Family 18 (mtDNA A1a)

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About Family 18


Wyvill's Volunteer



The most recent common ancestor of this family is a mare by Bartlet's Childers. Two of her daughters have living descendants: a mare by the Scarborough Colt, and a sister to Volunteer, by Young Belgrade (alias Belgrade 2d). Today's largest branch was started by Miss Windsor, a 1754 mare by the Godolphin Arabian out of sister to Volunteer; three of her daughters by Snap founded lines that persist to the present.

OLD WOODCOCK MARE (GB) f 1700c Woodcock (GB)
     Spot Mare (GB) f 1705c Curwen's Spot (GB)
          Sister To Westbury (GB) f 1710c Curwen Bay Barb
               Devonshire Turk Mare (GB) f 1720c Devonshire Turk
                     Childers Mare [Wyvill's] (GB) f 1725c Bartlet's Childers (GB)
                          VOLUNTEER [Wyvill's] (GB) b c 1735 Young Belgrade (GB)
                          Sister 1 To Volunteer (GB) f 1736c Young Belgrade (GB)
                                Miss Windsor (GB) b f 1754 Godolphin Arabian
                                     Signora (GB) br f 1767 Snap (GB)
                                      |     Sister To Fandango (GB) f 1782c Mark Anthony (GB)
                                      |          Paynator (GB) br c 1791 Trumpator (GB)
                                      |          MISS FUREY (GB) b f 1798 Trumpator (GB) ..... 18-a
                                      Merliton (GB) b f 1768 Snap (GB)
                                      |     Rose (GB) br f 1780 Sweetbriar (GB)
                                      |          Sister To Lynceus (GB) f 1802 Buzzard (GB)
                                      |               MANTO (GB) ch f 1822 Soothsayer (GB)
                                      |                    Cornelia (AUS) b f 1826 Young Grasshopper (GB)
                                      |                          Flora McIvor (AUS) b f 1834c Rous' Emigrant (GB) ...... Family 18 Flora McIvor
                                      |                              Emily (AUS) ch f 1840 Operator (GB)
                                      |                              |   Emma (AUS) f 1844 Gil Blas (GB)
                                      |                              |       No Name (NZ) ch f 1867 Traducer (GB)
                                      |                              |           Lady Gertrude (NZ) ch f 1882 Cadogan (GB) ..... mtDNA L2b1  
                                      |                              Io (AUS or NZ) 1855/1856 b f Sir Hercules (AUS) ..... mtDNA N2a
Waimea (NZ) b f 1857 Sir Hercules (AUS) ..... mtDNA N2a
                                     Lisette (GB) b f 1772 Snap (GB)

OLD WOODCOCK MARE (GB) f 1700c Woodcock (GB)
     Spot Mare (GB) f 1705c Curwen's Spot (GB)
          Sister To Westbury (GB) f 1710c Curwen Bay Barb
               Devonshire Turk Mare (GB) f 1720c Devonshire Turk
               |     Childers Mare [Wyvill's] (GB) f 1725c Bartlet's Childers (GB)
               |          VOLUNTEER [Wyvill's] (GB) b c 1735 Young Belgrade (GB)
               |          Sister 1 To Volunteer (GB) f 1736c Young Belgrade (GB)
               |          |     Miss Windsor (GB) b f 1754 Godolphin Arabian
               |          |     |     Signora (GB) br f 1767 Snap (GB)
               |          |     |     |     Sister To Fandango (GB) f 1782c Mark Anthony (GB)
               |          |     |     |          Paynator (GB) br c 1791 Trumpator (GB)
               |          |     |     |          MISS FUREY (GB) b f 1798 Trumpator (GB) ..... 18-a
               |          |     |     Merliton (GB) b f 1768 Snap (GB)
               |          |     |     |     Rose (GB) br f 1780 Sweetbriar (GB)
               |          |     |     |          Sister To Lynceus (GB) f 1802 Buzzard (GB)
               |          |     |     |               MANTO (GB) ch f 1822 Soothsayer (GB)
               |          |     |     |                    Cornelia (AUS) b f 1826 Young Grasshopper (GB)
               |          |     |     |                    |     Moonshine (AUS) f 1832c Rous' Emigrant (GB)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |     Old Moonshine (AUS) f 1838c Theorem (GB)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |          Young Moonshine (AUS) f 1843 Egremont (AUS)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |          |     YOUNG PLOVER (AUS) br c 1847 Aether (GB) ..... AUS AJC SL
               |          |     |     |                    |     |          |     Midnight (AUS) f 1856 South Australian (GB)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |          |          Smuggler (AUS) br c 1862 Fisherman (GB)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |          Bessy Bedlam (AUS) b f 1848 Sir Charles (AUS)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |               Vanity (AUS) b f 1855 Marquis (AUS)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |                    Coquette (AUS) b f 1865 Sir Hercules (AUS)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |                    |     Progress (AUS) b c 1877 Angler (AUS)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |                    Lalage (AUS) b f 1874 Barbarian (AUS)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |                         Marouba (AUS) br f 1887 Monmouth (AUS)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |                              Rose Bay (AUS) br f 1899 Eiridspord (GB)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |                                   Rosalba (AUS) br f 1907 Riding Master (GB)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |                                        Rosalia (AUS) b f 1922 William The Silent (GB)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |                                             Kamilaroy (AUS) br f 1936 Pentheus (AUS)
               |          |     |     |                    |     |                                                  RIPTIDE (AUS) br c 1945 Midstream (GB) ..... AUS ATC G
               |          |     |     |                    |     Flora McIvor (AUS) b f 1834c Rous' Emigrant (GB) ...... Family 18 Flora McIvor
               |          |     |     |                    Emilius (AUS) ch c 1837 Operator (GB)
               |          |     |     Lisette (GB) b f 1772 Snap (GB)
               |          |     |          Maria (GB) b f 1777 King Herod (GB)
               |          |     |               Jemima (GB) b f 1786 Satellite (GB)
               |          |     |               |    Tawny (GB) br f 1797 Mentor (GB)
               |          |     |               |         Manfreda (GB) br f 1814 Ditto [Williamson's] (GB)
               |          |     |               |              Surprise (GB) br f 1822 Scud (GB)
               |          |     |               |                   Bassinoire (GB) br f 1828 Emilius (GB)
               |          |     |               |                   |     Moss Trooper (GB) br c 1839 Liverpool (GB)
               |          |     |               |                   ST. FRANCIS (GB) b c 1835 St. Patrick (GB) ..... GB AGC
               |          |     |               KEREN HAPPUCH (GB) b f 1789 Satellite (GB) ..... continued below
               |          |     |               WAXY (GB) b c 1790 Potoooooooo (GB) ..... GB D
               |          |     |               Worthy (GB) b c 1795 Potoooooooo (GB)
               |          |     |               Wowski (GB) bl f 1797 Mentor (GB)
               |          |     |                    Thunderbolt (GB) bl c 1806 Sorcerer (GB)
               |          |     |                    SMOLENSKO (GB) bl c 1810 Sorcerer (GB) ..... GB 2G D
               |          |     Crawford (GB) gr c 1756 Muley Ishmael
               |          Sister 2 To Volunteer (GB) f 1737c Young Belgrade (GB)
               |          |     The Godolphin Colt (GB) b c 1754 Godolphin Arabian
               |          Scarborough Colt Mare (GB) f 1739c Scarborough Colt (GB)
               |               Sister To Antelope (GB) f 1744c Young Belgrade (GB)
               |               |     Coalition Colt (GB) b c 1749 Godolphin Arabian
               |               |     Fancy (GB) f 1751 Goliah [Bolton] (GB)
               |               |     |     Sprite (GB) ch f 1764 Blank (GB)
               |               |     |          Ulysses (GB) ch c 1777 Florizel (GB)
               |               |     Tarquin Mare [Shafto's] (GB) f 1760c Tarquin (GB)
               |               |          Matchem Mare (GB) b f 1768 Matchem (GB)
               |               |               Young Marske Mare (GB) f 1783 Young Marske (GB)
               |               |                    Mary Ann (GB) b f 1791 Sir Peter Teazle (GB)
               |               |                    |     Ashton (GB) b c 1799 Beningbrough (GB)
               |               |                    |     Windle (GB) b c 1804 Beningbrough (GB)
               |               |                    |     Fair Eleanor (GB) br f 1806 Hambletonian (GB)
               |               |                    |     |     Souvenir (IRE) ch c 1814 Recordon (IRE)
               |               |                    |     ORIANA (GB) b f 1807 Beningbrough (GB) ..... GB O
               |               |                    |     SISTER TO WINDLE (GB) b f 1811 Beningbrough (GB) ..... continued below
               |               |                    Monica (GB) b f 1792 Sir Peter Teazle (GB)
               |               |                    |     Harmonica (GB) b f 1805 Hambletonian (GB)
               |               |                    |     |     Hambletonia (GB) b f 1817 Stamford (GB)
               |               |                    |     |            GENERAL CHASSE (GB) ch c 1831 Actaeon (GB)
               |               |                    |     |            Calendar (GB) br c 1834 Canteen (IRE)
               |               |                    |     Pecunia (GB) b f 1806 Pensioner (GB)
               |               |                    |          Chromatica (GB) b f 1815 Stamford (GB)
               |               |                    |               Champignon Mare (GB) b f 1824 Champignon (GB)
               |               |                    |                    Modesty (GB) b f 1834 Malek (GB)
               |               |                    |                    |     Raby (GB) b c 1846 The Doctor (GB)
               |               |                    |                    Poussin (GB) b c 1840 Peter Lely (GB)
               |               |                    Warrior (GB) br c 1803 Sir Peter Teazle (GB)
               |               |                    Roderick Dhu (GB) br c 1807 Sir Peter Teazle (GB)
               |               ANTELOPE (GB) b c 1748 Young Belgrade (GB)
               Smiling Ball [Essex] (GB) ch c 1722c Merlin Colt (GB)
  KEREN HAPPUCH (GB) b f 1789 Satellite (GB) ..... continued
     Miss Shipton (USA) f 1804 Waxy (GB)
          Pigeon (USA) f 1822c Pacolet [Jackson's] (USA)
               Object (USA) ch f 1828 Marshal Ney (USA)
               |     Thrush (USA) ch f 1837 Leviathan (GB)
               |          Avis (USA) br f 1855 Sovereign (GB)
               |               Eclipsa (USA) ch f 1863 Eclipse (GB)
               |                    Clipsa (USA) ch f 1879 Springbok (USA)
               |                         Van-A-Clar (USA) b f 1888 Barnes (USA)
               |                              WING TING (USA) b f 1904 Star Shoot (IRE) ..... USA KO
               |                                   Mary Belle (USA) bl f 1914 Ballot (USA)
               |                                        Moody Mary (USA) ch f 1925 Cudgel (USA)
               |                                             Stricken (USA) ch f 1932 Pennant (USA)
               |                                                  Fire Falls (USA) b f 1942 Bull Dog (FR)
               |                                                       Imbros (USA) ch c 1950 Polynesian (USA)
               |                                                       Napalm (USA) ch f 1963 Nilo (GB)
               |                                                            Volcanic (USA) ch f 1986 Full Pocket (USA)
               |                                                                 Lava Gold (USA) ch f 1994 Java Gold (USA)
               |                                                                      GOLD FOR SALE (ARG) ch c 2002 Not For Sale (ARG) ..... ARG 2G, UAE 2G
               Gaslight (USA) ch f 1836 Leviathan (GB)
                    Budelight (USA) ch f 1841 Glencoe (GB)
                         Vesperlight (USA) b f 1860 Childe Harold (USA)
                              Nellie Ransom (USA) ch f 1868 Jack Malone (USA)
                              |     Miss Ransom (USA) ch f 1888 Rayon D'Or (FR)
                              |          Old Lady (USA) ch f 1900 Henry Of Navarre (USA)
                              |               Old Woman (USA) b f 1910 Yankee (USA)
                              |                    Granny (USA) br f 1924 Sweep (USA)
                              |                         The Schemer (USA) br f 1934 Challenger (GB)
                              |                              Conniver (USA) br f 1944 Discovery (USA)
                              |                                   Clandestine (USA) bbr c 1955 Double Jay (USA)
                              |                                   Double Agent (USA) b f 1959 Double Jay (USA)
                              |                                        Sweetly Scheming (USA) bbr f 1969 Creme Dela Creme (USA)
                              |                                        |     Never Scheme (USA) bbr f 1976 Never Bend (USA)
                              |                                        |     |     Very Subtle (USA) ch f 1984 Hoist The Silver (USA)
                              |                                        |     |          Dianehill (IRE) b f 1996 Danehill (USA)
                              |                                        |     |               SPLASH POINT (USA) b c 2008 Street Cry (IRE) ..... UAE 2G
                              |                                        |     HIGH SCHEMES (USA) ch f 1980 High Echelon (USA) ..... USA CCAO
                              |                                        Rare Lady (USA) bbr f 1974 Never Bend (USA)
                              |                                             Floral Magic (USA) bbr f 1985 Affirmed (USA)
                              |                                                  NARITA TOP ROAD (JPN) ch c 1996 Soccer Boy (JPN) ..... JPN SL
                              Vandalite (USA) b f 1871 Vandal (USA)
                              |     Starlight (USA) b f 1887 Iroquois (USA)
                              |          Evasion (GB) b f 1903 Bill Of Portland (GB)
                              |               Sophistical (USA) bbr f 1907 Disguise (USA)
                              |                    Salm (BEL) ch f 1911 Mauvezin (FR)
                              |                         TARZAN (SWE) b c 1923 Carpathian (GB) ..... SWE D
                              Delight (USA) ch f 1870 Jack Malone (USA)
                              |     Trophy (USA) ch f 1882 Alarm (USA)
                              |          Wadsworth (USA) b c 1889 Longfellow (USA)
                              Emperor (USA) br c 1881 Enquirer (USA)
  SISTER TO WINDLE (GB) b f 1811 Beningbrough (GB) ..... continued
     The Screw (GB) b f 1828 Banker (GB)
     |     Cochlea (FR) b f 1840 Mameluke (GB)
     |          Gazelle (FR) b f 1851 Volcano (IRE)
     |               Gertrude (FR) b f 1860 The Baron (IRE)
     |                    La Noue (FR) b f 1873 Le Petit Caporal (FR)
     |                         La Foudre (FR) b f 1886 Scottish Chief (GB)
     |                              Le Pompon (FR) b c 1891 Fripon (FR)
     |                              La Surprise (FR) b f 1895 Clamart (FR)
     |                                   La Seyne (FR) gr f 1903 Le Basilic (FR)
     |                                        Mrs. Fussy (FR) gr f 1910 Artisan (FR)
     |                                             The Basilisk (GB) gr f 1919 The Tetrarch (IRE)
     |                                                  Hazard (GB) bbr f 1934 Fairway (GB)
     |                                                       Tosser (GB) ch f 1941 Precipitation (GB)
     |                                                            Coign Of Vantage (GB) ch f 1953 Abernant (GB)
     |                                                                 Discernment (GB) ch f 1964 Pan (FR)
     |                                                                      Acute (GB) b f 1970 St. Paddy (GB)
     |                                                                           OMDURMAN (GB) b c 1977 Queen's Hussar (GB) ..... AUT 2G
     Dame Durdan (GB) b f 1830 Banker (GB)
          Milkmaid (GB) br f 1843 Glaucus (GB)
               Constance (GB) b f 1852 Faugh-A-Ballagh (IRE)
                    Noyau (GB) ch f 1865 Nutbourne (GB)
                    |     Philippine (GB) ch f 1876 Albert Victor (GB)
                    |          Falaise (GB) b f 1883 Robert The Devil (GB)
                    |          |     Excise (GB) ch f 1892 Exning (GB)
                    |          |     |     Miss Jeddah (GB) ch f 1908 Jeddah (GB)
                    |          |     |          Sensation (SAF) ch f 1917 Moscato (GB)
                    |          |     |               Firefighter (SAF) br f 1939 Asbestos (FR)
                    |          |     |                    Courageous (SAF) br f 1952 Fairthorn (GB)
                    |          |     |                         COLORADO KING (SAF) ch c 1959 Grand Rapids (ITY) ..... SAF G D
                    |          |     Mary Ann (GB) b f 1893 Morion (GB)
                    |          |          MARISKA (AH) b f 1901 Morgan (GB) ..... AUT O, HUN O
                    |          Philippize (GB) ch f 1896 Janissary (GB)
                    |               Phil-Helene (GB) ch f 1904 Chittabob (GB)
                    |                    Philine (DEN) ch f 1909 Belisar (GER)
                    |                         ZEITUN (DEN) b c 1922 Argus (AH) ..... DEN D
                    Bertram (GB) b c 1869 The Duke (GB)

Bartlet's Childers Mare (dam of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill's Volunteer)
This mare's first broodmare entry in GSB was in 1891.

Bred by Sir M WYVILL, in 172 , her dam, by The Devonshire Turk, out of sister to Westbury, by The Curwen Bay Barb - Curwen Old Spot - Old Woodcock.
1735 b c Volunteer, by Y Belgrade ... Sir M Wyvill
17   f by ditto ... Sir M Wyvill
17   f by ditto ... Sir M Wyvill
 *17  f by Godolphin Arabian ... Sir M Wyvill
17   f by The Scarboro' Colt ... Sir M Wyvill
 * This mare produced 1772, b c King Hiram, by Eclipse, Mr O'Kelly
Waxy, Paynator, Thunderbolt (Sorcerer), Smolensko, Colsterdale, Ellington, Ashton, Souvenir, Poussin, Bertram, etc, are descended in direct line from this Mare.

Her son, Wyvill's Volunteer, however, had been a fixture of GSB since the introductory volume in 1791.

Volunteer, Sir M Wyvill, 1735, Young Belgrade - Bartlet's Childers - Devonshire Chesnut Arabian - sister to the D. of Somerset's Westbury, by the Curwen Bay Barb.

Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, the 6th Baronet (1692-1754) was appointed Postmaster General of Ireland in 1736. It appears that some of his running horses went with him to Ireland, since there are numerous advertisements in Irish newspapers for horses of his breeding. After Sir Marmaduke died in 1754, his Stud at Constable-Burton (near Bedale in Yorkshire) was advertised for sale. There was also notice in an Irish newspaper that part of his Stud was "sold on the Sod" at the Curragh. It is known that Sir Marmaduke did keep a stud book (some pedigrees from "Brown's copy of Sr M: Wyvills Stud Book" were preserved in Ld Rockingham's papers). However, based on omissions in GSB, it appears that the compilers never had access to Sir Marmaduke's original records.

The produce list of this mare needs revision. Entries in the calendars and advertisements in Ireland indicate that there was at least one full brother to Volunteer. The number of full sisters is also in question; evidence suggests possibly two, although one might be sufficient to account for the number of produce claimed for a sister of Volunteer. In addition, Lord Godolphin's records (see C M Prior, The Royal Studs of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, 1935) do list produce by the Godolphin Arabian out of three different mares belonging to Sir Marmaduke Wyvill. These mares include Volunteer's sister, but there is no record of Volunteer's dam having been bred to the Godolphin Arabian. This raises the possibility that the pedigree of King Hiram is in error. There was also a colt called Chip. He was described in an advertisement in the Dublin Journal (Numb. 2424. 2-5 Jun 1750)

the bay Horse called CHIP; he was bred and brought into this Kingdom by Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Bart bred out of Volunteer's Dam, and got by the Horse called Scarborough Colt, which was a Son of Tifter out of the old Scarborough Mare which beat the Duke of Rutland's famous Bonny Black…

Mare by the Devonshire Chesnut Turk (grandam of Volunteer) out of a sister to Westbury
This mare does not have a broodmare entry in GSB.

If GSB is correct in its statement that the BARTLET'S CHILDERS MARE was bred by Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, then he probably owned this mare as well. A Memorandum included in Lord Godolphin's records (see C M Prior, The Royal Studs of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, 1935) says

Volunteer's Sister was got by a Colt of my own Breed called Bellgrade, and out of a Daughter of Bartlett's Childers, out of a Daughter off ye late D: of Devonshire's Chesnut Arabian, out of a Daughter of ye Bay Barb, wch was full sister to ye Duke off Somerset's Westburry, as Mr Pelham certifyed to me. / Ma: Wyvill

In addition to the BARTLET'S CHILDERS MARE, this mare was also dam of a colt by old Tifter, called Hipp in an advertisement for Mill-Post in the Dublin Journal (16-19 Jun 1750. Numb. 2428).

Mill-post "was bred by me, and got by my Horse called Belgrade the 2d, which got my Volunteer, Bashaw, Primate and Garnet, to which last he is full Brother. …His Dam was got by Hipp, his Grandam by the Duke of Bolton's horse call'd Poker, his Great Grandam by Mr Pullen's Chesnut Arabian, out of a Mare called Garnet, which was got by Mr Place's White Turk, out of a natural Barb Mare, which belong'd to Oliver Cromwell. Hipp was got by old Tifter, out of Volunteer's Grandam. Poker was got by the Arab, which got Grey Ramsden. Pullen's Chestnut Arab, got Morton's Merlin, &c. Place's White Turk, got Commoner, &c. Old Tifter was a Son of the Thoulouse Barb, out of Young Cream Cheeks.---All which Account as above set down, I do believe to be true. Witness my Hand, / MARMA. WYVILL."

This Hipp was also sire of the dam of the Spectacle Mare (dam of three sons of the Godolphin Arabian: Tarquin, Alfred, and Lord Rockingham's Godolphin Hunter).

Sister to Westbury, by Curwen's Bay Barb, dam by Curwen's old Spot.
This mare does not have a broodmare entry in GSB.

She (or a full sister) was also dam of Lord Gower's Chance Gelding and Lord Essex's Smiling Ball. The latter won £2042 in common Plates "in four Summers" racing from 1726-1729 according to this advertisement.

An Account of a Chesnut Horse, call'd SMILING BALL.
THIS famous Horse leaps Mares all this Season at Richmond in Yorkshire, for One Guinea a Mare Leaps and Tryals, and One Shilling the Man. He was bred by Mr Gase of Panton in Lincolnshire; he was got by a Son of the Acklam Merlin; Mr Gase bought him out of Yorkshire; he made him so good a Hunter, that he never would suffer him to be trained; he was thought one of the best Hunters in the Kingdom.
Ball's Dam was bred by Mr Curwen of Workington; she was got by Mr Curwen's old bay Barb, which was Mr Pelham's afterwards; she was the Dam of Lord Gower's Chance Gelding, out of a Mare that was got by old Spot, out of a Daughter of old Woodcock, (not Mr Bethel's Woodcock) and full Sister to a Horse that Minchel had, call'd Westbury, which he said, when tryed, was the best young Horse he ever had. This is a true Pedigree I have under Mr Pelham's Hand, by Mr Curwen's Book.
Ball is now coming 15 Years old, sound of his Wind, and free from any Cough, and clear of all material Blemishes. The Horse was bought by John Turner of Mr Gase, who had him some Time, and then sold him to the Right Hon. the Earl of Essex; after he had done Running, his Lordship gave him to John Turner, who was Servant to his Lordship the Time he had him in Training, and saw all his Performances… [Newcastle Courant. 28 Feb 1735-6. Numb. 566.]

Richard Minshull "the Horse-Racer" is discussed briefly in C M Prior's The Royal Studs of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (1935) on pp 178-9. Henry Purefoy said that "it was about the year 1711 when I myself saw 8 or 10 of his racehorses breathed on ye Common or Green, by Monk's house, on Straw Litter, for a mile around." Purefoy further stated that Minshull started breeding about the year 1697. He was a Papist, like Henry Curwen, so it is not surprising that at least some of his horses were of Mr Curwen's breeding.

Westbury was mentioned in correspondence of the Duke of Somerset in 1716. In May he was to be found "in old stables" and "coughing;" in June "Westbury bled, blanketted," "Westbury bled again" and "Westbury eating well, coughing and heaving little." In July he was ill and described as rattling in the head and throat, by August, he was coughing only at night, but in October was "heaving worse." The dates at which he raced aren't known, but Sir Marmaduke described him as having the whip at Newmarket.

Mare by Curwen's old Spot (dam of Westbury).
This mare does not have an entry in GSB; she is at present known only as a cross in pedigrees.

Likewise there is no known historical information about Mr Curwen's Spot, although the fact that some pedigrees refer to him as Marshall's Spot is consistent with his sire being called the Marshall or Selaby Turk "the Property of Mr Marshall's Brother, Stud-Master to King William, Queen Anne and King George the First" (Cheny 1743). A best guess puts Spot's foaling date at about 1690, with get estimated to have been foaled between 1695 and 1710.

A "grey called Spott" was purchased by King William from Mr Burnett for £100 (J P Hore, The History of Newmarket and the Annals of the Turf, iii, 1886, p371) in 1698, but given that Spot was a very common name, this may have been another Spot entirely.

Mare by Woodcock
This mare does not have an entry in GSB, and is another who is presently only known as a cross in pedigrees.

Her sire has not been identified, although there are advertisements with pedigrees referring to a very early Woodcock.

A Chesnut Horse named Jack Childers, rising 9 Years old… was got by Ovington's Childers out of a Mare got by Snake, her Dam by a Son of Rockwood, her Dam by a Son of Windham and Crutches, who was got by the Selby Turk, her Dam by Bustler, her Dam by Burnet's White Barb, and her Dam by Bay Woodcock. [Newcastle Courant. 8 Mar 1735. Numb. 515.]

A Bay stone Colt, three Years old, got by a Son of the Ball'd Galloway [Royal Ball], … and out of a Childer's Mare, got by Mr Wm. Ovington's Childer's, who was full Brother to the Duke of Devonshire's Childers; her Dam by Snake; her Dam by Pullen's Rockwood; her Dam by the Bellarby Turk, Sire of Wyndham and Crutches; her Dam by Brimmer; her Dam by Mr Curwen's old Woodcock, out of a Royal Mare of Mr Darcey's of Sedburgh. [Newcastle Courant. 15 Mar 1739-40. Numb. 777.]

Both the Woodcock's mentioned by Cheny were probably too late for these pedigrees: Darcy's Woodcock (said to have been son of Bustler) had definitely dated get from 1716 through 1724, and Woodcock (by old Merlin, son of Bustler) had two definitely dated get in 1719 and 1720. Muir's Old Newmarket Calendar (1892) does mention two early Woodcock's racing at Newmarket

Mr Thos Elliot's "that noted racer' to run for £1000 match at Newmarket 1670
H M the King's Woodcock ran 2 to Mr Elliot's Flatfoot at Newmarket, Oct 1671

Woodcock matched ag Bull, then Barb, & Bull again at Newmarket Oct & Dec 1681

It is impossible to tell, at this time, if one of these Woodcock's went on to be used as a stallion.

Keren Happuch
She does not appear in the American Stud Book. The evidence is supplied by three certificates, including one by William Lightfoot, Jr, which stated that he purchased from Sir Ferdinando Poole at Lewes, "his favourite mare," Keren Happuch, at that time in foal to her half-brother Waxy. Other certificates indicate that "Bland's Waxy Mare" of the American Stud Book was the daughter of Keren Happuch, imported in utero, and known as Miss Shipton [E1:306-310]. Keren Happuch ran in the colours of Sir Ferdinando in England, where she was a winner [Pick 4:353].

Tarquin Mare
In the pedigree for Young Marske Mare (dam of Rhoderic Dhu), Tarquin Mare is said to be by "Tarquin, or brother to Tarquin" [GSB 1/5:316]. However, it seems likely that this mare's dam was got by Tarquin. According to information in Lord Rockingham's records [WWM/R193/34a; Sheffield Archives], the brothers to Tarquin were Alfred (raced in Ireland and advertised there in 1760) and Lord Rockingham's Godolphin Hunter. The Godolphin Hunter, as far as is now known, was a private stallion in Lord Rockingham's Stud, where he had known foals from about 1757 to 1763. Tarquin was advertised at public stud for at least the years 1751-1758. In addition the only known source to name this mare's dam-sire as "Tarquin's brother" was Mr Tattersall in two advertisements in 1789 and 1790. Other sources (advertisements for Telemachus and Apollo as well as pedigrees in Pick's calendars) gave Tarquin. The most authoritative source appears to be Sir C Monck, who bought one of this mare's fillies by Young Marske, and showed the Editor of GSB (3/3 (1855):95) a certificate given him at the time of purchase, naming Tarquin.

Information about Manto, one of the great matriarchs of the southern hemisphere, is sometimes contradictory. It is possible that she is misplaced in family 18. Mitochondrial DNA testing has yielded compelling evidence of an error in the matrilineal record at or after Manto's 3d dam, Merliton, and at or before Flora McIvor (1834c Rous' Emigrant - Cornelia by Y. Grasshopper; Manto).

Manto was first thought to be a filly of 1817, who was subsequently identified as Jenny Sutton In the General Stud Book. This was corrected in the following edition. Under the Buzzard Mare (sister to Lynceus), bred by Mr Goodison, in 1802, her dam Rose, by Sweetbriar, out of Merliton, by Snap: *1817 ch f Jenny Sutton, by ditto [Soothsayer], attributed to Mr Goodison. * It was erroneously stated in the last edition that this mare was sent to New South Wales, and there called Manto; but Manto must have been out of one of the other sisters to Lynceus [GSB 2/4:27].

According to the Australian Stud Book she was foaled in 1817 [AuSB 1], corrected to 1822 [AuSB 2:225] and her dam said to be a sister to Lynceus. A further note indicates that Manto was not the dam of John Of Paris, was not entered in GSB, and was probably from one of the sisters to Lynceus foaled in 1800 or 1803, was bred by Dick Goodisson, and was imported into NSW by Mr Icely in 1825 [AuSB 3:318].

Her arrival was noted in a newspaper, and further reports illuminate her life in Australia.
On Saturday arrived from England, the brig Columbia, Captain Wilson, with merchandize, 115 Merino sheep, and 1 blood mare. She sailed from London the 7th, and Plymouth the 16th of July, and Rio de Janeiro the 27th August. Passengers ; T.Icely, Esq. of the Firm of Messrs. Icely and Hindson ; Lieutenant Rose, R. N ; Mr. J. T. Tiacomb ; Mr. W. Brien ; Mr. John Evans, and 2 servants [The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Sunday 25 December 1825, p 2].

Mr. Icely was so fortunate the other day as to be favoured with the first thorough-bred colt that ever was dropped in the Colony, out of that excellent looking creature which Mr. Icely imported a few months ago on the Columbia. It is a filly foal, colour bay, with black legs. Its dam stands 16 hands and an inch high, and is one of the noblest animals, without exception, in the Country [The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 6 May 1826, p 3].

The Fair was not well attended, though many respectable Colonists from varions parts of the Country were present. Mr. Icely`s blood mare, which he imported last year, and which has since dropped a pure foal, was to be distinguished amongst the show of fine horses that certainly are a credit to the Proprietors, and an honour to the Country, The Australian Company`s entire horses, as well as those of private individuals were to be seen prancing to and fro with all the pride and blood of true Britons. If it were for nothing else, the Australian Agricultural Company should receive the unanimous thanks of the Colonists, for the fine breed of horses they have introduced, and we really think that Mr. Icely is as much entitled to the gold medal for importing the first blood mare, so noble a creature too, as Mr. Jones was for the first importation of Saxon sheep [The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 7 October 1826, p 3].

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MR. SAMUEL LYONS. On Friday, the 29th of June instant at 10 for 11 o`clock, at the ROYAL HOTEL, George STREET, SYDNEY. Valuable Racing Stud, THE thoroughbred Stock consists of the following BROOD MARES and FOALS of the best English blood, and will afford an eligible investment to Breeders for the Turf, or the Indian Market.
No. i. MANTO, chestnut mare, foaled in 1817, and imported in 1826, by Soothsayer, out of a Buzzard mare, own sister to Lynceus, and dam of John of Paris; her dam, Rose, by Sweetbriar, out of Merliton, by Snap; Soothsayer, by Sorcerer, out of Golden Locks, by Delpini; her dam, Violet by Shark, Syphon, Quick`s Charlotte, &.c. &c.-Vide Stud Book, vol. ii. pp. 46 and 138. Manto is the dam of Chancellor, the winner of the Governor`s and Brisbane Cups of 1832, and is stinted to Bay Camerton.
No ii. CORNELIA, out of Manto (no. i) ; foaled in May, 1826; her sire, Grasshopper, by Grasshopper, out of a Sorcerer mere, dam of Red Rose; her dam by Anvil, out of Lilly of the Valley, by Eclipse. Stinted to Bay Camerton.
No. iii. PROBLEM, a chesnut filly, rising 3 years, by Theorem, out of Manto (no. i).
No. iv. FAIRY, a bay filly,foaled in November, 1831, by Emigrant, out of Manto (no. i).
No. v. BROUGHAM, a black colt rising 2 years, by Bay Camerton, out of Cornelia (no. ii).
No. vi. BRENDA, a bay filly foaled in November, 1831, by Emigrant, out of Cornelia, (no. ii.)
[The Sydney Herald, Monday 11 June 1832, p 1].

Cornelia was the first foal of Manto in Australia, and according to the newspaper (above) she was the first Thoroughbed foaled in Australia. Her date of birth is said to be 1825, although newspaper reports indicate she was foaled in 1826 (see above also).
The Races at Parramatta, Wednesday 1st October 1828, reported in Sydney Monitor Saturday 4th October 1828. The second race was for the Sweepstakes of 75 guineas. Heats once round the course. Four horses started. Mr Bayley`s b h Australian, aged 5ys; Mr Icely`s b f Cornelia, aged 2ys; Sir J Jamison`s g g Abdallah, aged 6ys; Mr Lawson`s c f Nell Gwynne, aged 3ys. A better race than this is seldom seen. Mr Icely`s blood filly though so young, gave the crack horses something to do to beat her. Abdallah lost some of his character. Australian was much admired. He won the race with comparative ease. Nell Gwynne made fine play [Sydney Monitor, Saturday 4th October 1828].

General Chassť (GB) ch c 1831 Actaeon (GB) - Hambletonia (GB), by Stamford (GB)
General Chassť (GB)
Courtesy of Richard Green
1835 Chester Cup
Smolensko (GB) bl c 1810 Sorcerer (GB) - Wowski (GB), by Mentor (GB)
Smolensko (GB)
1813 Derby Stakes