |     |     |     |     Trompette (FR) ch f 1866 Ventre St. Gris (FR)
                                        |               |     |     |     |          THIEUSIES (BEL) b c 1874 Dollar (FR) ..... BEL D
                                        |               |     |     |     JOE MILLER (GB) b c 1849 Venison (GB) ..... GB AGC
                                        |               |     |     Wit's End (GB) b f 1843 Venison (GB)
                                        |               |     Bella (GB) b f 1831 Actaeon (GB)
                                        |               |     |     Lugar (GB) b c 1846 Touchstone (GB)
                                        |               |     Bellona (GB) b f 1835 Beagle (GB)
                                        |               |          Emeute (GB) b f 1848 Lanercost (GB)
                                        |               |               Fracas (GB) b f 1853 The Flying Dutchma (GB)
                                        |               |               |     Furie (FR) ch f 1863 Fitz Gladiator (FR)
                                        |               |               |          La Dheune (FR) ch f 1868 Black Eyes (FR)
                                        |               |               |               Le Drole (FR) b c 1873 Hospodar (FR)
                                        |               |               |               LE DESTRIER (FR) ch c 1877 Flageolet (FR) ..... FR 2G
                                        |               |               Van Dyke (GB) b c 1855 The Flying Dutchman (GB)
                                        |               |               The Dutchman's Daughter (GB) b f 1856 The Flying Dutchman (GB)
                                        |               |                    Lady Dewhurst (GB) b f 1866 Newminster (GB)
                                        |               Don Juan (GB) b c 1814 Orville (GB)
                                        King Of Leinster (IRE) br c 1783 Rebel (GB)
                                        Jane Harold (IRE) f 1784 Friar (IRE)
                                             Symmetry (IRE) br c 1805 Diamond (GB)
Family 44
Young Coquette
"According to Pick and also the Irish Racing Calendar, Y Coquette was also the dam of Lord Altamont's ch h Noble, foaled 1767, and Noblessa, foaled 1769, both by Gamahoe, see Vol III (Jane Harold); see also Mary Gray, Vol II , but there is probably a cross missed in their pedigree" [GSB 1:63].

There is a discrepancy in the dates: Young Coquette, foaled in 1734, could not have foaled Noblessa in 1769. Aside from the date issue, evidence for the missing cross is supplied by these advertisements:

STALLIONS. To all sportsmen and others. To cover mares this season, at Dillon`s Livery-stables In Middle Liffey Street, Dublin. The beautiful strong horse EMPEROR, bred by Lord MOUNT-EAGLE, ....--EMPEROR was bred by me, he was got by Bustard, his dam by Old England, her dam, which was the dam also of Bolton, Tamerlaine and Piper, was got by the Duke of Bolton`s Sloveen [sic], upon his grace`s famous Coquette Mare, who was got by Basto, her dam by Spanker, her dam by Hautboy, her dam by Old Bustler, who was also the sire of Merlin and Blunderbuss. Westport, March 25th, 1767. MOUNT-EAGLE. This is a true Irish pedigree, not sending to England to prove it. Good grass provided near said stables. [Dublin Mercury, 2 Mar 1769; issue 368]

By Messrs Tattersall, This Day, The following well bred Horses: Lot 1. KING of Leinster, 6 years old, got by Rebel, dam [Noblessa] by Gamehoe, grand dam by Old England, Bolton`s Sloven, Coquet, Spot, Grey Spanker, Old Bustler, sire of Merlin, & Blunderbuss, Curwen`s Bay Barb, Little White Legged Barb, &c. [Morning Post & Daily Advertiser, 1 Jun 1789; issue 5037] -- NOTE that the crosses after Merlin are probably not correct and belong to the pedigree of the Bolton Sloven.
Sister to Old Coquette
"This mare produced, in 1722 a ch c Sweepstakes (Bolton) by the Oxford Bloody Shouldered Arabian, and a filly by Bay Bolton dam in 1731 of the Duke of Bolton's Little John, by Partner" [GSB 1:17].

The General Stud Book assigns two pedigrees to Sweepstakes He is recorded as a son of Sister to Old Coquette, (see above), while elsewhere his grandam is said to be by the Lister Turk [GSB 1:389]. Cheny and Pick both note that the dam of Bolton Sweepstakes was sired by an unknown stallion out of a daughter of the Lister Turk. See Sweepstakes.
Turner's Sweepstakes and Norris's Bolton
According to GSB (1/5:33) these two were the same horse, however, it appears that they were instead brothers. The Duke of Bolton's stud was advertised for sale in 1755.

York Courant No 1588. Tuesday, March 30, 1756.
To LEAP this Season, At Henry Horner’s, in Middleham, at One Guinea a Mare, and One Shilling to the Servant, A Beautiful Chesnut Horse, called YOUNG SWEEPSTAKES, bred by his late Grace the Duke of Bolton: His Grace’s Mares were covered by him for four Years by past; but he is now the Property of the abovesaid Henry Horner. He is 15 Hands high and Master of any Weight. He was got by Sweepstakes; his Dam, by Bay Bolton; his Grandam, by Basto; his Great Grandam, by Old Spot; his Great Great Grandam, by Spanker; his Great Great Great Grandam, by Hautboy; his Great Great Great Great Grandam, by Bustler.—This is a true Pedigree, as witness my Hand, Peter Hammond.

Heber 1761
Notes "Mr Turner's Colt, rising 3 years old, got by his own stallion, a brother to Norris's Bolton, out of Brutus's dam..."

York Courant. No 1956. Tuesday, April 26, 1763.
To COVER this Season, At Mr Thomas Shankster’s, at the warren House in Kildale, near Guisbrough, at One Guinea a Mare, the Chesnut Horse call’d YOUNG SWEEPSTAKES, Late the Property of Charles Turner, Esq; He is full Brother to Norris’s Bolton, fifteen Hands and an Inch high, free from Blemish, a remarkable fine Horse, well mark’d, and able to carry 16 Stone a hunting.

Joe Miller (GB) b c 1849 Venison (GB) - Witticism (GB), by Sultan Junior (GB)
Joe Miller (GB)
1852 Ascot Gold Cup
Le Destrier (FR) ch c 1877 Flageolet (FR) - La Dheune (FR), by Black Eyes (FR)
Le Destrier (FR)
1888 FR Champion Sire
Wisdom (GB) b c 1834 Sultan (GB) - Victoria (GB), by Tramp (GB)
Wisdom (GB)
Winner at Stockbridge, Goodwood and Bath