Family 56

English Families

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     Grey Childers Mare (GB) f 1740c Grey Childers (GB)
     |     TINEY [Portmore's] (GB) gr c 1756 Skim (GB) ..... GB QP
     Crab Mare (GB) f 1741c Crab (GB)
     |     Crawford Turk Mare (GB) f 1750c Stamford's Turk
     |          RAKE (GB) gr c 1754 Whitenose [Portmore's] (GB) ..... GB QP
     Marlborough Mare (GB) f 1745c Marlborough (GB)
           Snap Mare (GB) f 1760c Snap (GB)
           |     SHARK (GB) br c 1771 Marske (GB)
           |     Herod [Harpur's] (GB) ch c 1781 King Herod (GB)
           WARWICKSHIRE WAG (GB) c 1765 Bosphorus (GB) ..... GB QP

From a pedigree for a chesnut horse ... "got by King Herod, his dam was the dam of Mr Pigott`s Shark, and got by Old Snap, out of Wagg`s dam, which was got by a full brother to Babraham, her dam was a natural Barb mare, of the late Duke of Marlborough`s stud" [Weatherbys 1790].

From the Rockingham collection of pedigrees: "Brown Colt by Whitenose, out of a fleabitten gr m by Lord Portmore's Crab - a light grey natural Barb mare given to Lord Portmore by the Duke of Marlborough and he had her near 20 years ago from the Earl of Harrington" [R193/3].

"Shark, by Marske - Snap Mare, her dam (Warwickshire Wag's dam) by Marlborough (son of Godolphin Arabian), her grandam a Natural Barb Mare, grandam of Lord Portmore's Tiney by Skim" [GSB 1:188].

To COVER this Season, At Apps-Court, near Walton upon Thames, Surry, At Two Guineas a Mare and Half a Crown the Servant, the Money to be paid at the Time of Covering, GREY RAKE, a very handsome strong Horse; got by Whitenose, late the Property of the Earl of Portmores; his dam by the Crawford alias Stamford Turk; his Grandam by the famous old Crab, and she came from a Natural Barb Mare, and was Grandam to the Earl of Portmore`s Grey Colt that came second at Newmarket last October for the Three-year-old Plate. The Crawford Turk was Sire of the Dam of Mr Gorge`s Horse Juniper, &c [General Evening Post, Saturday, March 8, 1760; Issue 4120].