Family 61

English Families

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BRIGHT'S ROAN (GB) ro f 1695c Leedes Arabian
     Rutland Barb Mare (GB) f 1710c Rutland's Black Barb
          Confederate Filly (GB) f 1717 Grey Grantham (GB)
               Sister To Blaze (GB) ch f 1730 Flying Childers (GB)
               |     Brother To Whitenose (GB) b c 1736c Godolphin Arabian
               |     Whitenose [Panton's, Portmore's] (GB) b c 1742 Godolphin Arabian
               |     Sister To Drudge (GB) gr f 1746 Crab (GB)
               |          Sister To Nabob (gr f 1757 Cade (GB)
               |               Penultima (GB) b f 1777 Snap (GB)
               |                    Baronet (GB) b c 1785 Vertumnus (GB)
               |                    CONSTANT (GB) b f 1789 Highflyer (GB) ..... GB QP
               BLAZE (GB) b c 1733 Flying Childers (GB) ..... GB QP
               Ball (GB) b c 1736 Flying Childers (GB)

Bright's Roan Mare
Mary Darcy, daughter of James Darcy "the younger" (1650-1731), 1st Baron Darcy of Navan, married William Jessop. William Jessop's youngest sister, Barbara Jessop, married John Bright, son and heir of John Bright of Banner Cross in the spring of 1701.

In a pedigree for Blaze, Bright's Roan Mare, bred by Mr Leedes [WWM/R193/18] sired "by his Turk which got Bay Leeds, dam by Willoughby; Dodsworth; the famous running Roan Mare of Sir Christopher Wivill's" [York Courant, 1744].

Confederate Filly
According to John Cheny, Bright's Roan Mare may have been a sister to Leedes and thus part of Family 6. He said: "I have been informed, but cannot say that I absolutely depend upon the truth of the whole, that the Confederate Filly was out of a mare called Young Bets, got by a Turk of the late Duke of Rutland's, and her dam called Whirligig, was full sister to Leedes" [Pick 1:55].