Family 9 - Index
Mitochondrial DNA testing has revealed that two different mtDNA haplotypes, representing two matrilineally unrelated foundation era mares, account for all Thoroughbreds sampled to date that are classified as Family 9 or a branch thereof. These classifications were based on pedigrees given in the official stud books. This conflation of two matrilineally unrelated mares into a single female family in the official record appears to have been the result of an assumption, in records pre-dating the General Stud Book by perhaps as much as a century, that “sister” (or “brother”) always meant a full sibling.  See: Deep Rooted Anomalies.

English Families

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VINTNER MARE (bl f Curwen's Arabian) ..... Family 9 mtDNA-G2a
     Lowther Barb Mare (f White Legged Lowther Barb)
         Spot Mare (f Curwen's Spot)
Whiteneck [Frampton's] (f Curwen Bay Barb)
Whiteneck [Grey] (gr f Conyers Arabian)
Whiteneck [Young] (gr f 1739 Godolphin Arabian)
              |         Bay Snip (b f 1748 Snip)
              SISTER 1 TO MIXBURY (f Curwen Bay Barb) .....
                    Miss Jigg (f 1717 Jigg)
                    |     MAB (gr f 1740 Crab) .....
                    Sister to Soreheels (f c1711 Basto)
                         Cyprus Arabian Mare (br f 1720 Cyprus Arabian)
                              Switch (f 1739 Lonsdale Bay Arabian)
                                   Tipsey (b f 1750 Starling [Bolton])
                                        Babraham Blank Mare (b f 1771 Babraham Blank)
                                             Columbine (f 1781 Espersykes)
                                                  Miss Muston (b f 1790 King Fergus)
                                                       Delpini Mare (gr f 1807 Delpini)
                                                            Comus Mare (gr f 1816 Comus)
                                                                 Miss Lydia (gr f 1838 Belshazzar)
                                                                      MAID OF MASHAM (gr f 1845 Don John) .....
                                                                          Teddington Mare (ch f 1855 Teddington)
                                                                           |     ADELAIDE (br f 1866 Young Melbourne) .....
                                                                           YOUNG MELBOURNE MARE (br f 1859 Young Melbourne) ..... 9-g
                                                                           TOXOPHILITE MARE (b f 1861 Toxophilite) ..... 9-f

  LOWTHER BARB MARE (f White Legged Lowther Barb                         
     Spot Mare (f Curwen's Spot)
          Curwen Bay Barb Mare (f Curwen Bay Barb)
               Bay Bolton Mare [Sister to Sloven] (f 1728 Bay Bolton)....mtDNA-L1a
                     CRAB MARE (f Crab) ..... 9-c
                     SWEEPSTAKES MARE (f Sweepstakes [Bolton]) ..... 9-b


Vintner Mare
According to Cuthbert Routh's stud book, the Vintner Mare "was a black mare, and got by an Arabian horse of Mr Curwen's" [Early Records:23]. The General Stud Book records: "All that is known of this mare is from a memorandum of Mr Crofts' to the effect that he had himself seen her, that she was the property of Mr Curwen, of Workington, and was the best bred as well as the best runner of her day in the North. She was a brood mare before running. As Mr Crofts does not say so, she was probably not a natural Barb or Arabian, but very likely from The Lowther Stud, the Lowther family having for generations imported Eastern blood, and bred many good horses" [GSB 1:17].
Whiteneck Mares
Three of the Whiteneck mares were in Lord Godolphin's stud.

WHITENECK, by Crab, out of Young Whiteneck YOUNG WHITENECK, by the Godolphin Arabian, out of the "Grey White Neck Mare" GREY WHITENECK, by Conyer's Arabian, out of Frampton's Whiteneck, by Curwen's Bay Barb, out of Mixbury's dam by Old Spot [Early Records:165].

FRAMPTON'S WHITENECK "was running at Newmarket in 1709, '10, and '11". YOUNG WHITENECK "was sold to Lord Eglinton, in foal to Crab, April, 1752". WHITENECK "was sold to the Duke of Ancaster, April 23rd, 1756" [Early Records:165].


Curwen Bay Barb Mare (dam of Bay Bolton Mare aka: Sister to Sloven)

This may have been the "chesnut Curwen Mare" of the Duke of Bolton's mentioned by Cheney 1728 ('races to come').