Family 71

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     Willoughby Barb Mare (GB) f 1660c Willoughby Barb
          Mackerel Mare (GB) f 1675c Mackerel (GB)
               Bustler Mare (GB) f 1685c Bustler (GB)
                    Hautboy Mare (GB) f 1695c Hautboy (GB)
                    |     Rutland Turk Mare (GB) f 1715c Rutland's Grey Turk
                    |     |     Snake [Ellerker's] (GB) ch c 1721 Lister's Snake (GB)
                    |     |     Sister To Snake (GB) f 1725c Lister's Snake (GB)
                    |     |           Lonsdale Arabian Mare (GB) f 1735c Lonsdale's Bay Arabian
                    |     |                 Little John Mare (GB) f 1745c Bolton Little John (GB)
                    |     |                      Cullen Arabian Mare (GB) f 1755c Cullen Arabian
                    |     |                      |    Dainty Davy Mare (GB) f 1770c Dainty Davy (GB)
                    |     |                      |         CUMBERLAND (GB) br c 1779 Phlegon (GB) ..... GB QP
                    |     |                      |         Temperance (GB) br f 1780 Phlegon (GB)
                    |     |                      |               Bad Bargain (GB) ch c 1796 Pegasus (GB)
                    |     |                      ELEPHANT (GB) ch c 1757 Regulus (GB) ..... GB QP
                    |     |                      Stag (GB) ch c 1762 Regulus (GB)
                    |     Cupid Mare (GB) f 1716c Rider's Cupid (GB)
                    |          Partner Mare (GB) f 1730c Crofts Partner (GB)
                    |               Turn-About-Tommy (GB) ch c 1742 Smiling Ball Colt (GB)
                    |               Bald Partner (GB) ch c 1743 Smiling Ball Colt (GB)
                    |               Regulus [Blake's] (GB) b c 1747 Regulus (GB)
                    SISTER TO LOOK ABOUT YOU (GB) f 1705c Rider's Cupid (GB)
                    |     Wilkinson Turk Mare (GB) f 1715c Wilkinson's Turk
                    |     |     Partner Mare (GB) f 1730c Crofts Partner (GB)
                    |     |          Goliah Mare (GB) f 1740c Bolton Goliah (GB)
                    |     |          |     Serpent (GB) b f 1755c Snip (GB)
                    |     |          |     |     Austinaco (GB) b c 1758c Regulus (GB)
                    |     |          |     |     TEUCER (GB) b c 1769 Northumberland (GB) ..... GB QP
                    |     |          |     |     Serpent (GB) ch f 1776 Le Sang (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         Serpent (GB) ch f 1787 Paymaster (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         |     Little Nan (GB) ch f 1801 Pipator (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         |     |     Middlethorpe (GB) ch c 1806 Shuttle (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         |     The Dean (GB) ch c 1802 Pipator (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         |     Stride Mare (GB) ch f 1806 Stride (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         |          Brosh (GB) ch f 1812 Remembrancer (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         |                Keepsake (GB) b f 1826 Prime Minister (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         |                Coquette (GB) b f 1827 Champignon (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         |                Gullane (GB) ch c 1829 Caleb Quotem (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         Ponto (GB) ch c 1790 King Fergus (GB)
                    |     |          |     |         Insect (GB) b f 1792 Drone (GB)
                    |     |          |     Fellow (GB) ch c 1757 Cade (GB)
                    |     |          Tiger (GB) ch c 1752 Crazy (GB)
                    |     Fox Mare (GB) f 1730c Fox (GB)
                    |          Crab Mare (GB) f 1740c Crab (GB)
                    |          |     Honest John (GB) ch c 1748 Crofts Forester (GB)
                    |          Milkmaid (GB) ch f 1746 Hutton's Spot (GB)
                    |          Steady (GB) ch c 1747 Hutton's Spot (GB)
                    |          Full Moon (GB) br c 1749 Phantom (GB)
                    Look About You [Bathurst's] (gr c 1706c Rider's Cupid (GB)
Bolton Castle Mare
Based on original research by A J Hibbard, the Bolton Castle Mare has been identified as the taproot mare of this family. The traditional taproot mare for this family, Cupid Mare, also identified as a sister to Bathurst's Look About You, is one of her descendants.

The provenance for the family of the Bolton Castle Mare is slightly speculative and based on advertisements for some of her descendants, such as this one for Steady (ch c 1747 Hutton's Spot):

To LEAP this SEASON, At Mr Thomas Tilley's, at West Grainge near Durham, at One Guinea a Mare, and Two Shillings the Servant, THE Beautiful Chesnut Horse STEDE, full fourteen Hands three Inches high: He is free from all natural Blemishes. STEDE was got by Spot; his Dam by Fox; his Grandam by Cupid; his Great Grandam by Bustler; his Great Great Grandam by Mackarel; his Great Great Great Grandam by Willoughby's Barb; and his Great Great Great Great Grandam was a Filley stole by the rebellious Soldiers from Bolton Castle, Lord Scroope's. Stede is own Brother to Milkmaid and Full Moon, his Grandam was bred by Mr Robinson of Easby, and was full Sister to the famous Horse Look-about-ye [Newcastle Journal From Saturday March 27 to Saturday April 3 1756| No 881].

Emanuel Scrope (1584-1630), 11th Baron Scrope of Bolton and 1st Earl of Sunderland, is mentioned in a list written on the flyleaf of a copy of Markham's Masterpiece belonging to Conyers, Lord Darcy (1570c-1654). Lord Darcy bred his mare Brown Spink to "my Lord Scrope's Barbary" on June 28, 1617, and Brown Spink to the old bay Barb "at Bolton upon ye 19th" in June of 1620 [Royal Studs:104]. It is intriguing to wonder if the Bolton Castle Mare was a descendant.

Emanuel Scrope had no legitimate offspring and left Bolton Castle to his nephew John Scrope. John Scrope was unable to continue his defence of the Castle during the Civil War and relinquished it to Sir Marmaduke Langdale and Colonel Henry Chaytor in April of 1645. Presumably the Bolton Castle Mare also made her departure at this time, if not before. A siege of six months ensued ending in November of 1645 with surrender to the parliamentary Major General Poyntz, by which time, it is said, the defenders had eaten the last horse in the castle. Part of the castle was destroyed during the siege and the rest was ordered to be made untenantable. John Scrope's sister, Mary, inherited Bolton Castle when John died in 1646. She married, as her second husband, Charles Paulet (1625c-1699), then Earl of Wiltshire. On the death of his father he became the 6th Marquess of Winchester, and in 1689 was created Duke of Bolton. They never lived at the castle, instead building Bolton Hall, which was completed in 1675.

Bolton Castle, courtesy A J Hibbard
The Bolton Castle Mare is presently the oldest known mare with descendants in the stud book. She is the ancestress of horses foaled as late as the early 1800s. Some of the more notable members of this family include the Marquess of Rockingham's Teucer (b c 1769 Northumberland) and HRH the Prince of Wales's Cumberland (br c 1779 Phlegon). Teucer, owned by John Hoyle, a trainer at Ashgill, near Middleham, won the Royal Plate at York in 1775 before his sale to Lord Rockingham, who in turn sent him to the Marquis de Conflans in France. There he won 100 guineas at the Plains of Sablon in November of 1776 and several other races. Cumberland was a winner of the York Royal Plate in 1785. The Duke of Hamilton's Middlethorpe (ch c 1806 Shuttle) was the sire of Zephyrina (b f 1819), the ancestress of a number of winners in Family 24, Including Grosser Preis von Baden winner Tallos (ch c 1874 Buccaneer) and Manchester Cup winner The Black Doctor (bl c 1848 The Doctor).