Family 48

English Families

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     Milkmaid (GB) b f 1720 Snail [Wharton's] (GB)
          Meliora (GB) ch f 1729 Fox (GB)
          |     TARTAR (GB) ch c 1743 Partner [Crofts] (GB) ..... GB QP
          Miss Manby (GB) b f 1736 Thoulouse Barb Colt (GB)
Family 48
Shields Galloway
According to the Turf Register (Pick 1:100) the Shields Galloway was bred by Mr Curwen of Workington, and "was a good runner, and allowed to be one of the best Galloways in England of its time."

In April of 1726 she won the Gold Cup at Newmarket, beating Mr Parker's Lady Thigh and seven others. In August of that year she placed 3 in the King's Plate at York, won by Sir Michael Newton's Bald Jack, and in October she again placed 3 in the King's Plate at Newmarket, won by the Duke of Hamilton's Peggy. In 1727 she won a 40 guineas plate at Preston, in which she carried 10 stone. She later finished 2 at Bakewell in a 30 plate. In 1731 at Beverley she lost a 25 guineas plate. It was a fairly common occurence in those days for mares to be used in the stud both before and during training.

Meliora was said to stand a hair over 14 hands 1 inch. She ran from 1734 to 1737, winning two and finishing second several times. Meliora and Milkmaid were both said to be good Plate mares.